Best Composition Notebooks – Buying Guide

Writing is one of the activities that calm and elevates the senses. Some people prefer putting their ideas down using a pen and paper to talking or recording audio. Moreover, doctors agree that clearing your mind through writing is a perfect way to keep your mental health stable.

Having the best composition notebooks gives a natural and personal experience of connecting with your thought. And while everyone has their favorite notebook, journals, and diary preferences, this guide offers a variety of top-picked composition books that will keep you writing.

Top Picks: 5 Best Composition Notebooks

Comparison Table

Emraw Black & White Marble Style Cover Composition Book Length: 9-3/4”
Width: 7-1/4”
Price: $9.99
Style: wide-ruled
Color: Black
Ruling Type:  Ruled
Oxford Composition Notebooks 6 Pack Style: College Ruled Paper
Item Dimensions: 9-3/4 x 7-1/2 Inches
Sheets: 100Price: $10.99
Ruling Type: Ruled
Colors: Blue, Green, Red
Oxford Composition Notebooks, Black Dimensions: 9-3/4 x 7-1/2 Inches
Sheets: 100
Color: Black
Paper Format: College Ruled Paper
Price: $11.10
Amazon Basics College Ruled Composition Notebook Price: $9.74
Weight: 56 gsm
Length: 9/32-inch
Color: Marble Black
Sheets: 100
Ruling Type: Ruled
Graph Paper Composition Notebook Size: Large
Item Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 in / 21.59 x 27.94 cm
Sheets: 100
Style: Grid ruled
PAPERAGE 6-Pack Composition Notebook Pages: 120
Size: Small
Price: $15.95
Dimensions: 8 in x 5.75
Ruling Type: Ruled
Color: Jewel Tone with color bindings
PAPERAGE 6-Pack Composition Notebook Journals, Kraft Cover with Rainbow Spines Pages: 120
Paper: Lined
Size: Small (8 in x 5.75 in)
Price: $15.95
Ruling Type: Ruled
Five Star Composition Notebooks Format: College Ruled
Paper: Lined
Sheets: 100
Dimensions: 9-3/4″ x 7-1/2″
Colors: Assorted
Price: $16.02
RETTACY College Ruled Composition Notebooks 2 Pack Price: $21.99
Pages: 408
Size: B5 Large
Dimensions: 7.6″ X 10″
Paper Weight: 100gsm
Sheets: 204
Oxford Composition Notebooks Item Dimensions: 9-3/4″ x 7-1/2″
Color: Black/ White
Paper Format: College Ruled
Sheets: 100
Ruling Type: Ruled
Price: $19.99

Top 10 Best Composition Notebooks- Buying Guide

1. Emraw Black & White Marble Style Cover Composition Book

This is the best composition notebooks for both students and teachers. It has 100 sheets of wide-ruled white paper (200 pages) which allows the user sufficient space to record all thoughts and ideas as soon as they occur in the mind.

Emraw Black & White Marble Style Cover Composition Book has a marble design with space for the name on the front cover. The pages are firmly sewn to the binding and the cover is sturdy, protecting against losses and missing sheets.

This notebook comes with a conversion table, a multiplication table, and a class program schedule on the inside of the front and back covers. It is great for sketching or formal and creative writings and journaling at home and is a favorite for teachers because it prevents students from randomly plucking pages.


 Impressive Quality– It’s made of durable marble with a sturdy cover that protects the sheets for a long time. The sheets are also permanently sewn to the binding which keeps them in place and protects them from loosening up and falling off.

Great Size– The length and the width sizes make this notebook a perfect fit for purses or carry bags. You can carry it around without getting bothered by the weight.

 Stunning Design– It has a beautiful design with room for a name on the front cover, securely sewn binding and stitched-in sheets, a class program schedule, a conversion and multiplication tables on both covers.


  • Has conversion and multiplication tables on the inside of the cover
  • It is light and portable
  • Has a convenient layout
  • Great for writing, sketching and journaling


  • Some covers can be floppy

2. Oxford Composition Notebooks 6 Pack

Oxford composition notebook comes in a range of 6 packs with beautiful colors, ideal for office, school, and everyday use. These 100 sheets (200 pages) of college-ruled notebooks provide two sets of each color, blue, red, and green. They also have thin lines which fit note-taking, writing, journaling, and lab work.

The sheets are sewn to the center, making them durable as pages are firmly held together in place. Its paper can handle ink pens, highlighters, and colored pencils for fun and creative effects when writing or journaling.

The durable marble covers have a name box on the front and conversion charts and class program schedule on the inside for convenience. You can use erase and update the class schedule as often as needed.


