Best Dorm Room Projector – Buying Guide

College life shouldn’t be about studying, but having fun is vital. Purchasing the best dorm room projector can automatically spark your room while creating a movie theater away from home. Undoubtedly, a projector is an amazing device for all sorts of entertainment and project presentations while in school. Besides, it is advantageous to any student, as you will enjoy your free time than idling around.  

Moreover, a dorm room projector makes life lively and comfortable. But remember choosing a perfect one can be a daunting task. So, check out this article as we have filtered a few models from hundreds considering portability, high resolution, compatibility, brightness, and affordability.

Also, there are some things you must consider when shopping for a projector for a dorm room. We’ve listed them below to help you pick the perfect device for you.

Our Favorite Best Dorm Room Projector

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How to Choose a Projector for the Bedroom?

Setting up a theater within your bedroom brings out that cinema experience. You can watch movies, play games, and have fun with your family with a small projector in the bedroom. But for you to have that overwhelming experience, you need to choose the best projector for your bedroom. Let’s get to how you can buy the best.

The size of your bedroom should be your first consideration. This is for positioning your projector while leaving maximum distance to the screen. Still, you need to know the minimum distance from the projector to the screen is 1.5 to 2.5 meters.

Another thing, it is wise to have a projector that can serve you perfectly whether the lights are on or off. Thanks to innovators because you can get a modern one for your wondrous bedroom theater. Make sure the brightness is adjustable to enjoy movies in different lighting conditions.

Not only but also, find a bedroom projector depending on the furniture layout. This will help you set your projector in the right position for a better view.

Top 7 Best Dorm Room Projector- Buying Guide

1. AuKing Mini Upgraded Projector

You need the best dorm room projector; the 2022 upgraded AuKing mini projector should be your first consideration. It’s an affordable, portable projector fit for any student. The reasons you will enjoy its performance are; its contrast ratio of 2000:1 and 1080p resolution. Also, its 55,000 lamp life gives you hope of its longevity.

You can use this device when presenting projects or for entertainment purposes as a student. Though it’s a perfect projector for dorm and home use, it’s not an ideal product for business presentations or PPT.

What’s in the box?

  • AuKing Mini projector
  • Remote control
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable

Main Features

  • Quality projection

AuKing Mini is an upgraded projector with a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and supports 1080p resolution. That’s why it brings out brighter images compared to other projectors. You will enjoy the premium theater experience within your dorm room.

  • Long lamp life

The projector got LED bulbs that can take you for 55,000 hours. This means you can use this device for more than 15 years. Does this sound good for a student! Again, this projector is equipped with advanced cooling technology that cools the lamp effectively while reducing fun noise.

  • Portability and multiple connections

You can use this projector to watch movies, play games, watch TV series, share photos, and more. Moreover, it’s light in weight and highly portable. Still, you can connect it with laptops, tablets, smartphones, smartphones, USB drives, and X-box one for big games. Consider buying an extra HDMI adapter if you want to connect it with your phone.

  • Big screen and built-in speaker

The projection distance is between 1m-5m and a projection size of 32-inches to 170 inches. To make the image rectangular, you need to adjust the keystone correction, and for a clear image, you can adjust the focus wheel. The built-in speaker produces clear and quality sound.


  • The resolution is high
  • It’s portable
  • Produces clear and quality images
  • Powerful connections
  • Super built-in speaker


  • Not the best for business presentation

2. Updated Mini Projector-RD850

Expensive projectors will not always guarantee you perfect projection. Grab this updated mini projector which is affordable with impressive features. It’s an ideal entertainment device for students though it can serve as a mini home theater projector. Further, the resolution is at 720p while supporting a 1080p video. The brightness is on point, assuring one clear image when watching a movie or conducting presentations.

Its downside is that it doesn’t support Bluetooth and can’t perform well with PowerPoint, excel, word, or business presentations.

What’s in the box?

