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Commercial vacuum sealers are essential by-products of today’s food service industry. With their increased performance and cost, these machines support chefs and restaurants in bringing freshness and flavor to their dishes. These commercial vacuum sealers are not just for cooking either. These machines can ensure the freshness of goods and prevent skincare items from spoiling. However, choosing which commercial vacuum sealer best suits your needs can be challenging with the many options. That’s why we’re here, to help you decide which one is right for you!

Here are the best commercial vacuum sealer on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer Reviews In 2023

1. Wevac 11” x 150’ Food Vacuum Seal Roll Keeper with Cutter

This vacuum roll is not much different than any other that you will find. It does not perform any better than the others, but it’s a decent buy for the price and convenience. The cutter is nice as long as you are willing to cut every time you want to use it, since if you only need one or two pieces it would be more of a nuisance waiting until the whole roll had been cut up.

Easy To Use, Precise To Cut

It is very easy to use a Wevac Roll Keeper. No learning curve at all. The design of cutter will make your bag making more convenient, and it is much more precise than scissors.

Cleaner & More Hygienic To Store

When storing the roll/bags for the next time, the design of the box will well protect the bags/roll from dust and bacteria contamination, keeping them cleaner and hygienic.

2. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine with Automatic Bag Detection

The FoodSaver FM2100 Vacuum Sealing System helps keep food fresh for longer. The system removes air—one of the main causes of mold and food spoilage—from bags and creates an airtight seal to lock in freshness. This complete starter kit has everything you need to start your food-saving journey, including a vacuum sealer machine, an assortment of bags, and other useful accessories. You’ll soon be on your way to keeping your food fresh, eliminating waste, and saving money.

Keep Food Fresh

The vacuum sealing system removes air and locks in moisture to prevent spoilage and freezer burn, helping food stay fresh for longer.

Seal Efficiently

Designed to yield more bags per roll than previous models, this sealer also has a built-in cutter to make custom-sized bags.

Cook and Marinate Safely

When sealed, airtight bags are perfect for sous vide cooking. For quick marination, use the accessory hose to seal ingredients in FoodSaver Fresh Containers.

3. GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine

GERYON was founded in 2002. Always be on a journey to bring the most innovative and reliable vacuum sealers at a revolutionary cost, while paving the way for people to conveniently store more food and reduce food wastage.

Automatic Way To Preserve

The Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine is an innovative, automatic way to preserve, store and freeze food. The compact design makes it easy for anyone who wants to save money and reduce waste by buying only what they need. It uses a multi-layer material that seals air out of specially designed bags, reducing spoilage and food waste.

Months Longer Than Before

The GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine is the perfect tool to help you enjoy fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables for months longer than before. The food vacuum sealer removes air from specially designed bags. Multi-layer material heat seals to keep air out and prevent freezer burn reducing spoilage and food waste.

4. FoodSaver Compact Vacuum Sealer Machine

The PowerVac stores vertically to save space, and seals with 35% less bag waste compared to previous FoodSaver models. It offers 2 custom settings—Moist and Dry—for the perfect seal with any type of food, and it’s compatible with accessories for sealing fridge and pantry items. With FoodSaver, you can keep food fresh in the freezer up to 5x longer compared to ordinary storage methods.

Less Bag Waste, More Saved Food!

Seals with 35% less bag waste compared to previous FoodSaver models, so you’re able to save more food.

Stores Vertically

Saves valuable kitchen space by storing vertically or horizontally.

Use with All FoodSaver Accessories

Use with FoodSaver bags, rolls, and more—including containers and zipper bags for marinating, and bags for sealing fridge and pantry items.

5. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine with Automatic Bag Detection

The FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System helps keep food fresh longer. The system removes air, one of the main causes of mold and food spoilage, from bags and creates an airtight seal to lock in freshness.

One FoodSaver 2-in-1 appliance does it all: automatic bag detection and vacuum sealing mean two quick and easy steps to seal and save, and the built-in handheld sealer eliminates the need for additional attachments when sealing zipper bags and containers.

Fully Automatic Operation

Fully automatic operation uses exclusive technology to automatically sense the bag and food type to create a perfect, airtight vacuum seal.

Airtight Heat Seal

The vacuum sealing system removes all the air from the bag, then uses heat to create an airtight seal, locking out moisture, air, and freezer burn.

Retractable Handheld Sealer

Designed to work with FoodSaver vacuum zipper bags, containers, canisters, and all other FoodSaver accessories including wine stoppers, jar sealers, and the Quick Marinator.

