Top 10 Best Drawing Sets – Buying Guide

Drawing sets come in handy when creating a work of art that would require different things like pencils, markers, pens, paintbrushes, etc. When you have to use various tools to create your work of art, you need to find the best drawing sets with all the options to avoid multi-set buying. So, you need to know what you are looking for before making a purchase.

To minimize your search on the internet for the professional art set, we analyze about features and quality of the set, price, brand reputation, beginners or professional sets, etc. By reading all the product details, we have collected some top-quality sets that will reduce your hard work and pain, and you feel at ease.

This post lists the 10 best drawing kits that will produce excellent results yet won’t break your budget. You can find budget-friendly yet fulfill all your needs in 1 set. Even if you want a complete set that includes oil pastels, crayons, colored pencils, markers, paintbrushes, watercolor cakes, and a sketch pad, you can easily buy Sunnyglade 185 Pieces drawing set.

So, read the article carefully and Hope you will find your desired one.

Our Favorite Best Drawing Sets

What is In The Drawing Set?

Drawing sets are a great way to start drawing or getting your brush to paper. At the art supply store, you will find many different sets tailored for beginners. The best art supplies for professionals are sketching, painting, illustrating, and coloring. They are all designed to be compact and easy to travel with. 

What is Included in a Drawing Set?

A professional drawing kit may include different shades of pencil, colored pencil, crayon, marker, charcoal, chalk, and scale. You can get paint, brush, watercolor in a large drawing set. Many drawing sets contain a notebook or sketchbook to help you out.

What Do You Get in a Black and White Drawing Set?

You can use a black and white drawing set to focus on natural forms, textures, and shapes. A black and white drawing set is perfect to work on your skills, whether you are just starting as an artist or a professional. The drawing sets may contain graphite, chalk, or charcoal. You may also get an eraser, scale, blender and, sketchbook.

What Do You Get in a Full-Color Drawing Set?

In a full-color professional drawing set, you get a lot of items. Depending on the set, you might get a handful of pencils, sketch pads, pastels, watercolors, and so on. Most sets also include erasers or eraser caps, sharpeners, or pencils. Just about every color you need for drawing is in a drawing set.

Top 10 Best Drawing Sets- Buying Guide

1. Norberg & Linden XL Drawing Set

Everyone enjoys looking at sketches, and kids love playing with pencils and paper. However, few supplies are available on the market – tons of which aren’t all that great or safe for kids and teens. Norberg & Linden XL Drawing Set is made from high-quality materials and meets all necessary safety guidelines.

Key Features

Fresher to Expert

This is the best drawing kit for beginners to professionals. It is a set of drawing tools that will help artists enhance their skills in various ways. It has a 100-page drawing pad to hold your work and offers different pencils. The set also comes with an eraser and a sharpener for the pencils.

All-in-one Drawing Kit

The complete drawing kit includes 12 graphite pencils. With its ultra-soft graphite woodless and charcoal pencils, sketching goes to another level. The charcoal pencils come in soft, medium, and hard forms. For that, you can choose which type of you need to complete your artwork.

Easy to carry case

The travel-size case comes with an open pencil case zippered with compartments for all your tools. They guarantee your 100% satisfaction or 100% money-back. They don’t compromise with their quality.

Perfect Gift

It will be a pleasant gift for an artist, whether professional or just a kid. The variant of tools will memorize all the artists to draw a new artwork. It’s a product from an artist to an artist.


  • Easy to color, sketch, draw, and blend.
  • Comes with a pre-sharpen lead.
  • Easy carrying case.
  • Pencils with non-slip grip.


  • The notebook is porous, not smooth.

2. Amazon Basics Sketch and Drawing Art Pencil Kit

If you love sketching and painting, the Basic Sketch and Drawing Art Pencil Kit are perfect for you. It offers lightweight pencils that store all the essential supplies in one place, and it is small enough to be brought wherever your art leads you.

Key Features

Perfect for Beginners

This set comes with 9 pieces of pencils, including a variety of lead sizes to suit your needs, as well as pens and erasers. The wood case makes it sturdy and easy to store, while the soft lead ensures smooth lines every time. Whether you’re creating artwork for personal use or sharing it with friends and family members, this kit is one of the best drawing kits for beginners.

