How to Choose The Best Demonstrator Fountain Pens In 2023

Nowadays, choosing the best demonstrator fountain pens is not a simple task. This is because the market is flooded with different options for these pens. After having this understanding, we decided to come for your aid by preparing you a list of the top 5 demonstrator fountain pens you can choose for your writing needs. Luckily, we have also included a buying guide to help you make the right purchase if your preferred one is not on the list. Go through each details keenly to see what suits you most.

Top Picks: 5 Best Demonstrator Fountain Pens

Top 5 Best Demonstrator Fountain Pen- Buying Guide

1. PILOT Kakuno Fountain Pen

If you want the best demonstrator fountain pens that are kid-friendly, affordable and have a creative design with performance that will catch you off-guard, PILOT Kakuno Fountain Pen (10822) is the real deal. This pen has been designed with experienced and novice fountain pen users in mind. It is available in clear plastic packaging.

This pen features a cheerful face on the finely crafted nib to ensure your writing is perfect. It has several sizes and colors, the nib. The most common is the medium point nib with blue, lime, or red caps and gray barrel. It is easy to hold this pen because of the hexagonal barrel design it features. Additionally, it is perfect for beginners because it is lightweight, whether having the cap posted or unposted.

You will also love the transparent pen body. This allows you to see the internals of the pen alongside the ink levels.

Additionally, the barrel of this superb pen has two holes. This prevents any choking accidents that might arise. Hence, they are consider to be kid-friendly pens. On the downside, this feature blocks the pen from being an eyedropper. However, you can solve this by filling the holes with epoxy.

2. Arteza Disposable Fountain Pens

As the name suggests, these are disposable pens available in a pack of 12. When writing with it, do that with complete confidence. You can use it for daily work, school work, creating artwork, and journaling.

It features a medium nib that delivers the ideal size of 0.9 mm always. This pen has a free ink system. What this means is that it is an all-in-one pen. Hence, no worries about buying ink cartridges.

The inkwells have been designed to last longer when it comes to the inkwells. Thus, you have a guarantee that the ink will not dry out fast or leak. Another fascinating thing about pen ink is that it dries out quickly to ensure it does not smudge or smear easily. Unluckily, the pre-filled ink in this pen is less than half a barrel.

3. BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen

Quality is the essential aspect of a fountain pen. Luckily, this is exactly what BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen does. In addition to superior craftsmanship, it boasts great materials. It is made of highly polished stainless steel and features a tapered and contoured shape to ensure it is comfortable in your hand. This material gives the pen a solid weight that is big but not too heavy when writing.

When it comes to the nib, it is made of stainless steel material and has an iridium coating for enhanced durability and performance. The fine manufacturing ensures the ink flows steadily and precisely, and the nib glides across any paper without challenges. Thankfully, it is easy to change or refill the ink in this fountain pen.

This gorgeous pen arrives with six cartridges of black ink and a refill converter presented in a gift box. Luckily, each pen is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Many users of this pen appreciate its balance and the clear instructions for cartridge replacement. Additionally, countless people recommend this pen as a presentable gift to anyone. This is because it can be used on any occasion.

Unfortunately, some customers say that the medium nib is more like a fine nib.

4. Lanxivi Yongsheng 3011 Demonstrator Fountain Pen

Lanxivi Yongsheng 3011 is an ideal demonstrator pen you can get for your smooth writing experience. The stainless steel fine nib mainly ensures this. Also, it is gold-plated.

Another amazing thing you will love about this pen is its huge ink capacity. Its piston can store more than 3 times of ink. Therefore, it is an ideal pen you can use for a long time. This saves your valuable time in return.

In terms of design, you will be highly impressed by the classic design of the pen. It has a transparent body and an arrow clip to see how the ink flows. If you want to gift someone a pen gift that is stylish and elegant, the best you can consider is this pen. Luckily, it can be ideal for colleagues, students, friends, family members, at a wedding party, and many more.

