Best Dueling Lightsabers -Heavy Duty & Durable

Lightsaber dueling has become a worldwide phenomenon among Star Wars fans and even those looking for a fun hobby or sport to take part in. With dueling having grown so much in popularity, it’s easy to see the market becoming flooded with different styles of lightsabers that include their own unique set of features.

Not all lightsabers are created equal. Just as not all lightsaber duelists are created equal. Some duelists are ready to take the next step and purchase a lightsaber suited for intense dueling. Others are beginners on a budget looking to get a feel for the best dueling lightsabers. Regardless of where you stand as a lightsaber duelist, odds are you will find a product below to fit your skill level and budget.

Top Picks:

Top 7 Best Dueling Lightsabers Reviews

1. JVMU Lightsaber Type-C Rechargeable

The JVMU Lightsaber is a rechargeable RGB lightsaber that allows you to choose from 7 different colors, or turn the lightsaber on by pressing the switch button. You can also control its brightness by pressing the button. With 3 modes, 4 LED effects and a rechargeable battery, it takes the fun of gaming to another level!\

RGB Lightsaber

Let you have cool role-playing, you only lack a JVMU RGB lightsaber, it has a variety of rich modes, take you to experience the fun of role-playing.

Metal Lightsaber Handle

Use high-grade metal material, matte feel, non-slip, not hurting hands, durable

12w Super Bright Lamp Beads

The built-in 12w super bright lamp beads and energy-saving chips can even make your bedroom more colorful. And interesting role-playing.

Splicable Metal Lightsaber

Can be spliced, portable lightsaber, can be combined and split arbitrarily.

7 Colors And 3 Modes

7 colors: Red, yellow, green, blue, pink and white,Three kinds of sound effects: boot sound, shutdown sound, battle sound.

2. USA Toyz Starfire Galaxy Light Up Saber

Harness the power of the Force with the Starfire light up sabers set. This set includes 3 LED color-changing lightsabers that feature bright, colorful LEDs and sound effects. Press a button to activate flashing lights, sparks and a steady glow, as well as authentic Star Wars movie sounds. It’s everything you need to feel like a Jedi Knight.


Swing your laser sword to expand and press the handle button to change colors. These motion-sensitive, telescoping toy lightsabers expand from 17.2” to 31” long when you swing it.


Wield two swords or share the galactic battle fun with family and friends with 2 light up laser swords. The translucent LED blades are nontoxic and safe for kids ages 6 and up.


Battle it out with 2 lightsabers or connect them together and win every galactic war with 1 double-edged light up sword at 62.9”.


Grab your laser sword by the hilt and press the button to choose the color for your fight. Wield your lightsaber in the LED sword color of your choice and let the war begin. Battle Flash Mode will automatically flash LED lights and play galactic sound effects upon sword contact.


Hone your swordsmanship or battle in a play pretend galaxy war with family and friends to see the ultra bright red, blue, and purple LEDs. Pick-A-Side by pressing the button on the realistic sword handle to switch between 3 colors: red, blue, or purple. Equipped with a battery saving function that turns off the sword between color changes.

3. ELESKOCO Smooth Swing Light Sabers

The EleskoCo Smooth Swing Light Swords are ideal with their upgraded Smooth Swing technology that gives you the fast and heavy dueling experience allowing you to enjoy all Star Wars duels. With the EleskoCo Smooth Swing Light Swords, your combat skills will be tested and improved!

Smooth Swing RGB Color Changeing Saber

The metal hilt feels great and the saber is balanced well. This saber makes numerous sounds and changes to RGB multiple colors(a rainbow of colors to choose from), beautiful colors and glow to the blade, the smooth swing works well, it does hold up to dueling.

Longer Removable Blade

92CM Longer blade is bright and the high-performance, it does hold up to dueling.

Pommel Connect 2 Sabers

Two Sabers can be linked to create a Double Bladed Saber like Darth Maul’s saber.

Type-C Charge Port

Better to use 2AMP good quality wall charger to charge the lightsaber for about 2-4hours. TIP: If you get new lightsaber can not charge, please remove the battery out and then reinstall back for trial.

Perfect for Adults /Kids

This metal hilt light saber is great for casual play indoors or when it’s getting dark or outdoors for adults or kids.

4. YDDSABER Jedi Sith LED Light Saber

The YDDSABER Jedi Sith LED Light Saber is a popular toy around the world. The lightsaber has Blaster sound and flash on clash, support dueling. It also can make sound when it swings or clash together. Let your kids play with it in various kinds of gameplay modes, enjoy yourself!!

The Light Saber is the greatest toy ever. The classic design of the Light Saber provides you with a comfortable and safe to hold grip, while still maintaining a long lasting sharp blade. When saber is off long press to change sound fonts


Once the saber you got has problem, please try the way as follow.

