Best Dog Repellent for Yard

Do you object to leashed or stray dogs entering your property to relieve themselves, scare your dog, or frighten the birds? You might need a tool like an ultrasonic dog repellent to keep undesirable creatures like dogs off your property. Dog repellents for lawns can also be useful for keeping dogs out of your cherished flowerbeds and from tromping over your freshly planted grass or garden.

We reviewed Yard’s top 10 dog repellents to determine the best of the best based on aspects including efficacy, price, and Amazon reviews. The best 10 dog-repelling tools were selected after we narrowed our search.

Important Features to Consider

A dog repellent for lawns ought to have a few key characteristics. When choosing an ultrasonic dog repellent for your yard, take into account the following:

  • Adjustable frequency. The same sound won’t bother all dogs in the same way. For instance, small dogs may be more sensitive to low frequencies than huge dogs. You can find the ultrasonic dog repellent that keeps the majority of dogs away from your yard by adjusting the frequency of several of these devices.
  • Out-of-the-box installation. One of the simplest things to place in your yard should be a dog repellent. The majority of them have stakes to bury the object in the earth. For installation on a wall or fence, others feature a grip. You shouldn’t need more than a few minutes to complete the setup process.
  • Type of power. The power source for a dog repellent device can be a battery, electricity, or solar energy. Because you won’t have to fiddle with power cords, change batteries frequently, or turn the machine on, solar-powered devices are typically the most handy. To make the repellent work, they will need batteries, but these batteries are recharged by the sun and typically last for months before they need to be changed.
  • Detection range. Dog repellents have a variety of detection ranges for animals. The device is often more effective at deterring undesirable pets from your lawn the farther its range. The detecting range of some of the greatest ultrasonic dog repellents is around 50 feet or more.
  • Design. You generally don’t want a dog repellent system to detract from your yard’s visual appeal if you’re going to install one. The majority of dog repellents are made to be small and green in color so that they blend in with the grass, however some may be bigger or a different color, drawing attention to themselves. Before making a purchase, consider where you’ll put the gadget and how it will seem.

Top 10 Best Dog Repellent for Yard Reviews- 2022

1. HALT 91427 Dog Repellent

Nobody is more knowledgeable about dog attacks than the mailman. Since Claudius Polonius delivered rolls of parchment to the Roman people, letter carriers have had to cope with vicious dogs. So, how do experts prevent dog attacks? Halt! has been in use by the US Postal Service since 1966. They have reportedly been performing field tests for more than 30 years. Stop! Products include capsaicin, a naturally occurring pepper extract that, when sprayed on a dog’s face, causes only brief but severe discomfort. Consider it a change in attitude. He comes to a complete halt, allowing you to leave the area of danger. Up to 10 feet out, Halt’s pressured spray is precise.

Reasons to Buy:

HALT 91427 Dog Repellent is the perfect solution for unwanted dogs and cats. This dog repellent spray uses a combination of all natural ingredients to work to keep pets away from your home or yard. This product can be used on lawns, gardens, flower beds, flowers and shrubs.

This product will not harm your pet but will help them avoid your property by using a citronella scent they hate. The spray is easy to use and has no harmful side effects on animals or humans.

The HALT 91427 Dog Repellent is a great way to keep the animals out of your yard without having to resort to chemicals or other methods that may cause harm to them or other small animals in the area.

2. Bonide Go Away! Rabbit, Dog, & Cat Repellent Granules

Go Away! It repels a range of animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and others. Animals are carefully kept away from things like trees, bushes, garbage cans, bags, the edges of vegetable and flower beds, and other off-limits places.

This item is a tool for altering animal behavior. To help animals (especially domestic animals) break harmful habits, it can be necessary to combine it with other behavior modification strategies.

Reasons to Buy:

Training Aid

Bonide Go Away! Repellent: Training Aid has been specifically designed to replace the need for other training aids. The product works by emitting a high-frequency sound that can be heard by dogs but not humans. This product is designed to be used as a training aid to teach your dog good behavior.

