6 Best Ear Wax Removal Tool in 2022

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Ear wax removal is not a difficult task. There are many options to remove earwax which vary in efficacy. You can choose from the conventional and painless methods such as cotton swabs or even a homemade mixture of water and vinegar, or on the other extreme, you can get machinery to relieve the congestion in your ear by using special equipment. Regardless of your choices, it’s important to know what the best ear wax removal tool is.

Best Ear Wax Removal Tool Reviews:

1. Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System by Doctor Easy

Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System by Doctor Easy

This irrigation system is ideal because it offers a simplistic mechanism involving a spray bottle with three disposable tips. It doesn’t have a lot of extra bells, whistles, and complicated parts that make ear wax removal intimidating. Some systems have the ball syringe to suck out the remaining fluid and wax, but this one doesn’t, which means it can be considered safer than other products that are supposed to be inserted into the ear. In fact, ball syringe options fall in the category of things Dr. Mehdizadeh thinks may be dangerous to insert in your ear. The price is reasonable, and you can buy replacement tips if you plan on using it more than three times.


  • Professional ear cleaning at home – invented by a physician, the elephant ear washer bottle system was designed to provide professional level ear wax removal for easy to use in-home usage.
  • Eliminate ear wax – Ear wax buildup and blockage can cause partial hearing loss and general discomfort, It is even the number one cause of hearing aid failure. The elephant ear washer is a quick, effective treatment for excess ear wax buildup that can be done in-home.
  • Easy to use – fill the bottle with an ear cleaning solution, twist on a disposable tip, and squeeze the trigger handle to spray the solution into the ear canal.
  • One handed operation – Easily position and operate the elephant ear washer with a single hand, allowing you to use your other hand for an otoscope or other instruments.
  • Complete ear washer system – each order contains the elephant ear washer bottle system with three disposable tips.

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2. IQGVB Q-Grips Earwax Remover Safe Ear Wax Removal Tool

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The IQGVB Q-Grips ear wax removal tool is made of premium quality material, safe and comfortable to use. With soft and flexible silicone tip, you can easily twist the handle to clean your ear wax. With 16 replacement tips in 2 packs, your ear cleaner won’t get old. Each silicone tip is solid and durable, so it is not easy to break.


  • Premium Material-This ear wax removal tool is the 2021 upgraded new version. The silicone head of ear wax removal is made of soft and safe top-grade silicone, which will not hurt your ear cannal and ensures you a pleasant ear cleaning experience. We have improved the packing bag of the ear cleaner, so it won’t break easily.
  • Convenient to Use & Clean-This ear cleaner tool is not only easy to use but also convenient to use. Simply twist the handle and the soft tip with spiral grooves easily removes the earwax. The spiral earwax remover includes a total of 16 soft and flexible replacement tips. Simply clean with clean water and you can use again.
  • Spiral Design & Useful- This q-grips ear wax remover is featured with a spiral design which makes it very useful to clean your earwax and massage your ear. Due to the right size and spiral head, the earwax removal kit can help you remove annoying earwax pain-free and easily.
  • Fit for Everyone-This earwax cleaner tool is fit for all different groups of people such as adults, teens, children, seniors and so on. You can use this ear wax cleaner freely and you can use it alternately or for your family.
  • Excellent Service-Each IQGVB ear wax remover is covered with a lifetime warranty. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to email us, we will promptly reply to you in 12 hours.

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3. WAXIWAY Q-Grips Ear Wax Remover Kit

WAXIWAY Q-Grips Ear Wax Remover Kit | 3-in-1 Ear Cleaner + Silicone Ear Wax Removal Tool w/ 16 Replacement Ear Cleaner Spiral Tips | Reusable Q Grip Earwax Removal Kit Safe for Adults, Kids & Toddlers

Sometimes you feel itching and excessive earwax can build up and harden causing a blockage in the ears that impedes proper hearing. Left unchecked it can also cause ear pain and infections. Outdoor activity, wearing earbuds, environmental pollution lead to ears producing more earwax, so it is necessary for cleaning the ear canal regularly.

Your traditional cotton, metal, or plastic ear wax removal tool do not cut it anymore. They do not clean your ears as thoroughly as you want. WAXIWAY’s new spiral ear wax remover is an innovative and smart product to help you have super clean ears.