  • RD850 projector
  • HDMI cable
  • 3 in 1 AV cable
  • 100-inch projector screen
  • User manual
  • Remoter Control with no battery
  • Lens cover
  • 100-inch projector screen

Main Features

  • Wireless connectivity

Enjoy wireless and USB connections with this projector. You’ll not expense yourself with an extra HDMI adapter as this device can support wireless and wired projection. You can project your phone screen to the big display through this connection. Also, you can play movies and videos on prime video, Netflix, and Hulu by connecting via fire tv stick, laptop, chrome cast, or Roku.   

  • Outstanding performance

Purchasing an RD850 video projector is perfect for having a cinema experience within your dorm room or home. It’s an upgraded projector with +55% brightness compared to other projectors and a resolution of 1280 x 720p and also can support up to 1920 x 1080p.

  • Big screen and premium speakers

This projector comes with a 100-inch screen to have a perfect view of 50 to 250 inches. You can use the remote to adjust the screen if your projector hangs on the ceiling. The diffuse reflection imaging makes it a less harmful projection device to your eyesight.

  • Cooling system with hi-fi stereo speakers

You can’t enjoy any entertainment without a superior sound system. RD850 is an advanced projector with 5W HiFi stereo speakers that produce super and cool sound. The modern cooling system controls the temperature while controlling the fan’s speed. This ensures 80,000 hours of usage.


  • Great resolution of 1080p
  • Advanced cooling system
  • 80,000 hours lamp life
  • Superior speakers
  • Wireless connectivity


  • Can’t perform well in so much light
  • Can’t connect with Bluetooth

3. VILINICE 7500L Mini Projector

Are you a student and need a projector for project presentations and entertainment? Then VILINICE 7500L is the best projector for a small room that can serve you amazingly. However, it’s a quality product made of premium materials.

The resolution is high for clear images, and the brightness enables you to project in any lighting condition. Again, it’s a modern projector that supports Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, but it can’t project business projects.

What’s in the box?

  • VILICNICE Wi-Fi projector
  • Remote control
  • AV cable
  • User manual
  • HDMI cable

Main Features

  • Performance

What an incredible experience to own a VILINICE projector that supports 1080p videos with a brightness of 7500 lumens. You’ll never experience blurred images as this device adopts multilayer optical films and standard glass that enhances light transmission by reducing reflection.

  • Wi-Fi and USB connections

VILINICE mini projector can projector your smartphone screen to a large display. You can imagine the imaging experience. Indeed, it’s a projector that supports wired and wireless projection. WIFI connection is everything as you will not have to buy an extra HDMI adapter which is a bit expensive. You can connect this projector to your laptop, chrome case, Roku, or Firestick to watch Netflix, Hulu, or prime video movies.

  • Multi-connection ports

Equipped with various ports: AV/SD/HDMI/VAG/USB, you use the projector to connect your computer, television, PS4, DVD players, laptop, and more. For better viewing, you can adjust the focus and the keystone correction. The projection size is at 32″ to 240″ with a projection distance of 1.5-7m.

  • Cooling system with standard speakers

The SRS sound system on these speakers produces superior sound. Now, the cooling system controls the projector’s temperature to avoid overheating, which can reduce the lifespan of this device. Again, this projector can serve you for 80,000 hours.


  • The resolution is high
  • Produces quality and clear images
  • Awesome brightness
  • Multi-ports for connectivity purposes
  • Known for superior sound


  • Can’t perfect business presentations

4. Meer Mini Projector

Spark your entertainment experience with this best projector for a small room. Meer is a diminutive size projector ideal for movies, gaming, music, and other entertainment. If you are a student, you can think of this device to help you during project presentations. It’s fully equipped with the latest technology to streamline projection. Also, despite its small size, it’s a device with various connection options.

We don’t like the 400-lumen brightness of this projector. Well, this brightness is not enough for outdoor projection.  

What’s in the box?

