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Keeping the dust at bay is critical to maintaining a clean & tidy workspace while also ensuring that your computer is performing within factory specifications. But who has the time and energy to constantly buy cans of compressed air and then empty them into a trash can after using them on all of their sensitive electronics and hard drives? We don’t, which is why we’ve done the hard work for you. Below are our 10 favorite electric air dusters that make quick work of cleaning electronic devices, but more importantly, are powered by environmentally-friendly electricity rather than potentially harmful chemicals.

Check out this list below for the best one for yourself.

Editor’s Pick-Electric Air Duster

Best Electric Air Duster In 2022

1. SIN SHINE – Compressed Air 3.0- Multi-Use Electric Air Duster for Cleaning Dust

SIN SHINE is a one-touch power safety design, it will automatically stop working after you release your finger from the switch. Its on/off feature eliminates operation errors and reduces false alarms. It is equipped with a 10-foot long cord which allows you to clean more areas without limit. With a lightweight, portable design, you can store our dust blower anywhere at home or office.

Introducing The Ultimate Dust Cleaner by SIN SHINE!

Now you do not have to settle for a cheaply made air blower for computers, a flimsy dust blower for home, or low-quality compressed air for computers anymore. The SIN SHINE electric computer duster is here to make cleaning dust, dirt, hair, and crumbs easier than ever!

Here’s How You Can Take All The Fuss Out Of Keeping Your Electronics Clean With A Dust Blower For Computer And Other Devices!

Are you looking for reliable compressed air dusters to clean the dust from your laptop keyboard gaps? Need the gadget to clean your camera and printer but do not want to spend a small fortune on cans with compressed air? Want a home-tech tool to get rid of that thick layer of dirt under your refrigerator and washing machine and keep the interior of your air-conditioner clean from dust?

A Must-Have Electric Duster For Every Home

Ideal for people who own electronic devices like computers, motors, and copy machines! Especially if you are regularly snacking in front of your laptop, this pc cleaner is what you need to remove all the crumbs from your keyboard! Great for those who want to clean difficult-to-reach spots in the house and the car interior!

2. DOROBEEN Compressed Air Duster, Cordless Handheld Air Blower

This air duster can efficiently clean tough spots and dust with a more powerful force. The motor speed is greatly increased to 41000RPM. With a rotary switch, you can adjust the wind power as needed. Small and powerful, it can be used for cleaning delicate objects. Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery and 2A adapter (not included), you can use this duster effortlessly with long-lasting power.

Stepless Speed

Newly designed buttons. The size of the wind can be adjusted. The wind power adjusted to 0.5OZ—2.47OZ can help you cope with many scenarios.

Save Your Money

The electronic air duster will not produce liquid and will not cause damage to your electronic components. It can be recharged and used, It is a choice to save money and protect the environment.

USB Charging

Type-C interface.Up to 10W fast charging. Adapt to your car charger, laptop, PC, power bank, and so on. (Package content does not include plug)

Strong Airflow

The new upgrade 41000RPM motor produces a powerful thrust of air(16000RPM-41000RPM)—enough for deep cleaning of the microscopic dust. Can fit different cleaning use.

Rechargeable Battery

Upgraded 6000mAH high-capacity lithium batteries enable the air duster to work for 15-30 minutes continuously on one charge.

Replaceable Accessories

A nozzle with bristles is attached, which can be used when facing thick dust. When carrying or storing, you can insert the nozzle accessory into the body.

3. KOONIE Cordless Air Duster for Computer Keyboard Cleaning

The KONIE 3-hour Cordless Air Duster is a smart and portable design that provides powerful cleaning capability. With its flexible operation, the KONIE can be used to clean all kinds of electronic products like computers or keyboards, and any dust in hard-to-reach areas. With the 41000 RPM powerful motor and lightweight you can use it for many purposes and it is easy to carry.

Stepless Speed Mode

No longer only has 2-speed design, more flexible. Compared with the 33000RPM old version air duster, this upgraded air duster with a 41000PRM motor, can produce a more powerful airflow and more efficiency.

Nozzle Detachable

Equipped with two types of nozzles, the nozzle is detachable, and select the corresponding nozzle according to the equipment that needs to be cleaned. When you do not use the Compressed air duster, the nozzle can be stored in the nozzle storage port, which is convenient and not easy to lose.

Compact Size

The lightweight ( only 0.68lb weight) design allows you can carry it to different scenarios to use and won’t take up a lot of space.

Cars Inside Cleaning

This cordless electric air duster helps you get rid of the cable shackles. The powerful air thrust generated by 41000RPM makes it easier for you to clean the dust in seat gaps and internal electronic equipment.

Keyboard Cleaning

This handheld air duster can take away 99% of the dust in the keyboard, computer, air conditioner and other electronic equipment that can be cleaned up.

4. Electric Air Duster, Cordless Air Duster, Rechargeable Compressed Air Duster

The rechargeable Cordless electric air duster not only cleans dust but also blows out the garbage. The wind power of 33000RPM can produce super-strong airflow, blowing force 0.98-1.16OZ to help you clean computers, camera lenses, sofas, electronic equipment and medical equipment even without a hoover head in hand! It is more energy-efficient and environmentally than constantly buying canned air.

