Best Eco Solvent Printer – Buying Guide

Due to their environmentally-friendly features, color brightness, ink longevity, and lower total cost of ownership, the best eco-solvent printer has emerged as the current alternative for printers.

You most likely deal with printed documents daily; however, you may not realize how much the solvent inks employed in their creation impact our health and the environment. Eco-solvent printer ink is biodegradable, which blends in with the environment.

You don’t have to be concerned about environmental or personal dangers. The printers are environmentally friendly. However, you cannot just replace your printer ink with eco-solvent ink. For the best printing results, use an eco-solvent printer.

We have compiled a list of the top five eco-friendly printers. Eco-solvent ink is used by all of the printers on the list. Eco-solvent ink has no hazardous components and is biodegradable.

Our Favorite Best Eco Solvent Printer

Top 5 Best Eco Solvent Printer- Buying Guide

1. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer

The ET-2720 is a unique and stylish best eco-solvent printer; it has a multifunctional tank that is easy to fill. With this printer, you are assured of printing without worrying about a cartridge. It is wireless and compatible with various devices, such as Android tablets and smartphones.

The most vital aspect of this printer is that it has a two-year ink supply. The ink sets have an individual printing capacity of more than 4600 pages. The printing speed is high, and all the printouts are of top quality with proper paper margins and alignments.

Features and Benefits

Cartridge Innovation: No Tinier, Costlier Ink Cartridges with high-capacity ink tanks eliminate the need for tinier, cheaper ink cartridges. With the ink bottles that fit seamlessly, refilling the ink is easy and time-saving.

Replaceable ink bottles: get replacement ink bottles and print over 5,000 black and white pages and 7,000 color pages.

Large ink bank: get a huge ink tank that can last you two years or more; with this printer, you run no risk of stopping at the middle of your work for lack of ink.

No waste and disposables: Using this printer reduces the quantity of cartridge waste that ends up in landfills.

Wireless connectivity: You can easily print from your mobile device using the simple Epson Smart Panel App.

Reliability: You will receive a two-year warranty that includes replacing the entire unit.


  • Quick and inexpensive.
  • Simple to use
  • Ink tanks that are easily refilled
  • There is no cartridge waste.


  • The Wi-Fi antenna isn’t very good.

2. Epson EcoTank ET-2750 Standard Wireless Color Printer

The ET-2750 is a new generation of Epson printers; it is a wireless printer that works at full capacity without a cartridge. It has a large ink tank, which I fill and set up.

This Epson printer has a full two-year ink package that allows you to print close to twenty thousand copies, both black and colored. Also, the ink bottles are automated and well labeled, making them easy to refill when necessary.

Features and Benefits

Printing without a cartridge: The package contains two years of ink.

It is OS-compatible: it supports all Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Mac OSs.

Wireless printing: the printer is Wi-Fi enabled and allows you to print wirelessly from devices such as cell phones and Android tablets.

Automatic two-sided printing: print back to back to save paper; maximum print resolution of 5760 x 1440 optimum dpi.


  • It complies with RoHS.
  • This printer is ideal for producing a large number of color pages.
  • It has excellent print quality.
  • It is inexpensive.


  • It displays printer problem messages regularly.

3. WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-format Color Inkjet Printer

The WorkForce is an excellent commercial eco-solvent printer with advanced features allowing you to print and scan several copies and documents within minutes. This printer accommodates specialized paper printing and is a PrecisionCore with over two hundred paper trays, making it efficient for business operations. You can print multiple copies without wasting time or overheating the printer.

Features and Benefits

High-speed printing: The WorkForce Pro WF-7710, driven by PrecisionCore, delivers performance that goes beyond laser.

Print quality: You can get print-shop quality with over 14 x 19-inch borderless prints.

Advance printing: the printer is Wi-Fi enabled, and you can print directly from devices such as smartphones and Android tablets.

Paper Handling Capabilities: the printer has a 251-paper tray, a rear feed for specialized sheets, a 126-paper output tray.

Cost-effective: uses up to 80% less energy than color laser printers.



  • It is expensive.

4. MT-1807DE Eco Solvent Printer

The Eco Solvent MT-1807DE is a micro-piezo printer with great accuracy. It uses a THK 20mm wide linear guide rail with two sliding blocks; this effectively boosts stiffness and torsion resistance. It also offers greater precision and printing silence. The sensors detect the printing plate or any force on the way, preventing any possible hit on the print heads.

Features and Benefits

Customized packaging: With this printer, you can customize production and packaging.

Permanent Warranty: With a Continuously Ink Order, you may get a permanent warranty for your large format printer.

User manual and training: The printer has a user manual that offers free training to all clients.


  • Delivery is completely free.
  • Free usage training
  • Long-term warranty
  • It has a customized packing offer.


  • Low print speed

5. MT-3207DE Eco Solvent Printer

The MT-3207DE is an eco-solvent large format printer and a high-precision micro piezo printer that uses a THK 20mm wide linear guide rail with two sliding blocks to efficiently enhance stiffness and torsion resistance providing better precision and quiet printing.

It contains an original Leadshine motor for precise and steady motion control, as well as an integrated anti-collision sensor on either side of the printhead carriage to protect the printhead from any damage.

Features and Benefits

Anti-collision sensors detect the printing plate or any force on the route.

User manual and training: It provides free training to all our clients. Additionally, an engineer can be sent to a local customer in another country.

