Best Convection Oven For Sublimation On The Market Today

Starting a sublimation printing business can be expensive. With a printer and shrink wraps, you’ll need a specially built oven for sublimation, which costs a thousand dollars on average. Good thing, though, that you can use convection ovens as an alternative. They’re multi-functional cooking tools. Not only can they aid in sublimation, but they can also help you bake snacks and meals. There are so many brands of convection ovens out there, however. It can be hard for you to choose the right one for your specific application.

Here are the best convection oven for sublimation on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Convection Oven For Sublimation

Best Convection Oven For Sublimation Reviews In 2023

1. Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 Better Than Convection Ovens

Emeril Lagasse’s Power AirFryer 360 gives you the convenience of a countertop convection oven that can roast for large families and gatherings, air fry golden crisp French fries without oil, and dehydrate healthy snacks with no added sugar or preservatives.

The 360° Quick Cook Turbo Heat Technology cooks food in a whirlwind of super-heated air for up to 70% fewer calories from fat.

Say goodbye to that deep fat fryer, Rotisserie machine, convection oven, and slow cooker in the all-in-one Power AirFryer 360 – as seen on TV! We all want to Eat better, healthier foods, but we don’t want to give up enjoying Our favourites in the process! That’s why we developed the Emeril Lagasse power Airfryer 360That lets you cook, bake, and roast & more delicious meals with all the right flavours on your kitchen countertop—and without oils, fats, or grease.

Designed to cook your food using a 360° whirlwind of superheated air, This powerful countertop oven replaces up to nine different kitchen cooking accessories, including a convection oven, toaster oven, and other appliances, while reducing the number of calories in almost every meal! Includes cooking essentials each Emeril Lagasse power Airfryer 360Also includes a rotisserie spit, pizza rack, baking pan, drip tray, and crisper tray to help you make a range of different foods, including roast and fried chicken, salmon, authentic kebabs, restaurant-style pizza, roast beef, homemade cookies, cakes and pies, French fries, fresh vegetables, candied bacon, beef jerky, Blooming onions, and almost any other amazing snack or meal you can think of.


The Power AirFryer 360 is designed with a pro-grade, built-in Dehydrator. You can easily dehydrate your favourite fresh meats, fruits and veggies with no added sugar right at home on the included racks.


There’s a pro-grade rotisserie built right into the Power AirFryer 360.

2. Oster Toaster Oven Digital Convection Oven, Large 6-Slice Capacity

This large-capacity countertop oven features convection baking that circulates hot air for flakier crusts, crispier edges, and even browning in less time; plus, it lets you broil, roast, toast, and more. A digital control panel offers precise heat and time adjustments, 7 preset functions for guess-free cooking, and a choice of toast shade from light to dark.

Large Interior Capacity

This countertop oven has a large interior that will give you true second-oven convenience. It can accommodate a variety of foods from thin pizzas to thick roasts with its two rack positions

Easy Broiling

Broil at any temperature for proper browning and melting, whether your London broil calls for a 500-degree oven or you want to melt parmesan on bruschetta at a lower temperature.

One-Touch Operation

The user-friendly digital control panel makes for easy operation. Choose from Convection Bake, Broil, Toast, Pizza, Warm, and more. Time and temperature adjust with one-touch controls.

More Convenient Features

The interior features a light to monitor cooking progress, and the 90-minute timer automatically shuts off the oven so you can cook worry-free.

3. Elite Gourmet ETO-4510M French Door 47.5Qt

Introducing the Elite platinum Double Door countertop oven, The perfect stand-in or supplement to conventional ovens. This dual-door Rotisserie and convection oven will make you forget your traditional oven altogether! Toast, bake, broil, and Rotisserie your way to delicious, hearty meals and decadent desserts – this oven can do it all! The spacious interior boasts 4 rack positions so you can bake 2 x 12″ Pizzas, warm dinner rolls, and broil a casserole simultaneously!

Handle And A Crumb Tray

With heating elements on top and bottom that can be independently turned on using separate temperature dials, a 60-minute timer, and a function dial, This oven has the versatility you’ve been waiting for. Includes French-style doors, an interior light, 2 x wire racks, 1 enamel bake tray, a tray handle, Rotisserie set and handle and a crumb tray. Removable parts are all dishwasher-safe. Avoid heating your kitchen with a big conventional oven; save time and use less energy with the Elite platinum Double Door countertop oven; the perfect supplement for the holidays when your kitchen needs to go on double duty!

4. PYD Life Sublimation Oven Machine

A sublimation oven is a two-in-one appliance, saving you the space and cost of owning two machines. It’s great for sublimating dyes onto clothing and other textiles, but it also doubles as a normal toaster oven. This means you can toast your bread with it, or use it for all your other small kitchen appliances like a juicer or coffee maker. The Sublimation Oven will make an excellent addition to any crafty studio.

Top Designers Launch

Besides, there is also a timer so that you can do other things. We all know that when sports shoe manufacturers make a fresh new sneaker, they like to launch it in a unique way. To raise brand awareness and the popularity of the particular collection, many top designers launch their footwear in exclusive colours and designer collaborations.

