How to Choose The Best Cricut Accessories In 2023

Artwork is something that brings out the inner feelings of a person through some handmade objects. Likewise, the tools of our artworks play a great role in making them look beautiful. Cricut accessories are one of them. If you do not purchase the best Cricut accessories, your art may not look as per your expectations.

For those who are newbies in arts and crafts and have no knowledge regarding the best accessories, this article is for them. For instance, a Cricut accessories bundle shall be of top quality. Don’t worry if you will buy these substitutes for the first time.

In this article, you will get some amazing products of Cricut maker accessories. Also, a buying guide is there to meet all the confusions that you may have while choosing any product. Without beating around the bush anymore, let us have a look at the below accessories now.

Top Picks: 5 Best Cricut Accessories

Comparison Chart

CRICUT INC 2006695 CRICUTA cheaper option.
Great for beginners.
Fits into Cricut storage compartments easily.
The cutter is convenient enough.
Cuts vinyl and papers quickly.
Packaging is flawless.
ZICOTO Accessories BundleCompatible with any Cricut explore air.
Best for creating fun stencils and seasonal decals.
Can be a unique gift for all.
Versatility is up to the mark.
A great value for money.
Cricut Maker BundleGives no hindrances while using.
Accessories are adequate here.
Can cut lots of materials.
Goes well with numerous tools.
Accessible to any user.
LLYWCM Carrying BagMade of durable materials.
Remains clean and safe every time.
The fabric is resistant from scratches.
Case is portable and easy to accommodate.
Damocles Machine Carrying BagSimply organizes the pens, cords, scissors, etc.
Tote bag is convenient to carry.
Does not require pressure on the hands.
One of the most cheapest bags.
FaSoRa Accessories BundleCommendable for creating beautiful artworks.
Handy for beginners especially.
Perfect at great price.
A nice gift for crafters.
Compatible with all Cricut Makers series.

Best Cricut Accessories- Buyer’s Guide


CRICUT INC 2006695 is one of the best Cricut accessories you can have. Mainly beginners can have a great hand in this product because of its suitable objects. 

Whenever we go to buy a Cricut accessory set for the first time, durability comes to our mind first. Considering all the customer requirements in mind, Cricut Inc comes with firm fabrication and the right tools.


Well, the package of Cricut Inc 2006695  has a measurement of 6. 5×10. 25 with all essential objects. They are- one pair of tweezers, one pair of scissors, one scraper, one weeder, and one spatula. Hence, you will not find any trouble while creating your artwork.

Perfect for

If you are working on iron on the project, nothing can be better than the accessories of Cricut Inc. The reason is that this product contains all those necessary items that may be required for your crafting tasks. Besides, paper and vinyl work like magic with this Cricut set. 

Excellent Companion

Do not stress thinking that your Cricut cutting machine may not be compatible with your Cricut accessories. You just need to acquire the Cricut Inc set, and your machine will surely operate at its best.

Value for Money

Although the Cricut Inc 2006695 offers commendable features, it comes with an affordable price. Therefore, beginners can have it as their first alternative to make amazing Cricut artworks.



  • A cheaper option
  • Great for beginners
  • Fits into Cricut storage compartments easily
  • The cutter is convenient enough
  • Cuts vinyl and papers quickly
  • Packaging is flawless


  • Scissors are not well sharpened

2. ZICOTO Accessories Bundle

To bring all the projects of a DIY Cricut craft, ZICOTO Accessories Bundle is a great product. You will get a hard case where all the essential wedding tools are kept in this set. Also, there is an extensive accessory assortment with some extra tools. Like- fine point pens, glitter HTV iron-on sheets, sticker sheets, transfer tapes, vinyl sheets, cutting mats, and many more.

The ZICOTO Accessories Bundle tends to be a unique gift for those who love the artwork. Besides, this crafting tool will help you to stay relaxed and calm with its convenient materials while crafting.

Genuine Supplies

ZICOTO Accessories Bundle offers a huge tool kit of craft weeding to make some unique art pieces. You can use this kit for cutting machines and make your bundle worth using for creating artwork.


Those who are working with a Cricut explore air, ZICOTO bundle would be an amazing alternative for them. The reason is that this bundle is highly compatible with any Cricut explore air.


You will get a Cricut maker in this craft tool, which helps create seasonal decals. Furthermore, you can create some fun stencils with this ZICOTO Accessories Bundle.

Versatile Application

This accessory bundle is a handy object for numerous things. Like- mugs, signs, wooden decor pieces, pillows, bags, t-shirts, greetings and invitation cards, and many more.