  • Meer mini projector
  • User manual
  • HDMI
  • USB cable
  • Remote control
  • Charger

Main Features

  • Portability

Check out this pocket-size projector but with many capabilities. Weighing 0.29kg, you can move with it anywhere anytime to watch movies, play games, party with friends, or sports live streaming. If you are a student, you see, this is like walking with a movie theater in your pocket.

  • Performance

Consider this projector with good performance for dorm room entertainment and project presentations. The brightness is at 400 lumens and can support a resolution of 1080p. Again, the projection distance is 1-3m, and the projection size is at 60-inches. More of this, the built-in speakers bring out a wonderful sound.

  • Multiple ports

The projector is equipped with various ports- USB, AV, HDMI, AUDIO, and SD to connect with your tablet, smartphone, laptop, TV stick, TV series, games, and more.

  • Power supply

Meer mini projector doesn’t come with its battery. Then, how do you power it? You only need to have your power bank or wall charger to power it. Well, it’s an exceptional projector if you love hiking or camping around places with no electricity.


  • Great compatibility
  • Portable
  • Pocket size
  • The performance is good


  • The brightness is not enough for daytime projection

5. QXK Mini Projector

Choose happiness! QXK mini projector is a basis for a happy movie night with your roommates. Again, it can display at 120 inches at a distance of 3.5m. Its upgraded resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels. Moreover, it can be the best projector for an apartment as it satisfies everyone with brightness and colorful imaging.

Further, its 50,000 LED lamp life guarantees many years of projection. Additionally, you can consider this projector for all sorts of presentations and not PPT presentations.

What’s in the box?

  • QK02 projector
  • Remote control
  • 1.5m HDMI cable
  • AV cable
  • 100-inch portable projector screen
  • Power cable

Main Features

  • Flexible connectivity

QXK Mini Projector got the following ports; AV, HDMI, USB, VGA, SD, and headphone plug to enable you to play on PCs, video games, Macs. It doesn’t matter the device you have; you need thi9s projector for the movie night experience.

  • High resolution

The projector has a resolution of 1920 x 1080p- this projector got the highest resolution to meet all your projection needs. Whether home or school, this is a device you can trust for indoor and outdoor entertainment. The resolution is what determines the clarity of the image.

  • 100-inch projector screen

Please think of this projector as it is packed with a 100-inch projector screen. It’s the best pick for your dorm room, outdoor camping, movie nights with friends, and even trips. Well, the projection display is at 120 inches at 3m.

  • Long lamp life & dual cooling system

The five-layer LCD allows your projector to support 50,000 hours. Also, the LED light source protects your eyesight when watching a movie. Due to the dual cooling system, you’ll not experience any noise from the fun. Again, this cools the fan to avoid overheating.


  • Three years warranty
  • 100-inch projector screen
  • A variety of connectivity options
  • Got the highest resolution


  • You must have a mirroring app to play anything from your phone.

6. DBPOWER Native 1080P Wi-Fi Projector

You do have to have a boring college life with the many projectors in the market. DBPOWER is an affordable, modern projector that can serve you well within your dorm room. With it, you can create an outstanding theater to enjoy movies with your college mates during your free time.

Unquestionably, its connectivity is super if you want to play anything from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other kinds of devices. The high resolution and unmatched brightness (9500L) guarantee one clear and bright image. Unfortunately, you can stream directly from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, but it can connect with amazon fire stick.

What’s in the box?

  • DBPOWER projector
  • HDMI cable
  • Audio-video cable
  • remote

Main Features

  • 1080p native resolution

You’ll never regret owning this projector as a student. The 1080p resolution and 9500 lumens brightness contribute to the sharpness and clarity of an image. Also, it produces more colorful images than other projectors in the market.

  • Keystone correction and zoom functions

The 4-point keystone correction is what makes this projector outdo others. You can use the 4d correction to adjust your projection horizontally or vertically, and the 4p keystone is for separately adjusting the corners of a picture. The zoom function is to shrink an image by using a remote.

