Use The Best Cup Phone Holder (2023 Update)

Your phone may have to be hung, depending on the vehicle you are riding. The phone cannot be held while riding a vehicle. Due to this, it is impossible to hold your phone without using a phone mount. 

Suitable mounting holders for such devices would likely be cup-shaped. It is conveniently held in such a case, and it is not at risk of falling. Magnets hold these phone mounts in place, while heavy-duty plastic grips offer gripping power. Uniqueness is created by such mounts, in addition to their functionality.

Getting the amount up, stabilized, and rotated while you’re driving is difficult. Several factors need to be considered when purchasing such mounts. Several considerations must be taken into account, including fit, mounting stability, durability, compatibility, design, etc. In the following section, you will find a list of the best cup phone holders.

We tested this list of the best ones for yourself on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Cup Phone Holder

Best Cup Phone Holder Reviews In 2023

1. Cup Car Phone Holder for Car

Cup Car Phone Holder is a portable, flexible phone holder that securely holds and protects your phone while leaving your hands free to use other apps. Cup Car Phone Holder can be adjusted from Min. 2” to Max 3″, fits most standard car cup, holders. It is easy to install and remove, with no need for any tools required.

Easy to Install

Press the button on the back of the phone mount and then the two grips on both sides of the phone mount clamp will expand to the maximum width automatically.

Adjustable and Durable Base

Made with an adjustable heavy base and durable plastic, the phone holder will securely lock in your cup holder. The holder has extended arms for wider depth and longer length, suitable for your vehicle cup holder between 2.3″ and 3.3″ in diameter.

Wide Compatibility

When you press the button on the back of the phone mount clamp, the grips on both side of the clamp will automatically expand to maximum width. The width range of the phone mount clamp is from 2.2″ to 3.8″ and it supports the ultra thickness of the devices up to 0.6″, which fits the size of most cell phones, GPS, or other digital devices. (Note: Please check the size of your own devices before purchase.)

2. WeatherTech CupFone Cup Holder for Car Phone

There are many autos, home, and pet products on the market, but there’s only one WeatherTech. Behind every WeatherTech solution, there’s an investment in American manufacturing that makes no compromises. That’s why you can trust that your WeatherTech purchase will always come with the quality and craftsmanship that can only be made in America.

Extendable Feet

This phone holder can be adjusted from Min. 2. 3″ to Max. 3. 3″, and fits most standard car cup, holders. The one-button release curved arm and extendable feet allow you can enjoy safe and the best viewing angle. Don’t need to affix anything to your dash or window, just simply put it in your car cup holder and fix it.

Ultimate Hands-free Device

This cup holder car phone mount is the ultimate hands-free device for the driver and passengers. Its adjustable phone holder fits virtually all known mobile phones, including those with normal-sized protective cases. Its rotating base allows the phone to rotate 360°, adjustable for viewing from any seat position.

3. [Upgraded] TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Holder for Car

TOPGO is ready for you. Now purchase confidently. Do you have such a problem in the journey or the working route of driving, the phone holder arm blocked the gearshift? Do you want a cup phone holder with a flexible and stable arm? Don’t worry about it, we have achieved it. So we release this Upgraded Version immediately to solve the problem.

Better Design

This is a gooseneck phone holder that possesses a better design and is more stable. The gooseneck adopts better materials and design, making it more durable. The Up to 8-inch long neck makes it easier and more flexible to operate your mobile phone. Adjust the gooseneck to avoid blocking the gearshift, also you can adjust the height as you like, achieving maximum flexibility.

Anti-slip Rubber Pads

This top-go cup holder phone holder is the perfect option to hold your phone, smartwatch, and gps! Made with an adjustable Nano silica air bag stable support shelf and thickened anti-slip rubber pads, both of these, achieving the phone holder will securely lock in your cup holder. Holder has extended arms for wider depth and longer length, 360-degree rotation for desired position vertical or horizontal mode.

4. TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Holder

The Topgo Cup Holder Phone Holder keeps your phone within easy reach while you’re driving. Designed to fit into your cup holder, it has a silicone pad that protects your device from scratches and sliding. The curved arm lets you easily slide the phone into place, and the extendable feet keep it in a comfortable viewing position.

Easy To Set Up And Use

The TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Holder is a great way to hold your phone in your cup holder and not worry about it falling. It’s perfect for the car, truck, RV, SUV, tesla, boat, golf cart, etc. The most adaptable base with a modern design knob makes it easy to set up and use. Just a little twist and close the knob when you are done using it.

High-quality Material

A flexible gooseneck makes your phone holder can rotate 360 degrees, you could easily adjust the view you want. The gooseneck is up to 8-inch long and is made of high-quality material. This flexible gooseneck and strong grip allow you to attach it to any table, wall, etc.

5. [Upgraded Version] Cup Holder Phone Mount for Car

Adjustable Cup Holder Phone Mount for Car, Cell Phone Holder Stand Easy to install. One-button release function, you can easily pick up your phone and dial it. Suction cup size: 2.3″ x 4.3″. Arm length: 8″, extendable arms for different car types; The thicker the cup holder is, the less it will move around between the base and the vehicle.

Heavy Base And Strong Neck

Miracase cup holder phone mount is made with an adjustable heavy base and strong neck, it effectively prevents shaking. The clamp arms and foot have thickened soft sponge pads, which effectively prevent shaking. Even on some rough roads, still can hold your phone firmly in the car.

Regular Phone Holder

If you love your car, don’t leave scratches on it with a regular phone holder. You can use this up to a 3kg strong cup holder phone mount without worrying about the damage to your car or vent blades. Easy and fast installation, no longer will you wait for a long time when fixing other models’ suction cup phone holders on your car.

6. Solid Cup Holder Phone Mount for Car

Place your phone in the car cup holder phone mount, it will be fixed by the silicone rubber pad of the car cup holder. No more screws adjusting, just pull and push to adjust the height. Easy one-hand operation! The car cup holder phone mount can reach a maximum height of 12.4″ for easy operating and access to your device without blocking anything on the console.

Adjustable Solid Base

Made from durable plastic and expandable sturdy base, the cup phone holder is capable to securely locking inside cars, trucks, pickups, SUVs, or any other vehicles.

Sturdy Telescopic Arm

Steadily stand up from 8.46″ to 10.57″, you can easily adjust it to whatever height is preferred for a clear view while driving even on the bumpy road.

Hassle-free Charging

The open bottom tray design provides access to effortless charging, which gives support to long-time navigation and radio on the road.

7. [Newest & Solidest] andobil 15in Car Cup Phone Holder

The ball joint and gooseneck of ANDOBIL 15in Car Cup Phone Holder is upgraded to make you can easily rotate the ball joint and 360 degrees adjust the angle. Tighten it off in your car, and enjoy listening to music or talking on the phone.

Universal Phone Holder

Super affordably priced, the New and Improved Andobil Car phone holder is the best for all big phones. With a newly designed high-density soft silicone universal phone holder, this cup phone mount can adjust the indentation depth of the holder according to the weight and size of your phone. Ensure fully and securely protect your phone from scratch and drop.

Smartphone Securely

Designed to hold a smartphone securely, the andobil 15in Car Cup Phone Holder is an easy-to-install car holder that can be used in multiple vehicles using a simple lock and key mechanism. The upgraded ball joint has the same structure as the diamond, and the gooseneck is made with aluminum alloy material. After components are lab-tested to ensure more stability and sturdiness, security to your driving safety. Therefore, it will super sturdy and never broke.

8. Cup Car Phone Holder for Car 

The car phone holder has an adjustable knob to fit your car cup holders. It will stay in the car stable, even if turning, braking, or driving on a bumpy road. Please compare with the size of your car cup holder or contact us before purchasing. Make sure that this mount can be placed in the cup holder.

