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Choosing an enema kit for home use can seem an easy task; look at all the pictures of those brightly-colored plastic contraptions, and think of just how much better it will be when the bowels revolt and you’re able to flush all that nasty stuff from your body. However, there is more to choosing the best enema kit than a quick glance around the internet.

Enema kits: Reusable vs. Disposable

One of the first factors to take into account when selecting an enema kit is quality. Should you purchase a disposable or reusable enema kit? Disposable enema bags do make it possible to perform a home enema effectively (or several, if you clean the bag in between uses), but they aren’t a good long-term solution and most people find the hard plastic nozzles included with these kits uncomfortable. Enemas should never be painful or uncomfortable if the proper nozzle and quality equipment are used.

Best Enema Kit For Home Use Reviews

1. Flents Douche and Enema Combination Kit for Men and Women

The Flents Combination Douche Kit is designed for maximum comfort and is reusable. It has a small discrete design that makes it perfect for at home or travel. It contains additional components for easy use as a water bottle, enema, or douche. Key features of the douche kit include reusable components, 2-quart capacity, and compact design. This product does not contain latex. About Flents: Flents has developed a line of innovative personal care products. Popular products include Insty Splint finger splints, sleep masks, hot/cold water bottles, ice bags, and eye patches. Flents products offer simple solutions for at-home health and wellness needs.

Douche Kit

Flents Douche Kit provides a convenient, compact, multi-use solution for travel or other on-the-go needs. Included is a compact storing case providing discreet stowage.

Douche and Enema Combination Kit

Flents Combination Douche, Enema, and Water bottle system is the perfect 3-in-1 kit that can be used for desired natural cleaning purposes. The kit can also be used independently as a water bottle to help soothe cramping and muscular aches and pains.

Rectal Syringe

Flents Rectal Syringe offers a natural easy solution with an easy-to-insert soft detachable nozzle. An easy, multiple-use, cost effective way to give an enema versus disposable options.

2. MiraLAX Laxative Powder for Gentle Constipation Relief

Age Range (Description)Adult
Use forWhole Body
Active IngredientsPolyethylene Glycol 3350
Specific Uses For ProductConstipation Relief
Product BenefitsHydrating, Softening

MiraLAX is a laxative, providing effective and predictable relief for occasional constipation. MiraLAX is clinically proven to relieve occasional constipation and soften stool without causing harsh side effects such as sudden urgency, cramping, bloating, and gas. MiraLAX powder dissolves completely in water or any hot or cold beverage of your choice with no added taste or grit.

Works with the water in your body to hydrate, soften, and ease unblock your system naturally. Use as directed for occasional constipation. Warnings – Allergy alert: Do not use if you are allergic to polyethylene glycol. Do not use it if you have kidney disease, except under the advice and supervision of a doctor Covered by the Bayer HealthCare – Consumer Health 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

3. Fleet Laxative Saline Enema for Adult Constipation

Help alleviate occasional adult constipation with Fleet Saline Enemas. They feature a soft, pre-lubricated Comfort for easy insertion and have 25% more lubrication for maximum comfort, making it a practical choice to help relieve occasional constipation or prior to colonoscopies and other rectal exams. Fleet Saline Enemas are a saline laxative that provides reliable relief from adult occasional constipation. Containing a protective shield that prevents contamination, latex-free Fleet Saline Enemas are safe to use when used as directed. Made by the #1 doctor-recommended rectal laxative brand*, Fleet Saline Enemas provide fast, predictable relief in minutes.

4. Cleanstream Travel Enema Water Bottle Adapter

Take easy, fun cleansing on the go with the Clean Stream Travel Enema Set! It comes with a smooth, silky, easy to insert silicone nozzle and 3 different adapters, plus a storage lid to keep things neat and tidy. Use it on large or small water bottles when you are on the go, or at home with the shower adapter. The 5-hole spray nozzle has an outer skin of premium silicone so it cleans easily and will not harbor harmful or odor-causing bacteria.

