Best Dot Matrix Printer: Top 10 Picks

Any business that has to print invoices, manuals, reports, or other multi-part documents regularly needs a reliable printer. Whether the company makes, sells, or offers financial services is true. As a result, printers with a Dot matrix printhead are the only ones that operate properly in this environment. They’re the only printers that function. These printers create text and pictures by pressing pins against an ink ribbon, similar to how a typewriter prints. They just need a small amount of human interaction.

Even though laser and inkjet printers are rapidly replacing them, dot matrix printers are necessary for numerous copies of a document. Keep the following points into consideration while looking for the best dot matrix printer. Below are the top ten best and some of the most critical factors to consider. To learn more, continue reading.

Our Favorite Best Dot Matrix Printer

Description Table

OKI MICROLINE 320 Dot Matrix Printer Print speed 435 cps.
Product weight 12.8 pounds.
Print resolution 240x 216.
21.4x 21.3x 9.4 inches.
Epson C31C514767 Dot Matrix Receipt PrinterProduct weight 1 pound.
Print speed 16 cpi.
Maximum print resolution 180 dpi.
17.5x 11.8x 9.6 inches.
Citizen America CBM-910IIMaximum print speed 1.8 lines.
Product weight 1.04 pounds.
Print speed 2.5 lines.
4.17x 7.08x 3.46 inches.
OKI 62418701 MICROLINE 420 Product weight 17 pounds.
Print speed 570 cps.
20.76x 21.5x 9.25 inches.
Printer resolution 240x 216.
OKI 62411701 Microline 321The printer weighs 8 pounds.
Print resolution 240x 216.
Print speed 32 ppm.
27.2x 20.5x 9.2 inches.
Oki MICROLINE 320 TurboProduct weight 18.05 pounds.
Print resolution 240x 216.
Print speed 435 cps.
20.5x 9.25x 21.25 inches.
Oki MICROLINE 421 Print speed 570 cps.
The printer weighs 21.2 pounds.
Printer resolution 240x 216.
20.5x 27.5x 9.5 inches.
OKI 62411601 Microline 320Product weight 16.57 pounds.
Printer speed 436 cps.
21x 20.5x 9.25 inches.
Print resolution 240x 216.
Oki 91909701 MICROLINE 420 Product weight 17.05 pounds.
Product resolution 240x 216.
20.05x 21x 09 inches.
Printer speed 570 cps.
Epson FX-890II Product weight 15.09 pounds.
Printer speed 738 cps.
17.02x 14.08x 6.09 inches.
Printer resolution 240x 144.

Top 10 Best Dot Matrix Printer Buyer’s Guide

1. OKI MICROLINE 320 Dot Matrix Printer

When in need of the best dot matrix printer capable of handling a high number of print jobs with the least amount of work, the Oki MICROLINE 320 is a fantastic choice. Optimal for automation and point-of-sale applications, OKI’s top 9-pin dot matrix printer is an excellent choice.



It is feasible that a printer with a 9-pin print head with a more powerful, lighter, and less expensive motor with reduced friction might perform better than a printer with a 6-pin print head.


In addition, the MICROLINE 320 makes it easier to utilize a computer. Connecting to a broad range of devices is made possible via USB and IEEE parallel ports. Furthermore, customized and off-the-shelf software may coexist in the same environment.


An optical sensor feeds and positions the print head in the printer, ensuring that it does not move or get trapped in the wrong area. Zero-auto tear aligns your forms for a clean rip just at the perforation, reducing paper waste and providing a consistent supply of paper.


  • Product weight 12.8 pounds.
  • Print resolution 240x 216 .
  • 21.4x 21.3x 9.4 inches.


  • It gets gorgeous and performs better.
  • It’s perfect for shaping.
  • A new paper driving technique increased print quality.
  • It means the structure is robust.
  • USB and IEEE are the two options for connecting.


  • Inclined feeder pans may harm machine rails. As a result, and the machine catches more office garbage.

2. Epson C31C514767 Dot Matrix Receipt Printer

The TM-U220 series is available in various configurations to meet customers’ needs. Using the Cutter feature on the TM-Auto U220B, you may make complete or partial cuts on your materials. In addition, you may use this feature to determine whether or not your printer is functioning properly.