Smartphone Into The Small Arms

Place your smartphone in our cup holder car phone mount, then press the button on the right side of the car phone mount to open the small arms. Then insert your smartphone into the small arms, relax and enjoy the driving process. One hand operation makes you press the button to release the phone from the cup mount clip, simple operation makes driving safer.

Comfortable Height

Discover the beauty of your car dashboard with this Cup Car Phone Holder. This universal mount is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and GPS devices (9” – 13’’). It features a 360°rotation ball at the bottom, this design allows the mount to adjust any angle of viewing. The long neck can adjust to 8 inches, you can make the holder a comfortable height. All designs will not affect the driver’s vision.

Best Cup Phone Holder Buying Guide

Cradle Or Magnetic

What holds these devices in place is the primary difference between them. The back of the device may be scratched by magnetic mounts even though they can attach and stay in place quickly. Driving on rough roads may also cause them to lose their grip. A special metal plate may also be required on certain devices to guarantee a strong magnetic bond. Unlike soft rubber grips for cradles, soft rubber grips for cradle models have sizing restrictions.

When the device is swapped, some versions require resizing the grips. Mounts vary in price according to the type of device they are used with and how well they work. Flip phones often have disadvantages when it comes to either choice.

Set Holder

These devices are unique in terms of how they use space, just like cup holders in a vehicle. The devices can be customized and fit into different opening sizes, but will that work in your situation.

A gear shift, turn signal, CD player, or onboard GPS can all suffer interference if any of these items are placed. It may seem silly, but using a ruler in the car to measure the gadget could prevent you from having to return it.

Line of Sight

The location of these items may be well below the normal line of sight, which makes them, unlike dash and window mount versions. It is probable that many users will be looking down more than usual if keeping in touch with their phones or adjusting playlists is a priority.

Usage of Hands-Free Devices

Many drivers who rely on hands-free devices develop some bad habits that make them unsafe. Briefly, here’s what it all means.

  • While on the road, you can still converse while using VIP and Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Phone calls can be just as distracting as texting while driving – a good headset or the speakerphone feature can help.
  • The media can distract you from the journey, whether you are listening to breaking news, listening to an audiobook, or watching your favorite video.

Other habits, such as eating and drinking, conversations with passengers, and sleep deprivation, are related to using devices on the road.

FAQ: Best Cup Phone Holder

Are Phone Mounts Legal?

According to the new law, cell phones should not be used for any type of activity while driving unless they are in a hands-free mode. The use of any electronic device while driving will be completely prohibited (including having a smartphone and using a GPS).

Are Magnetic Mounts Bad For Your Phone?

Sensors are able to discern north based on the motion and location of magnetic fields. Therefore, it is inevitable that any nearby magnetic field will affect the electronic compass, but there will be no problem with the magnetic mount.

Can I Have A Phone Mount On My Dashboard?

Under the new law, drivers cannot place objects in the way of their windshield view. So, you can’t mount your phone directly on the windshield anymore – which is a popular place. In the law, the location of the phone mount is even more specific: on the dashboard.

Can You Use Your Phone In A Parked Car?

Even when you’re standing in traffic or at traffic lights, you are still breaking the law. Only when your vehicle is parked up and you are not driving, are you allowed to use your mobile phone. If you’re parked, do not leave your engine running even if you’re not driving.

Do Suction Cups Work On The Dashboard?

Because of their use inside cars, trucks, or almost every vehicle, suction cups can be used to stick phone holders on windshields and dashboards, etc. Suction cups and adhesive enhance the stability and stickiness of almost all windshield and dashboard phone mounts.


The best cup phone holder is the perfect way to keep your hands free when driving. The suction mount attaches securely to any window or dashboard and will hold your device in place without damaging it while you drive. 

You can also use this handy gadget as a tablet stand, kitchen timer, or desk organizer! If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable product that makes life easier.

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