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Drinking cups are very diverse these days. We’re all looking for ways to save money and be more environmentally friendly. Choosing the best drinking cup can help you do both. While that sounded easy enough, it’s become a lot harder than it used to be given how many options you now have. While the plastic or foam cups are cheap, most of us prefer the tumblers because they seem a lot more durable and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

If you’re looking for a cup that will keep your beverage hot for hours or cold for more than a day, you should consider purchasing an insulated tumbler. Most of these tumblers have double walls and are vacuum-sealed which helps keep the temperature stable for longer periods of time. Some of them even have lids that leak- or splash-proof.

Editor’s Pick: Best Drink Cup

Top 8 Best Drink Cup Reviews:

1. SUNWILL Double Wall Coffee Cup

Designed with double-walled vacuum insulation technology, Sunwill travel tumblers are made to keep your favorite beverages hot for three hours or cold for nine hours. Sweatproof, no condensation. A cup of coffee in the morning is a must and it will become your daily cup of choice with the Sunwill travel tumbler at your side.

Premium Material & Quality Support

  • Designs: Vacuum Insulated Slim Travel Tumbler
  • Tumbler material: 18/8 304 Grade stainless steel
  • Lid material: AS
  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 12oz / 20oz for everyday life
  • Package: Gift Box

Variety of Product

  • Stylish design and multi-color collection by our US designer.
  • Various capacities and shapes for your various needs.
  • Perfect gift for yourself, your family and your friends.

Helpful Hints

  • The drink hole is on the top of lid with sliding cover. Please note the cover is to keep drinks contained and prevent heat/ cold from escaping. It is not leak proof.
  • Wash with non-scratch sponges or cloth in warm water.
  • Handwash recommended.
  • Not microwavable.
  • Keep children away from the coffee mug when it is filled with hot liquid.

FAQ About SUNWILL Double Wall Coffee Cup

Question: Can you use a wide straw?

Answer: A wide flexible disposable straw would fit. However, if your straw is a hard plastic or stainless reusable straw, it would not. Hope this helps.
By Leopard on August 25, 2019

Question: Is fit in the car holder?

Answer: Yes, it fits the car holder.
By SUN WILL US SELLER  on September 4, 2020

Question: can you drink it without a straw?

Answer: Yes. I only use a straw when I’m drinking a cold beverage from it. Mostly I drink hot tea or coffee from it, no straw is needed.
By Terri on November 29, 2020

Question: Tell me more about this product!

Answer: It keeps your drinks very cold or hot for hours
By Barbara on August 21, 2021

Question: Does anyone have trouble with coloring peeling off?

Question: Is there a silicone sleeve made for the bottom of these tumblers?

Answer: I am not aware of one. However, if you are concerned about better insulation you need not worry. I was amazed at how well these keep beverages hot/cold. Neither does the exterior wall get warm or sweat because it does not transfer the temperature through the walls. It works as well as any Yedi product.
By DEC on November 6, 2021

Question: Dishwasher safe?

Answer: Yes with the lid on the top shelf
By Katy on December 16, 2019

Question: Replacement straws

Answer: This item does not come with a straw. I bought 2 different types of reusable straws on Amazon and both fit the tumbler.
By Amazon Customer on September 10, 2020

2. ALOUFEA Insulated Coffee Tumbler Cup

The ALOUFEA Insulated Coffee Tumbler is a reusable beverage container made of high-quality food-grade 18/8 stainless steel. It’s BPA-free, lightweight, and easy to use.

The double-wall vacuum insulation helps keep your hot drinks hot for up to 4 hours and your cold drinks cool for up to 12 hours, and its sweatproof design keeps condensation from building up on the outside of the cup, so you don’t have to worry about water rings on your table or desk.

Some Users Reviews-

“Perfect size for me and keeps my drink cool for ages. I can put ice in it at night and it will be there when I wake up the next morning. My sparkling black version is also adorable. The straws are OK; I wish one end had a small plastic stopper to protect them from falling out of the straw hole, but that isn’t a huge issue.

It washes beautifully because I only hand wash it as directed, but the pattern has one flaw. After a month of daily use and thorough care, the rubber that seals the lid when pushed down to close has started to move.

