Best Cricut for Stickers – Buying Guide

Stickers are a fun way to showcase your talent. Whether you are a professional artist who loves making and printing stickers or a business owner who prints stickers, you need a good quality Cricut machine to cut your stickers into intriguing shapes and designs. I will show you the best Cricut machines for stickers in this article. You can choose the best one from there. 

There are mainly three types of Cricut machines available in the market right now. They are Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut Maker, and Cricut Joy. When I researched- a bit about them, I found out their main differences lie in cutting versatility and cost. All three types provide excellent print quality. 

I found out Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine is the best sticker printer available in the market. It comes in a big bundle and is a complete package for your sticker printing project- including the Cricut machine, tool kit, and assorted vinyl colors. It is also the fastest cutting machine capable of cutting 100 plus materials. Apart from this, there are other Cricut machines that you should know about too. Let’s dive deep into the best Cricut for stickers.

Our Favorite Best Cricut for Stickers

Comparison Table 

NameColorWeightMachine Type
Cricut Explore Air 2 MachineDecal Vinyl Bundle17.41 PoundDie-cut
Cricut EasyPress 2 – Heat Press MachineMint8.66 PoundHeat Press
Cricut Champagne MakerChampagne18.02 PoundDie-cut
Cricut Joy MachineAssorted3.75 PoundDie-cut
Cricut Maker 3 MachineSilver15.4 PoundDie-cut
Cricut 2007004 Maker MachineRose21 PoundDie-cut
Cricut Expression 1 Electronic Cutting MachineGrey17.5 PoundDie-cut

Top 7 Best Cricut for Stickers- Buying Guide

1. Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine

Are you a beginner and looking for the best Cricut for stickers? The Cricut Explore Air 2 is the best Cricut machine for stickers. It is a pretty good bundle with many items like a Cricut Air 2 Machine, Blade, Adapter, USB cord, User Guide, Pen, tool kits, vinyl, transfer sheet, etc. 

It is a pretty great package for new enthusiasts and business starters. You will get a lot of toolkits and items with it. A damn good thing about this bundle is it comes with an e-book format instruction guide for beginners. It contains many projects and tutorials which will enrich your skill. 



It comes with several accessories- including a spatula, scissors, weeder, scraper, and tweezer in the toolkit. It has 9- by 12 inches sheets, Cricut vinyl, and transfer paper. You can use vinyl to make different home décor. 

User-Friendly Machine 

This great Cricut machine has built-in Bluetooth that offers wireless operation. You can cut, write and score remotely using an app. It also allows you to adjust the material and upload images in various formats. 

A great Cricut Machine 

Cricut Air 2 die-cut machine is pretty good at cutting a variety of- materials like paper, felt, and many more- you can create home décor, wall signs, stickers, etc., using this machine. 


  • Wireless connectivity through an app 
  • Includes an e-book tutorial 
  • Versatile and easy to use 
  • An excellent deal for business starters 
  • Pretty easy to learn 


  • A subscription fee requires to access designs.

2. Cricut EasyPress 2 – Heat Press Machine

Are you looking for a Cricut sticker machine that gives the speed of a heat press machine but the convenience of an iron? You must select this Cricut EsayPress 2 heat press machine. It will give you a professional level iron-on result in less than 1 minute. You will get a superior result from the heat press machine. 

This amazing Cricut machine comes in three different sizes- you can print on several items using this machine. It can withstand any heat transfer vinyl or sublimation projects quite easily. 


3 Different Sizes 

EasyPress 2 comes in 3 different sizes to fit various projects. 6- 7 inches is best for smaller projects and takes only one minute to heat up. 9 by 9 inches takes only two minutes. The 12 by 10 inches take up to 3 minutes to heat up. 

Professional Level Ironing 

It offers a professional level ironing effect in less than 60 seconds. Ceramic-coated heat plate design will provide you with advanced performance. 

Various Medium 

You will be able to take up ongoing projects using this machine. It works seamlessly with any heat transfer vinyl and sublimation projects. 

Your Favorite Projects 

This machine can take an endless amount of projects without issues, from t-shirt printing to caps, sweatshirts, pillow covers, blankets, totes, and many more. 


  • Insulated safety base 
  • Auto shut-off 
  • Can set time and temperature 
  • Compatible with most ink brands 
  • It comes in a lightweight canvas bag 


  • The instruction manual is not that good

3. Cricut Champagne Maker

Cricut Champagne Maker is the ultimate intelligent and the best Cricut for making stickers and cutting makers. The incredible thing about this machine is that it can cut up to 300 different materials. It is a versatile machine; you will get hundreds of digital sewing patterns from it.   

