Best Digital Photo Frame for Grandparents – Buying Guide

We all love our grandparents, but sometimes, getting them the right gift can be a tricky option. This is because what they value starts to change, as many of them begin to cherish things that have to do with the family. Therefore, one of the best and most thoughtful things you can offer them is a digital photo frame.

It is a cool and fantastic way to showcase all the pictures your family has taken over the years, and it also allows them to reminisce about the great times.

A digital photo frame showcases numerous pictures without needing a computer or printer. They are like the typical photo frames, but instead of having only a single image, digital frames showcase multiple pictures. These pictures can either be supplied from the cloud, a flash drive, or Wi-Fi.

They also make the home beautiful and reduce the clutter that may arise from gathering numerous framed pictures. However, with the growing popularity of digital frames, it may be a little complex to find the best options for your grandparents and other seniors. After all, you don’t want to leave them with something they can’t operate.

We have done the hard work for you and compiled a list of our top digital photo frames for seniors.

Our Favorite Digital Photo Frame

Top 5 Best Digital Photo Frame for Grandparents- Buying Guide

1. Feelcare 15.6 Inch 16GB Wi-Fi Picture Frame

Feelcare is popular for providing numerous picture frames today. However, this 15.6-inch is the best digital photo frame for grandparents from this developer has the largest screen, making it ideal for grandparents whose vision may not be as great as before.  The is a 1920 x 1080 IPS display, which means all photos are portrayed at the best quality.

Unlike many other digital photo frames today, you must install the Free Frame app to send pictures to this device. This may seem like a drawback considering many other photo frames let you send pictures via email. But the Frame app is easy to install and use. If you don’t want to install the app, you can still access pictures from SD cards and USB devices.

This device sports 16GB of internal storage,  which is more than enough to store as many precious moments as possible. If you have video clips, that is not a problem either, as the device supports it.


  • It can play video clips of 15 seconds.
  • The image quality is amazing.
  • Ample internal storage of 16GB
  • Easy to use interface


  • No support for emailing photos to frame
  • Users can’t access online photo services.

2. Anteam 10 Inch Digital Photo Frame with FHD

The Anteam digital photo frame has a smaller 10-inch screen compared to Feelcare. However, it still renders quality HD images since it has a  1920*1080 resolution. You can transfer videos and pictures using Wi-Fi, USB, and SD card. It also can receive pictures via email using various outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and phone applications. This amazing feature makes sharing your precious moments with your grandparents a breeze from any location within seconds.

Anteam digital frame also comes with an automatic rotation feature for easy view. Using this feature, grandparents can place the device horizontally or Vertically, depending on what they prefer, and the photo frame automatically adjusts the views.

It also has an internal memory of 8GB that can store a decent number of images and videos. But, if you manage to run out of space, you can use SD cards of up to 128GB for even more storage.


  • An amazing design that makes it a great gift option
  • Various options for receiving pictures
  • HD images


  • The app may not be as easy to use as other alternatives.
  • Some customers have complained of difficulties in reaching support.

3. Digital Picture Frame Toberto 8 inch

The Toberto 8-inch digital picture frame is an easy-to-use option for anybody, including seniors. Simply install an SD card or USD drive and start viewing your favorite videos and pictures. The 8-inch screen may not be too ideal for seniors with vision problems, but its 178º wide viewing angle and 1920×1080 resolution make up for this since images are rendered in high quality.

This device has automatic screen rotation as well, and placing the frame in any direction will cause it to adapt automatically. For ease and convenience when operating, it comes with a remote control that allows you to set down the photo frame and go through pictures how you want.

Seniors and other users who want to create a calm atmosphere while viewing pictures would be happy with this device. This is because it has in-built speakers that can play background music while you go through pictures.

Toberto 8-inch digital picture frame also comes with many other extras that you may not commonly find in digital photo frames. These include an Alarm clock to help you wake up, 360-degree rotation, picture zoom, and many others.