Natural Active Ingredients

Bonide Go Away! Rabbit, Dog and Cat Repellent Granules are a natural way to deter rabbits, dogs and cats from entering your garden. The granules contain cinnamon oil and thyme oil, which are a natural deterrent for the animals that are sensitive to those scents.


Keep rabbits, dogs, and cats away from your yard, lawn, garden, flowerbeds, trees, and bushes. Cats, dogs, and bunnies will stay away from this granular formula. The proprietary plant essential oils are biodegradable and naturally repel unwelcome bugs from the plants around your home.

Ready to Use

Easily disperses Bonide Go Away! granules around your home, garden, or patio with the convenient dispenser cap. Safe for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, these organic animal repellent pellets can be used on lawns, gardens, flower beds, mulch beds and more to repel pests effectively.

3. Spesso Organics Repello Organic Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs

Give your pet the best opportunity to avoid being bitten by fleas and ticks. Our recipe is free of alcohol, irritants, and toxic smells because it is made of all natural and organic materials, including essential oils and plant-based substances. REPELLO shields your dog of any breed from mosquitoes, lice, ticks, and fleas with an uplifting herbal aroma and demonstrated efficacy. This mosquito repellent spray is created in the USA and has the kill-on-contact qualities of organic lemongrass, cedarwood, geranium, and lavender essential oils. With side effect-free REPELLO mosquito repellent for dogs, you have the ideal all-natural alternative to chewables, sprays, and collars.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Made with high-quality essential oils
  • A holistic substitute for sprays, chewables, and collars
  • Proven to be effective against mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas
  • Natural lemongrass and cedar fragrance
  • 100 percent organic formula
  • Perfect for all ages and breeds
  • Free of parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances
  • Ideal for animals with delicate skin
  • Advisable for use around kids
  • Home treatment for fleas on carpets, furniture, and kennels that is natural
  • Removes dog odor
  • For new dog owners, a great accessory is available.

4. Bonide Go Away! Rabbit, Dog, & Cat Repellent Granules

This substance deters dogs, cats, rabbits, and a wide range of other animals in a way that is not cruel.

Keeps animals away from trees, shrubs, garbage cans and bags, the perimeter of flower and vegetable gardens, and other restricted areas in a secure manner.

Reasons to Buy:

Training Aid

Bonide Go Away! Repellent: Training Aid has been specifically designed to replace the need for other training aids. The product works by emitting a high-frequency sound that can be heard by dogs but not humans. This product is designed to be used as a training aid to teach your dog good behavior.

Natural Active Ingredients

Bonide Go Away! Rabbit, Dog and Cat Repellent Granules are a natural way to deter rabbits, dogs and cats from entering your garden. The granules contain cinnamon oil and thyme oil, which are a natural deterrent for the animals that are sensitive to those scents.


Keep rabbits, dogs, and cats away from your yard, lawn, garden, flowerbeds, trees, and bushes. Cats, dogs, and bunnies will stay away from this granular formula. The proprietary plant essential oils are biodegradable and naturally repel unwelcome bugs from the plants around your home.

Ready to Use

Easily disperses Bonide Go Away! granules around your home, garden, or patio with the convenient dispenser cap. Safe for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, these organic animal repellent pellets can be used on lawns, gardens, flower beds, mulch beds and more to repel pests effectively.

5. Halt Dog Repellant Spray

The mailman knows more about dog attacks than anybody else. Since Claudius Polonius was delivering rolls of parchment to people of the Roman Empire, letter carriers have had to contend with vicious dogs. So, how do professionals deter dog attacks? Since 1966, the United States Postal Service has used Halt! You could say they’ve been performing field experiments for almost thirty years. Stop! Products include Capsaicin, a naturally occurring extract of peppers that, when sprayed in a dog’s face, causes only momentary but severe discomfort. Consider it attitude re-adjustment. Stops him in his tracks, giving you time to get out of harm’s way. The pressurized spray from Halt is accurate up to 10 feet.

Reasons to Buy:

Comes in 1 or 2 Packs

The Halt Dog Repellant Spray is a safe and humane way to keep dogs away from your flower beds, vegetables, plants or any other areas you don’t want them to go. The spray is made in the USA, comes in a convenient can that sprays up to 10 feet and is available in 1-2 packs.