Customized packaging: The printer includes customized production and packaging.

Lifetime Warranty: You may get a permanent warranty for your large format printer with a continuously inked order.

Free sample printing: This printer comes with free printing samples.


  • Delivery is completely free.
  • Free usage training
  • lifetime warranty
  • Individualized packaging


  • Slow printing speed

Best Eco Solvent Printer Buying Guide

best eco solvent printer

If you’re looking for an eco-solvent printer, you’re undoubtedly concerned about the environment. In this buying guide, we will look at the qualities of a printer that can make it less polluting.

Because all of the printers on the list are ecologically friendly inks, let us look at some extra factors.

Power Requirements

With all electrical goods, power consumption and energy efficiency are critical issues. Some printers have Energy-star accreditation indicating that they are very efficient, and if a printer has it, it is prominently vivid on the seller’s page.

In terms of power consumption, there are a few things to consider: maximum power consumption and “off” power consumption are the two key ones to examine right now.


Noise pollution is a serious issue, and if you don’t want to contribute to it, you’ll want a printer that works as quietly as possible.

For the sake of comparison, a level of 60 dB is about equivalent to two people speaking in normal speaking tones.

The Duty Cycle

Broken printers are frequently put aside because consumers do not have the time to determine which parts are recyclable.

If this describes you, pay particular attention to the duty cycle; this statistic indicates how much printing you can perform before the printer begins to malfunction and possibly stop operating due to misuse.

Type of Ink

There are several varieties of solvent ink, and this solvent ink contains hazardous volatile organic chemicals. It emits odors and fumes harmful to human health and the environment. If we wish to be safe, we must use eco-solvent ink. The eco-solvent ink fits both the print speed and the low-cost requirements.

Type of Printer

The user’s requirements will determine the size of the printer; if you need to print large format items such as banners or posters, there are various large format eco-solvent printers available. Small eco-solvent printers with full functionalities are also available. Check the size and capacity before deciding on a printer type.

Printing Speed

Print speed should be fast to improve performance for large projects. Before purchasing, check the print speed of the eco-solvent printers. To successfully perform, eco-solvent printers have a fast print or scanning speed.


You may need to scan, print, or copy; eco-solvent printers produce high-resolution output with precise ink placement. As a result, you may choose a wide format eco-solvent printer with confidence and enjoy the highest quality.

What is Eco Solvent Printing?

Eco-solvent printing uses ink solvents manufactured from natural resources to produce prints to conserve the ecosystem. Eco-solvent printers employ solvents manufactured from natural resources, such as latex, blended with the inks, instead of solvent printers that use volatile organic compounds.

As a result, eco-solvent printers emit nearly no odor, fumes, or chemicals that might harm you or the environment, making them pleasant to use.

There are many alternatives available for printing and producing high-quality photographs. Which printer to use, which sort of ink cartridge to buy, and what material to print on. Another selection you will have to make is whether or not you want your printing to be eco-solvent. If you are unsure of what this means, here is how it works.

Solvent ink is made of oil solutions that maintain its components in the real-time application; it is called “strong solvents” or “full solvents” ink. It has a high VOC (volatile organic compound) content, necessitating protecting the printer and its operators. Most solvents have a strong smell that could make people sitting close by uncomfortable. Some solvent inks are unsuitable for indoor applications.

On the other hand, Eco-solvent inks are user-friendly and are referred to as eco-friendly inks. You can use eco-solvent indoors without the risk of getting an infection or other effect because it does not produce toxins that may occur with other standard solvents. However, do not be misled by the term thinking this is eco-friendly ink. This ink is sometimes referred to as low or light solvent content.


What Can Printer be Converted to Eco-Solvent?

The Epson Ecotank is a color inkjet printer that is environmentally friendly and uses eco-solvent ink. On plain paper, you may print, copy, and scan.

What is The Most Environmentally Friendly Printer?

The Epson WorkForce WF-3450 is widely regarded as one of the most eco-friendly printers on the market for tiny workplaces or home offices since it consumes 70% less electricity than other printers and saves up to 40% more ink than other printers.

What is an Eco Solvent Ink Printer?

An eco-solvent is a printing tool that is environmentally friendly and is suitable for indoor applications. Typically, solvent ink is associated with aromas such as smell, making them unsuitable for usage indoors.

Are There Eco-Friendly Printers?

Whether you are an individual or a business, eco-printing is a step toward sustainability. Eco-friendly printing is something that anyone, including businesses, can do right away to get excellent eco-friendly prints while also preserving the earth.

Which is More Eco-Friendly: Laser or Inkjet?

Inkjet printers are more eco-friendly than laser printers. For instance, Epson inkjet printers produce less carbon dioxide, unlike laser printers. In fact, for every five or six cedar trees needed to absorb the quantity of carbon dioxide released by a laser printer, an Epson inkjet printer may need only a single cedar tree.

Final Verdict

Eco-solvent printing is the new and improved method of printing. If you have never considered purchasing an eco-friendly printer, you can confidently acquire one now. If you don’t buy it for the prints, get it for your health and the environment.

With this article, still, you may face difficulty determining the best printer since there are so many eco-printers available. Our mission is to make your life simpler, and we’ve offered you our finest choices with comparison after days of unending hard work to help you choose the best eco-solvent printer for you. Good luck!

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