1. The saber no sound, please try long press the button to change the model, the saber has mute model. Then the saber will work well.

2. Can not turn the saber on when you got it. Please use good quality 2AMP wall charger to charge the saber for about 4hours,then try again,it will work well.

3. Please contact us first once the saber you got has problem.You can email us on Amazon or send email to You can also follow us on Facebook @ Yddsaber and send message to us,we will offer you greatest after-service and fix for you.May the force be with you.

Details of wrinkle of blade

Please notice the wrinkle.Its normal feature. Wrinkle from the soft film inside the blade.Its normal to get wrinkle during shipment and having fun. Film is a very important part of blade,used for spreading light.

Testing of blade

Surviving from the wheel of SUV. After test,the blade just flat,not break,still works. Blade made by Polycarbonate,extremely strong. Support real dueling.

5. Adawlert Dueling Light Saber Metal Hilt RGB

Adawlert light saber is a great collectible gift for star wars,boutique,cosplay and more. The hilt of the saber was very well made of metal aluminum,comfortable grip due to nice polished. The weight of the saber is perfect for training and battles. It’s beautiful, light saber is durable,and can be used in both room activities or wars. It’s also easy to change the batteries and it has different functions! You can choose different color or just one color.

Premium Aluminum Alloy Hilt

The hilt is made of aluminum alloy with nice polished.Metal hilt gives the light saber solid weight, comfortable to hold and easy to grip, sturdy and not easy to deform,hard to be scratched.

Dueling Saber Blade

High-impact PC blade,not easy to fold or bend, resistant to blows, removeable and changeable.Heavier than the blade on the market, not easy to fold or bend, resistant to blows, supports heavy lightsword dueling.

Realistic Light and Movie Sound Effects

RGB lightsaber with infinite colors changing and comes with 9 sets sound fonts.The selectable lights, sound effects, light effect (pulsation, stable and unstable), music, and a load out of famous speech sound bites let you cross into the real movie.


The bottom pommel is actually the connector if you want to have a dual-bladed weapon like Darth Maul as well as a protective cover for the speaker.

Your Hero Fan

It is inspired and made by boneashes fans of movie, fit for cosplay, duel. Performance and live up your full dream of movie heroes.If you are a movie fan, this is definitely a toy that will not disappoint you.

Suitable for Everyone

Recommend this rechargeable light sword saber for all saber enthusiasts, great for practicing dueling and casual play. Such as Parties, Halloweens, Christmas cosplay. Also, it is a good gift for Birthday or festival for adults and teens.

6. Lukidy 2Pack Lightsaber Metal Hilt

This Lightsaber is the perfect addition to your collection, whether you are a casual or hardcore fan. With 12 colors and 3 sound effects modes to choose from, this lightsaber will be a perfect match for any outfit. It has dual-piece hilts that you can remove and attach easily whenever you want, making it easy to hold in your hand while giving off amazing light effects and sounds.

Lukidy RGB Light Duel Saber

Let you have a cool role, you only miss one Lukidy RGB Light Duel Saber, which has a variety of rich patterns, take you to experience the fun of role play.

Top-Grade Aviation Aluminum Metal Hilt

Light Sword Saber’s hilt made by aviation aluminum alloy, matte feel, non-slip, not hurting hands, durable.

Easy To Use

Use as Two Smaller Light sword or Connect For the Ultimate Double Saber Sword; Simply Press a Button to Light Up the Translucent “Blades” & Activate Sound Effects.

Splicable Metal Light Sword Saber

It can be spliced, the portable light sword can be arbitrarily combined and divided.

12 Colors and 3 Modes

12 colors: Red, yellow, green, blue, pink and white and etc., There kinds of sound effects: lights on/off sound, battle sound, burst sound.

7. CVCBSER FX Dueling Lightsaber

Dueling Lightsaber toy, best gift for kids and adults. This Lightsaber has bright light effect and features two modes: vader’s mode, laser sword mode. You can get amazing sound effect with blow hit! If you want to experience more fun in fighting and dueling, Then you need this lightsabers.

Feel the power of the dark side and ignite the SilverCVCBSer FX Dueling Lightsaber! This genuine SW Black Series lightsaber features bright, multi-colored LEDs, authentic features and duel-ready. Fight for the dark or light side like never before with this realistic lightsaber.

Premium Aluminium Alloy Hilt

CVCBSER Brand Dueling Lightsaber Made in Premium Aluminium Alloy Hilt. The high-impact blade is 92cm long 1-inch OD 2 mm pipe wall thickness.Supports heavy light saber dueling. The unique design is more perfect. It is definitely a dueling lightsaber worth having.

RGB 12 Colors Changeable

Our lightsaber has a unique design with 12 color changes with 9 mode sound force. Everyone chooses the color they like and the sound force they like. Of course, you can set the mute function. You can easily change your favorite color. Let’s Duel together.

