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A digital level or laser level as they are popularly known is a technological device that is quite convenient. It uses pneumatic technology to capture level readings in a clear numerical format that makes it easy to identify the magnitude of the error. This device uses infrared and laser light to scan a line-level staff and capture information digitally through the associated LCD screen. The efficiency of this tool is embedded in its elegance and simplicity. It has changed the way we take measurements today and this has convinced many people to get one of these devices.

Here are the best digital level on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Digital Level

Best Digital Level in 2022

1. PREXISO Digital Level, 11.5”, Angle Slope with LCD Display

Prexiso digital level is a must-have tool for any professional installer, contractor, or handyman who works with building material. This compact and portable digital level measures precise angles of slopes measuring up to 89° on both the x and y-axis. It also provides ±0.1° accuracy at any angle at 0° and 90° when used on horizontal surfaces, giving you greater control over your work.

Large Bright Green Lcd Display

The Convenient Digital Level with a large bright green LCD display makes it easier to read your measurements all day and night, even in the darkest spaces. The display value reverses automatically when the electronic level is upside down, so you will not have to fill out unnecessary paperwork or create wrong construction documents.

Handy Tool For Various Industries

The PREXISO Digital Level with LCD Display is a handy tool for various industries such as construction or engineering. It features a built-in spirit level, allowing you to set it on the floor or any other horizontal surface to easily get a benchmark of your work. Simply press the “Hold” button to enter absolute mode and the value will hold so you can read it effortlessly. Press the “REF” button if you need relative measurement instead.

2. 24-Inch Professional Digital Magnetic Level 

Shefio’s 24-Inch Professional Digital Magnetic Level is the perfect tool for the person who needs a precise, no-nonsense range finder to get the job done right. It has an ergonomic design and a bright backlight screen can be angled up to 90 degrees in any direction, with an accuracy of ±0.01° at 0° and 90° and ±0.05°at other angles in degrees, percent slope, inches/feet, and metric.

Built-in Bluetooth Technology

Shefio makes tools that are up for the challenge. This magnetic digital level is IP54 rated, so it’s dustproof, waterproof, and built to last through almost anything you and your projects throw its way. Built-in Bluetooth technology lets you easily connect it to an external smartphone or tablet device (available separately) when you’re using it on hard surfaces such as floors or walls. A pair of built-in magnets easily attach the case to any metal surface so you can keep track of your measurements while working hands-free.

Professional Digital Level

Get a better look at your work with Shefio’s 24” professional digital level. Featuring a large, bright LCD display that flips, so you can easily read the measurements all day and night – even in the darkest spaces. Plus, since we craft our digital level with audio indicator functionality, you can achieve the level and 90 degrees with your eyes closed.

3. SKIL 12 Digital Level – LV941801

The high-accuracy blue vials make the LV941801 one of SKIL’s most accurate levels. You can see both vertical and horizontal levels with a single glance. The ridged aluminum housing helps you keep a firm grip while working, and its 6.5-foot cord is long enough to stretch across the whole project you’re working on.

Leveling Made Easy

Level pictures, shelves, and lots of other DIY projects. High-contrast blue vials are easy to see and highly accurate.

Digital LCD Screen

Screen orientation auto-adjusts depending on how you hold it, and it’s backlit for readability from any perspective.

Leveling Guidance

Arrow indicators help you level, and an optional audible tone lets you know when you hit 0⁰, 45⁰, or 90⁰.

One-Handed Convenience

A magnetic edge makes it easy to use with just one hand.

4. M-D Building Products 92325 48-Inch Smart Tool Digital Level 

The M-D Building Products Smart Tool Digital Level features patented sensor technology that ensures accurate readings. The 48-inch length allows you to take a level and plumb measurements in rooms, basements, and hallways, while the easy-to-read display provides fast and accurate readings of 0.1 degrees. It can be used horizontally or vertically, and the level head lets you tilt it up to 180 degrees without compromising accuracy.

Displaying In Degrees

SmartTool Digital Level. The SmartTool has been the digital level leader for over 20 years. Displaying in degrees, % slope, or inches per foot, it is accurate to 1/10 of a degree and holds the best accuracy of any digital level on the market that M-D Building Products has tested. Its 9V battery (included) runs for over 500 hours and has the ability to beep at any angle you choose.

