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When the time comes to upgrade or replace your old downspouts, you have a few options. The obvious first choice is the style of downspout extensions for gutters that you are looking for. Downspout extensions offer an inexpensive and easy solution to water runoff beautifully and naturally.

Paula, you must have seen the recent news about downspout extensions collapsing and causing house fires. My neighbor lost everything he owns due to such a fire! No amount of insurance will ever replace what was lost. He had no idea that debris could build up near the eaves of his roof, let alone down his rain gutter!

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Leading 10 Best Downspout Extension Reviews

1. Plusgutter Brown 2-Pack Rain Gutter Downspout Extensions Flexible,

This rain gutter extension helps divert damaging rainwater away from your foundation. The flexible downspout adaptor can be extended up to 60 inches, making it suitable for various home’s gutter protectant needs. Made with a split design, the interface is hard to tear apart or crack because it contains ABS injection molding. The hose is made with a high-quality PE material that won’t crack or crease after prolonged use. This flexible downspout adapter is perfect for nearly any residential situation, including 2 x 3 inch, 3 x 4 inch, and even 3 x 3-inch downspouts.

Flexible downspout extensions are easy to install, adaptable, and light. They prevent rainwater from damaging your foundation and can extend from 21 to 60 inches in length. These flexible gutter extensions utilize a ridged design that allows easy installation in any soil.

2. SDSNTE 46“ Flexible and Durable Automatic Downspout

This Flexible and Durable Automatic Downspout Extender fits your standard downspouts (2’’ x 3’’ and 3’’ x 4’’). It will keep water away from the foundation, providing a safe space for your plants, shrubs, or flowers. With an advanced design, it unrolls automatically when it is full of water and rolls back up when it is empty. It can be easily installed by inserting the downspout into the extender before securing both parts with zip ties or rubber strips. All this takes only minutes to complete!

This product is designed to extend standard 2’’ X 3’’ or 3’’ X 4′ downspouts to keep water away from your foundation. It will auto-unroll when the spout is complete, and roll back when it is empty. The spikes at the end of the extender will help drain water away, along with a thicker rubber strip that can be used to secure the downspout and extender tightly together.

3. plus gutter White 2-Pack Rain Gutter Downspout Extensions

Protect your foundation by diverting damaging rainwater with the gutter downspout extender. This flexible rainwater drainage can easily extend up to 60 inches to divert rainwater where you want it to go, preventing damage to your foundation. Once installed and connected, this drain will remain flexible and maintain its shape while being durable enough to be buried in the ground.

Use this gutter downspout extension to easily drain your gutters to divert rainwater where you want it. Its split design allows it to be buried in the ground instead of hanging down from your house, saving space on your property and making installation quick and straightforward. This versatile downspout extender is also great for commercial buildings, such as apartment buildings, offices, or warehouses.

4. Amerimax 2-Pack Stone Flexible Downspout Extension Gutter

This flexible downspout extension is an ideal solution if you want to protect your home from unwanted stormwater. Made of UV-resistant vinyl, it’s durable enough to withstand the elements for many years. The extension easily fits 2-inch x 3-inch and 3-inch x 4-inch downspouts and extends from 25 to 55 inches. Available in several colors, it’s easy to coordinate with your home’s exterior design.

The Flexible Downspout Extension Gutter Connector is a simple solution to prevent water damage around your home. Just connect the rainwater drainage to your downspout and let Mother Nature do the rest. This extension connects to 2″ x 3″ or 3″ x 4″ downspouts and comes in various colors to coordinate with your home.

5. Amerimax Green Flexible Downspout Extension Gutter

Amerimax Green Flexible Downspout Extensions help divert unwanted stormwater away from your home’s foundation when connected to a downspout. The flexible design easily bends and holds its shape, while its corrugated design enables you to bury, connect and turn the extension. Available in various colors to match your home’s exterior, this product is built with vinyl material for durability.

The Amerimax Green Flexible Downspout Extension is an excellent addition to your home if you want to divert unwanted stormwater away from your home’s foundation. It comes in various colors to match your home’s exterior, and its flexible design easily bends and holds its shape. In contrast, its corrugated design enables you to bury, connect and turn the extension. The downspout extension features a 25-55 inch length that can be extended for as much rainwater drainage as you need.

6. plus gutter Black 1-Pack Rain Gutter Downspout Extensions Flexible,

This gutter rainwater extension is an excellent way to divert rainwater away from your foundation, protecting your home from damage. This downspout extender can be extended from 21 inches to 60 inches to divert rainwater where you want it to go, preventing damage to your foundation. Use this split design to avoid cracks and holes in other extensions brands. This flexible design allows you to easily install it on your own and without drilling into your home’s structure.

The downspout gutter extension is compatible with most residential downspouts, such as 2×3 inch and 3×4 inch downspouts. It can protect the foundation of your home or divert rainwater where you want it to go. Its flexible design allows you to insert the hose into the gaps between gutter paddles easily and its corrugated design will enable it to be buried in the ground without damaging it.

7. Flex-Drain 53227 Flexible Downspout Extension Adapter,

Connect your downspout to 3″ or 4″ drain pipes with this white flex-a-spout downspout extension adapter. This flexible pipe is compatible with most traditional 3-inch and 4-inch corrugated pipe and 4-inch PVC. It can extend up to 16″, allowing you to create a drain system that fits your home’s existing conditions.

