Best Dry Fire Training System

If you are looking for the best dry fire training system, then you have come to the right place. I have been using the dry fire training system for years and it has helped me immensely in my shooting.

The dry fire training system is a great way to improve your shooting skills without having to go to the range. You can use the dry fire training system at home, at the office, or even on the go.

The Best Dry Fire Training System is a system that can be used by law enforcement and military personnel to train with their firearms without live ammunition.

This system uses a laser to simulate the recoil and sound of a real firearm, allowing the user to get the feel of firing their weapon without the risk of live ammunition.

The Best Dry Fire Training System is a great way to train with your firearm, and it is a safe and effective way to learn how to use your weapon.

Editors Recommendation: Top 5 Best Dry Fire Training System

Top 10 Best Dry Fire Training System Reviews

1. Blowback Laser Trainer System

Blowback Laser Trainers provide the best training for firearm users and casual fans alike. If you’re a beginner looking to improve your marksmanship or an expert who’s simply looking to sharpen their skills, these dry fire and recoil training systems are ideal for your needs.

If you want to hit the firing range without leaving home or if you want an incredible gift to give that no other can provide, Blowback Laser Trainers are an excellent choice.

The Most Advanced Training System

Blowback Laser trainers offer something extra for their price that other dry fire systems can’t. They are just as good for newbies, but you get the extra bonus of LASERS that let you know when you hit dead on.

You can even see it from a distance. Combined with the realistic recoil with these blowback guns, you really do get some quality practice in!

Have A Blast

This blowback laser trainer system is a great gift for any man cave, game room, sports room, or home. It’s great for mens and womens range firing, marksman practice, and leisure. Guests will love competing with a realistic pistol for the high score!

Unmatched Realism

Blowback Laser Trainer Systems are an innovative tool to help you improve your overall shooting accuracy and precision.

Each of these dry fire and recoil laser trainers uses precision machined and weighted parts to completely simulate actual firearms.

This includes an ejectable magazine, real slide, sights, and trigger action for total accuracy and marksmanship.

2. SureStrike Premium Plus Kit

Personal firearm ownership. Use SureStrike Training Lasers from Laser Ammo in conjunction with your own firearms for practical, qualified training.

The SureStrike Premium Plus Training Kit includes a training laser and adapters for 9mm,.45 ACP, and.40 S&W firearms (CLASS I, 3.5mW).

Laser Ammo’s reactive targets work well with this training laser to imitate a stage or self-defense situation. When fired, a proprietary laser emits a “shot,” which signals an impact on a laser ammunition-receptive target.

The UhrSecure Safety System aligns a laser, preventing the loading of live ammunition. The 9mm SureStrike comes with an invisible or visible laser, a 40 S&W or 45 ACP adapter, the UhrSecure safety system, an extension pipe, a carrying box, and user manual.

Superior High Quality Lasers

You are looking at the most advanced SureStrike laser on the market and were developed here in the USA specifically for illumination missions.

Our design allows you to quickly draw and cause a distraction that could potentially save your life or the life of fellow soldiers, while avoiding friendly fire by aiming off line of fire/target.

The SureStrike 510 laser is an effective tool for all operations: search, rescue, CQB, crowd control and sniper applications.

Perfect Addition To Our Reactive Targets

The SureStrike Premium Plus Kit is the most complete way to upgrade your Laser Ammo training system.

This kit includes three electronic targets, allowing you to train with up to three different types of fire simulators at once.

Use your SureStrike laser cartridge with multiple electronic targets – made to work with i-MTTS, LaserPET II, and Smokeless Range from Laser Ammo.

Red Visible Lasers

The SureStrike Laser Cartridge provides an added layer of difficulty when training, as you cannot “cheat your shots”.

When firing pin strikes the training laser, a burst of invisible light is emitted, indicated by an immediate visual and auditory response.

3. Strikeman Laser Cartridge Training Kit

With the aid of the Strikeman dry-fire training system, you may refine your shooting skills without utilizing live ammunition.

Using our revolutionary target, laser cartridge, and smartphone holder in conjunction with our phone app, you can safely practice your shot from the comfort of your own home.

Practicing conventional shooting takes money. No longer must you spend money on ammunition and shooting range fees to improve your accuracy.

Strikeman enables you to safely develop your shot by providing you with real-time feedback, accuracy metrics on our app that demonstrate your improvement with each session, and a significantly reduced price.