It comes with all the superior features. Its powerful blade, scoring tool, the rotary blade makes it stand out from others. Let’s see what this Cricut machine has more interesting to offer. 


Rotary Blades for Fabrics 

It has a rotary blade for cutting fabrics. It can cut through any fabric accurately. As a result, you will get excellent design and patterns from your favorite subject. 

Free Designs 

Some apps contain free design. You can work on your mobile phone or computer and then upload it to the machine; you can be a professional artist or not. 

Digital Sewing 

It can make your sewing projects fast and easy. You can make hundreds of digital sewing patterns using this mighty machine. It cuts and marks all the pieces, and you have to sew them. 

Project Possibilities 

You can use this machine in various projects. It is compatible with different types of materials. It has a powerful blade that can cut designs into intrigue patterns. With this machine, you can make many crafts, including vinyl decals, paper crafts, stickers, etc. 


  • Apps for free designs 
  • A  docking slot 
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to learn. 
  • Very versatile 


  • works when connected to the Cricut cloud

4. Cricut Joy Machine

It is okay to look for an easier way to make DIY crafts. The Cricut joy machine is your thing. This intelligent cutting, writing, and label-making machine are perfect for many projects. Using this cute sticker maker Cricut machine, you can make more crafts quickly. 

The joy machine is relatively quite easy to set up. You will find yourself doing a lot of projects like water bottle labels, wall décor, and many other different crafts. Let’s see what more this fun little machine has to offer. 


Label Making 

This machine can make different labels. It can cut and write custom labels for home organizing, pantry, toiletries, etc.  

Cricut Design Space 

You can upload or create your design for free using Cricut Design Space, Use your smartphone or computer to design and then cut or print them using a Cricut machine. 

In the Box 

You will find a Cricut joy cutting machine, a premium quality fine point blade, a fine point pen, a standard grip map, and many more necessary items in the box. 

Fun Projects 

This machine can make different crafts; Cricut Joy Machine can write, cut, and label. It is small in size. It can cut up to 4 feet. 


  • No cutting mat is needed
  • Great for beginners 
  • Free access to Cricut design space 
  • Easy DIY tool 


  • Very few free designs 
  • Slow connectivity

5. Cricut Maker 3 Machine

It is another pro-level die-cut machine from Cricut. It provides faster and more smooth operation. You can cut 300 plus materials with this superb machine. Not only that, it is compatible with 13 different tools. You can do all those cutting, scoring, and embellishing projects efficiently and faster with Cricut Maker 3. 

This cricket sticker machine is better than other Cricut products in cutting speed and force. Let’s go deeper and see what else this machine can offer.  


Faster Speed 

Cricut Maker 3 gives 2 times faster speed than the original Cricut machine. It also applies 10 times more cutting force than Cricut Explorer Air 2, which provides a superior and faster-operating speed. 


An impressive factor about this machine is it can cut up to 300 and more material types. It’s a huge deal. The device is compatible with 13 different tools, but they do not come with the package. They are sold separately. 


With its 10 times more cutting power, this machine can work with various tools like rotary blade, knife blade, Foil transfer tool, Scoring Wheels, etc. You can create different crafts and decorative items with these tools. 

Items in the Package 

The bundle comes with Cricut Maker 3 machine, Adapter, Premium Fine Point Blade with housing, USB Cable, etc. 


  • Fast and quiet 
  • Great multitasking capability 
  • Robust and innovative 
  • It comes with ready to do projects online 
  • No need to switch out tools for different operation


  • No instruction manual

6. Cricut 2007004 Maker Machine

If you are looking for an ultimate intelligent cutting machine that can work with more advanced tools, the Cricut maker should be your priority. It allows you to create any DIY projects that you can imagine. Cricut maker vinyl stickers and other items like Paper projects, Jewelry, Home décor, iron-on, and more, you can do it all with this machine. 

It can cut hundreds of different materials very quickly and accurately. From the most delicate paper to tough ones like leather and basswood, you can cut confidently with a Cricut Maker. Let’s see some of its other features. 



It provides pro-level cutting performance. Using different advanced tools with this machine, you can create different crafts and art projects.  

Rotary Blade 

This machine comes with a rotary blade- you can cut virtually any fabric without facing any issues. Use a knife blade to cut thicker fabrics. 


