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Did you know that roughly 97 percent of the water on the planet is salty or otherwise unfit for human consumption? Water is an essential pillar of life. However, it is useless if it is not purified. Almost everyone seeks out the best drinking water filter available to make the remaining 3% fresher.

So today, we have come up with the best filtration systems so that you can easily choose what’s the best choice for you. We have taken how much the filter purifies the water as the primary goal and later focused on its conveniences like special features and durability. You might also want to look out for how quickly the filtrate water is ready to be out.

Don’t get me wrong here; all of them secure the great purity of your drinkable water, but if we had to recommend one of them, it would be Waterdrop RO. It’s because of how smart the device is. The smart system indicates your water purity level and when to change the filter. Knowing what you are drinking is quite relieving.

Our Favorite Best Drinking Water Filter

How to Choose a Water Filter?

The first thing to choose a water filter made for you is to look for its size. Knowing whether it will fit in your cabinet or not can save you a lot of work. You can always take a measuring tape, measure your cabinet’s dimensions, and compare it with the one on the internet.

It’s also recommended to watch out for its difficulty level. If you want to set the filter at your home by yourself, then choosing the easy to set up and change filter is clearly the way to go. Instead of returning your product, just watch your filtration system’s set up video on Youtube to know you can do it or not.

You should also look for its efficiency; some filtration systems have filters that last longer than others, overall saving you dimes in the long run. There are also water filters with small leakage problems and technology that instantly stops when it detects the leak, making it more efficient.

Top 7 Best Drinking Water Filter Reviews- 2022

It is critical to have a decent water filter to live a healthy life. Water filters remove pollutants like aluminum and lead from the water, making it safe for us to drink. Let’s have a look at the top 7 best drinking water filtration systems.

1.  APEC Water System Ultra Safe Water Filter

When it comes to water filters, the APEC is the safest one. Its high technology filters remove up to 99% of impurities, making it the best drinking water filter. Easy to assemble and comes with quick-connect fittings so you can assemble them by yourself.


Faucet: The faucet is completely free of lead. To ensure that the water is not contaminated, it is composed of food-grade tubing. However, the faucet will require an additional hole in your countertop.

High technology: Only this technology is capable of removing 99% of contaminants, making it the best water filter for drinking.

Safety: For the safety of your home, leak-proof fittings are essential. This water filter has leak-proof fittings, so you don’t need a water leak detector to keep your home secure.

5-stage filter system: Before offering you clean water, this filter goes through five filtration steps. The sediment filter is the initial stage, and it helps to remove dust, particles, and rust. A carbon block is used in the second stage to aid in removing chemicals. Later on, it goes through another carbon block stage, which helps to eliminate any remaining chemicals.

A RO membrane is used in the fourth stage to remove 99 percent of pollutants. The Coconut Carbon filter, the final stage, removes a wide range of impurities, making the water pure and tasty.


  • It is simple and convenient
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Leak-free fittings


  • Takes up a lot of space

2. Waterdrop RO Water Filtration System

This is the smart water filter for you if you’re seeking one. It effectively removes pollutants from your tap water using RO filtration technology. The finest feature of this water filter is how simple it is to set up. Because of its tankless design, it is the best water filtration system for the home as it doesn’t require much space in your kitchen.


Smart: Waterdrop brings the first smart RO system in the U.S. market. It has a filter life indicator, making it easy for you to figure out when to change the filter. Furthermore, A smart TDS indicator is included, which tells you the overall water purity level.

No tank system: There is no tank, so it takes very little space in your kitchen. Moreover, since it’s tankless, you won’t have to worry about leakage with this filter.

Easy to set up/ change filters: One of the best features of this water filter is how easy it is to install. On top of that, it’s easy to change the filter too. You have to twist the filter and replace it with the new one.

Quick filtered water: Unlike other filters, you don’t have to wait for clean water because of its internal pump. The RO system has a faster water flow and can filter glass of water in as little as 12 seconds.


  • No tank system, no mess.
  • Easy to install.
  • Smart Indicators.


  • Unsatisfactory Faucet

3. Express Water Whole House Water Filter

Did you realize that the water you’re showering in contains chlorine and plenty of other contaminants that can cause damage to your skin and hair? This Express water filter can help prevent this by purifying all of the water in your home. Over fifty different types of pollutants are removed in three stages of filtering, which is why this is on my best water purifier lists.


Whole-House Filtration: The fact that this water filter is a house-friendly water filter is one of its best features. You can now wash your fruits and vegetables with tap water without worrying about your health. The best advantage of this feature is that you know that the water is clean and may now shower without worrying about your skin and hair being damaged.

Durable: This water filter falls into the top rated water filters category because of its durability. Its stainless-steel frames are what make it durable and quality, making it a great long-term investment.

Easy to Change: The filter cartridges are simple to swap out. It comes simply off with a simple twist, allowing you to replace it with a new one in a matter of moments.

Filtration: The 3-stage filtering mechanism is another most notable feature in this filter. The water travels through sediment filtration, granular activated carbon, and lastly, an activated carbon block making it one of the most effective water filters.