Dry-fire training is not a novel concept. Law enforcement personnel, members of the military, and special operations teams have utilized dry-fire training for years to enhance their shooting skills.

The Strikeman training program bridges the gap between expensive shooting equipment and its national availability to Americans.

Improve Shooting Accuracy

It’s not difficult to find individual laser pointers, but when you want the best, SureStrike is a name you can trust.

The SureStrike Premium Kit offers unrivaled quality and performance to ensure that you get the best every time you pull the trigger.

Saves You Money

Practice shooting as much as you like without breaking the bank. The Strikeman Laser Cartridge Training Kit provides a realistic-looking target for dry firing practice, in the comfort of your own home. Simply set up the equipment in your backyard and let the fun begin!

Safe, Non Damaging And Quiet

Our laser cartridge is safe for your firearm, performing like a blank that makes no sound when you fire. Practice at home without disturbing the neighbors or in your backyard with friends!

4. G-Sight ELMS Plus Dry Fire Cartridge Laser Training System

G-Sight ELMS Plus is the best training system for beginner and experienced shooters that want to improve their shooting skills and it’s totally safe.

The laser diode will not cause any damage to your weapon. The G-Sight ELMS Plus is also rated as Class 3R Laser and FDA approved.

Whether you are a professional shooter or an occasional shooter, or if you are in a law enforcement or military operation, this tool will give you the confidence and accuracy that you need to protect your life.

Save Money On Ammo

In the meantime, if you have the need to improve your shooting ability, but can’t make it to the range, try G-Sight ELMS.

The first step to achieving better shooting results is to know your weaknesses, and fix them. With G-Sight ELMS, you can practice anywhere and at any time – so that when you get to the range you’re as strong as possible.

Train Safely With Your Own Gun

The ELMS Plus Dry Fire Cartridge Laser Training System is a dedicated training tool designed to provide the benefits of dry fire without the dust and mess of traditional dry fire.

It allows you to train safely using your firearm in the comfort of your own home or office. Many customers use ELMS to keep their skills fresh while away from the range while many others use it to learn how to shoot properly and safely for the first time before venturing out to the range for the first time.

A Serious Product With Superior Accuracy

The newly engineered ELMS laser training system was specially designed to be precise, accurate and reliable.

Its quality construction creates accurate results every time you train with it. The ELMS solves the problems present in other dry fire cartridges and is backed by a company who cares about customers.

5. Pink Rhino Integrated Snap Cap for Dry Fire Training

Pink Rhino Integrated Snap Cap for Dry Fire Training gives you confidence and piece of mind while you practice your shooting skills.

You can train in your basement at night, or in your backyard by day. You will save time and money using one of these snap caps instead of live rounds to practice pistol aiming.

This snap cap is definitely something every pistol owner should have for their own safety and for practicing gun handling with their own pistol.

Bright Red Class 3a

Our integrated snap-caps are ideal for dry fire training with your favorite handgun or rifle. Integrated lasers are completely adjustable for brightness and are powered by changeable batteries.

We do recommend that you only use dry fire snap-caps to protect against damaging your own, expensive sights.

Works With Mantisx

Reduce your dry fire training time and make it more effective with the Pink Rhino Integrated Snap Cap. It is compatible with MantisX, LaserLyte, iTarget, G-Sight, LaserHit and more.

Works With All Visible Laser Targets

The Rhino Integrated Snap Cap is a dry fire training accessory that works with your existing Rhino laser system, making it easier and more immersive to practice drawing and firing your gun. This snap cap works with all visible laser targets and simulators, so you can train anytime, anywhere.

6. Laser Ammo LaserPET Electronic Target Training System

The LaserPET / LaserPET II is the best and most technologically sophisticated reactive target available right now.

It was created by the shooting team at Laser Ammo to aid any shooter in improving their accuracy, speed, draw time, and reloads while using their own pistol, rifle, or shotgun.

Improve your draw speed, accuracy, trigger control, double taps, reloads, split times, and overall shooting proficiency by practicing at home every day.

Shooters can create and customize their own drills with the LaserPET II’s six training programs (compared to the LaserPET’s four).

The shooter may train anywhere with this training system because it comes with a tripod and runs on AAA batteries or Micro USB (indoors and shaded outdoors).

Five target cards (with hit zones ranging from 0.5″ to 1.8″), one LaserPET or LaserPET II reactive target, two AAA batteries, an instruction manual, and a tripod. SureStrike laser cartridge not included.

Personalized Training

If you’re looking to improve your marksmanship skills and draw speed, the Laser Ammo LaserPET Electronic Target Training System is a great tool to have around.