These devices operate with iOS, Android, and Windows phones and are already configured to function with mobile POS software. All essential features, such as two-color exception printing, right-side printing, and crisp, precise logo printing, are accessible for retail and foodservice printing applications.

Quality and flexibility 

Some features, including drop-in paper loading, two-color printing in black and red, and a paper width function that allows you to print on 58, 70, or 76 mm paper rolls for more flexibility and cost savings, are included with the TM-U220B. (auto-cutter model only).

Easy to use

The TM-U220 receipt printer is a superb piece of equipment. The TM-U220 is an excellent choice if you want a dependable printer that can print on plain paper in three different widths. It is also quite affordable. It has a clamshell top, making it easy to get to and maintain the unit.


  • Product weight 1 pound.
  • Maximum print resolution 180 dpi.
  • 17.5x 11.8x 9.6 inches.


  • An auto paper cutter
  • There are numerous sizes to choose from.
  • It takes up less space.
  • It’s ideal for mounting on a wall.
  • The printing task execute to a high standard.


  • A little on the expensive side.

3. Citizen America CBM-910II

In terms of strength, the CBM910II is one of the most compact point-of-sale printers available on the market. In addition to generating bank cards, POS systems, and currency counters, this small serial dot matrix printer is also useful for other tasks.



There are designs for paper widths of three inches (83 and 80 mm) and two inches (51 mm) (60 and 58 mm). A power supply has already been installed. Memory switches allow the user to personalize how the gadget operates and performs.


It is possible to print barcode and 2D barcode symbols using the printer. It is feasible to keep logos, footers, fonts, and keywords in their original form. Apps that are not available in the app store, such as this one, may be obtained from other sources.


The CT-basic S601 has various interfaces available, including USB, serial RS-232, and parallel. There are drivers for Java POS, OPOS, and CUPS printers for Windows XP (32 and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit), and Windows XP (32 and 64-bit) (32 and 64-bit).


  • Product weight 1.04 pounds.
  • Print speed 2.5 lines.
  • 4.17x 7.08x 3.46 inches.


  • The price is reasonable.
  • It’s a simple task to load paper.
  • It’s putting everything together as rapidly as possible.
  • A dot matrix printer is also available for use at the desk.


  • Increases efficiency

4. OKI 62418701 MICROLINE 420

Like the Oki MicroLine 320, this printer is designed for use in industries where many jobs must be accomplished in a short period, such as finance departments.



The Microline 420 is not comparable to the Microline 320 print speed. Microline 320 sends data at a rate of 435 characters per second. The quickest setting, Microline 420, “SuperSpeed Draft Mode,” the quickest setting, outputs 570 characters per second.


A nine-pin print head with strong samarium magnets and high-quality pins prints text and images. It enables the printer to operate at such a high degree of efficiency. The print head can print up to 400 million characters at any one moment.


The printer offers a zero-tear feature that helps you properly arrange the forms for a clean perforation rip. It also uses OKI’s proprietary closed-loop feedback technology to ensure correctly placed characters. As a result, the quantity of rubbish created is reduced.


  • Product weight 17 pounds.
  • 20.76x 21.5x 9.25 inches.
  • Printer resolution 240x 216.


  • It is helpful for high-resolution printing photos.
  • very faster than light’s speed
  • With 400 million characters, this printhead is incredible.
  • A feedback loop system is also known as a feedback loop.
  • It’s starting to load on its own.


  • Paper jams occur rarely.

5. OKI 62411701 Microline 321

The Microline 321 Turbo printer is ideal for home or small businesses. This OKI Dot Matrix printer’s 240 x 216 dpi resolution guarantees no detail loss throughout the printing process. The OKI printer features 64 KB of memory by default, making it simple to save vital data.



This printer measures 20.5 by 27 by 9.5 inches and weighs 21.3 pounds. It was made to last since it would be used in bad weather. In sleep mode, the printer uses less energy than in standard mode. The printer uses 37 watts of electricity while running.


This OKI Dot Matrix printer has a USB interface that connects to your PC or laptop to simplify data retrieval because this OKI printer helps you do your tasks faster.