6. Anova Culinary ANVS01-US00 Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer

Whether you need a vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking or as a food storage solution, the Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer ensures your sous vide bags are sealed air tight every time – this means no risk of the bag opening during a cook or while frozen, no floating bags, and fully sealed in flavor.

Simple to use straight out of the box, this sealer will vacuum and seal a bag at the touch of a single button. Additional modes include pulse, for more control over air extraction, or seal, for individually sealing ends of bags whether you’re extracting air or not.

Compact Design

Purposefully designed to be much smaller than most vacuum sealers on the market, we’ve ensured this sealer is going to fit wherever you need it to while not in use.

Free Bags Included

To get you started we’ve included 10 free pre-cut Anova Vacuum Seal Bags. Double ribbed, with seven layer construction made to withstand even the most prolonged (or multi-day) cooking sessions. When you run out, refills are available from Anova in both pre-cut bags and rolls, enabling nearly unlimite size options.

Designed in SF

Designed in San Francisco, CA. Anova, known for leading the market in sous vide cooking, prides itself in creating precision kitchen tools for home cooks of every skill level.

7. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine and Express Vacuum

The FoodSaver FM5200 Series 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System helps keep food fresh longer. The system removes air, one of the main causes of mold and food spoilage, from bags and creates an airtight seal to lock in freshness.

Additional features include an Express Bag Maker that makes it easier to measure and seal rolls, Vacuum View Window that lets you see where you seal, and a built-in handheld sealer that eliminates the need for additional attachments when sealing zipper bags and containers.

Express Bag Maker

Reduce bag making steps by 50%* with an easier way to measure and automatically seal.

When compared to previous FoodSaver vacuum sealing systems.

Lower Seal & Cut Bar

Automatically seals one end of the bag so you can have a pre-sealed bag handy, making batch sealing and bulk storage easier than ever.

Vacuum View Window

Lets you see where you seal for optimal control and reduces over 30% of roll waste compared to previous FoodSaver Food Preservation Systems.

8. Weston 65-0501-W Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer

With a 210-watt motor, the vacuum pump delivers 23″ HG vacuum strength. There is an easy-to-use backlit control panel, and the fan-cooled motor prevents overheating for consistent sealing of bags up to 11″ wide. The automatic mode on the sealer makes one-touch vacuum-to-seal operation easy! There is also a marinate mode with two different marinating options, as well as a manual seal mode so that you can control the vacuum pressure for delicate jobs.

Powerful, Pro Performance.

Heavy-duty construction and 23” hg vacuum strength make this vacuum sealer powerful.

Quick And Easy

Just press start. It’s the perfect tool for preserving your prized catch or preparing your garden vegetables for freezing.

Designed For Continuous Use

Fan-cooled motor designed specifically for continuous, repetitive use without overheating.

How To Choose The Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer when Purchasing

Vacuum Chamber Sealer

As you might have imagined, chamber vacuum sealers have an enclosed chamber where vacuum bags are inserted, and all the magic takes place. The air in the bags is eliminated by altering the atmospheric pressure in the chamber. It’s a quick and effective operation inside the chamber, making it entirely hands-free. One of its primary advantages is the ability to utilize chamber vacuum sealers with bags filled with liquid.

Something that a good edge sealer struggles to accomplish. This solution is significantly more expensive, more reliable, and durable overall. For commercial equipment, budget at least $1000, but larger, more powerful options can easily cost several thousand. For residential applications, chamber vacuum sealers are frequently overkilling. However, the best option for busy, commercial applications is frequently them.

Vacuum Edge Sealer

Edge vacuum sealers are typically smaller devices where everything is done externally. The vacuum bag’s open end is placed in a vacuum tray, where a straightforward vacuum pump is used to remove the air. Most of the air in the bag is successfully removed with this technique, but beverages and foods high in a liquid do not work well with it. One advantage of edge vacuum sealers over chamber models is the ability to utilize very big bags, which have a chamber size restriction.

However, using an edge vacuum sealer does require the use of certain bags with tiny air passages. Although they are simple to find, they are frequently more expensive. The vacuum sealers are significantly less expensive, even though the bags could be more expensive. My top recommendations for this kind of equipment are under $500. This is a fantastic, robust alternative for domestic use, but it isn’t necessarily the best option for business applications.