Align A Non-straight

The 48-inch Smart Tool Digital Level uses advanced digital level technology to give you a fast, accurate and easy way to create straight walls and lines. No more trying to align a non-straight line or make your own level by using two small levels. This tool will make any job easier and more fun with its 9V battery included; just press the on button and the LCD screen shows you 0° both vertically and horizontally within seconds. Its high-precision design is accurate to 1/10 of a degree. And if that’s not enough reason to buy this handy tool, we also included an auto power-off option after 20 minutes of non-use for your convenience.

5. Mecurate Digital Level 15.7” with LCD Display

The Mecurate Level is essential for any carpenter, craftsman, or even hobbyist. This digital level ensures accuracy up to ±0.1° (0° & 90°) and ±0.2° at other angles, the resolution is accurate to 0.05°. Saves you time, money, and frustration with its durable construction and easy use functions.

Display “Erro”

Turn on the digital level and put it to the level position for measuring, the screen will display “Erro” when it is misplaced.

Enters Relative Angle Measurement

Press “ZERO” button to set the current angle to zero, and keep the digital level still for 3 seconds, the S icon would flash during this period, now the digital level enters relative angle measurement mode. The S icon should keep on the screen in relative mode.

Battery Cover Retaining Screws

Remove the rear battery cover of the digital level by unscrewing the 2pcs battery cover retaining screws. Open the battery case. Put two new 1.5V AAA batteries and close the case. Your electronic level is now ready to use.

Horizontal Or Vertical Position

Buzzer alerts when it is within ±1° to the horizontal or vertical position, the alert has 2 frequencies, separate + or – correspondently, continuous alerts when it is at the horizontal or vertical position.


This Empire level is blue, has a 48″ length, is magnetic, and has an accuracy of +/- 1/8″. In addition to the standard bubble vial, this product also features a digital display screen. The screen will display both positive and negative readings in plain English: positive readings in red and negative readings in green.

Dual Backlit Digital Display

The True Blue Magnetic Digital Box Level (Style # EM105.48) features an auto-calibrated digital readout immediately ready to measure accurately when powered on, a dual backlit digital display, and the largest display in the industry with a high/low LED-backlit screen. You can choose to operate this level in one of seven measuring modes; degree (Rough-In, One Decimal, Two Decimal), inch/feet (Decimal & fractional), millimeters (mm/m), and percent. This 48″ aluminum box level comes with an audio indicator that makes it easier to hear when used at a distance or in noisy environments.

Testament To Empire’s Commitment

The Empire e105 Series Digital Levels are a true testament to Empire’s commitment to world-class accuracy, performance, and innovation. The True Blue e105 Series Digital Level offers Inspector Grade accuracy, superior protection & an advanced feature set. The e105 Series is the industry’s first Auto-Calibrated Digital Level for quicker set-up time and immediate digital readouts when the unit is powered on. Empire’s Digital Levels are engineered to provide fast and accurate readings in 7 different modes: beam, bubble vial/leveling, horizontal/vertical magnifying bubble vial/leveling with magnetic attachment for metal surfaces, and rotation mode.

7. 24 inch Digital Level,Digital Smart Level Tool Electronic Level Tool, and Protractor

This 24″ Digital Box Level is the perfect addition to your toolbox. Its backlit display is highly visible on both the dimmest and the brightest job sites, while the digital measurement reading will automatically invert for convenience when you are taking overhead measurements. This level is made of heavy-duty plastic with a stainless steel pin and reinforced turtle shell shock-resistant construction that stands up to any physical abuse you can dish out on it.

Exceptionally Precise

Once you start using this digital precision, you realize just how much the old bubble levels left to chance. The angle finder zeros in on precise readings at ±0.1° at 0° and 90° and ±0.3° from 1-89°. That’s phenomenal resolution for degrees, percent slope, inches and feet, and metric.

Easy to Read

This digital display with a LIGHT button, to give you an excellent LCD view with excellent resolution. You can immediately see even complex readings for faster, more precise work.