Resolution and quality

Rack and pinion drives provide a better print over time than belt or cable drives. The printer can print 435 black-and-white characters per second at 240 x 216 dpi.


  • Printer weight 8 pounds.
  • Print resolution 240x 216.
  • 27.2x 20.5x 9.2 inches.


  • Reduce your energy use.
  • It is non-rippable and safe to use.
  • Allows for substantially thicker paper to be handled.
  • Forms not discard. They’re put to excellent use.
  • Putting it together is simple.
  • Ribbons are inexpensive to produce and endure for a long time.
  • Capable of surviving in severe environments.


  • Vibrations occur while the car is travelling at high speeds.

6. Oki MICROLINE 320 Turbo

Because of its tank-like architecture, this printer is built to last. This 9-pin printer has been improved to handle the toughest point-of-sale, automation, and utility jobs. It takes longer to print than the great majority of printers in its class. It’s also inexpensive so you may install it anywhere you need it.



The Microline 320 Turbo is an excellent option for a point-of-sale impact printer with automation capabilities. There are IEEE parallel and USB connectors available. Reliability, a smaller head gap, and zero-tear capabilities are crucial features for form printing.


The printhead is built to last 200 million characters, so you can count on it to print. You can decrease friction, heat buildup, and wear by using a lighter, stronger, and more efficient motor. Rack and pinion drives provide a better print over time than belt or cable drives. The printer can print 435 black-and-white characters per second at 240 x 216 dpi.

Efficient production

It is possible to make five copies simultaneously: This machine can handle multi-part forms and stock paper with a thickness up to double that of the nearest rival.


  • Product weight 18.05 pounds.
  • Print resolution 240x 216.
  • 20.5x 9.25x 21.25 inches.


  • There is no waste because of the printer’s optical sensor and auto-tear and clean-tear features.
  • It may be utilized in almost any situation.
  • A product that satisfies the energy star requirements consumes little energy.
  • There is a lifetime warranty due to the chassis’s resistance to damage.


  • Due to the loudness, it is difficult to hear people in this area.

7. Oki MICROLINE 421

This printer, which is designed for large-volume printing applications, produces outputs of extraordinarily high quality at speeds that are almost dizzyingly fast, making it a great option for such applications.



It is possible to print a maximum of 570 characters per second when the printer is in “SuperSpeed Draft mode” while it is functioning in this mode. Up to 15-20 pages may be generated per minute, which is considerable for a company’s productivity.


The printer can print 400 million characters before the print head has to be changed since it features a long-lasting print head that lasts a long time. In a long time, we haven’t performed any new work.


Using the printer’s automated paper loading mechanism and built-in paper splitter, feeding paper into the tractor and continuing to operate the printer is as simple as it gets. We can guarantee that the forms align for a clean rip at the perforation, reducing waste and increasing productivity using zero-tear mechanisms.


  • Printer weight 21.2 pounds.
  • Printer resolution 240x 216.
  • 20.5x 27.5x 9.5 inches.


  • You’ll be able to print 17000 pages at once in the future.
  • On-the-go printing.
  • Unique print head that can endure a lot of abuse.
  • Artwork that is very detailed and well-illustrated.
  • It’s starting to load on its own.


  • Office workers must use conveyor pans with curved edges so that junk may easily flow into tracks and be broken up.

8. OKI 62411601 Microline 320

You may print as much as you want with this 9-pin dot matrix printer. This machine’s paper handling and output accuracy have been improved, allowing it to perform better. Rack-and-pinion drives outlast belt and cable drives. A clean tear at the perforation is accomplished by inserting continuous forms with outstanding accuracy.



Dot-matrix printers are well-known for their high-quality output all around the globe. It also has a printer with a capacity of 200 million characters and an optical sensor, making it ideal for use in crowded offices.


This printer is designed to resist heavy usage, and the printer’s quick ribbon change ensures less downtime and more production. Printhead-to-platen contact distance may be changed to accommodate additional shapes. When ripping is mechanized, less paper is wasted.

Print quality 

The Oki matrix printer has a maximum output speed of 75 char per sec when operating at its fastest setting.


  • Product weight 16.57 pounds.
  • 21x 20.5x 9.25 inches.
  • Print resolution 240x 216.