Multipack Notebook– Get a total of 6 notebooks with beautiful colors. They come in red, green, and blue, with two sets of each color. This is an excellent deal for those who like to save or buy several notebooks at once.

Permanently Bound Pages– The sheets are firmly sewn and bound to the center, making them more secure and durable.

Quality Design– It is thoughtfully designed with classic marble covers, attractive colors, and college-ruled sheets.


  • Has a college-ruled style
  • Comes with a pocket in the back
  • The hardcovers fold perfectly when writing
  • Variety of stunning colors


  • The pages are super thin

3. Oxford Composition Notebooks, Black

These black marble college-ruled notebooks are designed for formal and creative writing, journaling, lab notes, and note-taking. It comes in convenient six-packs, which are a save for office and school supplies. The pages are center-sewn and bound, making it a favorite for teachers.

Classic marble covers protect your work on the inside and provide space for personal details on the front cover. Great for school writing, science notebooks, home school assignments, and home office tasks.


Convenient Pack– With a single pack, you get six composition notebooks with 100 sheets of college-ruled paper each.

Quality Paper- The paper is college-ruled, which provides thin lines for easy writing and more space. High-quality paper that can handle inks from mechanical pencils, gel pens, ink pens, and highlighters for perfect notes

Marble Covers–  These protect the inside pages bearing your notes from damages and doubles up as an effective writing surface.

Firmly Sewn Bindings and Pages– Sewn pages are firmly bound to make them more secure and durable than spiral notebooks.


  • College ruled paper format for neat and even lines
  • Firmly bound sheets for permanency
  • Sturdy covers which protect the inside pages


  • Papers allow fountain pen ink and gel ink to feather and bleed through

4. Amazon Basics College Ruled Composition Notebook

Amazon Basics College ruled composition notebook has an excellent value for students, teachers, and just anyone who appreciates the finer details in a composition notebook. They are large and provide plenty of space for various writing tasks.

These notebooks come in a perfect size, which fits carry bags and desk organizers. And while the covers are hard and sturdy, they provide an excellent surface when writing. The college ruled style offers thin, neat, and even lines of legible writing.

Amazon basics are ideal for elementary students since the sewn pages last for a long time while still intact.


College Ruled Format– This ruling style provides fine, neat, and even lines for clear and legible writing. The thin lines also give more space than the spiral models.

Strong Covers– These effectively protect the sheets from damages and double as a reliable surface for writing against.

Includes Tables and Charts– The notebook comes with quick reference information such as a schedule table and standard weight and measurement conversion chart inside the covers.

Sewn Binding– This keeps pages securely attached and well protected for durability.


  • Firm and durable pages
  • Convenience tables and charts on the inside of the covers
  • Sturdy front and back covers
  • College ruled style for fine and neat lines


  • We couldn’t find any

5. Graph Paper Composition Notebook

It is designed with elegance and beauty, making it a wonderful present, gift, or personal notebook. This composition notebook is ideal for drawing, writing, journaling, making lists, taking notes, and other creative activities.

While it’s simple, the build is high quality, making it last longer than most. The ruling format provides enough room for doodling, sketching, drawing, formal and creative writing, and capturing ideas. It is a multipurpose item and serves as a composition notebook, regular notebook, or journal.


Elegant Notebook with Checkered Paper– A great choice if you are looking for a sturdy checkered notebook for math, note writing, sketching, writing ideas, or keeping a personal journal.

Multipurpose– It serves several uses, including writing, drawing, sketching, journaling, listing, and much more. It is also perfect for office, school, or home use.

Beautiful Design– Its stunning and timeless design makes it a perfect option like a personal notebook or gift.


  • High-quality matte cover for a professional finish
  • Elegant  and beautiful design
  • Perfect for all school, office, and school use


  • Might feel heavy when moving around

6. PAPERAGE 6-Pack Composition Notebook

This PAPERAGE item is a perfect combination of style and utility. It is handy for great projects at home and the office and comes with vibrant and attractive colored bindings and customizable covers. This makes it easy and fun to organize your tasks by colors for a neat and professional look.

They are the perfect size for backpacks and purses when working on the go. The paper is acid-free and can resist bleeding or leaking when writing with a marker or favorite pen.


Quality Paper– PAPERAGE provides acid-free paper in the composition notebook, thicker than other notebooks. This allows you to maintain clean and smooth writing with most pens, pencils, and markers.

Attractive Color Bindings- The jewel-tone colored notebooks come with linen-textured color bindings of Black, Burgundy Red, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Golden Yellow, Burnt Orange.

