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When it comes to file folders, most people think the more pockets, the better. This is true if you need more room to store items, but they often get cumbersome when you’re looking to be more mobile. If you use expandable file folders then you’ll have a lot less bulk and hassle when transporting them from office to home and back again. When selecting the best expandable file folders for yourself or your employees, there are a few things you want to ensure.

Best Expandable File Folders Reviews

1. Amazon Basics Expanding File Pocket Folder Organizer

BrandAmazon Basics
Sheet SizeLetter
Tab CutStraight Cut
Tab PositionTop

Versatile File Folder

A useful addition to any well-organized home or office, accordion folders are ideal for managing charts, forms, folder groups, and bulky documents.

Large, Expandable Capacity

The file folders feature enclosed sides that expand as needed to store and organize hundreds of sheets of paper.

Durable Design

Reinforced, tear-resistant gussets along the top of the expanding sides offer enhanced strength where it’s needed most.

Straight-Cut Tab

The straight-cut tab provides a large and visible labeling area as well as tall sides to help protect and contain documents.

2. Mr. Pen- Expanding File Folder

BrandMr. Pen
Sheet SizeLetter, A4
Number Of Pockets5
  • This package includes 2 expanding file folders with 5 expandable pockets and tab positions for labels. Colorful tabs help you label each file and find them easily.
  • Mr. Pen expanding file folder is made of high-quality PP, which is waterproof, tearproof, long in service life, convenient, and flexible.
  • Each expanding file folder measures 12.75” x 9.8”, which fits all A4/Letter size papers well. It can store multiple items: letters, invoices, contracts, scripts, notebooks, vouchers, coupons, receipts, bills, etc.
  • Mr. Pen expanding file folder helps you organize your papers and keep them tidy. And the snap in the front helps to prevent files from falling out.
  • Our expanding file folder is perfect for school, work, or home. This expanding file folder makes it easy to get organized.

3. Pendaflex Expanding File Pockets

StyleFile Pockets
Sheet SizeLetter

Pendaflex Expanding File Pockets

Fully lined reinforced tear resistant gussets, Gussets are 6 1/2″ high for extra protection of documents, Durable red fiber material, Paper made from30% recycled fiber with 30% post consumer fiber.

  • The durable red fiber material
  • 6-1/2″ high for extra protection of documents
  • Double thick manila lined front and back for lasting performance
  • Straight cut tab
  • Letter Size

Pendaflex File Pockets expand 3.5″ inches to hold up to 700 sheets each. Protective 6-1/2″ high expanding sides are reinforced at the top edge with Tyvek material for added durability. Straight-cut redrope pockets have double-thick manila lined panels. The front panel folds down for easy, open-top access to bulky projects. Pendaflex file pockets bring quick order to unorganized papers. Use them for the desktop, for the file drawer, or for long-term storage.

Letter Size. 3.5″ Expansion. Redrope. Box of 25.

Fit More Per Pocket
: If your massive files put a strain on ordinary folders, consider this upgrade. Pendaflex red rope pockets expand 3.5″ so big projects have room to grow.

Keep Papers Protected: 6-1/2″ High expanding sides keep papers of all sizes contained. Sides reinforced with Tyvek material along the top edge provide added durability.

Double-Ply Durability: Tough red rope panels lined with heavy manila stock resist rips and tears.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: These Pendaflex file pockets have paper made from 30% recycled fiber with 30% post-consumer fiber.

4. Smead File Pocket, Straight-Cut Tab

StyleFile Pocket
Sheet SizeLetter

Smead File Pockets help keep large amounts of paperwork neatly organized and secure. Great for desk, drawer, shelf, and on-the-go storage. Also ideal for use with storage boxes. Accordion style sides expand 3-1/2″ and hold up to 400 sheets. File pockets take up minimal space, expanding only when extra storage capacity is needed. The top of the gusset is reinforced with tear resistant material for extra strength and durability. Color code files for easy identification.

The straight-cut tab provides a large visible labeling area. Includes 5 letter size (11-3/4″ W x 9-1/2″ H) file pockets with 3-1/2″ expansion. Color assortment includes 1 each blue, green, red, yellow, and red rope. Contains 10% recycled content, and 10% post-consumer material and is SFI Sourcing Certified.