  • Wi-Fi technology

DBPOWER RD828 is a portable projector that adapts to the latest Wi-Fi technology. Through this, you can easily connect your android devices if you have Wi-Fi. You do not need to buy extra adapters and dongles, especially when you are saving space in your room by suspending the projector on the ceiling. Have wireless freedom with this device.

  • 100,000 hours lamp life

Purchasing RD828 is beneficial as it adapts to sarcoma technology that minimizes power consumption. With your 100,000 hours lamp life, you will never think of replacing it anytime soon if you are a student. Again, by using your USB stick, you can play Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office files.


  • Can play Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files
  • 4-keystone correction
  • High resolution
  • Incredible brightness


  • The fan is a bit noisy
  • The built-in is not at par

7. HOWWOO Projector

HOWWOO projector is a versatile device for dorm use for any student. However, its WIFI and Bluetooth allow streaming movies, games, and TV series during your free time. You may only think it’s compatible with smartphones, DVD players, PC, and tablets but also PS4.

Along with that, it’s a small projector with impressive features like high native resolution, excellent brightness, and great contrast ratio. So, grab one for a lively evening.

What’s in the box?

  • HOWWOO projector
  • 100-inch projector screen
  • Power cable
  • HDMI cable
  • User manual
  • Lens cloth
  • Lens protection cover
  • Remote control
  • AV cable

Main Features

  • Compatibility

HOWWOO projector is equipped with 2 HDMI/VGA/AV/USB ports to connect with smartphones, external speakers, tablets, laptops, TV, video games, and more.

  • Superior speakers

The 10W dual stereo built-in speakers have a sound system that gives a sense of comfort and thrill when watching a movie or other entertainment. You can use Bluetooth to connect with external speakers if you so wish. Also, the fan doesn’t produce much noise because of the advanced cooling system on this device.

  • High resolution and brightness

The projector support 1080p full HP with extraordinary brightness of 8500 lumens. The contrast ratio (10,000:1) dynamically provides extra sharp and clearest images rich in colors for the unmatched audio-visual experience.

  • Wireless projector

Meet HOWWOO projector- a convenient device compatible with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It is faster to connect it with your phone and even adjust the screen to your wish from 40-300 inches. Also, you will get a 100-inch screen perfect for your projector.


  • Native 1080p resolution
  • Extraordinary brightness
  • Standard cooling system-no fan noise
  • Compatible with a variety of devices


  • Wireless connection is slow

Best Dorm Room Projector Buying Guide-Top Considerations

projector on room table

Finding the best can be hectic and tiring with the many types of projectors in the market. Having a list of the best options is neither enough. You must be armed with the recent information concerning projectors. Nevertheless, if you want to have the best dorm room projector, much to consider. Whether you are buying for the first time or need an upgrade, the guide below will lead you to the best.


We all know how dorm room luck enough space. We understand that students grapple for space, so make sure your preferred projector doesn’t take much space. Again, it must have a compact design, lightweight for easy handling. Portable projectors come in handy when it comes to saving space.


Whether you buy a projector for dorm use or home use, the resolution is crucial. This can guarantee you quality and clear images when watching a movie or performing some presentations. You can consider one with a resolution from 720p to 1080p.

Sound System

You can consider a projector with a quality built-in sound system to avoid extra expenses. We believe this is the best way to avoid buying external speakers, which can be costly for a student. Also, the sound quality should be outstanding.


Through you need a portable dorm projector, it is vital to confirm the brightness. This is what determines the clarity of the image directly from your projector. You will enjoy more vivid images by purchasing one with the highest brightness measurement. You need to go for the highest brightness if your dorm room got ambient light. Equally, you can make your room dark for the less bright projector.

