Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound (2023 Update)

The tips of a car exhaust pipe are a great way to modify your engine’s sound. A deeper tone can be attained by installing an aftermarket tip on your exhaust system. The cost varies depending on your purchase type, but it is typically around $50-$100 per trip.

Many types of materials can be used for this modification, such as stainless steel, ceramic coated metal, or titanium which will all give off different sounds and tones when they heat up from the engine’s exhaust flow. This blog post will discuss some of the best-sounding tips and how to install them onto your car’s factory setup with pictures and videos.

Here are the best exhaust tip for sound on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound

Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound Reviews In 2023

1. EVIL ENERGY Exhaust Muffler

Evil Energy Exhaust Muffler is a quality exhaust muffler densely packed with cotton material, giving a low and deep tone that is reverberated to increase sound. Easy to install, this muffler will be your favorite mod in minutes.


Weld it. This installation method is more stable,it is recommended to use.

U Bolt Or Muffler Seal Clamp

Use U bolt clamp or seal muffler seal clamp for connecting.It’s easier to remove when you want to exchange or adjust.

Lap/butt Joint Clamp

Use lap/butt joint clamp.Please join 2.0”OD pipe to 2.0”OD pipe.

2. DC Sports EX-1012 Performance Bolt

The Slanted Tip-Shape enhances the pre-cut slits to create a more aggressive cam that increases horsepower and torque. The DC Sports EX-1012 Performance Bolt will give your engine a different sound at higher RPM, reducing your top-end power for better fuel economy. Perfect for economy-minded drivers!

The DC Sports EX-1012 performance bolt is constructed from high-quality materials to provide a better sound output. Resonated tips are designed to enhance the overall performance, ensuring the engine experiences increased efficiency and power. This will make your vehicle run faster and last longer than before.

Darrell and Darrick Contreras founded DC Sports as a high-quality designer and manufacturer of performance products to address the developing Sport Compact Market. In 1987, American Honda commissioned DC Sports to develop a header for their SCCA prepped CRX and the result cumulated was our first 4 into 1 header design.

Acura Performance

It was so well received that Honda requested headers for other applications. That system is the one that started it all (HHC5002). The Sport Compact Market was primarily based on popular Japanese small cars that were great cars, to begin with, but also excellent platforms for various tuning modifications. Throughout the 1990s, DC Sports was synonymous with Honda and Acura performance and in the early 2000s, started expanding into other sport compact platforms. DC Sports developed unique designs that performed better and became the brand of choice for serious enthusiasts. DC Sports offers products for the most popular sport compact vehicles.

Braces Are Manufactured

Our headers and intakes are available as CARB approved-50 states legal or race only- off-road use versions. Headers are manufactured with polished T304SS stainless and/or T409SS ceramic coated for protection and finish. Intake kits come with a high flow open element filter complete with all necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation. Braces are manufactured with mild steel for strength and powder-coated for a quality, durable finish. Solid one-piece designs are used whenever possible to provide maximum chassis rigidity. All parts are engineered and dyno tested for performance (where applicable).

Comprehensive Global Distribution

DC Sports has always been first and foremost about performance and value, but there is also no other product with the DC Sports look, feel, and quality. DC Sports has a comprehensive global distribution network headquartered in the City of Industry, California. The DC Sports brand will always stand for the very best in performance.

3. MagnaFlow 4in Round Center

Enjoy MagnaFlow’s deep throaty sound and dyno-proven high flow performance on your ride with this center/center layout muffler. Each muffler is produced using lap-jointed and welded, heavy gauge 100% stainless steel construction, a straight-through perforated core, high-temperature acoustic packing material, and stainless-steel mesh.

Performance Muffler Feature

The MagnaFlow 4” Round Center/Center Straight Through Performance Muffler features a 4” diameter and 14” long body, with an overall length of 20” and inlet/outlet inside diameter of 2.5”. Professional installation is highly recommended.

Finest Exhaust Systems

MagnaFlow’s dedication to engineering and manufacturing the finest exhaust systems makes for a superior sound and driving experience. Constructed of premium materials and carefully designed for the best fitment and performance, you can have confidence in making the right choice for your vehicle.

4. LCGP 3″ Inlet Exhaust tip 5″ Outlet

This is a high-quality exhaust tip made of stainless steel, 12-inch length. The 3″ inside diameter inlet and 5″ outside diameter outlet give you the best fitment available. This tip is great because it involves no cutting or welding to install. It can be used on motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft (jet skis), and cars.

Water And Prevent Rust

This tip is made of high-quality stainless steel with strong anti-corrosive, never rust. There is a small hole on the bottom of the tip to drain water; not easy to accumulate water and prevent rust. It comes in 3″ Inlet and 5″ Outlet. You can choose your favorite big size or medium size. This exhaust tip can be installed on any exhaust system, Such as the V8 supercharger kit,cat-back exhaust system, turbo kit, Downpipe, etc.

Exhaust Tips

Get the look you want and make your car sound better with our exhaust tips. Our 3″ Inlet/5″ Outlet exhaust tips come in various finishes, making it easy to get the look you want. These are bolt-on tips, but if you think it isn’t tight enough or might unscrew, additional welding will be a nice safeguard.

5. Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip

Borla exhaust systems are engineered to provide your everyday driver with proven power gains yet still offer an unmistakable deep throaty sound that makes this exhaust system stand out. Borla’s dedication to excellence results in an unmatched reputation for building the best performance exhaust products on the market.