Flex-drain pipe is color-coordinated and made of polypropylene and polyethylene. This downspout extension can connect to 3″ and 4″ corrugated drain pipes. The downspout adapter side is 2″ by 3″. This extension has a load-bearing rating that exceeds industry standards for strength and durability(ASTM).

8. Flex-Drain 51910 Flexible/Expandable Landscaping Drain Pipe,

If you need to drain water from a flower bed, vegetable garden, or trench, then our Flex-Drain is just what you need. This drainage method allows rainwater to flow into the soil and away from retaining walls, foundations and lawns. Our Flex-Drain is used by professional landscapers, contractors & do-it-yourselfers worldwide!

Flex-Drain’s 4-inch perforated pipe is ideal for landscape and ground water drainage. The expanding and flexible PVC makes it easy to install. This durable, leading brand is America’s original perforated drain pipe and has been providing a quality product for over 30 years. Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, this is the perfect sturdy solution for your landscaping needs.

9. TOYMIS 2 Pack Gutter Downspout Extensions From 21 to 58 Inches,

These flexible gutter downspout extenders work great to keep rainwater from damaging your foundation. The split design allows for easy bending and for burying in the ground for external complex conditions. This 2-pack of downspout adapters can be used with 2×3″, 3×4″, and 3×3″ gutters. You can cut the adapters to any convenient length, so they’re incredibly versatile. They use premium quality pe hose material that is lightweight, durable, explosion proof, and antifreeze resistant. Each adapter has an extra set of screws so you can secure them directly to your downspouts without any problems.

This raindownpipe can be used in almost any downspout system. The extension can be installed on the ground to divert water flow and prevent erosion. It is easy to prevent expensive damage to the foundations of a home when it rains.

10. Black Gutter Downspout Extension,

The interface at both ends of the downpipe adopts the abs injection molding process, which is thickened and will not be damaged or broken. The middle hose is made of PE material, which is easy to expand and contract, has no creases, will not be damaged due to elongation and shortening, and is durable. You can choose one or three corrugated vinyl hoses in different colors (yellow, red, grey); all extension pipes are compatible with the standard diameter six inches-3/4 inch push-down gutter and pipe rain gutters.

These downspout extenders allow you to easily divert rainwater where you want it to protect foundations and water your garden. They were designed in two parts: the end with a vertical clip that fits over the end of your existing rain gutter and the lengthening part, which allows you to lengthen or shorten these extensions based on your needs easily. The split design makes it easy to increase the extension pipe and extend the discharge distance.

Use of Downspout Extension

Downspout extension is an easy way to add length to your existing downspout, allowing you to move water further away from your foundation and ensure it doesn’t pool up near the house. The extension is usually made of plastic or metal and attaches directly to the end of your existing downspout pipe. You can purchase extensions in various lengths, or you can build your own.

To use the extension, attach it to the end of your existing downspout pipe with a hose clamp or other fastener. If you’re using a metal extension, use stainless steel bolts long enough to go through both pieces of metal but not protrude beyond them on either side (so you don’t scratch any siding).


Do Downspout Extenders Work?

The answer is yes. Downspout extenders work and can be a lifesaver for your house. But there are some things to consider before purchasing them for your home.

Downspout extenders are relatively simple devices that attach to the end of a downspout and branch out from there. They’re used to carry water away from your roof and down the side of your house so that it doesn’t drip onto your foundation or create other problems.

Downspout extenders can be made out of metal or plastic, but they all serve the same purpose: to direct water away from the roof area and toward the ground.

When choosing which type of downspout extender you want to purchase, make sure it’s made of high-quality materials like steel or PVC plastic because these will last longer than others will (and they won’t rust!). Also, look for one that is easy to install so that you don’t have any trouble getting it up there on your roof where it needs to go!

How Do You Keep Downspout Extensions in Place?

Downspout extensions can be hard to keep in place, but there are a few things you can do to make sure they stay put.

First, ensure the extension is secured tightly to your house or building using screws. This will keep it from coming loose and falling.

If you’re using a downspout extension made out of metal or plastic, consider applying caulk around the edges of the wing so that water doesn’t leak through cracks.

Finally, you can consider adding weight to the bottom edge of your extension. This will help keep it from blowing away in strong winds and storms.

How Do You Extend a Gutter Downspout for Drainage?

Extending a gutter downspout for drainage is easy, but there are some essential considerations that you’ll need to make before you start.

First, consider the size of your downspout. If it’s too small, it won’t be able to handle the extra water flow from your new extension. It would help if you also thought about where the water will drain once it’s funneled into your downspout extension. Is there enough space for all the extra water? Do you have an area where you can direct the water so it doesn’t cause problems?

Once you’ve answered these questions and determined whether or not extending your downspout will benefit your home’s drainage system, all that’s left is growing it!

For this job, we recommend using PVC pipe as it is both sturdy enough for outdoor use and flexible enough to give you plenty of options when attaching it to other parts of your house or yard.

What is the Best Downspout Material?

The best downspout material depends on what you need it for. If you’re looking for something that can withstand the elements, then galvanized steel is probably your best bet. It’s durable, solid and resistant to rusting.

However, aluminum is probably your best bet if you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to install. Aluminum is also resistant to rusting and corrosion, so it’ll hold up well over time.


I got tired of many downspout extensions on the market, so I went with a shop vac base and modified it to fit my needs. It works great!

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