Using this excellent machine, you can cut 300 and more materials quickly and smoothly. Paper, fabrics, leather, mat board, basswood, etc., it can take them all. 

Sewing Patterns 

It offers 500 plus digital sewing patterns with the package. You can sew a lot of fun things with this Cricut Maker.


  • Freedom to cut just about anything 
  • Incredibly user friendly 
  • An extremely active user community 
  • Solid and very high in quality 
  • Cut any fabrics without backer 


  • The software can be challenging to understand at the beginning.

7. Cricut Expression 1 Electronic Cutting Machine

Are you looking forward to making bumper stickers with Cricut? In that case, Cricut Expression 1 Electric Cutting Machine is your best friend. You can create and cut stickers very smoothly and efficiently with this Cricut machine. 

Cricut Expression is an innovative cutting machine. It can cut from a tiny 0.25 inches up to 23.5 inches size of materials. It comes with six modes and four functions. You will get great customization of cuts and operations from this machine. Let’s see what more this device offers. 



It is an electric cutting machine. You can use it for creating scrapbooks, classroom décor, signage, different crafts, etc. It offers smooth operation throughout the time. 

Cutting Size 

With this electric cutting machine from Cricut, you can cut anything whose size starts from 0.25 inches and can go up to 23.5 inches. It has a cartridge system that does not require any computer to operate. However, the cartridge does not come with the package. 

Modes & Function 

This machine offers 6 modes and 4 functions; you can cut anything in portrait or landscape orientation. It has an easy-to-read LCD monitor. 


The whole package comes with a Cricut Expression 1 Electronic Cutting Machine, a Plantin SchoolBook, Power Adapter, Cable, etc. 


  • Extremely portable 
  • Cuts quickly and smoothly 
  • Excellently cut fonts 
  • Makes scrapbooking easy


  • Requires additional accessories to offer full potential 
  • The cartridge does not come with the package.

Best Cricut for Stickers Buying Guide

cricut machine

If you are familiar with decorative printing and sticker making, you must have heard about the Cricut machine. You may have used one. In that case, you already know what to expect from a Cricut machine. But if you are a beginner trying to grasp everything- you might not know much about a Cricut machine. 

No worries, some technical aspects cannot stop you from your creativity. I am here to help you select the best Cricut for stickers. I will tell you what to look for when you set- to buy a Cricut machine. After reading this, choosing the best one would not be an issue for you. 

A good Cricut machine has certain features in it. You must look into those features when you go to buy one. These features are: 

Maximum Output Size

Output size is crucial for creating stickers. You might find yourself wanting to cut or print large-size designs. It is only possible by machines with maximum output size. So, if you wish to create such designs- you should check the max size offered by your Cricut. You would want to select a machine that provides 6 inches by 6 inches, 12 inches by 12 inches output size. If you want an even larger size select larger than 12 inches by 12 inches.  


You might want to print or create stickers on various materials. It can be paper, photo papers, plastic sheets, cards, PVC, etc. In that case, your machine should have the ability to cut and print different materials. Some Cricut machines can cut up to 100 materials and more. So, while choosing your Cricut machine, check the materials it can work with


A Cricut machine is not merely a cutting machine- it offers so much more. You will get various patterns and designs from it. Some Cricut machines have heat press capabilities; you can print designs on different objects using this feature. If you want to print- your tees with stickers you made, buy one with heat press capability. 

Extra Items

Most Cricut machines come in bundles. They have a lot of items related to sticker making in a package. You can list all the things you need and then select a bundle that offers similar items. 


Price is another crucial factor- as you want to buy the best Cricut machine. While doing that- do not spend all your money on one Cricut machine. You should set a budget and purchase one within the limit. Do not go for an expensive one if you are a beginner. 

How to Make Stickers on Cricut?

Stickers are always an exciting way to decorate a place. You can print custom-made stickers to decorate your space. Cricut is one of the best options to make stickers. You can create stickers on Cricut Design Space, print them, and cut them using a Cricut machine. 

Follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Open an Image File

To make stickers, you have to open a new image file first. Then you have to prepare a sticker image sheet. You can design your sticker sheet image or download it from the internet. Use Design Space, Illustrator, or Canva to do it.  

Step 2: Load Your Sticker Image Sheet

First off, open Cricut Design Space and do a new project. Then click on the Upload button from the main canvas. Find the image from your local drive and hit on Upload image to import the image. Now you have to choose the image type. You can choose the Complex option. Then on the next screen, click on Save as a Print, then Cut image. Give your file a name and a tag, and press Save. Finally, click on Insert Image to add it to your Canvas. 

