Top 10 Best Erasable Highlighters Review

There are many different highlighters, each having a specific role in doing. When you improperly label something, you unintentionally bring more attention to the wrong word or phrase than you want. The erasable highlighters would be ideal for students, business professionals, and anybody else who needs to take notes on the road. If you constantly have it with you, you will never be caught off guard or find yourself unable to cope with any scenario.

For school or other uses, this article will aid you in picking the best erasable highlighters pen today. Everything you need to know is there in front of you on your screen.

Crayola erasable highlighters are the manufacturers of the greatest erasable highlighter available. All other erasable highlighters aspire to be as good as this one. This set has every highlighter color possible, ranging from dark to light in intensity. Compare it with the performance of other systems, and you will see that the wiping method outperforms them by a wide margin.

Our Favorite Best Erasable Highlighters

Comparison Table

Product nameColorNumber of itemsPoint typeUse for
Amazon basics erasable highlightersAssorted12Chisel tipArts and crafts, studying, Fun for adults and kids.
Crayola erasable highlightersYellow1Chisel tipPaper, Highlight book pages, 
Writech chisel tip erasable highlightersRetro colors12Chisel tipI am highlighting, journaling, drawing, underlining notes.
Emraw erasable highlightersYellow3Chisel tipHomework assignments, Daily school study.
PILOT FriXion light pastel erasable highlightersAssorted.5Chisel tipNote-taking, editing, Schoolwork, and office work.
Crayola take note erasable highlighters Vibrant color6Chisel tipHome craft, Indoor activities, 
PILOT FriXion light erasable highlightersOrange1Chisel tipTaking notes, School or office supplies, Writing bullet journal
MOACC erasable highlightersFluorescent colors and pastel colors12Chisel tipBroad highlighting, Fine underlining, writing notes
Double head smooth writing chisel tip erasable highlighter markersAssorted 10 colors10Broad and chisel tipTaking notes, School and office supplies, writing a diary.
Mr. Pen erasable highlightersAssorted colors6Chisel tipHighlighters, Underlining, Writing notes.

Top 10 Best Erasable Highlighters Reviews- 2022

1. Amazon Basics Erasable Highlighters

Individuals seeking vibrant colors and various line widths will love these AmazonBasics fluorescent ink highlighters. With this kit, you may make notes and highlight your favorite areas in various bright colors. The colors are vibrant yet not overwhelming. While dark colors may create gorgeous shadows, keeping the text from altering too much. I may use these colors to enhance the aesthetic of my handwriting and bullet notebook and highlight text.



Clear-Ink Tip, positioned on the other end of the pen, may be used to remove the brilliant ink from the pen and make it seem new.

Vibrant Ink

These six brilliant colors include conventional yellow and dazzling orange in this collection. As a result, color coding and artistic expression possibilities are almost unlimited.

Protective Caps

A highlighter cap should not be used more than once to ensure that the straightforward and colored-ink tips are not damaged.

Chisel Tip

It is possible to adjust the line thickness to underline and highlight; this is the most appropriate tool for the work at hand.


Both children and adults will enjoy this activity since it is excellent for creating and learning about the world. It is appropriate for people of all ages. 


  • Product weight 0.272 ounces.
  • Item 12 pack
  • 5.91 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches.
  • Brand name – Amazon basics.


  • A pointed highlighter is great when highlights may be made more noticeable, broader, or thicker; a pointed highlighter is excellent.
  • Pen-style highlighters feature a small barrel and are simple to hold.
  • Alternatively, the highlighter’s cap is firmly attached.
  • The 12-pack contains bright blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, and purple highlighters.


  • Do not take it down or emphasize it in any way.

2. Crayola Erasable Highlighters

Even though this item is lovely, you will not be dissatisfied. It is a massive hit with the kids. Preschoolers use crayons, markers, pencils, and anything else they can find to scribble on the walls and doors of preschool classrooms. My biggest concern is that the ink may leak through the cracks in the walls and doors. Highlighter ink may be rapidly removed with a single stroke of the eraser. The pens have a classic writing grip that makes writing effortless, and they’re also straightforward to use. It’s also possible to utilize highlighter yellow. It’s great to have the ability to undo and redo your work.


Ink quality

Even when left uncapped for a long time, the ink quality of this outstanding erasable highlighter is preserved. Use a smooth eraser tip that glides over the paper to erase many errors at once without damaging it.


You won’t have to worry about making errors while using this highlighter on crucial documents since it’s meant to endure. Aside from that, it leaves no fingerprints on the paper since it is not blended with other chemicals. You’ve always used a lot of yellow highlighters like these since they can bring attention to essential areas of a text without covering up the words you want to emphasize.