Thankfully, it is easy to fill the pen with ink. All you need to do is unscrew the end cap, dip it into ink and afterward screw back the end cap. Unfortunately, this pen does not come with ink for safety.

5. LAMY Vista Foundation Pen Demonstrator

This superb pen might not be mightier than a sword. However, it is a stepping stone from the usual gel pen or rollerball pen you might be using. It features a fine nib that creates a nice thin line perfect for daily handwriting. The ink flow through this pen’s nib is excellent.

Even if it has a plastic body, the quality of this material is great. Luckily, this is a clear material that guarantees that you will see the flow of ink. This helps ensure that you do not run out of ink unaware. Additionally, LAMY Vista Foundation Pen features a triangular grip for excellent hand position as you write.

This demonstrator pen features a clear barrel that makes it easy for you to refill the cartridge. When it comes to the pen’s weight, it is lightweight because it weighs 1.0 Pounds. Besides, it has a perfect shape that sits perfectly on your hands. These aspects make it ideal for use by beginners and experienced users. From the downside, many people complains that it does not last longer.

Best Demonstrator Fountain Pen Buyers Guide

fountain pen open cap

Choosing the right demonstrator fountain pen is not a simple task. This is because they are available in the market in different options. Unfortunately, each seller will claim all the fountain pens they are selling are perfect for your needs. To make your buying task easy, use the following tips when making purchases.

Material of the Nib

Typically, a fountain pen is meant for smooth writing. In fact, it writes very fast if less pressure is put when using it. The fountain pen’s nib guarantees you a smooth writing experience. Therefore, when buying this pen type, make sure you pay attention to the nib.

A fountain pen that lacks a perfect nib is of no use. In fact, the nib materials define their quality. A perfect fountain pen contains nibs made of iridium, stainless steel, and solid materials. Nevertheless, the best material we can recommend you to consider is stainless steel.

Nib’s Width

The most sensitive part of a fountain pen is the nib from the above factor. Therefore, in addition to considering the material used to make it, you also have to consider its width. For instance, it may be troublesome to choose a nib with medium width if you have thin handwriting.

If your writing is this, the best fountain pen you should buy ought to have an extra-fine nib. On the other hand, a fine nib is the best for a person with small handwriting. Otherwise, buy a pen that has a broad nib if your writing is large, bold, or spidery.

Body Material

For you to use this pen, you have to put ink inside. Thus, if the material used to make the body is not clear, it may be impossible to use it. The ideal fountain pen to buy needs to have a body material that is acrylic resin, plastic, and silicone grease.

A pen with a crystal body makes your work easier. This is because, at times, you might require to screw the pen knob to make the piston move inside the pen. If it is impossible to see the piston, screwing further makes it break. As a result, your pen will turn to be messy. Choose a pen with body material that is transparent to help you see the amount of ink that has been left inside the pen.

Barrel Size

The role of the barrels to hold ink inside. It acts as the reservoir for the fountain pen. A pen with a larger barrel is the best as it will hold plenty of ink to be used for a while. It will save you from refilling ink now and then.


This is meant to make the ink inside not dry. Besides, it gives an additional beauty to pen. A pen with a good cap allows the ink inside to be safe. Most fountain pens have lids made of aluminum, plastic, or acrylic resin from our article.

How to Write With a Fountain Pen

Writing with a fountain pen is much different to a rollerball or ballpoint. It involves taking the pressure in the writing process and the words you write on the paper. The writing outcomes determine the pen size, ink type, and paper quality. To write with a fountain pen need a little bit of retraining to help you write smoothly.

While you can use a ballpoint at any angle, a fountain pen can only be used at a specific position or angle. Besides, it needs smooth touch. This article will show you how to write neatly with a fountain pen.

Choosing the Right Fountain Pen

Selecting the best fountain pen and writing paper is the first essential thing you need to consider before writing with it. An ideal pen should be lightweight and have a contoured grip to ensure you hold it easily. In addition, it should be easy to refill.

