Best Cricut Blade for Vinyl: The Ultimate Guide In 2023

Cricut blades are the major cutting parts in a Cricut machine. Therefore, if your machine is meant for cutting vinyl, you have to ensure it has the best Cricut blade for vinyl. Unfortunately, choosing the right Cricut blade for your vinyl cutting machine is a bit hectic. One of the reasons is that they are available in the market in different options. In addition, each online store will claim to have the best blade for your needs. But how can you find the best in a market flooded with vinyl Cricut blades?

We are here to make your buying task hassle-free. This is through providing you with a list of the top seven Cricut blades you can use to cut vinyl precisely. In addition, we have discussed each blade’s key features, pros, and cons. Therefore, take your time to read them to see what is best for you. If you do not find the right one here, use the buying guide below to help you make the right purchase, and you will thank us later.

Top Picks: 5 Best Cricut Blade for Vinyl

Types of Cricut Blades

There are about 5 types of Cricut blades. Differentiating each of them is highly advisable. Following is a discussion concerning them.

Knife Blade

This blade is intended to cut thick materials like basswood, balsa wood, chipboard, and mat board about 2mm thick. When using this blade, make sure you consistently move the star wheels to one side. Doing this ensures it does not leave blemishes on your project. Mainly, the knife blade works with the Cricut maker and not the Cricut explorer.

Rotary Blade

As the name implies, these blades resemble a smaller than expected revolving cutter used to cut the fabric. However, this one allows you to pierce through all fabric types. The most common fabric types include chiffon, denim, tulle, and corduroy. This blade is only used with the Cricut Maker.

Bonded Fabric Blade

This one is manufactured in a way it can cut fabric precisely. Therefore, you do not have to use your fabric scissors to cut paper or other stuff. It is a perfect cricut blade for the maker and explore machines.

Premium Fine Point Blade

This is the main blade accompanying the Cricut machine once you buy it. Typically, it is viable with both the Cricut machines. Of all Cricut blades, it is known to be the most flexible blade. It cuts all types of thick and dainty material like vinyl, cardstock, vellum, artificial calfskin, and other light-medium-weight materials.

Deep Point Blade

It may appear to be like a premium fine point blade. Nonetheless, there is a difference between them. The deep point blade is made out of stronger steel with a more extreme edge of 60 degrees meant to make it the best for working with. It performs excellent cuts on thicker material like chipboard, magnet, thick cardstock, stamp material, thick cardstock, froth sheets, hardened felt, and several textures.

Top 7 Best Cricut Blade for Vinyl Buyer’s Guide

1. Cricut Knife Housing & Blade, Original Version

This is our number one best Cricut blade for vinyl we recommend you to buy in the market today. It guarantees you precise cuts upon use on your Cricut machine. A package contains one premium 12 mm carbide blade alongside a drive housing.

Cricut Knife Housing & Blade, Original Version creates models, puzzles, toys, and leather goods. Meaning it is a perfect blade you can get for your versatile use. In addition, it cuts up to 3/32 inches balsa wood, 2 mm Cricut chipboard, 4-ply matboard, and many more. Using this cricut deep cut blade needs design space software on a laptop or desktop.

On the downside, this super blade for cutting vinyl can only be used with a Cricut maker and cannot cut images smaller than 3/4 inches.

2. Cricut Premium Fine Point Blade

This gorgeous Cricut blade is the best you can get to help you stay sharp as well as creative. It guarantees you long-lasting precision cuts even if you do that independently.

Cricut Premium Fine Point Blade is made of German carbide steel glamorous gold in color. This assures you of its durability. Hence, you will not force to replace it anytime soon. Besides, it is a versatile blade for making perfect cuts with your Cricut machine.

In terms of design, it is meant for cutting light-to-mid-weight material like vinyl, cardstock, poster board, iron-on, and many more. Luckily, you can use it will all Cricut machines. However, a few customers think it has been designed with the Cricut explore in mind.

3. Fakugo Cricut Tool Set, Knife Blade

If you are looking forward to having the best Cricut blade that will help you cut up to 3/32 inch balsa, 4-layer pad, 2 mm artificial leather, and basswood up to 1/16 inches, the best you can buy is Fakugo Cricut Tool Set, Knife Blade. Inside the package, you will find 1 premium 12 mm carbide blade and 1 PC driver housing.

Thanks to the manufacturer, you can use it to expand your creative horizons. Moreover, it can cut through denser and thicker materials. Nevertheless, you are not recommended to use it for cutting images smaller than 0.75 inches.