  • INNOVATIVE EAR WAX CLEANING TOOL: These q grips ear cleaner is a smart and innovative device, perfect for cleaning ears. Excellent corkscrew ear wax remover design manufactured with premium high quality soft natural silicone material to ensure the safety of your ear while using it. The 360 degree spiral design can clean and massage your ears thoroughly, helping you maintain a clean & healthy ear canal.
  • 3-in-1 EARWAX CLEANER TOOL: The black earwax removal tool comes with 3 replaceable heads designed for cleaning the different areas of the ears. From the large and oily earwax to the small and residual dry earwax in both the outer and inner ear canals.
  • SAFE EAR WAX REMOVAL KIT FOR KIDS: The silicone ear cleaner has a soft and flexible spiral tip that is seamless and not sharp to make cleaning your ears easy and painless, protecting the ears without damaging the eardrums. Safer to use for kids and adults than your regular cotton, plastic, or metal q-tips.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & COST EFFECTIVE: The ear cleaning kit comes with 16 replacement silicone q tips that is reusable and easy to clean. It also comes in a portable pack to carry with you when you travel. Perfect for the entire family’s ear hygiene.
  • EASY TO USE: Clean your ears in 3 simple steps – insert, twist, and pull. Insert the spiral head in your ear, twist it like a screw in the direction of the arrow on the handle, and pull it out. The best and easiest way to remove your earwax. Simply rinse with water after use.

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4. MJIYA Ear Pick Earwax Removal Kit

MJIYA Ear Pick Earwax Removal Kit, Ear Cleansing Tool Set, Ear Curette Ear Wax Remover Tool with a Storage Box (Silver, 5 Count (Pack of 1))

This is a high quality stainless steel ear pick for two main purposes, removing the ear wax and cleaning the outer ear canal, it can effectively help you to remove the earwax without hurting your eardrum. With the multi-function ear picks, you can also clean your outer ear and other covered skin, they are not only used to pick your ears but also as tweezers or other tools for different purposes.


  • Medical Grade Stainless steel and Anti-Rust: All ear picks are made of medical grade stainless steel, durable and anti-rust, and easy to clean and sterilize. They’re extra durable in use and not easy to distort.
  • Ergonomic Design: This Ear Wax Removal Tool Cleaner Kit include Traditonal Ear Pick, Spiral Ear Pick, Spring Ear Pick, and Billeau Ear Loop and Cleaning Brush, very considerable for use
  • Easy to Storage: Come with an elegant storage box to store and carry your ear picks in style. Suitable for at-home or professional use. And well-designed package,can be a super valentines day gift for your loved ones
  • Easy to Carry: The pocket size lightweight small plastic box package can make you use the Ear Cleansing Tool Set anytime anywhere, very easy & convenient for you
  • Safe to Use: Made of Stainless Steel, full polished, Smooth, and Rounded to Preventing Any Irritation or Scratching

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5. EARWAX MD for Kids, Ear Wax Removal Kit and Ear Cleaning Tool

EARWAX MD for Kids, Ear Wax Removal Kit and Ear Cleaning Tool, Includes Ear Wax Dissolving Drops and Rinsing Bulb

Dr. Mehdizadeh says the only way parents should be trying to clean ear wax out of their kids’ ears without a medical professional is with an irrigation system such as this one. The small bottle and miniature tip make this a more manageable option for a young child, as opposed to the adult irrigators.

Parents can simply have a child lay down, with a towel handy, and slowly fill the ear canal one drop at a time, then set a 15-minute timer and wait. Afterward, you can use the bulb to rinse the ear or allow it to drain naturally. 

Dissolves Wax in 15-30 Minutes

EARWAX MD for Kids is safe and clinically proven to dissolve earwax in 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the severity of wax buildup. It is a patent-pending formula that safely and effectively cleans the ear canal—even the tiny ones.

Superior Performance Over the Leading Formula

The results from laboratory studies using samples of human earwax in test tubes showed that EARWAX MD for Kids rapidly and effectively disintegrated the samples when compared to currently marketed products containing peroxide. The time course for earwax disintegration demonstrated that EARWAX MD for Kids was statistically superior in breaking down earwax samples in test tubes and started working in as short as 5 minutes.

Proven Safe for the Skin

We tested EARWAX MD for Kids under the direction of a dermatologist to ensure the safety of the formula on human skin. The dermatology skin test rendered zero adverse reactions from the 50 patients, which gave us a non-sensitizing, nonirritating designation from the dermatologist.

Dual Action Formula

We designed EARWAX MD for Kids to work quickly to clean away your wax. The dual-action formula is the reason behind this scientific advancement. We designed one part of our formula to target the oils in the ear canal, and the second part of our formula is to help break apart the skin sheets that get trapped in the waxy buildup. This dual-action, one-two punch mechanism is what sets us apart from the rest. All the ingredients work together safely to dissolve your wax and clean the ear canal.