Easy to use

This highlighter is superior to others since it contains no harmful or odorous components and does not penetrate to the other side of the skin. You may also just wipe away the ink. This erasable highlighter will appeal to both children and adults.


  • Product weight 0.160 ounces.
  • Item number 1
  • 6.9 x 3.5 x 2.6  inches.
  • Brand name -Crayola.


  • There’s no need to worry about the ink deteriorating if the cap is left off for many hours.
  • The eraser’s tip glides effortlessly over the paper.
  • It’s non-sticky and won’t leave streaks on your clothes.
  • In the long term, it has an effect.


  • This ink bleeds through thin and low-quality paper, making it unappealing.

3. Writech Chisel Tip Erasable Highlighters

If you accidentally highlight anything, you may quickly remove it. You may also modify it afterward. Because they can write like a highlighter and erase like a pencil, highlighters are ideal for highlighting and correcting errors. If you want the best of both worlds, these best erasable highlighters are the way to go. In a single container, they combine the convenience of erasable ink with the convenience of a clean-up eraser. You are not required to remove your markings.


Chisel Tip

The ability to move between thin and broad lines fast provides you greater writing flexibility, allowing you to include little details or cover a large area.


This quantity is suitable for usage at home, school, and work by persons of all ages. It appeals to adults as well as youngsters.

Unique Erasable

With the clear-ink tip on the other end, you can easily remove colored ink without making a mess, whether you’re cutting away or fixing errors.


The Writech Erasable Highlighters rapid dry erase highlighters and non-bleed ink enables you to generate eye-catching work while keeping your desk clean. Both are simple to do.

Fluorescent Ink

Due to the extensive range of colors available, highlighting, writing, sketching, underlining, and taking notes may be done in various ways. Six vibrant hues and six pastel shades are offered.


  • Product weight 3.98 ounces.
  • Item number 12
  • 5.8 x 5.1 x 0.5  inches.
  • Brand name – Writech.


  • Children should use non-toxic ink.
  • It is also ideal for folks who are left-handed.
  • When painting, alternate between a colored and a precise tip at random.
  • Writech came up with an innovative and long-term solution to make things easier in this circumstance.
  • The ink is light and water-resistant due to a water-based bright colored ink.
  • This pen makes it simple to highlight and write down important information, such as ideas.


  • Things with a short lifespan do not survive long.

4. Emraw Smooth Glide Solid Gel Fluorescent Erasable Highlighters

An excellent highlighter can help you see the words, phrases, and sentences you’re working on or studying for an exam as a student. Most highlighters have a foul aftertaste, which is horrible. Emraw’s Smooth Glide Erasable Highlighter is the safest and most convenient learning method.



The highlighter has a brilliant yellow tint that isn’t too bright or distracting to look at. With the chisel tip of this pen, you may draw broad or thin lines, and the result will always be a smooth, bleed-proof application.


The long-lasting tip protects the nib even if the surface is uneven. It may be used to emphasize words and phrases, and it can generate exceedingly fine and crisp lines on any surface, no matter how rough it is. Thanks to its unique thermosensitive ink blend, this highlighter makes it simple to update and enhance your notes.

You can swiftly and elegantly eliminate any unsightly highlights from your notes with this dual-ended eraser. There are no traces left behind that can be removed.

Easy to use

As long as both are utilized, the paper will not disintegrate. Use a highlighter pen since it can be used on any kind of paper and can be used to correct errors even if you return to the same area. Environmental eco highlighter pencils are also excellent for children’s artwork since they are acid-free and non-toxic. It comes with a lovely cap and convenient pocket clips, making it simple to travel about in elegance.


  • Product weight 2.96 ounces.
  • Item number 3
  • 7.52 x 5.67 x 1.22  inches.
  • Brand name – Emraw.


  • A kind of ink that is free of acid and toxins.
  • Ease and comfort in erasing.
  • Isn’t a bloodsucker at all.
  • Eye-pleasing.
  • There is no stink or taste of alcohol in the air surrounding us.


  • There is a finite amount of ink available.

5. PILOT FriXion Light Pastel Erasable Highlighters

This Pilot FriXion light pastel erasable highlighter is a must-have if you want the finest Pilot highlighter. Pilot Frixion has been one of my favorite products for a long time. The time you’ll spend reading this highlighter review will well spent.



When you highlight or underline words, you risk committing a mistake. Simple eraser to remove erasing markings Surprisingly, you can still take great notes on fine paper. They’re beautiful to look at. Even though it’s not apparent, each color adds to the overall design. These pastels don’t bleed through even thin paper.