To save time using this blade, you have to use a suitable cutting material. This ensures it is recognizing by the machine quickly.

Despite the 100% customer service the manufacturer provides for this blade, you realize it only works with Cricut machines.

4. Cricut Bonded-Fabric Blade, Multicolor

As the name implies, this is a blade with many colors. Thus, if that is your wish, take time to look for this blade while in the market. Moreover, you are not limited to using it with the Cricut machine only because you can use it with the maker, explore air, explore, and explore air 2 machines.

In the package of this blade, you will find the bonded-fabric blade and housing. Thanks to the manufacturer, it stays sharper for a long time. Also, you can use it with fabric with an iron-on and bonded fabric.

This perfect blade is making from premium German carbide steel. Its design is meant for making intricate cuts with a Cricut machine. Luckily, it is easier to replace your blades once required.

While customers highly appreciate this blade, a few found it not worth cutting felt.

5. 2PCS Premium Fine Point Blade

2PCS Premium Fine Point Blade is the best blade you can get for cutting vinyl. Luckily, it has broad applicability. This is because it is compatible with explore air 2, Cricut explore air one, Cricut maker, Explore Air 3, and Cricut Maker.

You can use this blade to cut thinner materials like rice paper, window tint, stickers, vinyl, film, foiled stickers, and light cardstock. Its lifespan is 3-5 times more than the ordinary blade. However, if you buy it to cut thin paper, it will live longer.

Furthermore, this cricut blade for cardstock is glamorous gold in color and protects its head with a silicone cap. After removing the plastic cap, you can install the blade on the blade holder.

Unfortunately, not all blades can adjust the cutting depth. Hence, you have to set a perfect depth before cutting.

6. Fine-Point Cutting Blades for Cricut Paper

One of the things we love about this blade is that it will start giving you cuts that are not as crisp if they begin getting dull. Therefore, you do not have to keep removing them from your machine to see if they are still functioning.

A package contains two blades and two protective caps that are gray. The number of cuts provided by these blades is dependent on the material type you are cutting. However, they are 500 to 1500 cuts.

Also, these are durable blades that are custom designed. Hence, you have a guarantee of sharp and accurate cuts.

Unluckily, this cricut standard blade is trustworthy but a bit pricey.

7. Provo Craft Cricut Blade W/House Rotary

Ideal Cricut blades guarantee you precision cuts that are fast and painless. Luckily, this is exactly what Provo Craft Cricut Blade W/House Rotary, Multi does.

This blade is the best you can have for heavier fabrics like burlap and denim. In addition, you can use it to cut lighter fabrics like silk and cotton and fragile materials like tissue paper and crepe. It is made from premium stainless steel.

On the other hand, this is your go-to blade for most sewing projects like stuffed animals, handbags, home décor, and quilts. Unfortunately, you can only use these blades with Cricut makers.

Best Cricut Blade for Vinyl Buying Guide

cutting paper for design

If you are using the Cricut to cut, you require to use a specific blade to cut particular materials. For instance, if you are going to cut vinyl, you have to look for a Cricut with blades meant for cutting vinyl. Typically, there are several factors you have to keep in mind when shopping for an ideal Cricut blade for cutting your vinyl. You cannot overlook these special tips if you do not want to settle for the wrong one that will not give you excellent outcomes. Following is a discussion about them.


When finding the best Cricut blade for your vinyl cutting, you cannot overlook this crucial factor. A perfect blade for your need ought to be sharp for precise cutting. Before making a purchase take time to test the sharpness of the blade, you are looking forward to buying. When buying from an online store, it can be tough to do the testing. However, you are recommend to read the feedback section to see what other customers are saying about the sharpness of this blade. If you find many people giving positive feedback about its sharpness, do not hesitate to buy it as that is a sign that it is perfect.


You do not want to compromise this critical factor when buying the right Cricut blade for your vinyl cutting machine. A perfect blade can sharpen severally without the need to be replaced. Such a blade will save you plenty of money. Take time to find a blade that will give you precise cuts for a long time.


When buying something, this is something that we cannot overlook. In fact, failure to pay attention to the price of what you are buying means you are buying blindly. To avoid buying your vinyl Cricut blades blindly, take your time to see different ones sold at different prices. Never rush to buy cheap blades to save money or the most expensive ones thinking they are the quality ones. The best blades are solding at a rate you can afford and guarantee excellent results.