  • The lighter, stronger, and the more efficient machine will minimize friction and heat.
  • An alternative to belt or cable drive systems is a rack and pinion drive system.
  • A shock-proof casing protects the whole system.


  • Certain items may have manufacturing flaws that reconditioning cannot fix.

9. Oki 91909701 MICROLINE 420

The OKI MicroLine420 has been improved to endure challenging printing environments. It is equipped with energy management capabilities that match the amount of power used to the size of the print job, extending the printer’s life. The ML420 is appropriate for usage in even the most hazardous environments due to its ergonomic design and impact-resistant chassis.



It comes in handy since it can print up to 4 million characters on a single ribbon and handle 6-part forms. This printer will survive a long time thanks to its 400 million-word print head. Twenty thousand hours is the mean time between failures (MTBF) (mean time between failures).

Speed and resolution

When set at its fastest setting, this printer can print at a pace of 570 characters per second (for the 9-pin model when operating in super speed mode). DPI (dots per inch) is the highest possible print resolution (dpi).

Efficient production

The ML420 is suitable for various applications, including kitchen countertops, factories, and other locations. The head gap may be widened to accommodate a variety of materials and forms. 


  • Product weight 17.05 pounds.
  • Product resolution 240x 216.
  • 20.05x 21x 09 inches.


  • Throughout a lengthy time,
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Streams that do not flow and are not filthy produce less waste.
  • A built-in fan helps to keep the printer cool during long print jobs.
  • They are designed to operate with Windows 10’s most current version.


  • There is no option for wired printing.

10. Epson FX-890II

Epson’s new FX-890 dot matrix printer is a slim and compact device that prints quickly and consistently on various paper types. If you run a vehicle dealership or work in the transportation or finance industries, you should seek high-performance, low-cost alternatives that function effectively.


Outstanding reliability

Epson’s dot matrix technology improves the average duration between failures by 25% to 25,000 power-on hours when utilized in severe conditions or without routine maintenance.

Print speeds

The FX-890II’s quicker USB (ultra speed draft) speed of 735 characters per second at 12 characters per inch may benefit those who require multiple copies of items such as stock reports, invoices, or freight paperwork.

Compact design

Epson’s best dot matrix printers have a sleek, contemporary appearance with a tiny footprint and low profile. The Epson FX-890II may easily be updated to keep up with the changes as your company expands. It’s simple to add new features at any moment, providing you with a lot of flexibility and control.


  • Product weight 15.09 pounds.
  • 17.02x 14.08x 6.09 inches.
  • Printer resolution 240x 144.


  • Larger print runs may now be completed more rapidly.
  • Its power-on time has been increased by 25% to 25,000 hours.
  • In today’s environment, modern office design is both contemporary and functional.
  • To achieve the highest feasible degree of energy efficiency.


  • A dot matrix printer has a cheap total cost of ownership and can print a lot.

Best Dot Matrix Printer Buying Guide

best dot matrix printer

Even though these printers are touted as easy to use, this is not always the case. There is no such thing as a free pass for electrical safety. Dot-matrix printer is prone to various problems.


Of course, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a printer. Consider your financial situation before purchasing a dot-matrix printer. Consider the recurring tasks you must do while keeping your budget in mind. Is it a bill, a receipt, or a spreadsheet that you’re looking at? If your organization prints often, you’ll need a printer to handle various tasks. However, keep in mind that not all high-priced items perform as advertised.

The number of pins determines the print quality of a dot matrix printer—a major deviation from the usual for printers. There are nine to twenty-four pins available. The print quality on the extra pins is excellent.


In general, dot matrix printers can print many characters at once. It might be anything from 50 to 5000 cps. Choose a model with additional speed choices so you can get the most out of your device. Dot-matrix printers are infamous for their slow print rates. The majority of printers provide you with the option of speeding up or slowing down the printing process.

Auto Cutter

When looking for dot matrix printers, be sure to check the tear bar and automated cutter to make sure they’re working properly. An auto cutter is a must-have piece of equipment since it may help you save time and make your work simpler.


Most of today’s New dot matrix printers are designed for high-volume printing. As a result, they must be very long-lasting and sturdy.

