How to Choose The Best Engineering Notebook In 2023

To start off with, an engineering notebook, it helps us to verify our accounts and get organized records. Still, there are many students who can’t find a definite tool to stick to their plans. In that case, the best engineering notebook turns out to be the most handy option. 

In contrast, an engineering notebook allows us to use it for lab tasks and leisure activities. For instance, you want to record some of your information in a diary. In such terms, an engineering notebook tends to be better than an ordinary notebook. 

There are many options in the market that are availing of first-class engineering notebooks. But those who will be purchasing it for the first time will face lots of confusion at first glance. If you are one of them, this article is just for you.

With some top-leading engineering notebooks, the concept will also guide you on the right purchase.

Top Picks: 5 Best Engineering Notebook

Comparison Table

BookFactory Engineering NotebookThinner and smaller than any ordinary notebook.
Best for patents and inventions.
Comes with extra paper.
Amazing for scale drawings.
Humor Engineering NotebookBest for students and engineers.
Records drawings, notes, intellectual properties nicely.
Reliable and offers easy usage.
Combines all features to add in grid pads.
Engineering Lab NotebookPerfect for schematics, writings, and concepts.
Grids are not too light and not too dark.
Works fine for recording and brainstorming.
Comes with a reasonable price.
BookFactory Computation NotebookHandy for college students.
Papers are thick enough.
Protects work from minor spills.
Superb for paper quality and graph lines.
Cover is durable and sturdy.
BookFactory Professional NotebookLooks professional and easy to customize.
Keeps all work organized.
Best for its sturdiness.
Convenient for flow charts and designs of chemical processes.
Exceptionally durable and reliable.

Best Engineering Notebook: Top 5 Picks

1. BookFactory Engineering Notebook

BookFactory Engineering Notebook is none other than a professional lab book for keeping records. You can also keep your drawings and note the intellectual properties here easily. Meanwhile, this notebook is thinner and smaller than any ordinary notebook. 

Since the BookFactory Engineering Notebook is hardbound, it is less prone to bents. While using this notebook, you will see that its papers take quality inks smoothly.

Key Features

Adequate papers

Those who are more organized and are concerned about patents and inventions require extra papers. If you are one of them, BookFactory Engineering Notebook is just for you. As there are lots of extra papers, you will not face any troubles while organizing your projects.

Gridded paper

BookFactory Engineering Notebook combines some gridded papers, which are amazing for scale drawings. Moreover, there are some block architectural printings for essential sections and plans. 


Here, you will see a “Continue from page” field in the upper left corner of all pages. Again, in the lower right corner, you will see a field of “Continue To.” Thus, you will not have to do any “pre format” in order to work on multiple projects.


No doubt, BookFactory Engineering Notebook offers immense durability. The reason is, its binding is made with enough concentration. Furthermore, the cover looks much elegant and makes a welcome addition to bookcases.


  • Keeps drawings and intellectual properties organized
  • Thinner and smaller than any ordinary notebooks
  • Best for patents and inventions
  • It comes with extra papers
  • Amazing for scale drawings


  • Can’t tackle nice pens

2. Humor Engineering Notebook

For an underrated notebook, Humor Engineering Notebook always stands first. Also, the cover of this notebook is sturdy and protects the entire notebook smoothly. In contrast, Humor Engineering Notebook contains all the important features of grid pads. Such as numbered pages, TOC, continue from, and continue to areas. 

Also, the pages are thick enough to tackle inks of gel pens. Not only that, you will hardly find any inconveniences while writing on both sides of your papers.

Key Features


Through the layout of this notebook, students will not require to learn any extra methods to create journals. Thus, you can simply create a number of pages, a table of content pages, and signature sections.


Particularly, the Humor Engineering Notebook color is more like a warm hue. Moreover, its design is sufficient to reduce fatigue which the quadrant journals fail to do. And with the blind scores and binding, Humor’s Notebook helps to secure all pages accurately.


One most important thing about Humor Notebook is, its papers do not ghost or bleed. The cover is absolutely simple within a high-quality texture.


Undoubtedly, Humor Engineering Notebook is a reliable product you can ever have. Alongside, you will see all the important elements here, such as date blocks, witness signature, researcher, table of content pages, number pages, etc.


  • Best for students and engineers
  • Records drawings, notes, intellectual properties nicely
  • Reliable and offers easy usage
  • Combines all features to add in grid pads
  • Papers do not ghost or bleed


  • Does not have any pages

3. Engineering Lab Notebook

This engineering notebook would be a perfect choice for any engineer, student, or designer. Here you will get 96 pages with a grid format of .25″. Those who do the tasks of recording and brainstorming can simply rely on this Engineering Lab Notebook. 