Compact and Portable– Their size is smaller than a standard composition notebook, making them perfect for moving or traveling.


  • No bleeding of ink on the acid-free pages
  • Colorful bindings
  • Light and easily portable
  • Great for creativity and organizing


  • No Pocket and pen holder

7. PAPERAGE 6-Pack Composition Notebook Journals, Kraft Cover with Rainbow Spines

Paperage Kraft Composition Notebooks are ideal for the school year or everyday use. They are designed to help in class, notetaking, journaling, travel, work, and more. The 120-page composition notebooks are made of colorful bindings and blank heavy kraft covers, which are easy and fun to personalize.

Organize your projects with color codes, as each notebook has a brightly colored linen-textured tape binding for convenience. They offer sufficient space for notes, class assignments, and brainstorming sessions in the office, school, or home. Perfect small size for easy tucking in your briefcase, backpack, or purse, and great for craft projects, gifts, and organizing by subject or class.                                                                        


Perfect Size– The size of each notebook measures 8 in by 5.75 in with 120 pages (60 sheets) of lined paper, perfect small size for tucking in your briefcase, backpack, or purse.

Vibrant and colorful Bindings– They come with beautiful color bindings of Red, Orange, Green (Lime), Turquoise (Teal), Blue, and Hot Pink (Magenta). This allows you to keep your projects, classes, and thoughts organized by color codes.

Unique Blank Kraft Paper Covers: Decorate and customize your notebook the way you like with pens or markers.

Made with High-Quality Materials:- This composition notebook is built with sturdy brown Kraft paper covers, sewn binding with tape finishing, and 120 pages (60 sheets) of Acid-Free interior writing pages with lines.


  • Works great as a personal journal
  • Easy to decorate and customize
  • Come with colorful, attractive binding
  • Quality paper material


  • No tables or charts on the inside covers

8. Five Star Composition Notebooks

Five Star Composition Book is 100 double-sided, college-ruled composition notebooks perfect for compact note-taking. It is made of high-quality paper with firmly sewn sheets for protection and durability.

The assorted colors appeal to the creative senses and allow the user to organize projects by color codes as desired. Its hard and sturdy covers lie flat when open for effective and easy writing. These composition books are perfect for artists, writers, college students, and K-12.


Excellent Quality– Five stars provide products with reliable qualities, and this composition notebook is a befitting proof. It is designed with sturdy covers, smooth bindings, and college-ruled papers.

Sewn-in Sheets- It is made of wireless sewn bindings which are smooth and seamless to prevent a snag on your clothing or backpack.

Assorted Colors– The availability of Black, Red, Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Teal, and Lime colors make this composition book quite attractive, especially for school-going kids.


  • Covers lie flat to provide a surface for easy notetaking
  • Wireless sewn binding
  • High-quality college ruled sheets
  • Wide range of beautiful colors


  • Might be a little pricy

9. RETTACY College Ruled Composition Notebooks 2 Pack

These are composition notebooks with a higher grade than the average notebooks. They come with smooth textured papers, which allows the pen to glide seamlessly when writing. They are best for taking meeting minutes and creating lists.

With 204 thick papers that are effectively numbered, front pages functioning as a table of contents and sewn binding, this notebook is one of the best in the market. The notebooks come with ribbon bookmarks meant to track and secure certain pages easily. The pages are numbered, and they have a pocket on the inside of the back cover for storage.


Quality Paper– The B5 ruled composition notebook has thick acid-free papers with a smooth touch. This feature protects the sheets from bleeding through to the next page when using some pens and markers.

Premium Leather Soft Cover-Its covers are soft and made of premium leather, making them last longer. The soft covers are also comfortable to hold and use, and they protect the pages while providing a great writing surface.

Designed for Comfort and Convenience– This product has almost everything you can wish for in a composition book. It has a table of content on the front pages, a storage pocket in the back, bookmarks, organization tabs, and numbered pages.

Great Use– It is ideal for personal writing, journaling, keeping business records, college notes, daily diary, and more. You can use it both at home and in the office.


  • Strong binding ensures no misuse
  • Great weight for working on the go
  • Numbered pages for the convenience
  • Back pocket for storage


  • They are a little costly

10. Oxford Composition Notebooks

This Oxford product comes in 12 packs which are handy for office supplies, school supplies, or other projects which require numerous copies. The college rule format provides thin lines that allow plenty of space for writing, journaling, lab work, and note-taking tasks.