Energy Efficiency

Dot-matrix printers are long-lasting machines that can print for extended periods. Consequently, having a device that is both energy efficient and capable of reducing paper use is critical. It is something you should do to save money in the long term.

A best dot matrix printer print head has hundreds of pins (or wires). It inserts various pin combinations into the ink ribbon and onto the page as it glides horizontally. As a result, character shapes are generated and then printed. Previously, print heads with anything from seven to thirty-six pins were conceivable. They’re currently available in 9- or 24-pin configurations, both functional but somewhat different.

How Does a Dot Matrix Printer Work? 

Even though laser and inkjet printers have been available for many years, dot-matrix printers have become more expensive in recent years. Laser and inkjet printers, which have gained popularity in recent years, have pushed them away. When the printer must move the paper, such as with multi-part forms, they are still helpful.

The Printhead

Pins in a piezoelectric print head push out toward the paper as they travel over it, forming patterns. Dot-matrix printing is the term for this kind of printing. A nine-pin print head might be made by firing all nine pins simultaneously to create a vertical line, then eight times at the bottom to create a long L-shaped print. Because its output is formed using microscopic dots, printers with more pins, such as 24-pin versions, can print high-quality text and graphics.

The Ribbon

The print head is connected to the paper via a ribbon. The print head pins drive the ribbon into the paper as they emerge. A pre-inked fabric ribbon is often included with ribbon cartridges. The printer moves the ribbon during printing, which ultimately wears out and replaces.

Paper Handling

When employing a continuous stream of paper, dot-matrix printers outperform other printing technologies such as laser and inkjet. When the particular paper is put into the printer, sprockets on both sides grab and pull the perforated strips on both sides through the pre-punched holes. It is referred to as “feeding.” The printer can now print a large number of pages without becoming clogged.


There are some drawbacks to using dot-matrix printers, but the two most notable are as follows: The printer’s pins generate a lot of noise because of the force they contact the paper. The sound of paper being fed into the machine and a loud whine are common greetings for printer users. Another issue with their method is the output’s poor resolution, which has a distinctive dot shape. It is the second flaw in their technique. A laser printer can print at a 300-dot-per-inch resolution, whereas a dot-matrix printer can only print at 240 dots per inch. 


Compared to other kinds of printers, dot-matrix printers offer two major benefits. Their continuous feed paper handling procedures allow them to operate efficiently while feeding a large amount of paper. They’re ideal for creating numerous copies of key company papers, for starters.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Choose a Dot Matrix Printer?

An impact is used to print many pins or wires on paper or another medium. A row or rows of pins or wires are the most popular technique to connect objects. When pins contact ink-coated ribbon, the ribbon, and paper join together to produce a little dot on the paper.

Is a Dot Matrix Better than a Laser Printer?

Laser printers make images using heat and incredibly tiny ink particles. To make prints, dot-matrix printing employe. An ink-soaked ribbon was pinned to the paper using pins.

Does a Dot Matrix Printer Produce the Best Quality Printing?

The greatest results are obtained using a 24-pin dot matrix printer, such as the Epson LQ-350 A4 Mono Dot Matrix Printer.

Are Dot Matrix Printers Still Manufactured?

Despite their waning popularity, matrix printers are always utilized. This kind of equipment is still produced today in some configurations. There are several distinct kinds of matrix printers, each with different pins.

What is the Fastest Dot Matrix Printer?

When utilized for short periods, it is the quickest Dot Matrix printer. SPRINTER. Short bursts move quickly. If you seldom need to print long reports or multi-part forms, the Epson DFX 9000 is the printer for you.

What is the Difference Between a Thermal Printer and a Dot Matrix Printer?

There is no way to argue with the speed of thermal printers. Logos and other pictures carve into paper using thermal printers. Dot-matrix printers use a different approach to make graphics, such as dots. Etching produces more detailed images than dot-matrix printers on average. Thermal printers know for their durability.

Final Words

Readers will benefit from this article since it will aid them in selecting which dot matrix printer is the greatest match for their individual needs. If you’re shopping for a printer, consider how well the printer meets your needs and specifications. After completing this task, you may choose your preferred best dot matrix printer.

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