Best Dental Dams In The Market

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Dental dams, sometimes known as rubber dams, are often utilized in endodontic, fixed prosthodontics (crowns, bridges), and general restorative procedures. The device maintains filling materials like composite dry during installation and curing and prevents inhalation or ingesting of instruments and materials, in addition to preventing saliva from interfering with endodontic therapy (root canal). best dental dams come in a variety of shapes.

Our 5 Favorite Dental Dams

Top 10 Best Dental Dams Reviews

1. Strawberry Trustex Dental Dam

Dental dams are used by people with sensitive skin, are vegan (they are made from synthetic rubbers), cleaner with soap and water.

The Trustex Non-Latex Dental Dam is made of flexible, transparent polyurethane and is latex-free and glycerin-free. These dams are packaged in a foil pouch with a resealable closure. Sheer size 1, Each sheet measures about 5 1/4″ by 7″ and is custom-cut to fit easily into your wallet for private, discreet protection wherever and whenever it’s needed.

2. Grape Flavor Trustex Latex Dental Dams

Trustex Latex Dams Dental Dams Grape Flavor 12 Count
  • Safer oral sex
  • Delicious grape flavored
  • 6x10 inches

The Femme Couture Set of 4 Dams is presented in a tasteful black gift box. Each dam is individually wrapped in its own sterile barrier to maintain freshness and sterility. When opened, the Femme Couture collection consists of four dams, each containing its own attractive and informative package insert.

3. CR8155NS Cranberry Smart Dam Latex Powder-Free

Cranberry CR8155NS Smart Dam Latex Powder-Free, Unscented, Medium Gauge, 5x5, Blue (Pack of 52)
  • High color contrast for optimal visual acuity
  • Protein rated <50ug to minimize latex allergen exposure
  • High tensile strength for uncompromising tear resistance
  • Powder-free

A new addition to our best-selling dental dam and exam glove line. These latex-free, high tensile strength dams use powder-free processing for a smoother, more comfortable, and consistent fit. Our innovative Nitrile Touch technology creates an aqueous coating to improve tactile sensitivity and create a soft touch feel unmatched in the dental industry. With a high color contrast for greater visual acuity, you’ll be able to see the dam in the mouth and manipulate it easily.

4. Assorted Latex Dental Dams

Latex Dental Dam Assorted Flavors & Scents -6 Pack
  • Latex Dental Dam Assorted 1 pc. ( 6 Pack )

These Dental Dams are of the highest quality available on the market today. There is no comparison between these and even the most expensive that you can buy in a store. They are made by a company that specializes in dental items, so you know they will be strong enough to withstand anything. They are guaranteed not to tear or break, have a fresh taste and powerful aroma from high-quality food-grade materials, and come in a variety of flavors. By purchasing these dental dams you will be getting the best protection possible while still maintaining a wonderful experience.



Restrictions On Use-Use of these dental dams by anyone other than you is in violation of the manufacturer’s intent and federal law. See the insert that comes with the dam for more information. This product is latex-free, 5 1/2″ wide, and safe to use with water-based lubes.


Six-inch-square dams are an ideal size for performing on female patients. Stretchability: Good. Elongation at break: 700%. Advantages: Powder-free, available in custom sizes, attractive packaging. Disadvantages: Poor tear tolerance, reduced sterile field when used with composite resins. Not suitable for use in intraoral procedures because of their poor adhesion characteristics.

7. Dams at Sheer Glyde

Sheer GLYDE Dams | 24 Count Pack Assorted Flavors/Colors (Dental Dams)
  • 10" x 6" Thin and Sheer Oral Dams
  • Made with natural rubber latex
  • Made for safer sex
  • Lightly scented

Sheer Glyde Dams are slightly larger in size than the average dental dam on the market today, which means increased protection and a good fit for most women. While Sheer Glyde Dams are food-grade material and can be washed with mild soap and water, they are also disposable.


For an ultra stretchy, ultra-thin, ultra-durable dam that is completely latex-free and registered with the FDA as a Class II Medical Device, we recommend the Sanctuary Rubber Dams in Thin size. Made from 100% natural rubber latex these dams are made in Malaysia and feature a shelf life of six years. With their high tear strength, you won’t have to worry about them breaking or stretching during application. Whatever your needs – simply use one or stack them up!