Convenient Storage

2 Kinds of Nozzles cleaning, It is equipped with standard and brush nozzles for deep cleaning in different places, the nozzle can be pulled out and placed in the hole below when you after use.

3H Charging Time

The wind can reach between 16000-33000RPM, Rechargeable, it can run the duster for more than 30 mins nonstop.

Smart Dual Switch

Quickly double-click the switch to automatically start the work, and click again to stop the work. Long press the switch to start the work, until the button is released to stop the work.

5. KACNON Compressed Air, Super Power Electric Air Duster Dust Blower Computer Duster 

KACNON electric air blower with high speed can blow particles away from your keyboard, monitor and computer desk to give it a professional clean look. KACNON electric air blower is designed with a powerful motor of 15000PRM, which can produce enough power to make the air flow up to 20m/s and 67.5MPH. This compact, lightweight design with an adjustable nozzle provides more convenient cleaning for home appliances and electronic devices.

Mini Lightweight Electronic Duster

Are you still upset by the heavy dust blower? Are you still easier to feel tired for a long time holding the pc duster?

NOW DO NOT WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING! Different from other big compressed air, our computer air duster is smaller and lightweight, only 1.98 pounds, which is more convenient and easy to use. Extra-long 10ft cord and unique handheld design allow you to maneuver around easily.

35000RPM Strong Wind

KACNON air blower continuously provides 35000rpm wind speed and high-pressure air under the conditions of 30m/s, greatly improving the cleaning efficiency.

Quick-fit Buckle Design

Fast 1-second installation, firm, and reliable. Ensure that the nozzle will not fall during use and clean the dust fast. Meanwhile, you can change different nozzles at any time to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Replaceable and Reusable Filter

Please grab and pull it through a small hole at the bottom and replace it by jamming it back into the small hole. The filter can be changed and reusable, protect the environment and save your money.

6. REESIBI Cordless Electric Air Duster, 3-Gear to 90000 RPM Strongest Powerful Dust Blower

High powered electric air duster machine, max speed is 90000rmp, Reesibi R3 Pro air duster adopts new generation Brushless-Motor and upgrades max power 90W. This is the most powerful air blower on the market, and it can easily blow dust away from anywhere. Less energy consumption, longer life, and noise relief while maintaining strong power. Cleaning will become a enjoy.

Devices And Electronics

The ReesiBI Cordless Electric Air Duster is a handy and versatile way to clean your devices and electronics. The air duster has three adjustable wind speeds (50000 RPM, 70000 RPM, and 90000 RPM), which are suitable for different items that need cleaning. The steady pure airflow won’t harm your valuables at all. A long press switch for 3 seconds can switch the device on & off. A short press switch can switch to three wind speeds.

Built-in Large Capacity

This cordless electric air duster features a built-in large capacity 7500mAh lithium battery, this duster can run for nearly 25-40 minutes continuously. With USB-C fast charging, fully charged within 4 hours and come with a USB-C fast charging cable. It can be charged by computer, mobile power, car charger, adapter, and any gadget that supports a USB connection.

7. BEICHEN Electric Air Duster, Cordless Air Can Duster with Led Light, 45000 RPM and 35000 RPM Compressed Air Duster

The Beichen cordless air blower is equipped with a 45000 rpm motor that produces ultra-strong airflow for deep cleaning of microscopic dust. Two adjustable airflow modes (45000/35000 rpm) are suitable for cleaning computers, camera lenses and sofas, electronic equipment and medical equipment, etc. Its ergonomic design and soft rubber handle ensure a comfortable gripping feeling when holding the product.

The electric air duster is made from high-quality aluminum alloy with an anodized finish to ensure it is durable and comfortable to hold. The electric air duster supports 10w Type-c fast charging, and you can fully charge it in 3 hours. Built-in 6000mAh large lithium battery, this portable electric air duster can work continuously for 30-45 minutes.

Clean Your Camera

The portable air dusters can take away 99% of dust in the keyboard, computer, pc, and other electronics equipment to meet your daily needs.

Clean Your Car

The cordless electric air cleaner can help you get rid of cable constraints and let you spray at anytime and anywhere.

Clean Your Sofa Gap

Strong airflow makes it easier to clean the dust in the sofa gap and fly away all dust and debris in a few seconds.

Convenient Lighting Function

The canned air duster features an extra-light function that points to the desired direction and helps you clean the less-lighted spots.

Compact Size

This handheld air duster is only 0.8lb weight and is compact size allowing you to carry it wherever you need to use it.

8. KACNON Strongest Compressed Air Duster, 3-Gear Speed 50000-90000 RPM Electric Air Duster, 7500mAh Rechargeable

KACNON canned air duster is the strongest in the market. Its central design enables the motor to work for a longer time and allows users to use their energy efficiently. As a result, it is suitable for home use and industrial companies.

KACNON Powerful Electric Air Duster Was Born!