Hand Held Clean

Perfect for weekend excursions and vacations! This set of nozzles and adapters is compatible with most water bottles allowing you to clean and rinse out your pipes as long as you have a bottle handy.

Silky Smooth Silicone

Made with velvety silicone for a comfortable fill, with a rounded tip for easy insertion. Phthalate free for body safe use!

5. PVC Enema Kit satvik

Then pull out the pipe and hold the water inside your intestines for 5-10 minutes. Walk while massaging your stomach clockwise, and then anticlockwise. The encrusted filth will start leaving its place. When you feel the pressure go to the bathroom, sit on the toilet and relax. You will be so surprised to see how full of waste your intestine was.

6. SENSIVO Enema Bulb [10.1oz ] Anal Douche with Back-Flow Prevention

To bring you the most comfortable healthy life, SENSIVO develops a unique, innovative enema. Whether it’s an electric or manual enema, you can choose any of them according to your preference! We’re aiming to enhance our product selection and customer service, even more, every year. Each product we carry comes with a half-year warranty! If a product is defective or experiencing issues, please contact us.

7. Cara Douche & Enema Combination Kit

This natural rubber hot or cold water bottle works effectively to remedy aches, pains, and sports injuries. The screw stopper provides a quality seal with no leakage. For over 15 years, Cara has been dedicated to providing the consumer with quality, cost-effective products. Consumers have come to recognize the name Cara for value. Cara provides a broad line of reliable, high-quality.

Choosing enema kits for home use: some things to think about

materials for construction

Single-use enema kits frequently make use of components that are simple to discard but strong enough to hold a lot of fluid. Look for a prefilled vinyl bag that can be squeezed or gravity fed, as well as a tip and hose made of sterilized plastic.

Enema kits made for long-term use can have tips made of silicone or plastic that are more resilient than soft rubber. To hold quarts of cleansing solution, the most expensive enema kits frequently use stainless steel buckets.

Applicator style

It is necessary to insert the enema kit’s tip into the user’s rectum, which is not always a simple or comfortable process. One type of applicator, which may be straight or curved, is all that some disposable enema kits have to offer. For greater comfort, mid-range enema kits may come with a variety of applicator tips. Detailed instructions on how to apply the special lubricants are included in a complete enema kit.

Flow regulation

Controlled delivery of the solution is one of the enema procedure’s most important components. The flow rate should be comfortable, not oppressive, once the liquid exits the container and enters the rectum. Many enema kits come with release valves that the user can quickly open or close in order to regulate the rate of flow. Extreme pressure should never be used to deliver fluid.

sanitizing and storing

Even though a prefilled disposable enema kit is meant to be thrown away, other designs need to be cleaned and stored in between uses. Better enema kits should be able to be disassembled into smaller, easier-to-clean, and sanitize components. The need for damage protection for the components necessitates the use of a storage case or protective bag.



Since single-use enema kits are typically used for mild constipation or hardened stools, their capacity is frequently measured in ounces. However, colon cleansing enema kits measure fluid capacity in terms of quarts. For each session, large stainless steel buckets or sturdy rubber bags are filled with sterile water or cleaning solution.

Color choices

Medical professionals typically used red or transparent enema bags when they first started using them. Customers can now order at-home enema kits in a variety of hues, including blue, green, and purple.


Many people decide to use a disposable enema kit, which can be purchased at retail stores or pharmacies for about $5 to $8, to get relief from constipation or hardening of the stool right away. A kit with a variety of tips and a sturdy bag should cost $15 to $20 for prolonged at-home use, whereas a high-end model with a stainless steel bucket can cost $25 or more.

Final Word

Based on our research, we concluded that the best enema kit for home use is the Precision Brand Nasco Enema Bulb Syringe Kit by Medline. This precision flush kit features a flexible bulb to create a seal and administer the proper amount of liquid, as well as a wide-mouth tip, to ensure your rectum is properly lubricated. These simple but important features are what make the Nasco Precision Brand Enema Bulb Syringe Kit our top recommendation for home use.

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