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The Best Diamond Tester is an article that provides the reader with all they need to know about this subject. It is well researched, with helpful inputs from a professional who has done an in-depth study on the topic and can provide the latest information on this subject. In this article, the writer talks about what a diamond tester is, how it works, and goes into other aspects such as its use in industry and also goes into detail about how you can use it.

You may have heard that 95% of all diamond rings sold in the USA are not authentic. Is this true? What is the test to determine whether a diamond is natural?

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Leading 10 Best Diamond Tester Reviews

1. HMKIS Diamond Tester Pen, High Accuracy Jewelry Diamond Tester+ 60X Mini LED Magnifying, Professional Diamond Selector for

This diamond tester pen is designed for quick, precise, and safe testing of natural diamonds. It is easy to use and does not harm natural diamonds. It emits sounds and lights when you have simulated it as a natural diamond. The fake crystal, such as cubic zirconium (CZ), will not emit sounds and lights. This product is a high-accuracy jewelry diamond tester with 60x magnification, which can detect the small details of your gems or coins.

HMS Diamond Tester Pen, High Accuracy Jewelry Diamond Tester+ 60X Mini LED Magnifying, Professional Diamond Selector for Detecting Gemstone and Coin Quality at Home or in the Field.

2. High Accuracy Diamond Tester Professional Diamond Tester Pen Jeweler Tool for Novice and Expert – Diamond Selector II 9V Battery

This is essential for novice, student, and expert jewelers alike. The fast and accurate diamond tester features an intuitive design with large and small switches to test diamonds. It gives both audible sounds to differentiate the readings easily and an LED indicator. Suitable for both professional and general use, turn on our diamond tester detector, and place the tip of the Diamond Tester Pen in the stone you want to test (lightly pressed is sufficient). The tester will not beep if genuine diamonds.

With our Diamond Tester Professional, you will never be fooled by a fake diamond.

3. Presidium Multi Tester III (PMuT III) All-In-One Instrument for Testing Diamonds, Moissanites, and Diamond Simulants

The Presidium Multi Tester III (PMuT III) All-In-One Instrument provides an effortless way to test for diamonds, moissanite, and diamond simulants in one device. This tester has a thin retractable probe tip of 0.6mm that allows for testing small colorless diamonds of 0.02ct. A 180-degree multi-viewing LED display for easy readability for both right and left-handed users are ideal any jeweler needing peace of mind when analyzing diamonds, moissanite, and diamond simulants. Powered by 3 AAA batteries, this instrument is lightweight and portable with easy handling through its ergonomic design, including a rubberized anti-slip grip on its handheld body.

The Presidium Multi Tester III (PMuT III) is an easy-to-use, lightweight handheld instrument for testing diamond and moissanite jewelry in one easy process. The PMuT III features 180-degree views for easy readability of the display. With its all-in-1 test capabilities, this tester is a great gem testing solution for your jewelry business.


Diamond Mate-C is a revolutionary electronic diamond tester. This ergonomic, lightweight unit tests a diamond’s authenticity quickly and easily without breaking the bank—test both polished and unpolished gemstones and small diamonds down to .02ct. Featuring a retractable thermoelectric probe tip that ensures constant pressure between probe and rock, the Diamond Mate-C is easy to use, with consistent and reliable results every time. The light weight makes it perfect for travel, while the built-in battery indicator tells you when it needs charging so you can continue testing on the go!

The Presidium Diamond Mate-C electronic diamond tester is ideal for expert jewelers and novices. The unit features a thin probe tip (.6mm) for testing diamonds as small as .02ct, a retractable thermoelectric probe tip, and a metal alert buzzer—no wait time between tests, light, and portable with a low battery indicator.

5. HDE Diamond Tester Pen High Accuracy Professional Jeweler for Novice and Expert

Diamond tester is an easy-to-use tool that will help you determine your diamond’s value. This handy professional handheld device lets you check whether a diamond is genuine. It’s easy to operate and comes with an audible tone to make it easier to differentiate between real and fake diamonds. It is beautifully packaged in a satin-lined gift box, ready for gift giving.

Diamond Selector is a professional diamond tester. It will indicate a genuine diamond or a fake. This product uses large/small switches to test diamonds, emitting audible sounds to easily differentiate the readings. It requires one standard 9v battery, which is not included.

6. Culti Jeweler’s Diamond Testing Pieces-Professional Loupe and Electronic Diamond Tester Machine

This kit is a must-have for any jeweler, appraiser, or bench jeweler. It includes a genuine Culti Diamond Selector II and PuriTEST gold-colored 30x magnifying loupe, sealed in a box. The Culti Diamond Selector II features a 60-day money-back guarantee, easy to use, and reads results in two minutes or less. The PuriTEST magnifying loupe has an elegant design with a soft handle that won’t hurt fingers or hands while using it and is perfect for any jewelry examination tasks or jobs.

Love diamonds, gold, and other jewelry as much as we do? This kit is for you. You can quickly test your diamonds, precious metals, or gemstones with the included Culti Diamond Selector II (60-day money-back guarantee). Use the loupe to see every detail of each stone over 60x magnification. If you believe in authenticity, quality and value, ignore our price on this unique collection! Grab it now before it sells out!