ZICOTO Accessories Bundle


  • Compatible with any Cricut explore air
  • Best for creating fun stencils and seasonal decals
  • Can be a unique gift for all
  • Versatility is up to the mark
  • A great value for money
  • Offers convenience with an oversized puppy pad


  • The vinyl may not cut nicely

3. Cricut Maker Bundle

To get some incredible cricut items, Cricut Maker Bundle would be a fine option. This bundle will get a vinyl and tool kit with some assorted colors. Moreover, the Cricut Maker Bundle allows some professional cuttings with its high-quality materials. These materials include iron-on and felt, paper to make wall signs, indoor decals, DIY home decor, etc.

Options for Tools

There are adequate blade housing swap tips that help create, deboss, engrave, write, and perforate waves. Again, you can cut and score your fabric precisely by using the substitutes here. They are- foil, metal, basswood, quilting, leather, sewing, iron-on, vinyl, paper, etc.


From now on, users can also do wireless cutting. They just need a Cricut Maker Bundle in their hand. Since it has a built-in Bluetooth system, users can do wireless scoring and writing as well.


The Smart Set dial of your Cricut Maker Bundle offers an effortless control. Also, the dial simply adjusts with almost all materials. It helps to upload images in a format of .gif, .bmp, .png, .gpg, .svg. These formats are the outcomes of the online Cricut Design Space. You can go with a smartphone, tablet, computer, iPad, etc., to have a reliable connection to your Cricut Maker Bundle.

Cricut Maker Bundle


  • Gives no hindrances while using
  • Accessories are adequate here
  • Can cut lots of materials 
  • A fine cutter to add some decorative effects
  • Goes well with numerous tools
  • Accessible to any consumers


  • Some items may get missed

4. LLYWCM Carrying Bag

LLYWCM Carrying Bag is one of the best tools you can have to keep your Cricut accessories. Alongside, you can protect your cutting machines by storing them in the LLYWCM Carrying Bag. Those who want their Cricut machines not to bump, LLYWCM Bag is just for them.

Especially the travelers who love carrying their Cricut Accessories can rely on the LLYWCM Carrying Bag. This bag has two velcro straps at the bottom, which helps fasten the Cricut machines effortlessly. Moreover, the bag holds all the accessories in place, which is great for carrying them safely.

Large Pockets

In order to keep the supplies and accessories organized, LLYWCM comes with two inner mesh large pockets. Supplies like transfer papers, vinyl rolls, and cutting mats will always remain in order.

Detachable Strap

LLYWCM Bag has an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap along with some heavy-duty, durable handles. Since there are two different methods of carrying, users will find it convenient to take it anywhere.


For most popular Cricut machines, LLYWCM Carrying Bag is a suitable option. You can use it as a cricket storage bag, tote bag, travel bag, etc. Especially for a die-cutting machine, this LLYWCM Bag would be an essential companion.

LLYWCM Carrying Bag


  • Made of durable materials
  • Remains clean and safe every time
  • The fabric is resistant from scratches
  • Gives the consumers sufficient comfort
  • Case is portable and easy to accommodate
  • Can hold extra accessories


  • May not fit in all compartments

5. Damocles Machine Carrying Bag

To keep your accessories for Cricut, Damocles Machine Carrying Bag would be a superb alternative. You will get a thick padding pad at the top, bottom, and both sides in this bag. Thus, the carrying bag tends to be a shock-absorbent bag for users.

If you want, you can keep your expensive machines in this bag as it keeps all materials safe. Alongside, your materials will not bump out in times of transportation.


If your Cricut Bag is not convenient for your machine, then Damocles Machine Carrying Bag is just for you. This bag is highly suitable for Silhouette CAME03, Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Maker, and Cricut Explore Air 2. Moreover, you can carry the Damocles Machine Carrying Bag as a tote bag, cross body bag, shoulder bag, etc.


You will get three zipper pouches in front of the Damocles Machine Carrying Bag. As a result, you can keep your cords, scissors, pen, and all small toolsets organized all the time.

Dimension and Materials

Well, the actual dimension of the Damocles Machine Carrying Bag is 24″ in length, 8.75″ in width, and 8.5″ in height. On the other hand, this Machine Carrying Bag materials include metal, fake leather, and nylon. Because of these firm materials, you can be sure to have a rigid bag throughout.

Damocles Machine Carrying Bag


  • Simply organize the pens, cords, scissors, etc.
  • Tote bag is convenient to carry
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Does not require pressure on hands
  • One of the most cheapest bags
  • Looks cute in appearance


  • Zippers are not of a good quality

6. FaSoRa Accessories Bundle

FaSoRa Accessories Bundle is one of the Cricut beginners must haves. This kit will meet all your needs regarding the special artworks and DIY works. Again, the FaSoRa Accessories Bundle tends to be the perfect match for all accessories that are included in the Cricut Makers series and Cricut Explorers. 