Great for Doodles

It has various pencils, and their different shades make them perfect for any type of sketching, especially for making doodles. The blender/smudge stick perfectly blends all shades and gives the doodle a realistic look. 

Combined Different Drawing Techniques

For your drawing to be successful, it’s essential to combine different techniques. There are no hard and fast rules, but if you want to be a successful artist, you need to have a multifaceted approach to drawing. So, this professional art set is all you need to add to your collection.


  • The charcoal pencils and stocks provide a different medium that is great when used in conjunction with Graffiti pencils.
  • Provide charcoal, black and, white color pencils
  • Conforms to ASTM D4236


  • Don’t come with a color pencil

3. Sunnyglade 185 Pieces Art Set

Whether novice or professional, look no further than the Sunnyglade 185 Pieces Art Set to unleash your inner artist. This set comes with everything you need to create beautiful art pieces, including 185 pieces of high-quality art supplies and a deluxe carrying case. Plus, the included art guide will help you get started right away.

Key Features

The Perfect Art Set

This fantastic professional drawing set comes with various drawing and coloring materials for artists from all age groups. It is also best for kids who enjoy drawing or wish to inspire and be inspired by drawing. It is the best art supply for professionals who need various art tools in 1 set.

Safe to Environment

It is a safe and environment-friendly drawing and painting set. Every tool of it is made from eco-friendly materials. Every pencil, crayon, and pastel in the art box is safe and follows the ASTM D4236 (Standard Practice for Labeling Art Materials) to Avoid chronic health hazards. The box is safe for children.

High-Quality Guarantee 

Sunnygalde offers more outstanding service and superior quality that guarantees the highest level of satisfaction, and they also offer money-back promises. If you’re not happy with their drawing or painting art set, you can get in touch with them anytime, and they will contact you back within. 


  • Non-toxic, washable watercolors for painting
  • A deluxe carrying case
  • An art guide to help your child get started
  • Easily portable to art classes, group meetings, or workshops  


  • Not for children under 3 years old.
  • The whole box is a little heavy to carry.

4. iBayam Wooden Art Set

The iBayam Wooden Art Set includes a variety of art supplies to live the dream of being an artist. This set includes 150 pieces that are the best art supplies for professionals. The set includes 2 sketch pads that are great for drawing or painting. 

Key Features

High-Quality Guarantee

You may begin drawing, coloring, and painting as soon as you open the package. This set includes two big sketchbooks, one coloring book, and one gift box. This is an excellent professional drawing set for artists of all levels.

Safe Art Kits

All the tools of this art set are made from high-quality materials. This art kit has been tested and is completely safe, and it will not cause harm to children or adults. The crayons, pencils, markers, and pastels included in this kit are non-toxic and comply with ASTM D4236. Anyone can use these art kits safely and without any worries.

Perfect Gift Box

All art supplies are neatly packaged in a wonderful wooden case before being placed in a lovely gift box. It is very simple to transport and utilize at school, office, or home. It is a beautiful gift for any occasion.

Return Policy

If you are unhappy with their excellent quality and customer service, they will refund your money. Contact them if you are dissatisfied with their drawing tools art sets, and they will do all necessary to make things right.


  • Perfect gift item.
  • Best drawing kit for beginners and professionals
  • The watercolors are strong and bright.


  • The box is light. So, handle it carefully
  • Little heavy to carry by hand

5. Castle Art Supplies

This complete artist kit offers everything you need to start with charcoal, pastels, and pencils. The graphite drawing pencils are perfect for creating fine lines and details, while the Sketch set is ideal for rough sketches and outlining.

Key Features

A Complete Set

With this complete artist kit, you’ll have everything you need to create beautiful works of art. The charcoals and pastels are perfect for adding color and texture to your sketches. 

Appropriate to All

It is designed for experienced and novice sketchers and is supervised by professionals. Charcoal, graphite, and pastel pencils, as well as the sticks made from graphite and charcoal, blenders, and other instruments, all are tested to push your creative limits.