  • 3-stage filtration.
  • High-quality.
  • Whole-house filtration.


  • Takes up a lot of space

4. Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter

Frizzlife’s under sink water filter is the one to choose when it comes to safety. It removes 99.99% of lead and chlorine from your water quickly and effectively. This filter is arguably one of the best drinking water filtration systems for its automated water shutoff.


Automated Water Shutoff: This is by far the most useful feature of this water filter. Filter replacement is a breeze with this feature. Simply twist the water filter, and the water will stop off immediately, leaving no mess.

Two-Stage Water Filter: It uses advanced technology to filter out over 99.99 percent of lead, chlorine, and other impurities from water, making it safe to drink.

High Flow: Water filters, in most cases, reduce the water rate intensity. However, this water filter features a high flow feature that allows for a huge volume of water to be produced.

Easy Installation: If you do it yourself, you will realize how difficult it is to install water filters. On the other hand, the Frizzlife water filter is straightforward to set up. It’s also simple to replace. All you have to do is get rid of the filter cartridge’s core rather than the entire plastic component. It’s not only simple, but it also saves you a lot of money.


  • Automated water shutoff.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Strong.


  • The pure water does take a few minutes to come out.

5. Whirlpool WHER25 RO filtration system

The Whirlpool WHER25 RO filtering system removes several pollutants from your water, resulting in water that tastes better than bottled water. This water filter is similar to the WaterDrop RO filtration system in that it has a light indicator that notifies when it’s time to change the water.


Long Filter Life: Water purifiers require filters, and long-lasting filters are particularly advantageous because they eliminate the need to replace filters on a regular basis, allowing you to save money. The whirlpool water filter has a 6-month filter life and a 2-year RO membrane life, so you can drink clean water without having to worry about changing filters.

Compact Storage: Having a small body is always a plus. This filter from Whirlpool can be fitted in the most minimal spaces making storage one less issue to worry about.

E-Z Change Indicator: Similar to the WaterDrop RO filter, this one has an E-Z change indicator light that tells you when you need to change your water filter.


  • Easy filter replacement.
  • Long filter life.
  • Small and compact body.


  • Leakage.

6. Aquasure RO Water Filter

Aquasure RO filtration system was designed to remove 99% of bacteria from your water, leaving you with clean, nutritious water that also tastes great. Because of its high-quality RO membrane, it is one of the best water filters for drinking.


Security: The security of a water filter is essential. The Aquasure water filter contains a leak-proof shutdown valve as well as FLOWLOK and SHOKBLOK technologies that prevent leakage making it safe for your house.

Faucet: This water filter’s faucet is fully lead-free, and the tubing is food-grade, making the water safe to drink for you and your family.

RO Membrane: The high-rejection RO membrane removes up to 99.9% of contaminants from your water, and it does so faster than conventional RO systems. It also has a 75 GPD water production capacity.

Easy to Install: The installation of a water filter might be difficult at times, especially if you have no prior experience. Installing this water filter, on the other hand, is a breeze. The twist-styled cartridge makes the installation process quick and easy.


  • Lead-free faucet.
  • Removes up to 99% bacteria
  • Provides clean water quickly


  • Takes up quite a bit of space
  • The shape can be challenging to fit into a cabinet

7. ICEPURE Tankless RO Water Filter

Last but not least, the ICEPURE RO water filter is another smart water filter. It’s not only smart, but it is also tankless. Thanks to the RO filtering technology, your water is safe for you and your family to drink, which removes up to 99.99% of contaminants.


Smart faucet: One of its nicest features is the smart faucet. It is lead-free and has a TDS indicator similar to the WaterDrop RO filter, which reminds you to update your filter. The faucet has a strong water flow, can fill a cup in 7.6 seconds, and 600GPD capacity.

Leak Protection: Another appealing characteristic of this water system is its reduced risk of water leakage. When the water system senses a leak, it instantly shuts down, making it one of the best home water filters available.

Auto-Flushing: The flush system in water filters aids in fouling prevention by rinsing the RO membrane to keep it clean. The autoflush turns on as soon as the RO system is started and eliminates unclean old water from the system every 15 minutes.

Tankless: A tankless system has the advantage of taking up less space in your home and fitting into any cabinet. It also doesn’t create secondary pollution in any way, and hence, you don’t have to bother about cleaning now and then.


  • Quick Filteration
  • Easy installation.
  • Leak protection.


  • Constantly eliminating unclean water may take some time to fill the fresh one.

Best Drinking Water Filter Buying Guide

water filter top kitchen sink

Now you know that if you buy one of the mentioned above filters, you are buying the best drinking water filter, but you also have to keep in mind the other small details that make it the perfect fit for your needs.

We have prepared a buying guide that will help you through the whole buying process to make things simple. Another thing to note is that the guide is made for the mentioned filters and any water filtration system of your choice.

Let’s get started.


If you have a small space to fit your filtration system, then definitely search for the systems with the tankless ones. If you are buying an RO filtration system, then there might be trouble as you cannot access water in case of emergency as it runs on electricity.