All-in-one Kit

In this Cricut bundle set, you will get 7 pieces of vinyl iron-on sheets with glitter effects. 2 pieces of cutting mats, and 8 pieces of weeding tools. Besides, you will get here 3 pieces of transfer tapes, 14 pieces of color HTV sheets, 10 pieces of mylar stencil sheets, 11 pieces of vinyl sticker sheets, and 12 pieces of fine point pens.


The glitter heat transfer sheets are great alternatives that can be used in several objects. Like- tote bags, pillows, shoes, baseball hats, t-shirts, woods, etc. Additionally, the cutting materials here are of professional level, which will help you to create some amazing artworks. Such as making indoor decals, DIY home decor, wall signs, etc.

Unique Gift

FaSoRa Accessories Bundle contains some customized designs which create a meaningful gift. Indeed, anyone will feel calm and relaxed while using this accessories bundle. The reason is that the FaSoRa bundle offers smooth application and process in every use.

FaSoRa Accessories Bundle


  • Commendable for creating beautiful artworks
  • Handy for beginners especially
  • Perfect at great price
  • A nice gift for crafters
  • Compatible with all Cricut Makers series
  • Conveys professional outcomes


  • The vinyl sheets are not so good

Buying Guide

cricut using accessories

In order to grasp the best Cricut accessories, you must go through a buying guide first. I have brought a prescribed guide for you to make your acquisition worth it.

Cricut Cutting Mats

Most Cricut cutting mats have a dimension of 12″ x 24″ and 12″ x 12″. I would suggest you to go for a 12″ x 12″ cutting mat as it has a good number of collections. Such as a strong grip mat, a StandardGrip mat, and a light grip mat. By acquiring these mats, you can cut them in any shape you want. 

A blue light grip mat will be sufficient for regular and lightweight materials, like- cardstock, paper, vellum, etc. For medium weight cardstock, iron-on, or cutting vinyl, a green StandardGrip mat is a better option. Or, if you want your fabric, not to fray, then a pink FabricGrip is all you need.

Cricut Blades and Tools

We are not satisfied with the fine-point blade that comes with our Cricut maker machine most of the time. In that case, grab a rotary blade replacement kit or a fine-point replacement blade. Then switch your old blade with the new one.

Basic Accessories and Tools for Cricut Maker

Whenever you go to purchase Cricut accessories, make sure to acquire a Cricut Essentials Tool Set. This set will get tweezers, weeders, scissors, patula, scraper, scoring stylus, paper trimmer, replacement blade, and a scoring blade.

Use an XL scraper, brayer, and broad-tip tweezer set to get the best results. With the scraper, it will be easier to clean your accessories. Again, the brayer will help to adhere the fabric with a FabricGrip mat. Lastly, the broad-tip tweezer will allow you to lift up all the cut fabric pieces.

Cricut Maker Pens

Cricut pens play a great role to straddle borders. However, you will get various color options for this Cricut maker, like glitter and metallic pens. A 30 piece pen set would be much better if you want your accessories to be worth standing.

Cricut Joy Cutting Mats

A card mat in a Cricut Joy will allow you to make some personalized insert cards. Alongside, you must lay your material in a flat position to make it run on your machine.

Cricut Joy Blades

Usually, Cricut machines have housing and blades installed. Sometimes, we get to see that our cuts are not clean and crisp as wanted. Go with a Cricut Joy Replacement Blade and switch it with the old one to make your cuts look flawless.

Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl comes in different styles. Such as dry erased, flocked, outdoor, holographic, foil, glitter, glossy, matte, chalkboard, etc. You can use this adhesive vinyl for almost all purposes. For instance, personalizing kitchen containers, car windows, electronic device covers, and many more.

How to Use Cricut Foil?

This concept is for those who are beginners and do not know how to use a Cricut Foil. In the below points, we are going to discuss some easy steps to create some artworks using a Cricut Foil.

  • While using a Cricut, make sure you have the foil transfer sheets, a few cardstocks, a roller, a transfer kit, and a mat, and a Maker or an Explorer.
  • Firstly, we will have to start with a Design Space and search for a gift tag there and pull one of them. You will see that your transfer tool will press the foil into the base material by maintaining the thickness of the draw line. 
  • Accordingly, you will have to duplicate the hearts and then select the top one, which is gold color. I hope you have a silver foil too, which you will have to turn on afterward. Next, select the entire tap and tag and attach them to the bottom of your foil.
  • Your entire project will come to your mat. While using your Cricut Foil Transfer System, remember to secure the foil with tape. This tape will be apparent in your package for sure. Then move your card over the Cut Screen and at the center of your mat to get the tap around it. Besides, try to make sure that you have a clean transfer so that it does not touch the tap easily.
  • Do not forget to select the card stock as it is one of the base materials for gift tags. Again, secure the foil to your cardstock and grab the foil with those tapes by stretching out from four sides.