Equipped with the best brushless motor, high performance, and low energy consumption, the fastest wind speed can reach to 90000RPM. 3 gears speed adjustable, can be switched freely with one button. (1 speed: 50000 rpm, 2 speed: 70000 rpm, 3 speed: 90000 rpm).

7500mAh rechargeable battery can keep the duster working for up to 25-40 minutes. If you are still bothered by the dust on various devices at home, KACNON cordless air duster will help you solve these problems. It can handle it with ease whether it’s dust on the computer mainframe or stains in the window sill gap.

Newest Upgraded Brushless Motor

KACNON computer air duster adopters the most advanced brushless motor, bringing functions of high rotation speed, high power, low energy consumption, and long lifespan. It is a home expert and escorts your life.

Electric Air Duster Buying Guide

Electric Air Duster

Dust can be difficult to remove since it moves around as easily as it settles. You could have considered using a leaf blower, but you don’t want to go too far in the opposite direction and commit to blowing leaves like an animal.

You can, however, try something else. Dusters for the air! It’s a can of compressed air. It’s a little like air but in a container. When you press a button, air rushes out of the can like the aroma from a perfume bottle. Yes, such a thing exists.

The Air Duster, often known as “canned air” or “compressed air,” is a pressurized blast that is used to brake dust and debris loose. Getting the best air duster necessitates taking the steps necessary to improve your decision-making process. Here are some things to think about when selecting an air duster for your cleaning requirements.


You always want to be sure you’re getting a quality item that will last a long time. To maximize value for money, the greatest air duster should be able to last for a long time.


The greatest cleaning air duster should be portable. For ease, it should be simple to move from one area of the business or home to another.


All air dusters work in the same way: they produce compressed air that pushes dust and other unwanted particles out of microscopic spaces. But there are times when you want a little more. You might want one that can reach certain areas or be rotated and used. You’re wasting money if the air duster isn’t functional. You will obtain the best if you understand the product’s usage.

Features and Price

Comparisons of price and features go hand in hand. It is not sufficient to look at the pricing and then compare it to other products. Some products have capabilities that others lack. Compare pricing and features to get a better idea of what you’re getting for your money.


You don’t want to get an air duster that breaks down unexpectedly and leaves you without a replacement. As a result, before purchasing a product online or in a store, it is necessary to check the terms of the warranty.

Source of Energy

You have the option of purchasing a corded or battery-powered air duster. Corded air dusters are typically powerful, but you must contend with the cord’s limitations. Cordless machines, on the other hand, are easier to use, but you must keep the batteries charged to ensure smooth functioning.


The volume of air required to keep an air duster functioning properly is known as airflow. CFM (cubic feet per minute) is the unit of measurement, and the higher the CFM, the better. Also, depending on how much you’ll be using it, you might not need one with a high CFM rating.

Electric Duster VS Compressed Air Can

As a result, dusting should be done on a frequent basis. Check. What’s wrong with cleaning your computer with a can of moisture-free compressed gas every now and then? Some compressed air cans, such as Dust-Off, may do the job, but they’re more expensive than buying an electric duster.

Furthermore, compressed air cans are inconvenient to use. They should only be used for short periods at a time to avoid frostbite. The liquid difluoroethane within the containers must also be utilized standing erect, or else they will leak.

Compressed air cans are also single-use and must be recycled separately due to their steel construction. Regardless of the fact that using them emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, they are nonetheless necessary. That’s not cool in the least.

Electric dusters provide a lot of benefits. As a result, in terms of power and variety, they are better for the environment than compressed air cans. Some can even be used to inflate air mattresses.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Electric Air Duster Good?

A time and energy-saving alternative to traditional air dusters is an electric air duster. They don’t require the usage of compressed air cans or dusting brushes. The air dusters we’ve chosen for you have powerful motors and can complete a task in the shortest period of time possible.

Is Electric Compressed Air Worth It?

Reputable. I use it on a regular basis for more than simply blowing out the PC and other electronic equipment. Especially if you’re using expensive canned air, it’s well worth the money.

How Long Do Air Duster Cans Last?

How long does canned air keep you going? It can be stored on a shelf for up to 10 years without leaking or rotting as long as the can and valving remain in good condition.

Is Canned Compressed Air Safe?

Frostbite can occur when the skin is exposed to a constant jet of fluids from a compressed air can. It’s possible that an extreme burning sensation will lead to serious medical concerns like skin splitting and nerve and muscle damage. Both suffocation and poisoning are possibilities.

Why Compressed Air Should Not Be Used For Cleaning Machines?

Compressed air is, first and foremost, a powerful tool. Depending on the pressure of compressed air, particles can be dislodged. These small particles are dangerous because they can enter your eyes or abrade your skin. The size, mass, shape, composition, and speed of the particle will affect the amount of damage.


A good lesson for readers to take away from our review is that you should find the best electric air duster for your specific needs. This means looking at the attachments and performance of each model, as no single device is right for every kind of cleaning job. Take note of its wattage, run time, and other specs to make sure it will meet your cleaning targets.



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