It’s also a really handy way to walk new shooters through some basic training concepts, which can be incredibly beneficial.

With this product, you can really tailor your own personalized training experience, which will ultimately make you a more skilled marksman in the long run.

Portable & Compact

LaserPET Electronic Target Training System is a compact laser and target system designed for long-distance training.

Compact size, coupled with an included tripod, allows for ease of training anywhere, anytime. Train indoors, shaded outdoors, in the office, on vacation. The possibilities are endless!


The LaserPET Electronic Target Training System combines laser technology and computer software data acquisition.

The Laser Pet features 4 modes. Count consecutive hits, track reaction times, speed of consecutive shots in a timed scenario and work on double taps & reloads – analyze your performance from every angle!

7. Mantis Laser Academy Standard Training Kit

As a security training tool, the Mantis Laser Training System is definitely worth your time. At less than $100, you’re getting a lot for your money; especially when compared to other and more expensive training systems.

The variety of smart targets that come with the training kit provide plenty of opportunity to practice on realistic-looking bad guys.

Their size and appearance make them look almost like a human target, and they help you practice targeting zones in ways that would be difficult with man-shaped shooting targets.

Worlds Best Laser Training System

If you love shooting, but want to improve your performance, Mantis Laser Academy might be for you. When I used the academy for handgun target practice, I found that it made practicing fun and easy.

I learned more about my weapon than I ever did from school or from practice alone. The more time you spend with MA, the more you learn and the more accurate you will get.

Includes Full Access

The Mantis Laser Academy Training Kit includes the full access code to the award-winning training app, Mantis Laser Academy. The app includes video tutorials and interactive training guided by a world-class instructor.

Kit Includes

The Mantis Laser Academy Standard Training Kit is an ideal introduction to the world of laser training, featuring six different models.

It includes a 380 ACP laser training cartridge and everything you need to get started, including a carrying case, adjustable tripods, 24 heavy-duty smart targets and target stand holders. The kit also comes with access to the Mantis Laser Academy online training system.

8. Angeebin Laser Training Cartridge

With angeebin laser training cartridge,your children can live in the house and it is more convenient for them to learn shooting.

Because the living environment of our city is high density, if your child plays in the yard,they will be disturbed by others. Furthermore, ordering ammunition is too troublesome and costly. So we designed this laser bullet to help them practice at home and enjoy the fun of shooting.

High Quality Snap Cap

The laser training cartridge is a useful tool to improve an individual’s ability to success with the Springfield range of pistols. There are many uses, such as combat, sport shooting, and competition.

Ingeniously Design

The Angeebin Laser Training Cartridge is made of a sturdy brass body and built to not damage the gun bore.

Double O-rings for accurate fit, cone head like real bullet makes it easier to insert the cartridge into the chamber, and a pressure switch with rubber pad protects the firing pin.

Training At Home Any Time

The Ang Egbin Laser Training Cartridge is a dry fire training system that allows you to practice shooting at home or in the office with your own firearm.

You can safely and accurately practice trigger control, sight alignment and sight picture, while also building muscle memory.  A must purchase for all firearms enthusiasts.

9. Quantum XG Kit by G-Sight 9mm Dry fire Laser Training System

Quantum 9mm dry fire pistols are specially designed for training with inexpensive laser targets to improve your shooting experience at a very affordable price. 

It helps you gain confidence in your trigger time and skills without the dangers of live ammo. The weapon feels slim and fits well in the hand, which makes it an ideal choice for use in the office when doing trigger time drills or on the practice range at home.

This is a great product for practicing trigger control, sight alignment, and practice reloading techniques, as well as its durability and reliability will allow you to use it in more scenarios than other low cost alternatives.

Target Practice At Home

The G-Sight Quantum XG Kit is a solid training tool that can help you prep for your next competition. This laser cartridge can be used on any 9mm for a low cost, and there are even more advanced models as well if you’re looking for additional features.

It’s important to note that this product isn’t designed to be a full on training system, and should be used in combination with other training tools.

Superior Accuracy

QUANTUM XG laser bullet 9mm for dry firing is the next generation of pistol training systems that improve your accuracy and speed through advanced visual feedback and coaching.

This all new technology requires no disassembly of the firearm, is completely controlled by you, and great for all calibers. Optimized via Bluetooth connection, QUANTUM works with any computer or smartphone

100% Guaranteed

The Quantum XG is the only dry fire laser training device that is guaranteed to fit your gun with the patent pending “Shoot for Life” replaceable strike pads and 2 o-ring system.