The Lab Notebook will be great if hardcover and fine paper binding are your first preference. Conversely, consumers are hardbound of drafting designs and recording notes without any hindrances.

Key Features


Engineering Lab Notebook has a perfect fabrication of Smyth Sewn Hardbound. And we know a Smyth Sewn binding ensures the quality and durability of a product. As a result, your notebook will remain protected from tears and wear up to many years.


In the Engineering Lab Notebook, you will see all pages lay flat. Hence, you can use them easily for making journals. Other than that, this notebook is ideal to be used as a sketchbook also.


Although this Engineering Lab Book is superb for students,  it also works well for professionals. Here, you will get a dateline, straight line, table of contents, etc. Thus, the professionals will find no hassle while using this notebook. Again, the Engineering Lab Notebook is convenient for doing schematics and writing various concepts.


  • Perfect for schematics, writings, and concepts
  • Presents and logs work smoothly
  • Grids are not too light and not too dark
  • Works fine for recording and brainstorming
  • It comes with a reasonable price


  • No open listings on the pages

4. BookFactory Computation Notebook

BookFactory Computation Notebook is in high demand in many research institutes and innovative companies. Similarly, this notebook gives us the opportunity to record data and preserve it in a proper manner. Alongside, BookFactory Computation Notebook tends to be very sturdy and great to use on flat surfaces.

There are many people who love to store schematics in order to have a temporary or permanent reference. In that case, BookFactory seems very handy for us.

Key Features

Thick papers

Users will not find any problems when they will be writing on this Notebook. In fact, you can write on both sides of all the pages as they are sufficiently thick. Also, the cover is stocky and nicely bound.


BookFactory Computation Notebook is not only a cheaper option but also an effective option. On every page, you will see numbers and grids. Hence, college students can create numerous journals and designs. 


As mentioned before, BookFactory Computation Notebook has a very sturdy cover. So it is inevitable that the cover is going to remain safe for a long time. Moreover, the pages will not get spoiled so easily. 

Spiral bound

Spiral bound notebooks are convenient to use for various purposes. In the same way, the Computation Notebook contains spiral-bound, which ensures us a definite work. When you are done with your sketch or other works, you can simply rip those pages if you don’t need them.


  • Handy for college students
  • Papers are thick enough
  • Protects work from minor spills
  • Superb for paper quality and graph lines
  • Cover is durable and sturdy
  • A cheaper option in the market


  • Not good for professional use

5. BookFactory Professional Notebook

This product is another professional notebook that comes from BookFactory. With a .25″ Engineering Grid, BookFactory Professional Notebook maintains reliability all time. Furthermore,  you will get 96 pages here for making maximum incredible designs.

The black and burgundy color of this notebook makes it look more beautiful and rigid than before. As all the pages are sequentially numbered, you will hardly find any flaws in organizing your works.

Key Features


There are sufficient features you will get in the BookFactory Professional Notebook. Such as date blocks, witness signatures, and many more. Not only that, many research and engineering companies are now relying on this notebook. 


No doubt, BookFactory is a suitable choice for various applications. For example- field observations, lab experiments, legal and sensitive matters, etc. Its high-quality paper will not let any bleedings and will not hamper your designs.


If you see, the weight and craftsmanship of the BookFactory Professional Notebook tend to be very strong. Also, this notebook’s folds, creases, and bindings are sturdy enough to last long.


People who are engaged with lab work require productive tools. And the BookFactory Professional Notebook is one of them. It is easy to use and keeps every work on track. Henceforth, no problem regarding a disorganized record will arise if you have this notebook. 


  • Looks professional and easy to customize
  • Keeps all works organized
  • Best for its sturdiness
  • Convenient for flow charts and designs of chemical processes
  • Exceptionally durable and reliable
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • Can be a mediocre choice for making journals

Best Engineering Notebook Buying Guide

pen top notebook

Engineering notebooks are something very important to work with. Especially the students, designers, and engineers can’t think a day even without an organized notebook.

As there are many notebooks available in the market, consumers get confused about which one will be preferable. Don’t worry; a perfect buying guide is there to solve your problems. To know about it, go through the points below.

Quality of Pages

Although page quantity is not so crucial to consider, page quality cannot be avoided anyhow. In terms of choosing an engineering notebook, pages of 60 to 100 GSM are perfect.

Whenever you use an engineer’s notebook, a fancy ruling pen or a fountain pen is in our desire. On the other hand, a heavy pen tends to be handy to record a particular project’s data. But for a daily notebook, you must go for thick pages rather than thin ones.

Quantity of Pages

Well, a notebook is not worth cherishing if we do not choose it by ourselves. On the basis of quantity, a notebook of 100 pages is quite better to acquire. Again, some brands are offering refillable engineering notebooks too. As a result, you can refill your journals and use the notebook for a long time. 