5. Condake Digital Air Fryer Oven

The price is competitive. The air frying oven can be used as a multifunctional kitchen machine, which can meet the needs of different families. We can use it to fry, bake and roast, and the temperature and time can be set manually. It will not only save energy but also save money. Whether you are a family or a restaurant owner, I believe it will bring you something in your daily life.

Knob Button Combination

The cooking mode can be quickly switched through the knob, then press the button in the middle to start the cooking function Note: Function symbols are not touching sensitive.

Double Tempered Glass 

The special double tempered glass makes the glass door stronger and will not be damaged by the rising temperature.

Large Viewing Window

This digital air fryer oven has a large window and integrated oven lighting, which can easily observe food conditions.

What To Consider When Choosing Best Convection Oven For Sublimation

Convection ovens can be used for sublimation, but we strongly discourage using any oven also used for cooking. You should only dedicate it to sublimation after using it for that function. It will be tainted with poisonous substances that, when heated, release gas and irritate the skin and eyes.

Here are some important criteria to consider while picking the best convection oven for sublimation, without further ado:

Fan Convection

Hot air is moved around by a convection fan in the oven, giving your goods an equal coating. Shrink wrap might potentially be burned in a conventional oven because the heat would just be directed above and below.

A Degree Above 400 F

You should be able to heat your convection oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, 204 degrees Celsius, to prepare for sublimation. This shouldn’t be a big deal because most convection ovens on the market only go to about 500 degrees.

Electronic Display

The finest convection oven for sublimation is one with a digital display. Instead of one without a display, you’ll obtain more information this way.


It can be frustrating if you have to continue opening the oven to see how your sublimation is coming along. Additionally, this may have an impact on the coating’s quality. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick one that is highly visible. Bright lights are essential in a convection oven so you can frequently check on your goods.

Dependable Racks

You must inspect the racks. Cheap convection ovens frequently have unreliable ones. Make sure it can bear heavy objects like mugs and tumblers because this could impair the quality of your product.

Enough Room

A large convection oven can be useful, especially if you frequently have huge orders! Find one tall and wide enough to accommodate two or three tumblers or mugs for sublimation.

Size of Unit

Of course, even while the room is necessary to accommodate huge sublimations, you must consider your convection oven’s overall unit size. If it doesn’t fit in the space you have in mind; you should measure it. You might consider changing the size of your standard kitchen oven without sacrificing a lot of space.

Additional Advantages

Finally, keep an eye out for added advantages. You can use the automatic option to determine the sublimation time or the multi-stage heating to schedule various functions for the best outcomes. Having an extra benefit makes a production run more smoothly.


Stainless steel or galvanized steel is typically used to make convection ovens. Both materials are resistant to corrosion. However, galvanized steel is typically the cheap choice. If you’re searching for heavy-duty applications, a stainless-steel convection oven should be able to handle the job.

How the panels are attached is another thing to think about. Premium variants are stronger than bolted models since they are welded with steel.

Examine the Interior

Interiors of convection ovens are often made of aluminized steel. It is the most affordable choice and maintains strength and durability. Porcelain interiors are one more alternative. These make cleaning smooth and simple, but they are more prone to cracking and wearing out than aluminized steel. Therefore, we advise purchasing an aluminized one.

How to Care for Your Convection Oven

After choosing a convection oven, you must preserve its quality. Ovens normally last between 6 and 10 years on average. You may maximise your return on investment by doing routine maintenance and cleaning tasks. But remember to read the manufacturer’s protocol and suggestions manual before committing to a cleaning schedule.

Frequently Asked Question

What convection oven is good for sublimation?

Cuisinart convection ovens can be used for putting sublimation transfers onto mugs. This model is a smaller option for doing one or two mugs at a time, and is also a lot cheaper, and often on sale. It is a digital convection oven and has a solid rack. It also will reach temperatures suitable for sublimation.

Can you use a regular convection oven to sublimate?

During the sublimation process, the ink turns into a gas, and some of this escapes into the inside of the oven. It is unsafe for food consumption. Do not use your sublimation convection oven for food.

Is a convection oven the same as a toaster oven?

Toaster ovens tend to work more like traditional ovens, while convection ovens have the addition of a fan to circulate the hot air. Generally, convection ovens are better for full-scale cooking, and toaster ovens are better for heating or browning foods.

What is the difference between a true convection oven and a convection oven?

European or “true” convection uses a third heating element behind the fan to blow heated air on your food. With a fan blowing warm air from the third element onto your meats or baked goods, the oven temperature is more uniform than regular convection or traditional ovens.

Are sublimation fumes harmful?

With cheap sublimation inks, toxic vapours can contaminate the air and may be breathe in by employees. Furthermore, exposing low-quality plastics to the high temperatures necessary for sublimation printing can produce toxic fumes.


If you’re a beginner, a big part of becoming an effective printer is learning how to choose and use the right supplies and equipment. The first piece of equipment you need isn’t a press or a machine. It’s your oven. And like presses and machines, there are significant differences between convection ovens that can make one better than the other for sublimation. Making an informed decision is the only way to ensure that you get an oven you’ll be happy with for years and years.

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