Step 3: Print the Image

Now that you have the image on your canvas, you might have to resize it according to your machine’s max output size. If the image is too large compared to your machine’s size, make it smaller unlit it fits the size. Now, load a sticker paper into your printer and click the Make It button from the Cricut Design Space app. Click continue and then Send to Printer. You can select the highest print quality from your printer settings. Finally, click on the Print button to start printing. Please wait until it completes. 

Now you have a printer sticker that you can cut and make intriguing shapes with them.  

How to Cut Out Stickers on Cricut?

Cricut is a great machine to cut your stickers- it can do it most efficiently. Cricut machines offer high performance in cutting stickers. The first step of cutting stickers is printing them and making them ready for cutting. 

Now that you have printed your sticker, we can proceed further and cut it according to its shape. Follow these steps to cut out stickers on Cricut:

Step 1: Set Material 

Go to Cricut Design Space to select your material. Select ‘Sticker Paper’ from the settings. You have to note that your material settings may change depending on which cutting mode you have selected. 

Step 2: Load the Mat 

Now take your printed sticker paper and place it on your Mat. Try to align them as close to the upper left corner as possible. Try to smooth the sticker paper down with your hand. Then click on the flashing arrow button to load the Mat into your Cricut machine. 

Step 3: Cut the Sticker 

When your sticker is loaded into the Cricut machine, click on the Cricut icon button. You will know your device is ready when a flash appears on the button. Now click the C button to start cutting. Your Cricut machine will start moving around your paper to scan the black lines. Once scanning finishes, it will start cutting your sticker. 

Step 4: Bring Out the Mat and Remove the Sticker 

Your Cricut machine will tell you to unload the Mat when the cut is finished. Press the arrow button again to unload the Mat. Now check if your sticker is cut correctly. You can run it through the Cricut machine a second time if needed. Finally, remove the sticker from the Mat. Now it is ready for use.  


Is Cricut Vinyl for Stickers?

Cricut is a great machine to make stickers. You can cut your stickers accurately with this machine. It will not only cut your stickers smoothly and accurately, but you will get intriguing shapes also. The best Cricut machine will give you the highest quality of performance.  

You can use the highest quality of vinyl to produce customized stickers. It can provide intricate cut patterns. Vinyl stickers are one of the most cost-effective yet versatile and impactful.  

What Paper Do You Use for Stickers on Cricut?

There are different types of paper that you can use for making stickers. You can use vinyl to make stickers. They are one of the cheapest mediums for sticker printing. You can use colored paper as well to print stickers. You can use photo paper and glossy sticker paper to print stickers. Transparent and opaque glossy paper is another sticker paper that you can use. For Cricut, you can use Cricut Sticker paper to print your stickers. 

How Do I Make Professional Cricut Stickers?

Cricut is a high-quality sticker-making machine. You can use it to make professional-level stickers. For doing that, your first duty is to select a Cricut machine that offers professional-level performance. The printing and cutting process is the same for all the Cricut machines. It is the machine itself that creates the differences. So, to make professional-level stickers, you have to buy a high-performing Cricut machine. Once you have the machine, you can print and cut your stickers. 

Are Cricut Vinyl Stickers Waterproof?

Stickers are mainly printed on paper or cardstock. As a result, it is pretty impossible to make stickers completely waterproof. All the papers we use for printing stickers are soluble in water. However, you can make them highly water-resistant by adding lamination or spraying polyurethane on them. It is also the same for Cricut vinyl stickers. You cannot make them waterproof; you can make them water-resistant by adding lamination or spraying polyurethane.  

Is Cricut Sticker Paper Waterproof?

Cricut sticker paper is not waterproof. However, you can make them water-resistant. You can make Cricut sticker papers water-resistant as well. You have to laminate them after printing or cutting. Spray polyurethane on them as well.


Stickers are now an exciting way to advertise. It has its fan base all across the world. You might be a sticker enthusiast who loves making stickers. You might be a professional making a living by printing high-quality stickers. In both cases, you need an excellent sticker-making machine. Cricut is one of the best sticker-making machines available in the market. You have to know which the best Cricut for stickers is to buy one. 

I am sure after reading my article; now you know everything about Cricut sticker-making machines. Now you can confidentially choose the best Cricut machine for yourself.   

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