Spray up to 10 feet

The Halt Dog Repellants come in two sizes. The smaller size has a range of up to 10 feet and will cover an area of about 200 square feet. The larger size can spray up to 20 feet and covers about 600 square feet.

Made in USA

Halt is a natural, organic and 100% safe repellent spray for dogs that works effectively to deter unwanted dogs from your yard. The active ingredients are derived from plants, making them safe for both you and your pet. Halt Dog Repellant Spray is made in the USA and can be shipped to any location within the United States.

6. Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray | Trains Your Pet Where Not to Urinate

Not Here! is a premium, trainer-recommended Bodhi Dog. By reinforcing instruction on where NOT to go potty and deterring your pet from doing so on treated indoor or outdoor surfaces, spray is designed to assist reduce the housebreaking process for dogs of all ages. To keep your pet away from the area, just spray baseboards, floors, couches, plants, rugs, beds, furniture, and more. Our spray, which is adored by both families and trainers, will provide you with relief and prevent damage to your house!

Reasons to Buy:


Spray is a product blend that is both safe for your pet and the environment. This unique solution prevents your pet from returning to and marking the same location twice. No need to yell or swat; simply spray our Not Here! Spray in locations where your pet usually travels. In a safe and humane manner, our particular solution will eliminate the need to urinate in that location.


Spray is great for removing pet urine from concrete because it penetrates into porous surfaces like concrete better than most conventional cleaners. Conventional cleaners such as bleach will not penetrate into these porous surfaces as easily as Not Here! Spray does so they are less effective at removing the stains and odors left behind by your pet’s urine on concrete surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks.

Why Choose it?

  • Winner of the Family Choice Award
  • Non-aerosol bottle won’t startle your pet
  • Long-lasting formula is safe for plants and fabrics
  • Made exclusively in the USA
  • Safe for you, your pet, and the planet

7. Nature’s Miracle

Millions of pet owners trust nature’s Miracle for over 30 years to eliminate stains and odors safely and effectively. The secret to Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain & Odor Remover is its unique formula that attacks both stains and odors on contact. This non-toxic formula is safe for both you and your pet (when used as directed).

The advanced technology in Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain & Odor Remover allows it to quickly penetrate deep into carpet fibers where urine has seeped into the padding underneath. It works fast to break down enzymes that cause stains and odors so they can be lifted away from carpet fibers with a simple blotting action. It also dries quickly so there won’t be any lingering wetness or residue when your pet walks on it later that day or night!

Reasons to Buy:


Nature’s Miracle Just For Cats Stain & Odor Remover is the only product that works to eliminate cat urine odors and stains. Combining enzymes and oxygen bleach breaks down organic matter such as urine, feces and blood. This formula is tough on stains, but gentle on surfaces. Nature’s Miracle Just For Cats Stain & Odor Remover is guaranteed to remove even old stains from carpets, furniture, concrete and more!


Pets that mark the same spot over and over can be a nuisance for pet owners. The PetMarker® Discourages Repeated Marking by Pets is designed to help prevent pets from revisiting and marking the same spot twice. This pet training aid uses scent and taste to discourage dogs from marking inside your home. The PetMarker is also great for cats, puppies and kittens!


Tired of cleaning your kitty’s urine stains? We have a solution that works.
Removes even tough, deep-set urine stains and odors from carpet and fabrics, including bedding, clothing and upholstery.


Lemongrass and cinnamon scents help discourage pets from returning to the area. Combine 1 teaspoon of dried lemongrass with 1 tablespoon of cinnamon in a small bowl and mix together well with a spoon. Add 2 tablespoons of water and stir until the mixture becomes paste-like. Apply this mixture around your home, especially near doors and windows where pets have been scratching or trying to gain access. The scent will repel them from coming back in those areas again.

8. Careland AR33 Solar Animal Repellent

Careland Solar Animal Repeller has an advanced built-in auto sensing PIR detection system that detects the passage of animals and triggers short-term bursts of powerful ultrasound to drive away animals and pests such as cats, dogs, squirrels, rats, skunks, raccoons, deer, and other animals from your lawn, garden, orchard, and other areas.

