10 Best Elevator Shoes to Increase Your Height

Elevator shoes are a type of footwear that can discreetly increase the height of its wearer. Designed with a hidden insert inside the shoe that adds inches to your overall height, this type of shoe is perfect for those who want to look taller without having to go through the hassle of wearing uncomfortable and obvious-looking lifts. But with so many brands and styles of elevator shoes available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best option. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best elevator shoes—from dressy oxfords to casual loafers—and provided detailed information on how you can find the perfect pair for you. In this article, you’ll learn about why investing in good quality elevator shoes is important, what types are available, and how to choose and care for them properly.

Types Of Best Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes are a type of footwear designed to provide a certain amount of extra height, making the wearer appear taller than their natural height. They are typically constructed with a sole that is thicker than most regular shoes, and come in a variety of styles and designs.

The most common type of elevator shoes are called “lifts”, as they provide an additional lift to the wearer’s heel area. These types of shoes can be made from leather or synthetic materials and may feature laces or zippers for closure. Heel lifts may also be found on some elevator shoes, which allow for more cushioning around the ankle area and greater support for the foot.

Other popular types of elevator shoes include wedges and platform heels. Wedge-style elevator shoes feature thicker soles at the back, giving the wearer a boost in their step while providing stability and comfort. Platform heel styles provide an even greater boost, often increasing your height by several inches with each step you take.

In addition to these classic designs, there are also more modern takes on elevator shoe styles available today, such as slip-on loafers with subtle lifts in them or boots with built-in platforms. No matter what style you choose, all elevator shoes offer increased comfort and stability compared to regular flat-soled shoes.

Why You Need The Best Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are a type of footwear designed to give the wearer an advantage in terms of height and stature. Not only do they increase the height of the wearer, but they also offer a more confident and stylish look. With the right pair of elevator shoes, you can put your best foot forward and make an impression that lasts.

If you’re looking for some extra height but don’t want to go through the hassle and expense of buying high heels or platform shoes, then elevator shoes may be just what you need. Because they are specially designed with built-in lifts, they are much more comfortable and secure than traditional methods. They provide a subtle lift that is not immediately noticeable, allowing you to look taller without calling attention to yourself.

Another great reason for getting elevator shoes is that it can help boost your self-esteem and confidence. Knowing that you have an extra inch or two on your side can help you feel more empowered as well as attractive. This can be especially beneficial if you are attending a formal event or going on a date – having a bit of extra height can make all the difference!

Furthermore, by wearing elevator shoes, you can save yourself from potential health risks such as back pain which can come with wearing high heels or platform shoes all day long. Since the elevated sole provides support for your feet in addition to adding extra height, it takes some pressure off other areas like your ankles and knees which would otherwise be affected by wearing non-elevator style shoes.

For these reasons, investing in a good pair of elevator shoes is definitely worth considering if you want to look taller without sacrificing comfort or safety.

List Of The 10 Best Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes are a great way to gain extra height without having to use traditional methods such as lifts and heels. Elevator shoes are designed with special inner soles that can add up to several inches in height, giving you an instant lift.

When looking for the best elevator shoes, it’s important to consider factors like quality, comfort, and style. Here is a list of the 10 best elevator shoes on the market.