7. Culti Jeweler’s Diamond Testing Pieces-Professional Loupe and Electronic Diamond Tester Machine

The Diamond Testing Pieces-Professional Loupe is a unique bundle that includes everything you need to quickly and easily determine the authenticity of loose or set diamonds and precious metals. This professional kit includes Culti’s Diamond Selector II, a handy electronic device for quickly determining whether a stone is authentic or not. The digital diamond tester works by sending an electric current through a probe that touches your diamond to decide whether or not it’s real or fake.

If a genuine diamond conducts electricity, then it’s real. If it does not conduct electricity, then it must be fake either because it’s synthetic (lab grown) or because it’s just cubic zirconia (CZ). This machine emits an audible sound when testing a genuine diamond because tiny pores between CZ crystals do not conduct electricity, thus making it impossible to achieve a loud sound reading when trying CZ simulants!

8. Gemoro Testerossa Diamond, Moissanite & White Sapphire Tester

The Testarossa Diamond, Moissanite & White Sapphire tester is the most advanced low conductivity stone identifier. In addition to identifying diamond, moissanite, and white sapphire with New Enhanced Micro-Diamond Technology for common conductivity stone identification, it also applies LED illumination and UV fluorescence detection to enhance your testing experience.

The tester features an ultra-sensitive retractable probe tip with enhanced durability, a USB power supply, or a pair of AA batteries that can operate for up to 8 hours at a time. And with a 10-year probe tip warranty and lifetime limited replacement warranty on the tester itself, we have you covered no matter what happens in your jewelry shop!

9. Jewelry Flashlight Diamond Pen Diamond Tester, Portable Electronic Diamond Tester Hardness Gems Testing Tool Appraisal Diamondnite

This is a diamond selector with accurate and reliable reading and a multi-gem tester. A new portable High Accuracy Diamond Tester diamond observation tool, you can use infrared irradiation in diamond to evaluate the diamond. The High Accuracy Diamond Tester compact size is easy to use and portable to store. Suitable for jewelry display or identification assistance.

A multi-gem tester with accurate and reliable diamonds and a portable High Accuracy Diamond Tester diamond observation tool. It uses infrared irradiation in diamonds to evaluate their hardness. The High Accuracy Diamond Tester has a compact size that makes it easy to use and portable to store. It is suitable for jewelry display or identification assistance.

10. SmartPro SPGE-I Gem Eye I Gem and Diamond Tester Smart Pro

The SmartPro Gem-Eye I was developed to distinguish between diamond and its other simulants using the principles of thermal conductivity. Diamonds, with their exceptional heat conductivity properties, are unlike any other simulant and are therefore not easily replicable.

Ideal for testing diamonds, colored gemstones, and all precious metal base metals. It uses the principles of thermal conductivity to distinguish between diamond and its other simulants.

Importance of Diamond Tester

Diamond testers are critical in the diamond industry. They help to determine whether or not a diamond is natural, and they also help to determine the quality of a diamond. The importance of the diamond tester lies in its ability to test the authenticity and quality of diamonds.

The tester has been used for many years but has changed over time due to technological advances. There are several different types of testers that you can use depending on what kind of information you want to know about your diamond. For example, if you have an old-fashioned tester, it will only tell you whether or not your diamond is natural, but if you have an electronic one, it will tell you much more.


What Kind of Diamond Tester do Jewelers Use?

Diamond testers are the essential tool in a jeweler’s toolbox. They’re used to determine whether a stone is real or fake and can also be used to assess the quality of a diamond.

There are two main types of diamond testers: acid and electronic. Acid testers use acid to test for diamond flaws, while electronic testers use electricity or ultraviolet light to detect defects.

Acid testers are the most common type of tester used by jewelers today, but electronic testers are growing increasingly popular.

Is a Diamond Tester Worth it?

A diamond tester is a small device that can help determine if the stone you are considering buying is genuine. The device works by testing the stone’s thermal conductivity, which is determined by its hardness and ability to resist scratches. If your stone has these qualities, then it’s probably accurate.

While some fake diamonds exist, many people buy them because they don’t know how to tell if their stones are genuine. A diamond tester makes it easy for even the most clueless shopper to avoid purchasing something that’s not worth their time or money.

Will any Diamond Pass a Diamond Tester?

No, not any diamond will pass a diamond tester. Not all diamonds are created equal, and not all diamonds are as pure as they should be.

Most diamonds fail the test when it comes to purity. If you want to ensure that your diamond passes the test, you should ensure that it’s as pure as possible.

It has a high clarity rating and an excellent cut grade. It also means that it has no other substances mixed into its makeup.

Who Makes Diamond Testers?

Diamond testers are made by companies specializing in creating and selling testing equipment. They aim to develop the best possible equipment for their customers.

One of the best manufacturers of diamond testers is [company name]. They have been making diamond testers for years and are known for their high-quality products that withstand a lot of wear and tear.


Thanks to the internet, no digital or analog diamond tester should be bought without reading a few reviews. Based on the number of one-star reviews on Amazon, The FeviKwik seems to be the tool being recommended by users and has both good ratings and affordable pricing.

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