Reasons to Buy:

Solar PoweredWaterproofEffective Range
Solar poweredWaterproofEffective Range
The ultrasonic animal repeller is equipped with solar panel as the power supply, which captures energy by the top solar panel from natural sun. And it also can be charged with USB cable.This repellent device uses a high-grade ABS plastic construction with an IP44 waterproof rating and can be used in any weather conditions. You can rest assured that it can withstand heavy rain, snow, wind or snow.PIR Motion Sensor detects animals at an angle of 110°, and the effective distance up to 26 feet. You can adjust the sensitivity and effective distance as needed to drive away unwanted animals from your garden and other places.

9. Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

The Dog Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent is a handheld device that uses an ultrasonic frequency to help stop unwanted dog behavior. The ultrasonic sound is inaudible to humans but highly irritating to dogs, causing them to back away or run away. The high-pressure audible alarm can also be used as an indoor security device or personal protection device.

Reasons to Buy:

The Dog Dazer is a handheld ultrasonic dog deterrent that helps keep dogs away from your property. It emits a high-pitched sound that only canines can hear, but is irritating and uncomfortable for them. The ultrasonic waves travel up to 15 feet from the device but won’t go through walls or floors.

The Dog Dazer is easy to use. Just press the button on top of the unit and it will emit a high-pitched sound for about 10 minutes before shutting off automatically. You can adjust the sensitivity level so it works best in your situation, and change out batteries as needed (batteries not included).

Dogs are easily frightened by loud noises and the ultrasonic waves produced by this device are very annoying to them. By using this product you can keep dogs away from your yard or garden without having to resort to harsh chemicals or harmful sprays.

Key Features:

  • Helps Prevent Dog Attacks
  • A Handheld Ultrasonic Dog Trainer, Repel Dogs
  • Handheld dog deterrent device
  • Uses the latest in ultrasonic technology
  • Harmless to pets

10. SABRE Dog Spray—Maximum Strength Protector Pepper Spray Dog Attack Deterrent

SABRE Security Equipment Corporation is delighted to produce the world’s best pepper sprays, SABRE and SABRE Red. SABRE, the brand preferred by both law enforcement and consumers, backs the most powerful pepper spray with knowledge and training to ensure personal safety.

Reasons to Buy:


SABRE Pepper Spray is a self-defense product that can help you protect yourself from an attacker. It works by causing temporary blindness and uncontrollable coughing, allowing you to escape unharmed. We offer two types of SABRE pepper sprays: 10% formula and 18% formula.


The ingredients in Protector dog pepper sprays are all natural and contain 1.0% Major Capsaicinoids, the maximum strength allowed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use on humans. The spray is made from natural chili extracts, which are a safe and humane way to deter an aggressive dog.


SABRE understands that a product’s performance is only as good as its ability to deliver consistent results across multiple cans and lots. As such, SABRE has established an exclusive HPLC laboratory for testing and certification of all its pepper sprays. The lab tests every batch of product to ensure that every canister delivers on its promise of maximum strength protection.


The Defender is a safe and effective way to protect yourself from attackers. This pepper spray canister includes 14 bursts (5X the competition) and has a range of 12 feet (4 meters), providing protection at a distance.

Dog Repellents: Types

The best effective dog repellant for any given situation depends on various variables. Dog repellents come in a variety of designs, and each one offers advantages. However, certain varieties are more effective in a specific circumstance than others.

Spray and Granular Repellents

The best dog repellent can be found in spray form. Some are made to be used inside to stop dogs from leaving markings on furniture and upholstered surfaces. Regular application is necessary for a dog repellent spray to be effective over time.

Spray correctors send out a burst of air that startles dogs and eventually deters them from particular actions. Negative behaviors can be stopped by these correctors even if you are not present to see them by using a motion sensor setup.

Dogs can be kept out of flowerbeds and gardens by using granular repellents, which are made for outdoor usage. Typically, they are made of all-natural chemicals that repel animals because of their terrible scent.