The lid will seal properly if I return the rubber ring to its proper position, but if I do not, the lid will not fully close and generate a good seal. No big deal, but it’s inconvenient, and I’m wondering how long before the rubber ring fully disintegrates.” By _Unnames User

3. Cupture Classic Double Wall Tumbler Cup

Item Weight16 Ounces
Capacity16 Fluid Ounces

With Capture Classic Double Wall Tumbler 16-ounce cups, enjoying your favorite beverages has never been so stylish. These BPA-free cups come with removable & Reusable hello name tags (12 different colors) – with no sticky residue! Each set comes with 12 clear bulk packs – great for bar-b-qs, home use, picnics, office, and more.

Double-wall insulated to prevent condensation or “sweating.” Each cup holds 16 ounces. This bold-colored tumbler makes for a perfect gift for someone special in your life.

Non Toxic / BPA Free

Cupture tumblers are crafted using only BPA Free high-grade acrylic plastic. They are re-usable and completely safe with non-toxic plastic.

Note: What is BPA (Bisphenol A)? Some research has shown that exposure to BPA, an industrial chemical, is a concern due to possible health effects on the brain, behavior, and the prostate gland of fetuses, infants, and children.

Premium Grade Acrylic

Only the best plastic grade is used for our tumblers. While free from impurities and cloudiness, it is also more lightweight and durable than glass.

Its double wall design provides good air insulation that keeps both hot and cold drinks at optimal temperatures longer. Additionally, no ‘sweat’ from condensation will form on the exterior of the tumbler.

Crack Resistant / Flexible

While other straws are made of acrylic plastic, which is brittle and and potentially harmful, we only use food grade polypropylene plastic for our straws.

It is stronger, more flexible, as well as break and chip resistant, preventing sharp hazards. Not only have we made it safer, we have also made it twice as thick for extra durability.

Free Name Tags Included

Comes with complimentary 12 multi-colored name tags! No sticky residue will remain after using these name tags. They are great for birthday parties, celebrations, and other events.

Assign them to friends and customize them with names. Entertain guests with a personal surprise. Best of all, remove and re-use them as many times as you want.

It’s a Party!

– This party pack is perfect for the hostess with the mostess. The classic clear cups are the perfect blank slate for those who want to add a personal touch to their favorite cups.

– Decorate your cup and give it out as a goodie bag, or have your guests write their names on their complimentary removable nametags to reduce one use plastic cup waste, and keep track of assigned drinks.

Life on the Go

– Help protect the environment with these multiuse cups. Instead of reaching for a single use plastic water bottle that creates immediate waste, fill up your Capture tumbler at home with some ice water.

– Hurting for your early morning coffee? Bring a clean Capture tumbler to your favorite coffee shop and your barista will fill it up with your go-to iced latte, most likely at a discount, too.

Simple Elegance

– This party pack of tumblers comes in two options the Classic Clear Tumblers for those who want a more uniform look or the Classic Candy Tumblers for those who prefer to color code.

– Both sets are great for all of your drinking needs and perfect for all the DIY-ers out there. Start with your blank slate and upcycle them to meet your needs.

4. Spoontiques Hogwarts Glitter Cup

Spoontiques wizards of the world, welcome to Hogwarts, your magical grounds. As we wave our wand over all of the beautiful spring gardens at Hogwarts, let’s wave our wand over this gorgeous stepping stone with butterflies. With its bright colors and beautiful butterflies, there is no doubt that this lovely sunflower stepping stone will cast a spell on anyone who sees it.


Question: Is this dishwasher safe?

Answer: No, it is hand wash only
By Fan Cave Superstore SELLER  on November 6, 2019

Question: What size is the straw to replace?

Answer: A standard 9 1/2 inch straw that comes with most cups like this will work.
By Truth be told Lady on November 19, 2020

Question: Is it heat resent

Answer: Not really. Maybe warm liquid. Don’t put it in the dishwasher either!
By Jennifer L Paruolo on January 6, 2022

5. STRATA CUPS Tumblers With Lids (4 Pack) 22oz Pastel Colored Acrylic Cups

Capacity1.4 Pounds

Tumblers with Lids in 22 oz and 16 oz are just what you’re looking for! Each pack of four awesome tumblers with lids and straws is made from durable BPA/phthalate-free, acrylic material perfect for hot or cold drinks. All cups included have colorful concave bottoms and design elements that prevent slipping while on the move. A few more compartments allow you to separate food and treats from beverages. With these tumblers, you can have everything your heart desires rolling easily along with you.

Bring one on your next order and show off your flawless fashion taste, while also saving the planet from more disposable cups and straws!