  1. TallMenShoes: TallMenShoes offers some of the highest quality and most stylish elevator shoes on the market. Their styles range from classic leather lace-ups to contemporary slip-ons and sneakers. They also feature patented insoles that can increase your height by up to 3 inches.
  2. Kenneth Cole: Kenneth Cole makes some of the most comfortable and stylish elevator shoes available today. Their designs range from classic leather Oxfords to modern loafers made with memory foam insole cushions for superior comfort and support.
  3. Magnum boots: If you’re looking for an extra boost in height without compromising on safety, then look no further than Magnum boots. These durable boots offer up to 4 inches of additional height thanks to their special heel construction while also providing stability and traction on any terrain with their rugged outsoles.
  4. Vivobarefoot: Vivobarefoot specializes in lightweight footwear with minimalist designs that don’t sacrifice style or comfort for extra height boost from inside sole padding technology (ISPT). The ISPT adds up to 2 inches of additional height while still keeping your feet comfortable all day long with its breathable mesh fabric upper material and flexible outsole design for enhanced mobility.
  5. Bruno Marc: Bruno Marc produces some of the most fashionable yet comfy elevator shoe designs available today featuring faux leather uppers and soft rubber soles that provide superior cushioning for your feet all day long while adding up to 3 inches additional insole padding technology (IPT) height boost when worn with socks or stockings on colder days.
  6. Hush Puppies: Hush Puppies offers stylish yet affordable elevating shoe designs ranging from classic Oxford styles to modern slip-on sneaker styles constructed out of high quality microfiber uppers paired with super soft cushioning memory foam footbeds that provide extra comfort while still providing an additional 2 inch IPT lift when worn without socks or stockings.
  7. Allen Edmonds: Allen Edmonds produces some of the finest quality menswear elevating shoe designs featuring full grain leather uppers in a variety of styles as well as a unique shock absorbing sole system which provides superior cushioning and arch support while adding up to 3 inches of extra height when worn without socks or stockings.
  8. David Spencer Shoes: David Spencer Shoes specializes in creating high fashion elevator shoes crafted from genuine leather uppers featuring intricate stitching details for added style points as well as IPT technology which adds up to 3 inches additional lift when worn with socks or stockings.
  9. Gravity Defyer Shoes: Gravity Defyer Shoes offers stylish yet practical elevating shoe designs made from full grain leather materials utilizing their patented VersoShock Technology which adds an extra 2-3 inches of lift while still providing superior shock absorption capabilities courtesy of its custom designed sole unit.
  10. Rockport Footwear : Rockport Footwear features not only stylish but also sophisticated elevator shoe designs made out of full grain leather uppers with antimicrobial linings as well as their proprietary “Adiprene” insoles which add up to 2-3 inches additional lift when worn without socks or stockings.

How To Choose The Best Elevator Shoes

The process of choosing the best elevator shoes can be quite daunting, as there are many different styles and brands available. When selecting an elevator shoe, the most important factor to consider is the size of your feet. Elevator shoes are designed to increase your height, so you want to ensure that the shoe fits properly and does not cause any discomfort or pain. You should also make sure that you select a style and brand that will match your existing wardrobe and personal style.

In addition to size, it is important to look for quality when selecting the best elevator shoes. Some brands use higher quality materials such as leather or suede, which provide better comfort and durability than some synthetic materials used in cheaper options. It is also a good idea to check customer reviews online so that you can get an idea of how well-made the shoe is before making your purchase.

When trying on any type of elevator shoes, make sure to walk around in them for a few minutes so that you can get comfortable with the fit and feel. It’s also a good idea to wear socks while trying them on so that your feet are less likely to slip out of the shoe while walking or running. Finally, make sure to double check all measurements before purchasing an elevator shoe; this will ensure that you have chosen the right size for yourself and won’t have any regrets afterwards.

How To Take Care Of Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes are a great way to increase your height and make you feel more confident. However, these special shoes require extra care in order to keep them looking and feeling their best. Here are some tips for taking care of elevator shoes:

  • Cleaning: To keep your elevator shoes looking like new, use a soft brush or clean cloth with a mild soap and warm water solution to remove any dirt or dust. Avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaning products as this may damage the materials. Always be gentle when cleaning your elevator shoes and let them air dry completely before wearing them again.
  • Polishing: Regularly polishing your elevator shoes will help protect the leather from damage and make it look great. Use a quality shoe polish that is specifically designed for the material of your elevator shoes and apply it with a soft cloth or brush. Be sure to buff off any excess polish with another piece of clean cloth.
  • Storage: Store your elevator shoes away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures when not in use. Keep them in a cool, dry place where they won’t get wet or damaged by moisture or heat. You can also stuff the toes of the shoes with newspaper to maintain their shape while not in use.

Following these simple tips can help ensure that your elevator shoes stay looking good for years to come!


In conclusion, elevator shoes can be a great way to discreetly add height without any discomfort. There are various types of elevator shoes available, including sneakers and dress shoes. It is important to choose the best elevator shoes for your feet and lifestyle. To ensure that your elevator shoes last, it is important to take care of them properly. With all these tips in mind, you can find the perfect pair of elevator shoes that will make you look and feel your best!

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