Easy to Pick

It is an ultimate drawing set in a durable, attractive zipper bag that unfolds into orderly portions that stand up for easy picking. They make the perfect carrying case for artists. Not only is it spacious enough to fit all of your supplies, but it also has a pop-up stand built-in, which makes it perfect for artists who are always on the go. So, it is one of the best art supplies for professionals beyond any doubt.

Easy to Handle

It’s also balanced and contoured for easy handling and management. Its excellent quality, reliable performance from non-sliver wood and break-defying leads, and a blender to try different methods will amaze you.


  • Pencils are of top quality
  • Ideal for pencil artist
  • Excellent quality carrying case


  • Don’t include colored pencils
  • Charcoal pencil is too soft

6. US Art Supply

The US Art Supply Deluxe Art Set is the perfect gift for any artist. This set comes with a wooden carrying case, 82 pieces of art supplies, and a bonus of 20 pieces. With this set, you’ll have everything you need to create beautiful pieces of art. Perhaps, you are a beginner or an experienced artist, and this set will surely help you create your best work yet.

Key Features

Excellent Gift Item

Any artist will appreciate the Deluxe Art Set from US Art Supply. A wooden carry case, 82 art supplies, and 20 extra pieces are included in this set. With this collection, you’ll have everything you need to create magnificent works of art. 

Safe to Environment

Watercolor and vivid paint colors will bring your artwork to life with the help of 24 superb performing performers. The watercolor paints are non-toxic, water-based, and fulfill ASTM D4236 and EN71 requirements. They are acid-free, which makes them the best drawing kit for youngsters.

Complete Set

This package comes with an incredible 82-piece wooden box art kit. It includes watercolor paint color cakes, mixing trays, paintbrushes, premium oil pastel colors, premium colored pencils, graphite pencils, pencil sharpening, eraser, and a ruler.

This one-of-a-kind creativity package includes a 24 sheets watercolor painting paper pad, premium sketch paper pad, and premium hardbound field sketchbook. It includes quality paintbrushes, a plastic painting palette, and a color mixing wheel.


  • A complete set for all artist
  • Comes with a wooden case
  • The manufacturer offers a refund or replacement
  • Best art supplies for professionals


  • Contains small parts, not suitable for children 3 years old and under
  • Case is lightweight

7. Bellofy Sketching Drawing Kit

The Bellofy Sketching Drawing Kit is perfect for those who want to explore their artistic abilities quickly and efficiently. Sketching has never been easier with 12 graphite pencils, one charcoal pencil, and an eraser included in this set.

Key Features

Complete Drawing Set

Anyone can use this drawing set. It is suitable for professional artists or amateurs. Kids and adults of all ages will also enjoy it to use. When you buy this, you’ll get a lot of different drawing pencils. This art kit comes with graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, metallic pencils, and a lot more.

This set also includes 3 blending stumps. You will also get a water brush pen, a fine liner pen, and an eraser that will rich your collections of art tools.

Easy to Carry on

This professional drawing tools set comes with a beautiful Travel bag. All of these art supplies are neatly organized in a travel-friendly organizer. That will store and protect your creative equipment in a single, well-organized case that is easy to transport. 

Perfect Gift

Anyone will be happy if they get this drawing set as a surprise gift. It has a ton of stuff in a nice eye-catching case. It’s the best art supply for professionals who love to explore new artwork tools. This is a drawing kit that allows everyone to sketch quickly and easily.


  • Contains an exclusive water brush pen
  • Rich, vibrant color
  • Pre-sharpened tips
  • Sandpaper block included


  • Don’t provide a notebook.

8. Darnassus 132-Piece Art Set

The Darnassus 132-Piece Art Set is a great option for anyone who loves to paint, draw, or do any kind of artsy stuff in general. This set includes an assortment of pencils and pastels that will create the perfect ambiance while you work on your masterpiece. The best part about this set is that it is cheap and will add value to your art collection.

Key Features

A Complete Set

It includes everything that a new or veteran artist wants to get started—this is the best art supplies for professionals and youngsters. The set consists of colored pencils, oil pastels, dual-tip markers, and watercolor cakes. You will also get an eraser, pencil sharpener, markers, palette, brush, many sheets of writing paper, and A5 paper.