If you choose a notebook with the maximum number of pages, that could be better. Furthermore, it will support you for some unique journals as well.

Paper Size

There are multiple paper sizes of engineering notebooks. Some of them are 8×10 inches, and some are 5.3×8.6 inches. Those who are quite experienced in buying engineering notebooks will definitely choose the grid format. Again, this grid format comes with numerous sizes. Particularly, a grid square starts from 4 mm square and ends in 6 mm square. According to your applications, you have to pick which grid square will work better for you.


The cover of an engineer’s notebook is not so important to be considered. But if you do not want to leave any stone unturned to select the right notebook, make sure to have a nice cover as well. Conversely, you will see some brands that overlook the criterion of the covers. To get your job done effectively and successfully, notebooks cover does not play a great role. 

Many designers, students, and engineers look for durability in their notebooks. For this reason, a cover of faux leather will be a perfect choice. 

How to Use an Engineering Notebook?

Here are some points below that can help you use an engineering notebook effortlessly.

  • An engineering notebook is a book that is formal documentation of everything you do in chronological order. So the things you will put earlier in the book are the things done earlier in time, and everything is recorded.
  • If somebody is unfamiliar with the work, they can read through your engineering notebook and pick up where you left off. It is the level of detail that works like a legal document. So if you come up with a really cool design and somebody in your class steals it, the quality of your engineering notebook can help you win that court case. Moreover, it will help you make all the money you deserve from your design.
  • So yeah, proving your ownership of that idea is based on your engineering notebook’s detail and quality. In particular, this notebook will help to develop all of your brainstormed ideas. Also, it helps to note down the calculations, daily thoughts, and pictures of your progress.
  • While prototyping in the shop, you can take pictures and glue them or tape them into your notebook if you meet smarter people than you, record their information in your notebook and use them to make a better product. 
  • There is a table of contents that you can keep things in order. Conversely, all of your notebook pages are going to be in craft paper form. Hence, it will look like the information is owned by somebody and that somebody is you. 
  • Make sure to use the papers properly and sign each page. You will see a signature down in your notebook. With a design, it will be possible to have somebody else verify that you are the one who designed. It is called to witness, and they will sign down. Or else, you can number and date your own pages. This is how it becomes a legal document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Engineers Use Notebooks?

Yes, engineers do use notebooks. In fact, they need high-quality notebooks so that it can be easy to store inventions, experiments, ideas, and so on. If they do not use a notebook, verifying their experiments becomes harder. Moreover, engineers need to go through the processes and results they achieve. For this reason, a notebook is very much required for them.

What Should Be in an Engineering?

There are multiple things that an engineering book holds. Such as-

  • Dates and details of conception
  • Dates and details of reduction for practicing
  • Firm diligence to reduce the invention of practicing
  • All details of operation and structure of inventions
  • Experiment results and observations
  • Record of all works in a chronological order
  • Further work details

Why Do Engineers Use the Engineer’s Notebook?

In order to keep track of the progress of our projects, engineer’s notebooks come in great handy. Especially the engineering and science fairs require something effective like an engineer’s notebook. However, this notebook is assigned with dates and entries. Besides, it will boost up your involvement and ownership in different projects. Again, patents and copyrights are being processed with engineers’ notebooks.

What Is an Engineering Design Notebook?

Usually, engineers and designers need to keep their designs and projects’ history. Even keeping the record from start to end is important for them. In such cases, nothing can be better than an engineering design notebook. Here, you can keep every record and detail of your tasks, such as questions, comments, drawings, ideas, observations, research, etc. Hence, your design process will always remain in an organized form. 

What Are the 4 Best Practices for an Engineering Notebook?

There are 4 best practices you must know for an engineering notebook. They are- i) Be neat ii) Be accurate iii) Be legible iv) Be thorough.

If you are going to buy an engineer’s notebook for the first time, make sure you are not missing any of the given practices.

Can You Use Tape in an Engineering Notebook?

Yes, you can use tape in an engineering notebook. Just be certain that the tape accepts ink permanently. First of all, take loose paper and put your sign there. Then continue your signature across the tape and then end it on the design of your notebook page. Give a title to every notebook page and convey all the information. Try to enter that information in the section of Table Of Contents.


Summing up, an engineering notebook is a great handy object to boost our design thinking. Especially the students will be highly helpful with it as the notebook offers some dated concepts. Thus, there remains no option to miss out on the best engineering notebook. 

Anyways, if you are a freak of sticking your plans in a diary, an engineering notebook would be your true friend. Well, BookFactory Professional Notebook and Engineering Lab Notebook are merging in the market for their reliability. So you can give a check to these two products at first. 

All being well, I hope you got your favorite notebook from the above given products. After you make an acquisition, do let us know about your experience. 

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