Our trendy pastel tumblers make picture-perfect selfie sidekicks. With great solid colors that show up clear and true, they’re the perfect props for tropical vacation photos, poolside glam shots, family BBQs and even midnight party pics. No filters are needed!


Ahhhhhh, the taste of sweet lemonade, still cold after three hours of drinking. And the coffee you had yesterday morning? Well, that was still warm hours later, too! Thanks to handy double walls, your favorite hot and cold drinks will stay at their original temperatures longer than ever.


Ahhhhhh, the taste of sweet lemonade, still cold after three hours of drinking. And the coffee you had yesterday morning? Well, that was still warm hours later, too! Thanks to handy double walls, your favorite hot and cold drinks will stay at their original temperatures longer than ever.


No inferior rubber lids that pop off your tumbler and create a liquid mess. While the cups aren’t 100% leak-proof if you decide to tip them upside-down, our snap-on lids DO fit snugly and will keep drinks inside your tumbler during jiggly car rides and other bumpy events.


Comes with four matching acrylic straws to go with your tumblers…and we are LIVING for the solid color combo! Cleanup is a snap with the included wire straw cleaner and you can even throw everything into the top rack of the dishwasher for easier washing.

6. Simple Modern Kids Cup

Simple Modern’s Classic tumbler is a double-walled and vacuums-insulated cup, this means your child’s drink will stay cold for hours. The 12oz tumbler fits in most car cup holders and is perfect for use at home, school, or anywhere you go. The lid makes drinking easy for children of all ages. The narrow shape is easy to fit into bike water bottle holders. The cup’s design makes it appropriate for boys, girls, and adults alike.

Highlighted Features

  • The dual and vacuum-insulated Simple Modern Kids 12oz Classic mug keeps your child’s beverage cool for hours.
  • The tumbler, internally threaded insulated lid, and silicone straw are all dishwasher safe for simple cleaning.
  • Premium This cup is constructed of 18/8 stainless steel, which is food-grade, and comes in a variety of fun patterns to match your child’s personality!
  • Fits into most standard cup holders: All Classic tumblers are made to fit into the majority of standard cup holders.
  • We’ve Come to Share Generosity: Simple Modern was founded on the principles of assisting you, providing outstanding value, and returning more than 10% of revenues to the community. Our products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

7. Cupture Skinny Cold Cup With Straw

The Cupture Skinny Cold Cup is an excellent choice for your cold beverage service, as it is made of premium grade BPA-free acrylic materials and constructed in a double wall structure to prevent sweat. This paper-like shaped tall cup contains a 15-ounce capacity, measuring at 9.1″ height by 2.75″ in diameter. It has a 4-inch length clear acrylic plastic straw with a bend red tip and an open hole that enables you to enjoy consuming beverages comfortably.

The exquisite 18 ounces Double Wall Skinny Cups by Capture showcase a modern yet timeless design that’s sure to turn heads. The slender cylindrical shape is not only easy to grasp and comfortable to hold but also lightweight and travel-ready.

With premium grade acrylic, they are resilient for everyday use and ensure that you savor every sip of your beverage’s crisp refreshing flavor. This party pack comes with 8 different vibrant colored straws and secure screw-on lids with a rubber gasket to keep your beverages from leaking or spilling.

These double wall tumblers will help keep any “hot” or “cold” beverage at the right temperature. 8 unique removable and reusable name tags are also included! These acrylic tumblers hold up to 18 ounces of liquid storage which is often considered the perfect portion.

Premium Grade Double Wall Acrylic

Only the best plastic grade is used for our tumblers. While free from impurities and cloudiness, it is also more lightweight and durable than glass.

Its double-wall design provides good air insulation that keeps both hot and cold drinks at optimal temperatures longer. Additionally, no ‘sweat’ from condensation will form on the exterior of the tumbler.

Upgraded to 18 Ounces

The all-new Cupture Skinny Tumbler has been upgraded! More room for your precious drinks to keep you going. The extra space is perfect for adding more ice. Stay hydrated longer on your commute, while you study, or at the park.

The Cupture Skinny Tumbler is 8.2 inches tall and 3.1 inches wide, a perfect fit for most cup holders. Say goodbye to those one-time-use plastic bottles piling up in your car!