  • HD Image rendering
  • Remote control for convenient use
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Extra features included like alarm clock and calendar.


  • The screen may be too small for some users.
  • No support for video clips

4. Aluratek 7 Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame

The Aluratek 7 Inch digital photo frame is a simpler option for users. It does not have a touch screen which makes it almost as similar as your traditional photo frame. This makes it ideal for users that are not so tech-savvy and unable to operate touchscreen devices. It has a 7-inch screen and 800 x 600 resolution, which means you can still get the best view from images even if they are not rendered in HD.

The Aluratek 7 Inch digital photo frame is easy to set-up and use as you simply need to connect your SD card or USB flash drive to access and share your precious photos. You can further enjoy sharing these precious moments with others as it offers a photo slideshow feature that comes up immediately you turn on the frame. Overall, this is a great device for those who love simplicity.


  • Photo slideshow feature included.
  • Supports SD Card of up to 32GB
  • Easy to use and set up


  • It has no touchscreen.
  • There is no remote included.

5. MRQ 10 Inch Full HD Digital Photo Frame

The MRQ 10-inch frame is an amazing option for users who want a clear digital photo frame. This photo frame has video support and renders them in a 16:10 aspect ratio and 1920 x 1080, which means you enjoy your videos in high quality. It showcases images in  1280 x 800 pixels, and this is adequate to brighten up low-quality images.

The device sports an auto-rotate feature that allows the picture to fit the screen regardless of how you place it. It supports memory cards of up to 32GB and USB flash drives to access and share pictures. For comfort and easy control, it comes with a remote control which means you can enjoy using this device from a distance.

In addition to displaying videos and pictures, this photo frame offers other functionalities like a calendar, clock, picture zoom, and many others.


  • It has a remote control.
  • There is a very long power cord attached.
  • The device has extra features like a calendar and clock.


  • You can’t use SD Cards of more than 32GB.
  • The screen may sometimes get too dark.

Digital Picture Frame Buying Guide

best digital photo frame for grandparents

The following are a few things to consider before you settle for a digital picture frame.


This is extremely important since larger sizes mean easier to see images. Some could be as small as 5 inches, while others could be as large as 15.6inches. However, note that the larger the screen, the more expensive it is likely to be.

Storage capacity

The goal is for you to have a digital photo frame you can share your memories. To do this, you need ample space. Go for a device that has the appropriate storage capacity for your needs. Some digital photo frames use cloud storage, while others have built-in storage—others many support external SD cards of as much as 128GB. Ultimately, the option you go with should be dependent on your needs.

Picture/Video Format

Many digital photo frames only have support for images in JPEG format. However, some others support a variety of formats and even play music. Make sure the option you decide to settle for goes with your needs. 

Power Source

Digital photo frames could either use rechargeable batteries or power cords. If you will be on the move a lot, then choosing a battery-powered frame is best. However, if you will hang it on the wall or use it in your home most times, you may want to consider one with a power cord.


Frames in digital photos come with different builds and designs. Some of them are made of glass, while others are made of wood. You can also find metal digital photo frames, and the right option is dependent on your needs.


The image resolution determines the clarity and detail of pictures. If you want clearer pictures, you need to aim for higher resolutions. High-quality resolutions are 1280 x 800 pixels to 1920 x 1080 pixels for images. On the other hand, low-resolution frames come with 800 x 480 pixels.

Aspect ratio

This can have an impact on how the picture shows up on the frame alongside image quality. The most common aspect ratios today are widescreen(16:9) and standard(4:3). If the cost is not a problem, you may want to go with the widescreen, especially when dealing with high-quality videos and images.


Digital photo frames are excellent gift options for your grandparents or other loved ones. They can be used to display images and play video clips if necessary. The great news is that they are easy to use and offer numerous features that will make the device fun for anyone.

Any of the options above will be suitable as a gift option regardless of their tastes. Make sure you go through the features, along with the pros and cons, before you make a choice.

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