Durable tip

Your books’ delicate pages worked nicely with pastel highlighters. Even the darkest hues provide depth without masking text or other features. The subdued colors do not obscure the text even when highlighting with a lot of pressure. Perfect for pupils who want to highlight certain aspects of their work. The chisels’ tips are also strong but not overbearing. Its long-lasting tip may use for highlighting and writing, making it a helpful tool.

Easy to use

Using the Pilot’s unique thermo-sensitive ink to highlight essential letters or phrases ensures accuracy. Plus, they may clean without damaging your notes. It is a great way to keep track of notes in books, notebooks, or the Bible. As a consequence, it is more user-friendly than other time-consuming highlighting solutions.


  • Product weight 1.76 ounces.
  • Item number 1
  • 0.63 x 4.25 x 7.63  inches.
  • Brand name – Pilot.


  • It’s a novel thermosensitive ink with a unique recipe.
  • It removes whatever is on the wipe, in this case, leaving a clean surface.
  • The softest tones are making.
  • The tip of the chisel is solid and forceful.


  • Ink isn’t highly long-lasting.

6. Crayola Takes Note Erasable Highlighters

Bring this six-piece set of Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters with you while you’re working on creative projects with your children or peers. Long-lasting and vibrant, Crayola highlighters are a favorite among children. With the eraser tip, you won’t have to be concerned about making a mistake in your decision. These highlighters will make it easier for you to keep track of all of your notes.


Highlighting End

Chiseled points may observe on the end that designates. Because of the curved tip, it is possible to draw both fine and thick lines.

Quality Build

Simple to use and with a pleasant grip, these pens are a great option. Because they’re small enough to go between your fingers and won’t poke you, they won’t do any harm to your hands or fingers. It is possible to work for long periods with these pens without taking a break to let your hands rest properly.

Ballpoint Pen

There’s a ballpoint pen with a tiny tip on the opposite end of the pen’s barrel. These pens are available in some different hues, including black and blue. A highlighter that is integrating into a ballpoint pen, on the other hand, makes use of the ink from the cell.


With this pen, you can highlight text, write with one end, and use the other to highlight text. With just one call and no extra effort, you may jot down notes and quickly highlight them to draw attention to the significance of the information. 


  • Product weight 0.15 ounces.
  • Item number 6
  • 0.67 x 4.63 x 7.63  inches.
  • Brand name – Crayola.


  • It highlights and de-identifies in seconds.
  • The chisel tip may form broad or narrow lines.
  • Aside from that, the product is entirely safe.
  • It wouldn’t like the heat.


  • The yellow stain was more challenging to remove.

7. PILOT FriXion Light Erasable Highlighters

Would you like the brightest and most dependable Pilot erasable highlighters, such as Pilots? It is the place to start if you need a new highlighter. You can quickly reproduce your pages and highlight certain portions without fear of ruining the original using this brand’s thermosensitive ink.



Use the eraser tip to write on paper. There are no crumbs or dirt left behind. They are always eager to assist me in taking notes, rewriting, or completing a form.


On the other hand, the chisel tips of these Frixion erasable highlighters boost their effectiveness. The narrower section is terrific for underlining and tiny, delicate strokes, while the more significant portion is perfect for accentuating. Because of their intensity, orange and yellow are two of my favorite colors to work with. The books are vividly colored, making locating the sections that interest me easier.


On the other hand, these highlighters are more than simply a household name. Its ink eraser lets you make as many modifications as you like to your textbooks or journals, in addition to lighting them up.


  • Product weight 0.96 ounces.
  • Item number 3
  • 2.8x 1 x 7.3  inches.
  • Brand name – Pilot.


  • It’s versatile and may be employed in a variety of scenarios.
  • When heated, the ink composition changes color.
  • Red, blue, and yellow is bright colors that pop out on the paper.
  • The chisel tip is shaped differently from the rest of the chisel.


  • The color may change.

8. MOACC Erasable Highlighters

These MOACC erasable highlighters are great for quick highlighting. Highlighting and underlining are a breeze with this elegant pen. The pen’s fantastic form and chisel tip make erasing a breeze. The eraser tip of a double-ended highlighter is beneficial if you make many mistakes while writing. Write it over your chosen words or phrases.



They can be used as erasers and highlighters, but they are popular. It is true even on thin paper. The ink cannot pass. They also make sure your notes are neat and free of messes. The highlighters are also relatively light, making them very simple to use. Its compact size makes it easy to carry.


Also, the eraser tip does not irritate the paper. My paper does not get cut or shredded if you repeatedly erase the same spot. You may use any combination of the 12 brilliant colors to build personalized diaries or notepads. These colors may be used to highlight text without changing its meaning.