Flow Rate

Always look out for the flow rate before buying any. If you are buying it for commercial use, then going for the high flow rate is a must as it can filter faster to provide enough for everyone.

On the other hand, a slow flow rate is better if you are going to use it for your home. Slow flow rate filters generally are more effective at filtering tiny contaminants such as bacteria and chemicals.


Yes, a faucet also is an important part of a good drinking water filtration system. Before buying any, always check whether it has a food-graded tube or not. Without it, it’s all useless.

Your filter might be working hard to make that water finest, but when the water comes to the tube, and it’s not food grade, then all the effort might go to waste.


If you are investing in a water filter, then you are thinking of it as a long-term investment. A water filter without durability is nothing but a bad investment. As water has oxygen and rusting is caused by oxygen, durability will definitely be compromised. Having a stainless-steel frame is what you should seek.


Indicators are always a plus point. Modern technology asking you to change the filter can be time-saving. You don’t have to always have a lookout for filters going bad. Also, there are indicators for knowing your water’s purity level, which is satisfying to know that you are drinking healthy.

How Does a Water Filter Work?

Does everyone say drinking filtrations system’s water is healthy but is it actually? Knowing how your water is filtered can relieve you from the worries of jeopardizing your family’s health. So let’s take a close look at how those filters fight against those tiny bacteria that come along with water by going through several stages.

  • At first, the tap water goes through the pre sediment filter, where it removes typical 5-micron size impurities from it and gives the water to the UF-UV purifier for further processing.
  • In the UF-UV purifier, it goes through the Inline Sediment filter, where it further removes suspended matter like sand, silt, loose scale, clay, or organic material from the water.
  • Later it goes on the Inline Activated Carbon filter, where it removes chlorine, organic chemicals, detergent, and the unwanted taste of water.
  • After it has been cleaned up by the Inline Activated Carbon filter, it is then transferred to Ultrafiltration. It removes bacteria, protozoa, and some viruses up to 0.05-micron size.
  • The water is now at the final stage where the filtration is done by Ultraviolet Cartridge where the ultraviolet radiation kills  99.99% of harmful microorganisms, including fungi.

Your filtrating process is done. Now the filtrated water moves to the mechanical flow controller at a low flow rate for the disinfection of the UV rays. Turn on the faucet and sip the delicious water as the tank fills up.

How to Clean a Drinking Water Filter?

If you are seeking healthy life with clean water, buying just a good filter won’t do the trick for you. You should also clean the water filters to kill the bacteria, or else the filter cannot use the rotten filter to filtrate your water properly. Knowing how to clean the filter properly holds the key to the purest form of water to get the best outcome.

Don’t worry; we will show you a step by step guide on how to do that –

  • Turn off the water supply to not make a mess.
  • Take out the filter and check if it’s synthetic fiber pleated filters or carbon-based filters. Otherwise, it cannot be cleaned to use again.
  • Remove the plastic netting and paper underneath by cutting the edges.
  • Take the filter to a place where spilling isn’t a concern and wash the filter with water over and over again. It is recommended to use pressurized water to clean it properly.
  • For synthetic fiber filter, place it on a bowl of oxalic acid and wait half an hour. And if it’s a synthetic fiber, then place it on a bowl of bleached water and wait for 20 minutes to soak.
  • Wash the filter with water thoroughly.

That’s it! Just place it on the filter back again and get ready to drink some tasty water again.


As being healthy is almost everyone’s concern and having a good filter is a part of it, we have collected some common questions about it to help you further on.

Which Filter Is Best for Drinking Water?

It really depends on your needs. Like if you need your filter for an office, then a Fast Flow Rate filter is the best, and so on with other variables. But overall, we would recommend  Waterdrop RO.

Should I Filter My Drinking Water?

Why not? If you are trying to be healthy, then filtered water is really essential. Unfiltered water contains tons of bacteria that you definitely don’t want.

What Is the Healthiest Water to Drink?

Springwater is often known as “raw water.” Compared to tap water, it is also more expensive.

Is It Better to Drink Tap Water or Filtered Water?

Tap water actually isn’t as good as you think. There is a high chance that it isn’t as pure as filtered water. Scientists also say filtered water is healthier than tap ones.

Which Is Better, Boiled Water or Ro Water?

Boiling does kill bacteria, but it cannot remove toxic metals and impurities where RO water does it all.

How is FIJI Water Made?

Tropical rain pours on forest and is collected in an aquifer after passing through a volcanic rock filter.


As we have covered the water filtration systems in the article, it should no longer bug you in choosing the best drinking water filter. All you have to know is what is suitable for you. All of the filters above ensure you freshwater, but it’s the other features that you should be concerned about.

Keeping in mind the level of difficulty of the installation system, leakage-free, durability, and of course, the extra features like indicators and Auto-Flushing could really help you with the deciding process.

Nevertheless, don’t even think that tap water is as safe as filtered water. The filtration process of these modern technology filtrating is definitely worth spending your valuable money on for a healthier life.

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