Vacancy Power

Save Time and Gain Strength How quickly a vacuum cycle completes will depend on how powerful the vacuum motor is. Even low-powered choices can complete the task, albeit it can take longer. Increasing your power will let you finish bigger undertakings more quickly.

Most inexpensive chamber vacuum sealers feature motors that are 14 horsepower. With a 1.5-horsepower vacuum pump, my top selection, the Vacmaster, is a significant improvement. Consider the upgrade if you want to conduct a lot of continuous bagging.

Weight, Size, And Portability

The portability of commercial vacuum sealers is typically not a major factor. Large and weighty alternatives are typically reliable and long-lasting. Your vacuum sealer will be bigger and heavier the more powerful it is. Each of the PolyScience and YIYIBYUS weighs about fifty pounds. That is portable when necessary, but it is not something you would want to carry around if you didn’t have to.

Contrarily, the Vacmaster VP321 weighs more than 200 pounds, so once you locate a location for it, it will probably stay there. Consider employing an edge vacuum sealer if you use one on a food truck or other mobile events. Commercial units are typically approximately 20 pounds in weight and are simpler to fold away to conserve space.

Material Development

You should choose a vacuum sealer made of stainless steel with a plexiglass top, whether you choose a chamber or edge sealer. Stainless steel is enduring, non-reactive, and simple to sterilize and clean. Because it is transparent and won’t break like glass, Plexiglass is the perfect material for the lid.

Reading Up On Operation Modes And Use The Guide The use of Edge vacuum sealers is relatively simple. If the machine doesn’t shut off automatically, you can easily tell when to stop it because you can visually see the air being sucked out of the bag. On the other hand, chamber vacuum sealers are a little more challenging. You cannot determine how much air is being expelled until the cycle is finished since these models function by altering the air pressure inside the chamber. When working with liquids, this can become a messy scenario. Because of this, reading the instructions can be incredibly helpful if you want to know what settings work best for different kinds of food.

Considering Noise

The sound of the majority of vacuum sealers will probably sound familiar to you if you’ve ever used a tiny air compressor. Even though a vacuum sealer is unlikely to be the loudest appliance in a business kitchen, a quiet model will be useful if you use it. Edge vacuum sealers typically make more noise and take longer to complete the vacuum cycle. When closing bag after bag, this combination is not ideal. The quietest of the group is an oil pump chamber vacuum, with noise levels rising as you move up to larger, more powerful equipment.

Maintenance And Care

Maintain It As A Well Oil Machine Edge vacuum sealers are virtually maintenance-free, as are dry piston chamber vacs like the PolyScience 300. They should give you years of worry-free use if you keep them clean. On the other hand, the majority of commercial chamber vacuums feature tiny motors that run on oil. That oil needs to be changed after a particular number of use hours. If you can figure out how to do it yourself rather than calling a specialist every time, you can save money.

Frequently Asked Question

Which brand of the vacuum sealer is the best?

Anova Culinary Precision Vacuum Sealer. Another Best Overall: NESCO Deluxe Vacuum Sealer with Bag Starter Kit. Best Budget Buy: GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine. Best for Hunters: Anova Precision Chamber Vacuum Sealer.

What is better a vacuum sealer or a chamber sealer?

Simply put, the biggest difference between them is vacuum sealers suck the air out of a bag, but a chamber-style vacuum sealer doesn’t. Unlike a regular vacuum sealer, a chamber vacuum sealer pumps all of the air (including air inside the bag) out of the chamber at once, giving your item a truly airtight seal.

Is there a difference in vacuum sealer bags?

Each brand of vacuum sealer has designed its machine to operate at a slightly different temperature, so using Vacuum Sealer Bags from other manufacturers can be problematic, as they may not seal properly or melt, creating a mess or causing damage.

What vacuum sealer is made in the USA?

Vacuum Sealers Unlimited is proud to welcome Americans to our product offering. Americans foot pedal operated, retractable snorkel vacuum sealing equipment is made from superior high-grade components for reliable, fat seals.

How long do vacuum sealers last?

Frozen food that is vacuum sealed lasts an average of 2-3 years, while it will last 6-12 months, on average, stored in other ways. Most vacuum-sealed foods will last in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks, much longer than the typical 1-3 days food will last when stored conventionally in a refrigerator.


Ultimately, the choice of vacuum sealer is really dependent on your needs – and there are certainly several factors to keep in mind. A home cook will likely benefit from the high-performance features and easy interface of the PolyScience 300, whereas a small business might find the durability of the Vacmaster VP321 a better fit for their needs.

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