Protective caps

Using these highlighters should only highlight the caps. You must quickly return them after you use them. In a few hours, it had dried up and turned brown without the yellow highlighter cap. But this isn’t the case now. So the lid can be turned over.


  • Product weight 3.98 ounces.
  • Item number 12
  • 5.75 x 0.4 x 0.4  inches.
  • Brand name – Moacc.


  • Unhelpful information is eliminated.
  • Colors that are vibrant yet not overwhelming.
  • In this case, the case is weak.
  • It’s minor and manageable.


  • Ink dries off when left uncapped for too long.

9. Double Head Smooth Writing Chisel Tip Erasable Highlighter Markers

To accentuate one of the heads, use the opposing side of the double-headed design. It will assist in the correction of any errors. A slightly pointed tool is attached to the end of the highlighter. This tool may make extensive highlights, narrow underlines, and take notes. There are no books left that have been tampered with in any manner.


Smooth Writing

The Double-Headed Highlighter has two sides: one for highlighting and the other for erasing. This tool will not harm the paper, and it may be used on both sides.


This highlighter is ideal for taking notes, organizing school or work documents, and keeping track of essential details in a notebook.


Although they come in various colors and sizes, you may use them daily and share them with your friends and classmates. 12 erasable double-tip highlighter pens in pink, orange, green, blue, purple, and yellow are included in the kit.

Easy to use

It is an attractive option for bullet notebook spreads as well. A highlighter is a tool that makes particular portions of text bright and translucent to draw attention to them.


  • Product weight 2.82 ounces.
  • Item number 10.
  • 5.8 x 4.1 x 0.47  inches.
  • Brand name – YOOUSOO.


  • It is easier to use and handle a highlighter with two heads when it has two charges.
  • It’s a quick and easy read.
  • If you write or highlight anything by accident, you may quickly remove it.
  • Give your children a one-of-a-kind gift.
  • The colors used in this collection are vibrant and robust.


  • You won’t recreate a highlight if you delete it using any of the markers.

10. Mr. Pen Erasable Highlighters

Using these Mr. Pen erasable highlighters, make sure your highlights are bright and clear. Unlike other highlighters, it does not need ink to produce vibrant colors. Gel pens do not entirely wipe ink from your book or notepad, leaving behind smudges and streaks. As a result, I prefer to highlight Bible passages and other essential information.


Color quality

Furthermore, the colors are vibrant without being overwhelming. Regardless of how brilliant they are, they have no influence on the meaning of the text or the piece they are designed to highlight. Everything becomes much simpler to see and understand when highlighters are applied. The yellow highlighter is my favorite since it is easy to use and eye-catching.


A fashion trend with a twist. When you run out of gel, just twist the bottom part. The caps include a watertight seal to prevent the liquid from evaporating.


Highlighting is simple with this pen since it is a lightweight and comfortable grip. The vehicle’s only flaw is that it isn’t very durable. When all of the gel has been used up and there is none remaining, breakage is more probable. After the top layer of the gel has worn away, it’s time to refill it.


  • Product weight 2.39 ounces.
  • Item number 6.
  • 5.59 x 3.15 x 0.59  inches.
  • Brand name – Mr. Pen.


  • It is smudge, fade, and bleeding proof.
  • Many of the flakes or crumbs are dumped after this product.
  • It spreads like butter.
  • The tip’s angle and width may be changed to create a unique design.


  • It permeates the illegible pages.

Best Erasable Highlighters Buying Guide

best erasable highlighters

Color Options

To draw the reader’s attention to a certain phrase or word, you must choose the appropriate color. You can get erasable Highlighter pens in different colors if you want. It’s up to you to choose from a wide range of colors. You can choose from pastels and bright colors like yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple. It doesn’t matter if certain highlighter sets come in different colors. It doesn’t make a difference. The best highlighter pens are yellow.

On the other hand, the artist has total control over the color. Simply make sure that the color you chose permits the proper audience to view, understand, and digest your material. Avoid using a dark highlighter in your writing to make reading more challenging.

Tip Size

Highlighter pens may be designed with various tip diameters to aid in cleaning. When you use a highlighter with a window tip to mark a word or phrase, the word or phrase is visible while you write. You may also use a highlighter with a chisel or bullet point to draw attention to certain words or phrases. One of the benefits of a double-ended digital highlighter pen is its versatility. It’s now easy to pick between two different shades of the same hue.