9. Dental dam, heavy-gauge, latex, unflavored, Crosstex 19301

The Mint Green Color and User-Friendly design make Perio-Dent Mint Green Dams economical priced. Unlike other colored dental dams, the user can easily see where they are placing their hands and instruments to complete a procedure. These Mint Green Dams have Rounded Edges and Low Particle Powder to offer an easier procedure for Oral Surgeons and other professionals who need to handle them consistently.

10. Dental Dam, Powder Free, Sanctuary Latex, 36 Pack

Stock up on these non-sterile, powder-free oral hygiene dental dams from Sanctuary to ensure that dental offices of all sizes are properly equipped for all procedures. Available in a package of 36, these dry dams can be used in place of rubber dams for a variety of oral hygiene techniques such as prophylaxis, cavity preparation, and restoration placement.

Best Dental Dams – Buying Guide 

Best Dental Dams
Dental Dams


Latex is the most common material used for dental dams. People allergic to latex can however use versions made of polyurethane. A number of manufacturers have developed flavored dental dams as an incentive for consumers to use them.

The easiest way to get dental dams is online. Sometimes they’re available in public health departments or drugstores in the aisle with family planning products. It is not uncommon for dental dams to cost $1 or $2 per piece wherever they are purchased.

DIY Dental Dams

Although dental dams are not as commonly available as external or internal condoms, in an emergency, you can make your own using a non-lubricated polyurethane or latex external condom; it is possible to flavor it if you choose.

  • Unroll the external condom after removing it from the package.
  • Trim the external condom’s tip with scissors.
  • Remove the rubber base from the external condom.
  • From tip to base, cut the external condom lengthwise. When trimming the condom, take care not to poke a hole in it, as this will render it useless.


Although few studies have examined the effectiveness of dental dams for preventing STIs, it is likely that they can significantly reduce the risk of infection from a wide range of viruses and bacteria that are transmitted through oral sex, including:

  • Synthroid
  • Gonorrhea
  • Having chlamydia
  • Cancers of the head or neck may be caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).
  • Viruses
  • Trichomoniasis
  •  Factors associated with STIs and their causes

The same holds true for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) related to oral-anal sex:

  • Anthrax and hepatitis B
  • Intestinal parasites, such as Giardia
  • E. coli and other bacterial species

Use of a dental dam

Use a dental dam to practice safe oral sex.

  • Discard the dental dam. Take care not to tear the dental dam when removing it from its packaging.
  • Using the dental dam, cover the anal or vaginal openings. The dental dam should be placed flat over the receiver’s vulva when engaging in oral-vaginal sex. The dental dam should be placed flat over the receiver’s anus during oral-anal sex.
  • Placing the dental dam firmly in place. The dental dam must be held firmly in place by you or your partner before you have oral sex. Do not continue to perform oral sex on your partner if the dental dam falls off or tears at any point.
  • Dispose of the dental dam that has been used. After you have finished using the dental dam, dispose of it. To ensure that your next oral sex session is as comfortable as possible, you should always use a brand new dental dam.

Frequently Asking Questions About Dental Dam

Is a dental dam expensive?

There is usually an additional charge for a dental dam, which can range from $1 to $2. Before placing an order, you should check whether the clinic stocks dental dams or if they offer them for free.

Are dental dams actually used?

Dentists still use dental dams, even if consumers don’t demand them. In spite of their potential, they have not been effective in preventing many common STDs. A study by Dr. Maisel shows that only 9.7 percent of Australian women who have sex with women use dental dams, and just 2.1 percent use them frequently.

How do dental dams compare with condoms?

STIs are protected by using dental dams during oral sex. A dental dam can be made by cutting a male condom in half lengthwise, then cutting the half lengthwise into the desired size. In this way, a rectangular piece of latex will be provided. STIs are prevented in oral sex as effectively as with a condom when a dental dam is properly used.

Are dental dams capable of staying in place?

There are instances where a dam will stay in place on its own because of vaginal moisture or static electricity. FDA approval has been granted for a certain brand of the dam called the Sheer Glyde dam. However, you can also use other types of dams. If the dam isn’t latex-based, you won’t be able to use it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Saran Wrap as a dental dam?

If dental dams are not available, Planned Parenthood endorses oral sex with plastic wrap. Plastic wrap, on the other hand, was designed for food storage, and its use as a barrier against pathogen transmission during sexual activity is not FDA-approved – manufacturers have not even tested it for that purpose.


Oral sex is amazing. There’s really nothing wrong with engaging in it unless there is something wrong with your sexual health. If you have multiple partners or even just one partner, you can still get STIs from having unprotected oral sex. Luckily, dental dams are easy to make at home or order on the internet.

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