8 One-of-a-kind Name Tags Included

Comes with eight complimentary multi-colored name tags! The advanced static cling stickers will leave no sticky residue on your precious cup. Each sticker is unique and adds more color into your life! Great for birthday parties, celebrations, and other events.

Assign them to friends and customize them with names. Entertain guests with a personal surprise. Best of all, remove and re-use them as many times as you want.

8. Alohastarttg Reusable Plastic Cold Drink Cups

Alohastarttg is a unique reusable plastic cold drink cup. The circular color-changing water cups can turn from opaque to transparent under certain conditions. The colder the temperature, the darker the color change or translucent effect of these reusable plastic drinks cups.

It’s fun for kids, adults, party lovers and even spirits! Just add ice cubes or any cold drink you like and watch it instantly change color! They freeze over 8 hours in the freezer and are reusable forever!


The reusable plastic cup is made of edible plastic material and can be recycled. They clean very well, so they can be used again after a quick hand wash.


5 kinds of color change cups that can change colors, the ice cup is a number of choices when you go to Xia Ji, you will feel cool and fun.


When you travel or camping or paid,

These reusable plastic cups are superimposed together, it is very suitable for portable and convenient!

One of the necessary things!


These cups are the perfect choice for your gym bag, office, beach, pool party, sporting events, barbecues with the family, midnight photos, and everyday use.

Cold Drinks Cup for Kids Adults

These non-toxic and tasteless color change cups are ideal for children or adults.

The cups are great for parties, weddings, bachelorette parties, beach days, and sports events. Enjoy every moment of your happy life with your family and friends with reusable plastic cups.

What We’re Looking For in the Best Druinking Cups

Best Drink Cup
Soft Drink Cup Design


The best drink cups are made of a variety of materials, which determine the vessel’s beauty and longevity, as well as whether it can be washed in the dishwasher or frozen. Our experts agree that thin cups are more fragile than tempered cup alternatives, despite their elegant appearance. Furthermore, if you have children (or are otherwise clumsy), choosing acrylic is definitely your best bet.


More than just how quickly you can meet your daily hydration goal of eight cups, the capacity of each cup has an impact. The type of drink that can be created will be affected by the size and capacity of the glass, in addition to its visual appeal.

Highball cocktails should be served in glasses that hold 12 ounces or more, while a glass of red wine or a neat whiskey should be served in a smaller glass that holds less than 8 ounces. Tall glasses are a must if you intend to serve highball drinks.

Set Number

For the most part, the cups in the following section are offered in sets of multiples of six. How many glasses you’ll need is based on the type of entertainment you want, how much you want to spend, and how much space you have.

With only you and your roommate, a two-piece set is ideal, but if you enjoy hosting parties, a larger set is better. A few of the designs on our list are of the highest grade and are available in large quantities (you may want to buy a few of these with a buddy or two, as you won’t need all 72).


Are Drinking Cups Microwave Safe? 

It’s up to you what you buy. Check the label of the product to see if it says “microwave safe” if in doubt. Most tempered cups can withstand freezing and microwaving, but a soda glass should only be used for cold drinks. It is important to handle metal trim and colorful glass pieces with caution. This could cause the glass to fracture when metal is heated in a microwave. The dyes that are used to tint glass can likewise be adversely affected by heat.

A simple microwave readiness test can tell you if a product is safe to cook in the microwave without any label warnings. To prepare your drink, half-fill your glass with water and microwave for one minute until steam forms on the top. When you’re done, carefully remove the water from the microwave and see if the two are at the same temperature. It’s time to raise the temperature of the water. Microwaving is to be avoided if the glass has already warmed up in the first place.

If you use microwave-safe glasses, always check them for cracks or other problems. When the glass is subjected to extremely high temperatures, even the tiniest scratch might cause it to break.

How Do You Clean Cloudy Drinking Glasses?

Drinking glasses with cloudy spots are nearly always caused by hard water. Calcification occurs on the glass surface due to the high mineral content, resulting in an overall hazy look. It’s a blessing that the problem can be easily and affordably solved.

After 30 minutes of soaking in a solution of white vinegar and water, or even pure white vinegar if the spots are very persistent, mineral deposits should dissolve. If the cloudiness persists after washing, try softly scraping the glasses with baking soda to remove any remaining mineral residue. When you’re done, wash by hand, rinse, and dry well.


The information in this guide should help you decide which is the best drink cup for you. Our cups are intended to serve you for at least a few years, meaning you will probably fill and wash them thousands of times.

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