Class IIIA laser, less than 5mW. The Quantum XG is also compatible with most holsters and allows you to fit in dry fire sessions between practice times.

10. LaserHIT Dry Fire Training Kit

The Laser Hit Dry Fire Kit is an easy to use tool pro shooters can rely on to develop and maintain the skills that make up their shooting discipline.

Whether it’s bullseye shooting, IDPA, USPSA, IHMSA or any other competitive shooting sport, you need to practice your draw from concealment, trigger press mechanics but also and most importantly Double Tap Drills.

This is where Laser Hit dry fire kit shines. It allows you to run those important drills without putting anyone at risk.

Dry Fire A Whole New Level

The LaserHIT Dry Fire Training Kit allows you to dry fire with confidence using your everyday carry or home defense firearm in the convenience and safety of your own home.

You can train anywhere, anytime without the danger, mess or cost of live ammunition. All you have to do is download their app, pop in their front end modules and go.

Same Gun, Same Results

You will be excused to train with this kit at home or the range, as it offers a similar feel to that of its firearm counterpart. The weight, the grip, the sights, and the trigger pull will remain the same.

Build and maintain muscle memory between shooting range visits. Train more often and save on ammo as well!

Free Laserhit App Included

The LaserHIT Dry Fire Training Kit is the fastest, safest and lowest cost way to hone your shooting skills with cutting-edge computer vision, augmented reality technologies and mobile apps combined into one easy to use training platform.

Each practice drill has a unique touch-less reload feature that enables you to restart your training session without leaving the firing line.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Dry Fire Training System

Many shooters will find themselves utilizing dry fire training systems at some point in their lives. While dry fire training aids are not technically firearms, the systems often look and function like the real thing.

Dry fire training systems are integral parts of shooter training, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional.

If you’re looking to buy your first dry fire training system, or you just want to upgrade your current system, here are six things to consider:

Set Up

One of the first things you need to think about is how you’re going to set up your dry fire training system. Ideally, you want a system that’s simple to set up and take down.

You also want to be able to move the system around easily, so portability is a must. Some dry fire training systems come with pre-installed components and don’t require any assembly. These systems can be a bit more expensive, but they’re also easier to use.


Your trigger is one of the most essential elements of your dry fire training system. It’s important to choose a trigger that’s comfortable and easy to use.

You also want to make sure the trigger is adjustable so you can adjust it to your specific shooting style.


Another important part of your dry fire training system is safety. It’s important to choose a system that has an integrated safety device. This will help prevent accidents and ensure that you’re always using the system safely.


The construction of your dry fire training system is also important. You want to choose a system that’s well-made and durable. Ideally, you want a system that’s made from high-quality materials that can withstand heavy use.

Ease Of Use

You also want to make sure your dry fire training system is easy to use. The last thing you want is a system that’s complicated and difficult to operate. You want to be able to set up and use your system quickly and easily.


Of course, cost is also a factor when choosing a dry fire training system. You want to find a system that fits your budget.

You don’t want to spend more money than you have to, but you also don’t want to sacrifice quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Fire Training System

1 How is the Dry Fire Training System better than other dry fire products?

The Dry Fire Training System is actually the product of a very experienced firearms instructor. The system was developed to simulate actual live fire training environments and help shooters improve their skills.

There are many other dry fire products available on the market, but none are as comprehensive as the Dry Fire Training System.

2 Can I use the Dry Fire Training System if I don’t have a recoil pad?

Yes, the Dry Fire Training System can be used without a recoil pad. However, we recommend using a recoil pad when shooting with the system to protect your firearm from potential damage.

3 Can I use the Dry Fire Training System with any firearm?

Yes, the Dry Fire Training System can be used with any firearm. However, we recommend that you use a recoil pad when shooting with the system to protect your firearm from potential damage.

4 How often should I use the Dry Fire Training System?

You can use the Dry Fire Training System as often as you like. However, we recommend that you use the system at least once a week to help keep your skills sharp.


If you are looking for a best dry fire training system, the Blowback Laser Trainer System and SureStrike Premium Plus Kit are an excellent choice.

These products are designed to provide the user with a realistic training experience, and they are both very easy to use.

The Blowback Laser Trainer System is a great choice for those who want a realistic recoil effect, while the SureStrike Premium Plus Kit is an excellent choice for those who want a more realistic training experience.

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