The sheets are sewn and stitched in with solid binding to prevent them from loosening up and falling off, creating a tamper-evident piece of writing notebook, journal, or daily diary. It is an ideal tool for preschoolers and beginner writers.


Multiple Notebooks in a pack– Save yourself the trouble of stocking up regularly when you buy a single pack of Oxford Composition Notebooks. It has 12 composition notebooks per pack with 100 sheets of college-ruled paper in each.

Convenient Paper Format– The college ruled format provides thin skinny, and even lines per page. This creates more space for writing.

Great Paper Quality– Thick papers can efficiently handle mechanical pencils, gel pens, ink pens, and highlighters for perfect notes with no ink bleeding.

Soft Marble covers– Although they are soft, they do a great job protecting the inside pages from damages and loss.


  • High-quality soft covers
  • Great for stock-up supplies
  • College ruled format hence lots of space to write on


  • Flimsy covers

Buying Guide- What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying a Composition Notebook?

top pencil with notebooks

 Regardless of whether you are looking to purchase a hardcover notebook, assignment notebook, traveler’s journal, or math and graphing notebook, this buying guide will be of benefit to you. 

Pages and Sheets

Composition notebooks vary in terms of how many pages they carry. Sheets are usually half of the number of pages in a notebook. Interestingly, the number of sheets does not determine how thick a notebook will be. If you prefer having plenty of space for your tasks and ideas without unnecessary weight or bulk, you can choose one with a lighter weight. And the vice versa is true.


It is best to choose a notebook with covers made of reputable materials so that your work on the inside pages can be well protected. If you carry your notebook everywhere, your cover should be strong enough to withstand random knocks.

Covers with multitasking feature that includes charts, tables, schedules, and storage pockets are popular for good reasons. Lastly, your notebook should have covers with rounded corners to protect it from folding or wearing down.


Binding for a composition notebook is crucial, and there are various types, including staples, glue, thread(sewn), rings, spirals, or a little combination of these. The binding style used determines whether the notebook lays flat or stays rigid and how long the notebook will last.

Therefore, choose a composition notebook with the type of binding that fits your needs. We recommend sewn binding for composition notebooks because they are created by stitching the pages at the center, which is strong enough to hold them in place firmly and can lay flat when writing.

Paper Weight

The paperweight, described as gms(grams per square meter), is crucial when looking for durability and ink effects. Thicker papers are more durable, easy to erase, and don’t show much ink from the reverse side of the page you are writing on. Hence heavy papers are your best option for composition notebooks for writing or drawing.

How to Decorate a Composition Notebook

Decorating composition notebooks is not a novel idea, and it might just be your next creative obsession after learning the various ways you can create personalized decorated covers.

Tape- Use decorative duct tape, patterned washi tape, masking tape, and a stamp to create textures and add patterns to your notebooks.

Collage-Take a magazine, scanned photos, or any printed piece, cut them as you desire, then glue them creatively onto the cover.

Stickers- Seal attractive stickers onto your notebook. Ensure they are firmly sealed to avoid losing them after some time.

Acrylic Paint-Use a hard piece of an object such as a key card to scrape and paint. You can try a single block color, let it dry, then paint an artful object such as a leaf and press it on top.


Which Is Better Between Composition and Spiral Notebooks?

They both have their perks. While composition notebooks are great for journaling, spiral notebooks are easy to refill and organize.

Are Composition Notebooks Good?

Yes. They are convenient tools for formal and creative writing, journaling, sketching, daily diary keeping, lab work, doodling, and more.

Which Notebook Is Best for Making Notes?

All composition notebooks we picked are perfect for note-taking. Check and match the features, pros, and cons to your needs before choosing.

Which Notebooks Are The Best?

We can say RETTACY College Ruled Composition Notebooks are the best for various projects from our list.

Which Notebook Has The Best Pages?

It depends on whether you want light or heavy-weight papers, numbered or unnumbered pages, ruled or blank pages, and many more factors.

Our Top Recommendations

Best Overall

RETTACY College Ruled Composition Notebooks 2 Pack

We recommend this composition notebook as our overall top pick because of its outstanding features. It has 204 thick papers that are effectively numbered, front pages functioning as a table of contents, and sewn binding for durability.

Budget Pick

Amazon Basics College Ruled Composition Notebook

This composition notebook solves your problems with just a few bucks. There’s nothing to regret with this choice


Finding the best composition notebooks might seem like a simple task until you realize the complexities of the different brands and models in the market. However, once you get realistic and know what fits your needs, including features, specs, pros, and cons, you’ll have an easy time finding the perfect notebook partner.  I hope this guide helped in that direction!

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