Invertible display

Display inverts for easy reading even when level is upside down. It has a bright, easy-to-read LCD display that is clearly seen in even dimly lit work environments.

8. Digital Level and Protractor, 10 Inch IP54 Protected Electronic Bubble Inclinometer Angle Finder 

This 10” IP54 protected electronic bubble inclinometer angle finder is made of ABS plastic and resin materials, which prevents abrasion and corrosion. The digital level has old-school models with bubbles, and also has a digital display.10” digital levels versatility and accuracy make it a must-have tool.

Durable Aluminum frame

Durable Aluminum frame, super waterproof and dustproof. The eOUTIL digital inclinometer is compact and highly convenient for measuring absolute and relative angles.

Strong Magnetized Base

Precision eOUTIL level with strong magnetic base can firmly attach to any ferrous metal surface, v-groove helps attach to even a curved surface. The eOUTIL digital inclinometer is compact and highly convenient for measuring absolute and relative angles.


Don’t allow water to come in contact with the batteries or the internal wiring. Handle the Digital Level with care, remembering that it is a precision instrument. Avoid bumping, knocking, dropping the unit or exposing it to extremes of temperature, either hot or cold.

Consider the Best Digital Level Before Buying

Before making a purchase, each person should undertake their own internet research in order to make an informed conclusion. More information about those factors can be found below.


To guarantee that the results are clearly understood, the digital level should always have a large display. It should be visible from every angle.


The machine you use should be able to offer you enough precision so that your measurements are always accurate. Erroneous readings will provide no advantage to users.


Customers should never have to do a lot of upkeep because of the digital levels you choose. Putting undue financial hardship on the vehicle’s owner is not a good idea.


Digital levels range in price from $25 to $500 or more, depending on the features.

What Are The Major Advantages Of Digital Levels

We’ve listed the primary advantages of digital levels in more detail below:

Collimation Error

Before giving the final results, the digital level performs a variety of integrated checks and modifications. It checks for collimation issues in the machine’s final readings.

Human Error Chances

Exhaustion impacts measures in various situations, which is not uncommon to discover. Human eyes aren’t required to review the data, which decreases the possibility of human error.

The product’s flexibility

A digital level also has the advantage of allowing users to tailor the output to their specific requirements. This task does not necessitate the use of any additional equipment. This machine works at a high level of efficiency the majority of the time.

User-friendly Manuals

Even for individuals who are fresh and new to digital levels, a good digital level will always come with an easy-to-understand guidebook. The readings are clearly visible on the monitor.

Consistent Precision

You won’t have to worry about sacrificing accuracy with a high-quality digital level. It is based on an automated process that decreases the chances of human error.

Best Digital Level-Frequently Asked Question

Are Digital Levels More Accurate?

A digital level is not superior in terms of precision and accuracy, but it is easier to read and operate. On the digital display, inches and millimeters can be displayed, making it simple to identify your level and the direction you need to travel in.

How Do I Level My Digital Level?

Place the digital electronic level on the surface you want to measure. ‘ Allow a few moments for the reading to settle. To get the readout to 0.0 degrees, or zero degrees, you must modify the surface. Check the level reading a second time by comparing it to the bubble vials.

What’s A Digital Level?

Students can take the Digital T levels as an alternative to the more traditional A-levels after completing their GCSEs. In September 2021, when they are released, new avenues to employment or study in the digital economy for young people will be open.

What Are Digital Levels Used For?

A digital level is a must-have tool when it comes to land surveying. Land surveyors utilize them on the job site to make advanced and automatic height measurements. Calculate the height of a structure by comparing the height difference between two places, calculating an angle or slope, and keeping the structure level.

What Are Digital Business Services?

When we say “digital business,” we mean using digital technology to rethink company models and change products and consumer experiences. This is the process of utilizing digital technology to create new products and services that benefit customers while also connecting them to the business.


Among the best digital levels reviewed above, the Stanley 03-0864 Self-Leveling Cross Laser Level with Magnetic Mount & Extra Battery is a real winner. It has a precise and easy-to-use cross-laser feature that offers flexibility with the ability to portray both horizontal and vertical planes on any surface. We also liked its one-line-of-sight capability that makes this level highly accurate and efficient. Plus, it’s quite affordable.


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