Lamp Life

Lamp life will determine the number of years the projector will serve you. Most students do not have a stable income, so they can’t afford to replace a projector yearly. For these reasons, you need to invest in a quality one considering longevity. Consider one with at least 20,000 lamp hours to have an assurance of its long life.

How to Setup a Projector?

Let’s see how you can set your projector for a movie, big show, or video game.

Step 1:

Location! Location! The first thing is to have a perfect location for projection. You must have enough space to place the projector screen or find a blank wall. The space you have for this thing determines the clarity of the image. For a bigger and clear image, ensure you move your projector further.

Then, set your screen if you have one. I know you need uniformity, so having a screen gives you a surface without switches compared to a wall. It is wise to test your projector to see if the distance is perfect and the sizes.

Step 2:

It’s time to position your projector to get the right height. Think of where to place the projector to avoid a trapezoid-shaped image. Try as much as possible to match the edges of your screen, even if it means mounting it on the ceiling or placing it on a coffee table.

Step 3:

Now, make a connection and turn everything on. This is to make sure everything is working. Connect your HDMI cable. Once you have connected everything, confirm if you can see some content.

Step 4:

If you know you have everything right, you can project the image of the alignment on the Spears and Munsell site. Or, you turn off the lights, and you will see the edges. Ensure the projector is perpendicular to the screen for a rectangular image. Adjust the focus to get a clear image.

Step 5:

You can permanently mount the screen and projector while fixing the HDMI cables when everything is perfect. Everything is running now; try to confirm the quality of the image. The quality will depend on your projector. Lastly, ensure the sound system is good.

How Many Lumens is Good for a Projector?

When shopping for a projector, you must confirm how bright the lamp is- this determines the clarity of image weather in a dark or bright room. If you are projecting in a dark room, you need a 1000 to 1,200 lumens lamp for quality and clear picture. But, if you are operating your projector in a room with plenty of light, you can go for 2000 plus lumens.


Can I Put a Projector in My Room?

Yes, you can. If it’s your house, you can mount it on the ceiling where you need to drill some holes. But, if you are in a rental and you fear drilling holes, you need to buy a projector screen that compliments your projector. Still, you can opt to project on a bare wall.

Can You Play Netflix Through a Projector?

You need a projector with an HDMI port to plug into your media streaming device. Remember, you can connect your android wirelessly to play Netflix freely.

Do You Need a Screen for a Projector?

Yes, but it’s not strictly a must. You can use your projector on a clean, clear surface, whether a white wall or white sheet. Make sure the surface is smooth enough. Purchasing a projector screen is advantageous as it is ultrasmooth and reflects excellently.

Are 6000 Lumens Good for a Projector?

A projector with 6000 lumens is the best for outdoor projection with ambient light. But, this brightness is too much if you are projecting in a dark room. Still, it’s too much for home theater and dorm room use.

Does a Projector Use More Power Than a Tv?

Obvious a projector consumes more power as it powers its lamp compared to a TV set. The determining factor is the quality of the images, high resolution, and brightness. However, you can get some projectors that consume less power at an average of 250 watts. Still, you can find some TVs consuming more power than some projectors.

How Many Lumens Do I Need for a Room?

Lumen is what measures the quality of light you need in a room. You can have 2500 to 3000 lumens to accommodate the ambient light for a sharp image when in a bright room. When in a dark room, you can have 1000 lumens to see every pixel while enjoying clarity.

How Much Heat Does a Projector Produce?

This will depend on the projector type and how you are using it. Using the device continuously can contribute to overheating hence producing more heat. But, most of the projectors got an advanced cooling system that controls the fan to prevent overheating.


Yes, we join a school to study but thrilling the entire time is important. So, after classes, take a break for a nice movie or gaming with the best dorm room projector. The hassle is to find a suitable one for a dorm room.

There are many mini projectors in the market, but we have highlighted the best, outlining the features, pros, and cons. Last and not least, take a look at the considerations, and you will have a projector that will serve you for years. Happy shopping!

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