Ink Formulation and Quality

Highlighter pens come in various styles found both online and at local school supply shops. The ink quality varies significantly across printers. They may bleed or smear as they dry since some of them dry fast. Consequently, the ink composition and quality are critical if you want the most fabulous highlighter. Premium highlighters with high-quality ink may last a long time while still looking fantastic. An erasable highlighter is great for keeping your work tidy and eliminating highlighter errors. The thermosensitive ink technology in the highlighter makes it simple to remove the ink. Erasable highlighters may also be used on any kind of paper. First, use a highlighter that will not spill or spread, such as a gel highlighter.

Brand Reputation

Is it prudent to consider which brand is the best? Because there are so many alternatives, picking the right highlighter might be difficult. Sorting your options by brand name may help you limit your choices. When you erase it, it does not smudge or bleed. Erasable highlighter pens are available from Sharpie, BIC, Zebra, Pilot, and Javapen. They are also well-known for providing a diverse assortment of creative materials. These famous and reputable brands can assist you in selecting the most delicate highlighter pen for your specific requirements.

How Do Erasable Highlighters Work?

  • The ink must be the best to produce such an attractive erasable highlighter. Traditional pen inks are notoriously difficult to wipe or erase. Due to their specific composition, sure highlighters, on the other hand, may erase ink. It’s simple to remove erasable highlighter ink. Just use an eraser to remove it like you would a pencil mark to remove the ink. Using the eraser, trace the last line. The heat generated by the eraser and the paper aids in ink removal.
  • An erasable highlighter is similar to an erasable pen in that it can be erased. There are also dual-tip highlighter pens available, which may highlight and then erase. However, the same ink is used on both ends. It’s often used to fix errors when highlighting any kind of text.
  • When you first highlight a piece of text, it seems to be stressed. Make sure to wipe up any spills with the other end. It’ll vanish like a pencil smudge on your palm, leaving no trace. 
  • Pencil markings continue to accumulate on top of the paper. These pens’ ink does not penetrate the form as effectively as a traditional highlighter. Instead of being put on top of the paper, it is layered on top of the paper. They are all exposed to the same event, and the fundamental concept is the same for them.
  • According to the inventor, erasable pens are made of rubber cement-like materials. Consequently, the highlighter mark vanishes as you remove your hand from the eraser. It seeps into the paper if you don’t remove it.

How Long Do Highlighters Last?

Trying to predict how long highlighter ink will last might be tough to do. That I don’t use them daily doesn’t make a difference. They had been in my hands for up to two years since I wrote this. The quality and brand of ink used and how the ink is stored or cared for after it has been opened affect how long a product lasts. A temporary highlighter may last for months or even years, but others are only effective for a few weeks or days at most. If used often, it may last a long time. If you do not correctly keep your highlighters or do not remove the caps after using them, the ink may dry up prematurely.

Frequently Asked Question

Is There an Erasable Highlighter?

It will not be the case with the FriXion Light Pastel Highlighters. The ink will be removed entirely with a quick stroke of the top “erasing tip” over the chosen text. This erasable disappearing highlighter allows you to highlight, erase, and re-highlight without damaging your paper.

Do Erasable Highlighters Bleed?

Tombow TwinTone and Pilot FriXion Erasable pens are erasable pens that will not bleed through the pages of your planner. On the reverse side of the paper, the Frixion pens are nearly unnoticeable. Color is present in TwinTone markers, mainly when the thick side is utilized.

What Can Erase Highlighters?

A few drops of lemon juice dilute the fading highlighter to the point that it is nearly undetectable. Cut the lemons in half; that’s all there is to it. Then, using a cotton swab, dab some lemon juice on it. Notice how the color fades as you glide the swab over the highlighted word. Here’s how it works: Additionally, a bottle of lemon juice seems to be the best course of action.

Are FriXion Highlighters Good?

It’s ideal for underlining. One of the greatest erasers on the market and a fantastic writing tool. It is a beautiful collection of colors that are easy to clean. I adore them, even though they only lasted one chapter of my course. Because there are so many of them, I’d purchase a large number of them again.

Can Highlighters be Erased?

When using a highlighter, only a few typefaces are completely erasable. Techniques that work for yellow, neon yellow, and other yellow tones may not work for different yellow hues. If lemon juice is used to remove blue ink, it may leave a faint mark.

Final Thought

There’s more to look for in the best erasable highlighters than bright hues and a variety of tints. A high-quality erasable highlighter that is clear, vibrant, and reusable is required.

The ink’s quality distinguishes an excellent erasable highlighter from a bad one. While a well-known brand may be handy, you may choose the most incredible erasable highlighter for your requirements by analyzing your specific demands and researching. This guidebook provides both extensive instructions and critical evaluations. You should be able to locate the one you’re searching for if you keep these things in mind.

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