Some brands are known to make quality products. This is not excluded when it comes to Cricut blades for cutting vinyl. As a result, you have to pay attention to the brand that manufactures the blade you are looking forward to buying. It is advisable to buy a blade from a famous brand. That way, you are assured that you have settled for a quality product that will serve you for a while without any issue.

How to Sharpen Cricut Blades

It is a fact that sharper blades yield crisper and cleaner cuts. Nevertheless, it is expensive to replace the blades to keep the Cricut running. Luckily, you can extend the lifespan of the blades by sharpening them within a few seconds and without using a lot of your money. We have provided you with step-by-step instructions on sharpening Cricut blades in the guide below.

What You Need

  • Cricut blades
  • Compressed air.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum foil
  • Paper

Before you begin sharpening the blades, there are important things you need to know. Note that Cricut blades come in two major parts: Housing and blade. Typically, the housings are built to last for a lifetime, even though you can choose to have them replaced. But, the blades are replaceable.

Step 1:

Before you attempt to sharpen your Cricut blades, check them for dust. Even though it is not common, dust can gather on your blades. This makes them cut poorly. You can do this by removing the cap to check the blades using a magnifying glass once needed. At this place, look for possible fibers attached to the blades. In case you see dust, blow it off using compressed air.

Step 2:

Use heavy-duty aluminum foil to sharpen the blades.

Step 3:

Tear a sheet of foil and line it up on your Cricut unit.

Step 4:

At this point, create a file on your Cricut and cut 3-4 straight lines, 3-4 circles, and 3-4 squares.

Step 5:

Set the Cricut speed to slow the thickness to 1. Setting the Cricut to a faster speed will be less effective in sharpening the blades.

Step 6:

Test your blades on paper to see if they are sharp as needed. If not, repeat the process.

How to Replace a Cricut Blade

It is wise to regularly replace your Cricut blade to make sure your cuts are crisp and complete. You can only do this if you know about how it is done. Following are some of the significant steps you need to follow.

Step 1:

Unplug your Cricut power cord. Afterward, press the ON button to open compartment doors where the blade is located.

Step 2:

At the bottom of the machine, you will see the blade assembly. Generally, it features a cylindrical blade held in place by black support. Here, open the black support on the left side with the blade assembly.

Step 3:

At this step, loosen the thumbscrew on the blade assembly counterclockwise. Doing this will help you pull out the blade assembly from the machine.

Step 4:

Here, you need to push in on the spring-loaded release pin at the blade assembly top. Do this until the blade that looks like a small nail protrudes from the end of the cylindrical blade assembly. Pull the blade carefully with your fingers from the magnet that holds it.

Step 5:

Orient the blade over the hole in the bottom of the blade assembly the same way the blade you removed until the magnet grabs the blade and pulls it into place.

Step 6:

Here, insert the blade assembly back into the machine and swing the thumbscrew to the left.

Step 7:

This is the final step. Here, you need to tighten the thumbscrew and close the black support arm to ensure the blade assembly is in the right position. Plug the machine in and press the ON button once you are ready to cut.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Cricut Blade Do You Use for Vinyl?

A Premium fine point blade is the best Cricut blade you can use to cut vinyl easily. When your design is creating and ready to cut, it is recommendable to choose more pressure-cutting vinyl.

Why Won’t My Cricut Cut Thick Vinyl?

When cutting thick vinyl, make sure you use a Cricut brand made. Before cutting vinyl, inspect the blade and its housing and remove any debris that might stick to the blade or log in the blade housing.

Do All Cricut Blades Fit All Machines?

The Cricut explore series machines are compatible with three blades; the bonded fabric, deep-point, and fine-point. All three blades are color-coding. This will help you tell the right blade for your project.

How Often Should You Replace the Cricut Blade?

The most important part of a Cricut is the blade. It is the part that cuts and scores your designs. Hence, it is necessary to replace it often. Generally, you should replace it every 6 months to one year.

How Do I Know if My Cricut Needs a New Blade?

Cricut blades must change at different intervals based on the materials you use with your machine. Typically, consider changing the blade if the cuts are not crisp.


From the above Cricut blade guide, there are different Cricut blades for cutting vinyl in the market today. This makes choosing the best Cricut blade for vinyl quite tough. Hopefully, this guide makes your buying task hassle-free. In addition, it is our hope you have found what suits your needs from our top seven picks. In case not, use the buying guide to help you make the right choice. Luckily, a guide on sharpening and replacing the blades has been provided. Thus, you have everything necessary to have your vinyl cut precisely. Good Luck!

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