Light Weight

You don’t need to worry about carrying these huge collections of the drawing set. Because it comes with a very trendy, lightweight, and colorful box with a handle, it is very easy to carry anywhere and attractive to look at. The case carries a lot of creative supplies, organizes them, and is easily accessible. Its external locking clasps make it simple to convey.

High-Quality Product

This is a high-quality drawing set that will amaze you. Every pencil, pastel, sharpener, marker, etc., are made from quality raw materials. But if you are not satisfied with any of the products, you can always talk to them and solve your issue.


  • Full-sized marker pen
  • Compact portable case
  • Non-toxic material
  • Multiple drawing tools


  • The box is made from cardboard

9. NIL-Tech Art Supplies

NIL-Tech Art Supplies are a great way to get started to improve your drawing skills or share your artistic talent. This artist kit is a complete step-by-step guide to creating stunning and high-quality artworks with graphite pencils. It contains 37 Charcoals, a graphite pencil, and a sketch set. The set also comes with a charcoal brush to apply the charcoal on the graphite pencils.

Key Features

Digital eBook

Drawing is something you can do without fail, as long as you learn the steps outlined in tutorials. You will get a digital eBook with this set that helps you learn to draw sequentially. They also provide you with the weekly tutorial, and by completing all the tasks, you can find art like a pro. 

Pencil Pouch

The set is organized in a pencil pouch that is so cute easy to grab. You can carry it wherever you go. Each tool has a particular place to hold on. So, when traveling, it will not be a mess. It will inspire you to draw a lot with this kit. Everything about it is great. 

Beautiful Gift Item

It is very handy to use. It also comes in a beautiful box and includes instructions and tutorials for drawing on it, making it a perfect gift item for all. You can surprise someone planning to begin art as it is the best drawing kit for beginners.


  • Give access to digital eBook
  • Non-toxic material
  • Easy replacement and return policy
  • Provides an electric pencil sharpener


  • Only graphite and charcoal pencils included

10. POPYOLA Art Supplies

POPYOLA Art Supplies is a good choice for the artist who wants a wooden art set that he can use as a drawing tool. The set comes with all kinds of tools, such as crayons, colored pencils, and pens. It has been designed with artists, suitable for beginners and professionals.

Key Features

Wide Range of Drawing Kit

This big set includes a wide range of drawing tools that anyone needs to art. It contains crayons, oil pastels, watercolor powder, and color pencils for you. You will also get many sandpaper blocks, brushes, a high-quality eraser, sharpener, sketch pencils, and sketch pads with it.

Safe for Children

The drawing, painting, and art equipment are safe for children. Children from 3 years old can utilize it, but be cautious. Be careful about the health of the children first. All tools and paints are safe to use by young children. But, it is always recommended to use it under an adult’s supervision.

High-Quality Art Set

With non-toxic material, it makes a high-quality premium art set. It comes with a wooden box and a built-in drawer that organizes every tool in a disciplined manner, making it a perfect gift item for an aspiring artist. All the colors blend perfectly to give a highly professional look to each piece of art.


  • Safe for children
  • Professional art set for all
  • Non-toxic materials


  • Some odor can come on first opening
  • The box should be handled carefully

Best Drawing Sets Buying Guide

best drawing sets

Do you want a new set of drawing pencils but aren’t sure what to look for? I know that being an artist can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you should just settle for the cheapest set of drawing pencils you can find. I’ll share with you some tips on what to look for when you’re shopping for drawing sets.

Range of Shades

The most important thing to look for when shopping for drawing pencils is the range of available shades. A set with a wide range of shades will be more versatile and allow you to create a wider range of shading and detail.

Quality of The Set

One thing to look for is the quality of the pencils. The pencils should have consistent color, be sharpened evenly, and leave a minimal smudge. The set should be able to write on both light and dark surfaces. Another thing to think about is the paper – it should be thick and sturdy and withstand erasing and correcting. Finally, think about the art experience you want and find a set that includes everything you need.

Age of the Person

The other thing you need to consider is the person’s age using the set of drawing pencils. Younger artists may prefer sets with brighter colors, while more experienced artists may prefer sets with more muted colors.