Higher-quality Look

This Borla exhaust tip is a single round rolled angle cut resonated style tip. The angle cuts provide a more pleasing appearance and help create a higher-quality look. It is 13 inches long, has an inlet of 2.25 inches, and an outlet of 4 inches round. This tip also involves a weld-on installation for maximum durability and performance.

Premium-quality Exhaust

2.25″ Inlet – 4″ Single Round Rolled-Edge Angle-Cut Lined Resonated Outlet – 12″ Long Tip Embossed With BORLA Logo. Weld-On Mounting Method.BORLA premium-quality exhaust tip features mirror-polished high-quality T-304 austenitic stainless steel, precision welds, and distinctive styling. The perfect way to provide a custom look for your vehicle. Resonated tip provides additional sound control.

How To Choose The Best Exhaust Tip For Sound Before Purchasing


In spite of not affecting your car’s performance, exhaust tips significantly affect how it sounds. Many vehicle enthusiasts dream of hearing that deep, powerful roar when the engine starts. You can also create this sound by installing a new exhaust tip.


As installed in your car, the factory exhaust tip is just there to let dirty air out of the engine. There may not be much aesthetic appeal. Aside from removing gas, aftermarket or branded tips can also improve the appearance of your vehicle. The market offers so many different kinds. There are chrome, matte, rolled edge, intercooler tips, and many other types to choose from to upgrade your car’s aesthetics.

Noise Laws

The noise law states that your car’s sound should not exceed a specified level. A ticket will be issued otherwise. Be sure that your car is already loud before you increase its volume.

Replacing the Muffler

Mufflers are specifically designed to absorb the most amount of noise possible. Cars are quieted down using this. A new muffler will make your car sound louder. It can be really tricky and risky to choose a new one now. Ask an expert if you are unsure.

If you need help choosing, consult a mechanic or any other expert. The exhaust gas usually escapes without interruption from the straight muffler most of the time. Therefore, these are much louder than mufflers from a factory. You can also get better performance from them.

Added an exhaust tip

New exhaust tips are surprisingly affordable, even for people with lower budgets. They come in several styles and amplify the sounds of your car. Using a new tip can improve your car’s aesthetics without spending a lot of money and get a louder sound. A flared end exhaust tip with double walls is recommended to obtain the best sound quality.

Increasing the exhaust pipe bore

You can make your car sound loud and deep by increasing the bore of your exhaust pipe. The sound will not be as good if the pipe is not wide enough. It may also be counterproductive to increase it too much. You can definitely increase the bore between half and one inch. Additionally, ensure the alterations work on the other part.

Using Welded Hangers

Rubber mounts are used for certain exhaust systems. Through this particular type of exhaust system, the vibrations are humidified. You can overcome this problem by connecting your exhaust system with welded hangers. So you can hear the vibrations of the exhaust as you wish.

Some challenges may arise, however. It is possible that the car will be too noisy inside. Get a rubber-connected system that will completely solve this issue.

Unclogging the Tube

There may be clogs in your exhaust tubing that are causing the desired sound to dissipate. You might be able to get a better exhaust sound by unblocking your exhaust tubing. Exhaust tubing can be cleaned fairly quickly. Furthermore, no money is needed. Therefore, trying this option before pursuing any other is a good idea.

Getting Turbochargers

In addition to turbochargers, there are other options. The exhaust of some vehicles can sound remarkably louder when fitted with turbochargers, which are often available from vehicle manufacturers. Your car’s performance will be significantly improved as well. Some vehicles, however, cannot utilize them. Using this tool, you can determine whether your vehicle can be turbocharged.

Frequently Asked Question: Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound

Is There A Way For My Exhaust To Sound Deeper?

You can hear the vehicle’s sound by starting the engine and walking around it while someone revs it up. A third of the pipe’s circumference can be cut if you want to make it deeper. The sound will gain depth and volume with four additional cuts spaced four inches apart.

Exhaust Tips Cause Changes In Sound?

However, that exhaust tip may appear to affect the exhaust note your vehicle makes as exhaust gases pass through the various parts of the exhaust system.  

Is There A Tip I Should Get For My Exhaust?

Your exhaust tips’ length should be considered as the final measurement. You want to be able to see your exhaust tips, but you don’t want to make pedestrians trip over the flaming hot exhaust. The tip of the exhaust pipe should be short enough to keep it looking cool but long enough to allow the exhaust to vent from underneath the vehicle.

Is It Louder If The Exhaust Tips Are Bigger?

When you go to quite a large or small tip size, tip size has very little effect on the sound. The engine would run slower and quieter with a smaller diameter pipe because the exhaust stream would be slowing and sound louder if the old pipe was restricted.

Are Louder Exhaust Pipes Associated With Bigger Exhaust Pipes?

You only hear a little increase in exhaust noise if you are too lazy to learn about the details. It is necessary to make exhaust pipes bigger so they can flow more efficiently. A less restrictive muffler also comes with an aftermarket exhaust, which makes it louder.


Many people are looking for the best exhaust tip for deep sound. I’m here to tell you that there is no one answer because it all depends on your car and what type of look, sound, or performance you’re going after with your system.

You can get a muffler delete kit that will give you some serious power gains and make things louder than most would like. If you want more volume without sacrificing horsepower, then an open-piped cat-back might be right up your alley. Just know it’s not legal everywhere, so keep that in mind before installing one.

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