A smooth premium pad is the best you can use with your fountain pen. It will help the ink to flow easily. Moreover, make sure that the paper is not too slippery to write on, and its drying time should be fewer than ten seconds.

Best Steps for Writing with a Fountain Pen

  • Keep the lid or not

This is simply keeping the cap at the end of the pen when writing. Doing this helps to balance the pen as you write. Also, try to write with the lid off to see what suits you most.

  • Hold the fountain pen at the right angle.

Your fountain pen must make an angle of 450-550 with the surface for it to write excellently. Your pen will write perfectly and have the ink flow freely at this angle.

  • Use little pressure

Fountain pens are different from ballpoints because they do not require more pressure when writing. A ballpoint requires more pressure for it to write. Otherwise, when more pressure is applied when writing with a fountain pen, ink is likely to stop flowing. Always keep the stroke light to ensure the nib is not damaged when writing with this pen type.

  • Find the pen sweet spot

A sweet spot is the nib area that glides with the writing surface. When you push down on the sweet spot, the ink is likely to flow out more smoothly. In return, this allows you to write evenly and continuously. The nib feels skippy and scratchy when the sweet spot is not in contact with the paper.

  • Use your arm for writing

Many people use their fingers when writing. Finger tendency writing creates pressure on the pen. When such force is applied to a fountain pen, it affects the ink flow. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the shoulder and arm when writing. Writing with this style keeps the nib steady and allows you to write smoothly.

How to Clean a Fountain Pen

A dirty and clogged fountain pen can hinder you from enjoying using it. Therefore, cleaning them often is essential. Cleaning it helps remove dried ink and other dirt inside the pen. When cleaning the pen, make sure you clean the converter, nib, and outside. Doing this increases the lifespan of your pen and the writing results quality. Following are the perfect steps for cleaning your fountain pen.

What you need

  • Two glasses of water
  • A piece of paper towel
  • A bulb syringe or ink converter, or pen
  • Fresh ink for refilling
  • A notebook or notepad for testing

Step 1: Remove the Ink Cartridge

Unscrew the pen barrel by twisting it in the middle and removing the converter or cartridge.

Step 2: Prepare your Bulb Syringe and Water Glasses

Place two glasses side by side and make one for clean water while the other to catch the inky stuff flowing out of your pen. If you do not have a bulb syringe, use the pen converter to flush the dried ink out.

Step 3: Flush the Pen

Fill your syringe with water and insert it where the ink will go in your pen. Flush it gently and firmly into your grass number two. If your pen contains a lot of dried ink, you should do this slowly. Redo the process until the water coming out of your pen is clear.

Step 4: Dry the nib

Pat, the area around the nib and grip, gently remove excess water before refilling. At this point, your pen is ready for fresh ink.

Step 5: Add Ink and Give it a Test

To make sure your fountain pen is clean, you have to add ink and try writing with it. If you are using an ink cartridge, pop one in and allow the ink to reach the nib for several seconds. Afterward, grab your favorite notepad or notebook and the clean pen for a spin. At this point, the ink needs to be flowing smoothly, leaving a clearer and more consistent line on the paper. For excellent writing, ensure you have the best ink and paper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Demonstrator Fountain Pen?

These are pens with a clear body to help you see the ink inside. Initially, they were designed to showcase the inner working of the pen. Their benefits make them the ideal choice for most people.

Who has Invented the Fountain Pen?

There is compelling evidence that a fountain pen was constructed and used by inventor and artist Leonardo da Vinci during the renaissance.

How Do you Fill a Moonman Fountain Pen?

It is easy to fill this pen with ink. All you need to do is unscrew the body from the grip section. Afterward, fill the reservoir within and screw it back together.


Hopefully, you have found your best demonstrator fountain pens in this article. If not, read the buying guide keenly before making purchases. In addition, we have outlined for you the best tips on how you can write with a fountain and how to clean it perfectly for excellent outcomes. Go through this guide keenly, and you will keep smiling. Happy Shopping!

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