5. Smead File Jacket, Reinforced Straight-Cut Tab

ColorAssorted Colors
StyleAssorted Colors
Sheet Size8 1/2 x 11 Inches
Tab CutStraight Cut

Achieve your organizational ideal by preserving handouts, photographs, resumes, and files for a clean handoff. Available in a wide variety of bold colors, Smead’s Colored File Jackets are the perfect choice for organizing and color-coding different types of files to save you time and frustration.

Organize your files for maximum efficiency

Keep critical materials in order so you can always find what you need. A large labeling area allows for detailed descriptions of folder contents. Business and personal filing is simpler when everything has its place.

Everyday Filing Essentials

Full-Height Sides

Files don’t always contain uniform pages. Hand-written notes, receipts, and business cards are contained within three closed sides. No more worrying about the little things sliding out of your files.

Work On-The-Go

Not all work takes place in the office. File jackets are a convenient way to take your work with you for assignments at home and visits with clients. Keep everything together wherever you go.

6. Five Star 6-Pocket Expanding File Organizer

Color*Color Will Vary
BrandFive Star
Sheet Size8 1/2 x 11
Number Of Pockets6


You can count on a Five Star Expanding File throughout the school year. This expanding file has a durable plastic shell, a secure bungee closure, and reinforced gussets to protect your important papers, assignments, and homework.


Quickly open and see your schoolwork. This expanding file has a patent-pending tuck away flap, which lets you tuck the cover inside the back pocket to keep it neatly stored away. This makes it simple to add and remove papers from the expanding file.


No need to worry about grabbing the wrong paper. With 6 large pockets, this expanding file makes it easy to sort and organize assignments, notes, reports, and more for all of your classes with ease!

Buying Guide for the Best Expanding File Folders

The expanding file folders that best suit your needs are those that expand most often. When picking a product, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s crucial to think about your goals. Choosing a product is a challenging process. It is important to choose the right product because you need it to serve your purpose. This also qualifies as an investment. You must ensure that the item you plan to purchase will last for a long time. The following are some things to think about before making a purchase:


This will let you know whether the product is large or small. While some people favor large products, others favor smaller ones.
Price: Depending on the type and quantity of materials used to build it, the price can vary widely.
Brand: Although brands are frequently linked to quality, not all brands are created equally, so do your homework before choosing one.
Warranty: Warranties defend you against production flaws and other problems that could occur while using a product.
Here are some things to think about:


One of the most crucial considerations when selecting expanding file folders is this. Knowing your budget for purchases is a good idea before you make one. In order to stay within your spending limit, you must also make sure you have enough money for it. Try looking for something less expensive with comparable features if you find something that is too expensive.


Expanding file folders have a lot of features, but not everyone will need them all. Before making any purchase decisions, you should look for products with features that are practical and necessary for your requirements. Additionally, you should think about whether these features are necessary and worth the extra cost or whether there are less expensive options with the same functionality.


You should be able to find an expanding file folder that fits your budget because there are many options available on the market, ranging in price from cheap to expensive. If two items, however, have comparable features but are priced differently, choose the more expensive option as long as it fits within your budget. In general, more expensive, higher-quality products outperform and last longer than their less expensive counterparts.


To get what you pay for, make sure you purchase reputable companies’ quality expanding file folders. There is no guarantee that inexpensive items from an unproven or unknown brand will last long enough for you to get your money’s worth. Additionally, if your purchase has a problem and you do not have an extended warranty plan, it might cost more to fix than the item was originally worth!


Choose a brand with a solid reputation and high standards for quality if numerous companies sell expanding file folders with similar features at various price points. This will guarantee that your purchase will last longer than those from more budget-friendly brands with lower standards for quality assurance.


If you’re in the market for some new file folders, definitely check out our list of the best expandable file folders around. Not only will these help you stay organized, but they’ll also help you save money and potentially space. We hope you’ll find the right type of organizer for your needs, so feel free to try out a few options before settling on one. Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, I guess it’s up to you to make the final decision on which type is best for you and your needs.

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