How to Organize Cricut Supplies?

Let’s have a look at some key steps for organizing our Cricut supplies.

Portable Storage Cart for Craft Supply

A portable storage cart is a superb alternative to store our craft supplies. Moreover, it comes with some essential drawers and can be simply rolled. Alongside, you will find a spot above the cart to keep your machine suitably.

DIY Framed Pegboard Tool Organizer

A DIY framed pegboard tool organizer is another handy object to store all your Cricut accessories at a focal point.

Command Hooks to Hang the Cricut Mats for Storage

You can easily store your Cricut mats and hang them neatly by using a command hook. Besides, the hook takes no space and can be adjusted with any desk.

Use Plastic Dividers to Organize Vinyl Scraps

Since vinyl is not an expensive object, you can use it to hold on to the scraps of your mat and reuse the mat afterward. You just need to take a binder and put on some plastic sleeves. Thus, it will be easier to organize the scraps of your mat with any vinyl.

Cricut Roller / Tote Bag 

We often need a bag that makes it easy to take our accessories in one place. And if the bag has wheels under, that would be a cherry on top. Therefore, you can transport your machine by keeping it in the Cricut Roller / Tote bag.

DIY Hot Glue Gun Stand

A DIY Hot Glue Gun Stand for making some outstanding paper flowers using a Cricut.

Store Your Cardstock Using a Filling System

A Cricut organization hack is all you need to store your cardstock in one small place. You just need to use a file organizer to store your cardstock and make a label of each stock to have easy access. Or you can use color as well.

Store Weeded HTV

Go with some plastic binder sleeves in order to store a weeded HTV design. Afterward, place your sleeves in a binder to have easy reach. The sleeves can also be useful while shipping the designs to consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Every Cricut Owner Need?

Well, there are numerous accessories that a Cricut owner must have. For instance, an accessory adapter is essential for a Cricut pen or for a scoring stylus. Again, a Cricut owner will require a fabric sample and cardstock to showcase their first sample. Similarly, a FabricGrip Cutting Mat will make the task of a Cricut owner a lot easier. And the measurement of this mat should be 12″ × 12″.

What is Cricut Debossing?

The Cricut Debossing Tool or the Debossing Tip is such a tool that can be pressed in materials, like- cardstock. This is how a Cricut Debossing tool creates a lasting imprint and crisp. It mainly uses a small roller ball which is unlike any solid material. Furthermore, a Cricut Debossing Tool allows gliding over materials without any draggings.

What Does the Wavy Blade Do?

Circuit Wavy Blade is also known as Wavy Tool or Wavy Tip. This blade especially designed to cut different edges that are decorative. Besides, you can cut the edges of your materials with the Circuit Wavy Blade. Using the wavy-edged rotary blade, you can cut any challenging edges with its “31” engrave. Hence, it easily differentiates the edges from other tools.

What Is the Cricut Rotary Blade Used for?

Those who are engaged to cut out sewing and quilting patterns. If you want, you can pair your Cricut rotary blade with a Cricut Washable Fabric Pen. As a result, you will be able to draw all pattern markings and cut all the patterns. Moreover, the Cricut rotary blade allows for eliminating the two tedious tasks that are included with sewing.

How Do You Clean a Cricut Mat?

To clean a Cricut mat, first put it in a sink. Then pour some hot water on your mat. Afterward, take a plastic and hard-bristled brush to scrub your mat gently. Try to scrub the mat in a circular motion so that your mat’s entire surface gets clean. Next, pat your mat using a paper towel and let it air dry properly. As a result, anyone can be certain of the stickiness returns and replace the covers at required times.

How Many Cricut Mats Do I Need?

Technically, one mat is adequate to work with one Circuit. However, if you like to work on different materials, one mat would not be enough. At that time, you have to rely on mats with several adhesives with different strengths. Having a number of mats can easily speed up your crafting process. Within some minutes, your mat will get set up and will remove the projects from the mats that have been cut.


Summing up, we got an ample amount of Cricut accessories. Among them, the best Cricut accessories are what you will choose. Before selecting an accessory, think about what you will be creating as your artwork. According to it, choose your products wisely.

There are some kits too that can be an all-in-one accessory for you. But if you want some more recommendations, I would suggest the FaSoRa Accessories Bundle and the ZICOTO Accessories Bundle. Since these two products are merging highly in the market, you can rely on them for your Cricut accessories. However, the LLYWCM Carrying Bag can be a reliable option too for storing your things.

This is all. Let us know which one of the above suits your preferences.

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