  • CHILDREN’S EARWAX: This doctor-recommended earwax remover and cleaner for kids dissolves earwax in as fast 15 minutes. The gentle formula targets oils in the ear canal and breaks up wax buildup as fast as a kindergarten romance. Great for sensitive skin.
  • EARWAX REMOVAL FOR KIDS: This dual-action formula breaks down earwax to help fight ear irritations and buildup simply by adding a few drops to the ear canal. Wait 15 minutes, then rinse with the bulb aspirator or use WAX BLASTER MD (sold separately).
  • EARWAX TOOLS: Earwax is a combination of sweat, dead skin, and a waxy secretion. Both our EARWAX MD earwax removal solution for kids and WAX BLASTER MD ear washer kit help fight the discomfort that comes with wax buildup, earbuds, ear plugs, hearing aids, and ear pods.
  • EARWAX BUILDUP: Hey you, put down the cotton swab. EARWAX MD products safely help dissolve wax without using a cotton swab, as cotton swabs can further impact the wax in the ear canal. Earwax is beneficial for protecting the ear from dirt and bacteria, but too much can cause tinnitus, hearing loss, and more.
  • EAR CARE: Eosera Inc. EARWAX MD for Kids is clinically shown to help clean and clear earwax. Other products include: EARWAX MD, WAX BLASTER MD, EAR ITCH MD, EAR ITCH MD NIGHTTIME, bulb syringes, and EARWAX PET.

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6. Ototek Loop Ear Wax Removal

Ototek Loop Ear Wax Removal Device varied colors

The Loop Ear Wax Removal Guard keeps loop from reaching too deep into your ear and contacting your sensitive eardrum. Use this soft, safe-to-use ear wax removal guard to clean your ears in seconds, without the mess of ear water irrigations. Simply wet the guard, create a whirlpool of suction with the loop, then pull gently upward to remove wax.The Loop Ear Wax Removal Guard is designed to pull wax out, not push it in deeper. The gentle washing action of the guard lifts debris from the ear canal walls and traps it securely in the cleaning loop.


  • Guard keeps loop from reaching too deep into your ear and contacting your sensitive eardrum
  • Clean your ears in seconds, without the mess of ear water irrigations
  • Designed to pull wax out, not push it in deeper
  • Wash in soap and water
  • Reusable

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Which earwax removal kits are best?

Earwax is a good thing. The body produces it to protect the delicate inner parts of the ear. However, too much earwax can lead to hearing loss or ear pain. It can even make it difficult for a doctor to see inside the ear.

Traditional cotton swabs typically cannot remove excess wax and, if handled incorrectly, can make matters worse by pushing wax deeper into the ear canal. Earwax removal kits are a safe and convenient way to do the job. 

There are different types of kits available, but for overall effectiveness and ease of use, the top choice is the Squip Kyrosol Earwax Removal Kit.

What to know before you buy an earwax removal kit

What are your overall symptoms?

Excess ear wax usually causes fullness in the ear, which can lead to temporary hearing loss. An earache or tinnitus (ringing in the ear) can also occur. Using an earwax removal kit for these symptoms is appropriate. However, if you have additional symptoms consistent with an ear infection, such as severe pain, fever, dizziness and fluid leaking from the ear, consult your healthcare professional before using an earwax removal kit.

Which type of earwax removal kits is best for you?

The simplest earwax removal kits use ear drops for softening hard wax. Different ingredients are used for this purpose. Most doctors and pharmacists recommend drops with carbamide peroxide, although hydrogen peroxide also works well. Administering softening drops takes patience since multiple applications are often required.

Irrigation-style kits gently introduce water into the ear canal to help flush out wax. This is done with special care to ensure that the eardrum is not damaged. This kind of kit can also be used in conjunction with softening drops.

Another type of earwax removal kit includes multiple tools that extract wax without pushing the wax further into the ear canal. These tools come in different shapes and are typically made from either reusable steel that can be sanitized or disposable plastic. It is important to closely follow the instructions. These tools take a steady and patient hand, but can be very effective.

Are there any risks in using earwax removal kits?

The biggest risk is unintentionally pushing wax further toward the eardrum, creating more pressure in the inner ear. If you think you are pushing the wax further into your ear, stop and consider other options. You also should use distilled water since tap water can have harmful bacteria in it.

What to look for in quality earwax removal kits

Stainless steel

The tools used for removing earwax should be made from stainless steel to ensure that they won’t break and can be easily sanitized. There are plastic tools available that are disposable after one use, but you can’t surpass the quality and durability of stainless steel.

Clear instructions

While you want to be careful anytime you are working on your ear, the process should also be simple. Make sure that the instructions are clear and easy to follow so you don’t make your condition worse. Check the manufacturer’s website for video demonstrations on how to use their product correctly. If you have any questions, contact the manufacturer or your pharmacist.

Natural ingredients

Some products boast all-natural ingredients. It is personal preference as to whether this is important to you. Most doctors recommend drops with some form of peroxide in them, but all-natural ingredients can also soften earwax if you follow the directions.

How much you can expect to spend on earwax removal kits

Depending on the type of earwax removal kit, the cost can range from as little as $4-$20 for a drop-based kit and up to $50 for an irrigation system. Handheld units typically cost between $6-$15.

Final Word

The best ear wax removal tool will depend on the needs of the user. Everyone has different needs. For that reason, we have taken it upon ourselves to review and rank for you, the top ear wax removal tools on the market today. We have numbered each item, in ascending order from one to ten so that you can see at a glance which is our overall favorite, and which ones just made the cut. Good luck finding the top ear wax removal tool!

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