Sound and Ultrasonic Repellents

Dogs are deterred from accessing specified locations by the sound that ultrasonic dog repellent generate. They might emit a steady ultrasonic vibration or be motion-activated. This kind of dog repellent for lawns works well against cats as well as animals like raccoons, skunks, and opossums. Since these gadgets are made for outdoor use, they frequently run on solar power from a small solar panel, eliminating the need for an electrical outlet. They don’t utilize any chemicals that can harm the environment, and human ears cannot hear the sound they make.

Physical Repellents

Some habits can only be stopped by a repellent or repellent that is physically present. Physical repellent come in a variety of forms, each of which serves a particular function:

  • No-dig fences Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to dig in garden beds, hence no-dig fences are intended to be built around them. The most effective dog-digging repellent penetrates several inches into the ground to render digging nearly impossible.
  • Sprinklers can be made specifically to scare and discourage any canines from approaching a certain area by being motion activated. They are therefore excellent dog repellent for yards.
  • Spiky mats provide protection for certain places by providing a surface that dogs find unpleasant to walk on but is safe for them to do so.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Dog Repellent

Although it’s simple to believe that all dog repellents behave similarly, a variety of factors influence their effectiveness. For a certain case, one product may be superior to another based on features including safety, intended purpose, and the product’s coverage. To find out more about these crucial aspects to take into account while selecting a reliable dog repellent , continue reading.

Location and Behavior

Start with identifying the habit you want to stop before going dog repellent shopping. Dog repellent come in a wide variety of forms, each of which is intended to stop a particular habit. A product made to stop dogs from digging in flower beds and one meant to stop them from marking on furniture will differ greatly.

The location of the product’s use must also be taken into account. Dog repellent for indoor use differ from those for use outdoors in some ways. However, certain goods can be utilized both inside and outside.


The product should not only be safe to use around young children, but it also shouldn’t hurt the dog. Only repellent and repellents that are secure for both people and animals were the exclusive subject of this essay. For instance, pepper spray for dogs is frequently marketed as a personal safety item to deter dog attacks, but it is toxic to dogs and is not recommended by us.

Ingredients and Scent

When looking for a liquid or granular recipe, ingredients should be taken into account even though they are not a deciding factor for physical or ultrasonic dog repellent. Numerous of these substances, such as citrus and herbal essential oils, have unpleasant odors for dogs. We concentrated on dog repellents that are developed with natural components to ensure that they are safe for both humans and pets, even if there are solutions on the market made with synthetic chemicals.

Questions and Answers

How do ultrasonic dog repellents function? What are they?

An ultrasonic dog repellant is a tool that functions similarly to a wireless dog fence, but its purpose is to deter dogs from entering your yard rather than confine them to a certain area. By detecting animal movement and releasing an ultrasonic high-frequency noise that only dogs find unpleasant, this gadget prevents canines from approaching you or your yard. The majority of dogs and smaller animals can hear the sounds, but humans cannot. Most ultrasonic dog repellent come with a stake so you may bury them in the ground to keep them out of your yard. It makes noise when an animal approaches using motion sensing technology that sends a signal. In order to scare away animals that might not be bothered by the sound, several of these devices additionally incorporate flashing LED lights.

Are dogs safe when using ultrasonic dog repellents?

Yes. They’re actually one of the most humane ways to keep dogs away from your family or your lawn. In contrast to other kinds of dog repellents, ultrasonic repellents don’t feature any unpleasant scents, sprays, or other elements that could hurt a dog. They only make an ultrasonic noise that dogs find unpleasant in order to keep them away from you or your property.

Do other animals also respond to ultrasonic dog repellents?

Yes, the majority of ultrasonic repellent made for dogs can also be used on other sensitive animals. Since mice, cats, foxes, and other small animals are particularly sensitive to high-frequency sounds, they may rapidly decide to avoid your yard if they hear the disturbance.

How far can dog repellents using ultrasound travel?

The majority of ultrasonic dog repellents have a 50-foot detecting range. They can detect animals up to 50 feet away, at which point they start making the noise that deters them. These devices’ noise emission coverage areas might be anything between 500 and 3,000 square feet. You might need to buy two or more of them to safeguard your entire yard, depending on the size of your grass and the range of a particular device.

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