Novice or Professional

Artists have a lot of options when it comes to drawing sets. Which ones you choose depends on the kind of artist you are. If you’re a professional, you’ll want the more full-featured set. If you’re a novice or somewhere between, the novice set will probably suit you better.

The Product’s Cost

You’ll want to find the best drawing sets that you can afford within your budget. However, don’t just settle for the cheapest set you can find. A good drawing set will last you for years, so it’s worth investing in a quality set.

The Product’s Durability

Though there are many choices on the market, not all sets are created equal. The best sets are made from strong materials that are durable and easy to use. Also, it should be comfortable to hold, easy to clean, and offer a range of pencils to shade drawings. These sets last the longest and are those that your children will be most proud of.

How Do You Keep Your Drawings Clean?

Drawing is all about skill, practice, and patience. You may have drawn before and done many really good drawings, but sometimes, it gets messy when you start to create a drawing, and that’s just not cool. Here we will tell you how to keep your drawing clean with techniques that will help you. You can use the following methods.

  • Clean Your Hands
  • Place a Paper Towel Under Your Hand
  • Put Wax Paper or Page Protector Between Your Pages
  • Use a Fixative, Not Hairspray
  • Use Clean and Right Eraser

Clean Your Hands

It is the first step because a dirty hand can ruin your work by living spots. Especially when you are painting with watercolor, don’t ever use a wet hand. If the paint gets stuck in hand, wash it and dry with a towel before repainting.

Place a Paper Towel Under Your Hand

Try always to place a paper towel under your hand while painting because it will prevent the color from smudging. Try not to rub the paper under your hand too roughly. It will cause more smudging eventually. Meanwhile, you can use masking tape to secure the paper from displacing.

Put Wax Paper or Page Protector Between Your Pages

Always put paper or page protectors between your pages to prevent artwork blurring. Cut the paper in the right size of your painting and place them after you have finished your work. Make sure the painting is dry enough before placing the paper.

Use a Fixative, Not Hairspray

Many artists use hairsprays to protect their paintings. But it is not the right way because eventually, it will damage your artwork in the long run. Fixatives are specially made to protect your masterpiece for a very long time without causing any damage.

Use Clean and Right Eraser

Another way to keep your drawings clean is by using the right eraser. Always clean your eraser as it can leave a dark spot while erasing another mistake. Be careful not to use too much pressure when erasing, as smudging can cause. You can also try using an electric eraser, which is a great option for removing large areas of color or ink.


What is a Drawing Set?

The best drawing set is the one that has all the supplies you need. This could include pencils, pens, colored pencils, charcoal, paint, watercolor, eraser, blending stumps, sharpener, and brushes.

How Do You Add a Drawing to Procure?

To procure your drawing for a long time, at first, use non-chemical materials. Avoid direct sunlight, excess humidity, and dust. Seal your painting by varnishing. Try to frame your work. If not possible, store it in an air-tight box.

How Do You Draw Ideas?

You need to understand the basics to draw your idea. That is understanding space, edges, shadows, light, and relationship to each other. You may need some professional classes or use your imaginations to draw as you wish.

What is a Drawing Set Procure?

There are a few ways to procure your drawing set. The most crucial factor is to keep the tools and materials in good condition. One way to do this is to store them in a dry place, like a drawer or cabinet, and keep the humidity level low. You can also purchase storage cases or bags specially designed for storing art supplies.

What Device Do You Use to Draw?

You can use a graphics tablet, pen tablet, or digital artboard to draw in digital media. You can make hand-drawn images, illustrations, and graphics images using computer input devices. Otherwise, you can use a pencil, paint, watercolor, or color pencil to draw on paper.

What Do Professional Artists Use to Draw?

Professional artists use verities of products to draw. They use graphite pencils, colored and pastel pencils, graphite sticks, Charcoal sticks, different sizes of brushes, dip pens, erasers, craft knives, stumps, sharpeners, etc., to draw their masterpieces.


Luckily, there are many products that you can easily find in the market, but only a few of them are those which you can use for the perfect drawing. That is why it is better to plan your art project before buying a drawing set—plan which one of them you need. 

You can find more info on picking the best drawing sets for any art project. At least, based on these tips and suggestions, or even upon your own experiences, you will have an idea when purchasing drawing materials, whether they are good or bad.

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