Multifunction control button

All functions are completed through a button, including changing color, music, and mute functions. This is a great design that allows you to control and play happily. Of course, this is also a great gift for your boy or girl, friends or relatives.

Strong Blade for Heavy Dueling

Premium Strong Blade for Heavy Dueling. Hight-impact PC blade, not to fold or bend, support heavy Dueling. Link Two Sabers can be More Fun; this style of Lightsaber Just connects the tail, and screw off a Lightsaber tail nut.

Performance electronic components

We use the highest quality electronic element to control the stability of performance. Each link has strict control, and each favorite player will hold our lightsaber for a longer time. An excellent lightsaber worth having.

5 Tips for an Amazing Lightsaber Dueling

1. Realistic Lightsabers At Home

Manufacturers are busy making dueling sabers for every customer wishing to personalize their construction or have a similar copy from their favorite figure now that there is a big demand for dueling sabers and reproductions. You’ll need to invest in a well-made, dueling-specific lightsaber if you wish to start dueling.

You need a lifelike replica saber that seems and sounds like the genuine thing if you want to fully immerse yourself in lightsaber combat. You want the color and sound effects to match your favorite Star Wars character, whoever that may be. To feel like you’re in a real conflict, Galaxy Sabers, a lightsaber firm in the UK, offers a variety of combat lightsabers for each of the key characters. They have dual-grade materials and a large selection of designs, so they can produce a saber that sounds and looks exactly like a genuine thing.

2. Work On Your Moves

Finding the ideal lightsaber is one thing, but you’ll also need to practice using it physically. There are seven ways to fight with a lightsaber; some are more acrobatic than others. At first, it could be difficult to tell the fighting techniques apart, but there are a lot of lightsaber dueling specialists and enthusiasts out there that produce fantastic videos for the general public to watch.

These films will instruct you on not only the fundamentals of lightsaber duels but also delight and motivate you. This may even inspire you to practice some maneuvers at home, such as strikes, blocks, swings, spins, and jumps. Just make sure you’re in a roomy area to prevent any mishaps. You can demonstrate and use your moves in battle once you’ve studied and polished them.

3. Enroll In Formal Training

As was already noted, many people are so enamored with lightsaber duels that they study and train in it as a fighting technique. Then they created schools so that more people might learn how to lightsaber duel. You could engage in official training if you want to practice and learn the correct forms and motions. You can distinguish yourself from untrained duelists and amateur duelists in this manner.

4. Keep Your Hand On The Hilt

One of the biggest indicators that a duelist is inexperienced is frequently dropping their blade. In addition to being a show of inexperience, it will render you defenseless. Keep a firm hold on the hilt to prevent this from happening. A lightsaber hilt grip wrap that might lessen slippage may be necessary if you notice your grip slipping.

5. Be Sure To Follow Safety Rules

Studying and following safety precautions is another thing you should do before combat. If the parties don’t abide by the regulations, the lightsaber combat won’t appear as cool. For instance, if your hilt and blade are not properly attached, it may fly off and appear odd. But more significantly, this could be risky since the blade might strike someone and possibly inflict an injury.


What color lightsaber is the strongest?

On the Jedi side, the purple lightsaber is reputed to be the strongest. In the Star Wars universe, purple lightsabers are not all that common. They stand out in particular because it is known that they are connected to both the good and evil sides of the Force.

What is the most realistic lightsaber?

With the most lifelike lightsabers available for purchase, Ultra Sabers fulfills that fantasy. Gripping an authentic lightsaber from Ultra Sabers makes you feel like you’ve entered the Star Wars universe immediately. Our swords may be personalized, collectible, and are made for cosplay and martial arts.

What is an RGB lightsaber?

A lightsaber with several LED color options incorporated into the hilt is known as an RBG lightsaber. Red, Green, and Blue are referred to as RGB. Red, Green, and Blue are combined in an RGB lightsaber to produce the blade’s color.

What makes a lightsaber duel worthy?

Any lightsaber used in full-contact sparring is suitable for a battle. Lightsaber full contact sparring is quite strenuous and taxing. If you’re going to wield a dueling lightsaber (also known as a battle-ready lightsaber) in full contact, it needs to be strong and secure.

Can you duel with UltraSabers?

Our sabers are all prepared for battle. No matter whatever options you select while creating your lightsaber at UltraSabers, you will be able to duel with it. With our bespoke dueling lightsabers, you may get the precise appearance you want and the durability your duels demand.

Final Words

Ultimately, you need to choose the best dueling lightsabers to fit your budget and fighting style. All the above lightsabers are good for dueling to a specific degree and they each pertain to certain skill levels. There are more expensive options on the market. But whether you’re an experienced duelist or if you’re just breaking into lightsaber dueling, you won’t find more cost-effective lightsabers than those listed above.

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