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This article will guide you in choosing the best commercial freezer for your business. As a marketer, it is important that I have all my marketing needs met, and one of those is the right freezer. Freezers are essential to any restaurant or food establishment’s kitchen as they help maintain food quality by keeping everything cold.

This blog post will be perfect if you want a new commercial freezer for your business! We’ll start with tips on what features to look out for when shopping, such as size, power usage, and more. After reading this blog post, we hope you find the right commercial freezer that meets all your needs.

Here are the best commercial freezer on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Commercial Freezer

Best Commercial Freezer Reviews In 2023

1. PeakCold 2-Door Commercial Stainless Steel Freezer

This PeakCold 2 Door Commercial Stainless Steel Freezer is the perfect size for restaurants, pizzerias, large homes, and more. With a 47 cu-ft capacity, it can store up to 130 1lb Ice Cream Puck Desserts or 388 Baby Food Jars. The interior is painted with white aluminum for easy cleaning and includes 6 heavy-duty adjustable shelves so you can customize the unit to your needs. Self-closing doors help prevent cold air from being wasted while keeping your contents fresh when the unit isn’t being used.

Perfect For Safely Storing

This 2-door commercial freezer is ETL listed, built to conform with NSF Standard 7, and runs on R290 Refrigerant. Whether running a bar or restaurant, this freezer is perfect for safely storing ingredients and ready-to-use meals. Designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly, you can count on reliable performance at any temperature setting.

Commercial Stainless Steel Freezer

Save time and money with the PeakCold 2-Door Commercial Stainless Steel Freezer. This freezer is great for restaurant use, buffet, deli, and other food services such as butcher shops. This unit is built with high-quality commercial parts and features a 1-year parts & labor warranty 5-year compressor part warranty. Delivered to you free of charge within 24 hours to your home or business with our delivery appointment service.

2. 52″ Double 2 Door Side By Side Stainless Steel 

Embraco variable capacity compressors are the perfect solution for hot water storage and pool heating systems. Offering an excellent quality of refrigeration and the highest degree of efficiency, Embarco variable capacity compressors can save energy up to 40% compared to a conventional compressor.

Refrigeration System Holds

Stainless Steel 2 Door Reach-in commercial kitchen Freezer, Refrigeration system holds -10°F to 0°F (-22°C to -18°C) Digital Controller with Adjustable temperature set point and defrost frequency; White painted aluminum interior. Error codes to diagnose service issues. 6 Adjustable, heavy-duty PVC coated shelves. Standard heavy-duty casters; self-closing doors; ”No stoop” lower shelf. Easily accessible condenser coil for cleaning and service access. Standard US 110V plug.

Freezer With Glass Doors

Stainless steel construction. Double door refrigerator/freezer with glass doors. The automatic defrost system maintains product temperatures of -10℉ to 0℉. Safety glass design, with rounded corners and edges to prevent future breakage. Self-contained, balanced refrigeration system for efficient operation even under extreme working conditions. Air-cooled, maintaining product temperatures of -10℉-0℉.

3. Kratos Refrigeration 69K-774 Commercial

The Kratos 69K-774 reach-in freezer is made to last for years. This solid door reach-in freezer has a bottom-mounted compressor, ideal for hot kitchens, and polyurethane foam insulation to maintain cold temps. The Kratos 69K-774 includes two self-closing doors with an open door alert that beeps after three minutes. This reach-in freezer has a condensate evaporator, which removes the need for a floor drain connection. Casters and automatic defrost come standard.

Heavy-Duty Shelving

Each Kratos refrigeration unit features heavy-duty shelving to hold up to commercial use. In addition to their strength, these shelves are also designed to resist corrosion.

Digital Temperature Controls

Maintain your Kratos reach-ins optimum temperature with our easy-to-read—and easy to adjust—digital temperature controls.

Automatic Defrost

Take the guesswork out of routine freezer maintenance and temperature control with our automatic defrost system, which keeps your unit at peak operating condition.

Stainless Steel Construction

These refrigerators and freezers have a stainless steel construction that offers enhanced durability. The steel is also exceptionally easy to clean and maintain, and it resists rusting for long-lasting use.

4. WESTLAKE Commercial Freezer 2 Door

The WESTLAKE Commercial Freezer 2 Door is a commercial refrigerator made of stainless steel. Featuring an Embraco compressor, Carel controller, and Fan cooling system, this refrigerator has no need for an extra tubes for condensing water. It features automatic defrost, making it ideal for long-time use. It has a durable glass door that is easy to clean and maintain. It also has an adjustable thermostat and adjustable legs for convenience in placement.

Freezer Tempretur

2-door commercial Refrigerator with 1 deep drawer and 1 door. Freezer Tempreture: -8℉~0℉(-17.7℃~-22.5℃), digital temperature control is convenient for you to set the temperature easily with the thermostat knob and display over your food; it Keeps foods fresh and chilled all day long, making it a convenient place to store your prepared foods, bakery goods, meals and more.

Designed For Convenience

This 2-door reach-in freezer is designed for convenience and ease of use. The unit has 6″ casters for a lift to move it when needed. This unit has a 155lbs loading capacity per shelf, which means you can store more products without worrying about crushing them. It also features 49 cubic feet of storage room. With these dimensions, this two-door commercial freezer is ideal for use in offices, break rooms, and small restaurants or pizzerias.

5. Commercial Freezer 2-Doors Solid Upright Reach

The Commercial Freezer 2-Doors Solid Upright Reach reach-in freezer is constructed with 304 stainless steel and 430. Its dimensions are 54″X32″ X82″; it can hold 47 cu. Ft. of frozen food inventory. This item features an easy-to-clean interior, a heavy-duty floor trolley, and an optional digital temperature controller with led lights for the best viewing experience for your items in any setting.

Solid Stainless Steel Door

This commercial freezer features 2 doors with a self-closing solid stainless steel door, making it easy to clean and maintain. It also has 4 lockable castor wheels to help move around, and 8 heavy-duty PVC-coated shelves increase practical usage, easy to slide in and out, clean, and maintain.

Excellent Cooling Performance

Commercial Freezer 2-Doors Solid Upright Reach is the ideal choice for your business, whether you have a small deli or operate a large store. This Commercial Freezer has excellent cooling performance with a top and bottom-mounted compressor. It uses environmentally friendly R290 Refrigerant, which is safe and clean. It’s also easy to operate – just turn the knob to adjust the temperature from -22°C to -18°C(0°F). The 751 Watt Cooler saves your electricity bill.

This Buyer’s Guide Provides An Overview Of The Best Commercial Freezers For 2022

As the owner or operator of a food venue, all owners and operators need a fridge or freezer.

In commercial freezers and refrigerators, food is stored and prevented from spoiling so that it can be consumed in the future.

Just like purchasing a commercial freezer, a commercial oven, dishwasher, or deep fryer involves choosing from various options. When choosing the best commercial freezer, it is important to look for more than just the best deal.

Vertical Doors

Also known as a vertical freezer, a reach-in freezer, or a reach-in fridge, an upright freezer can hold items vertically. With shallow shelves, customers can easily reach items. Kitchens are available in 1, 2, and 4-door models. Separated refrigerators and freezers are also possible.

Your customer’s goods can be displayed in a multidoor reach-in freezer if you have a shop front.

In a moment, you’ll have the chance to learn more about gastronorm (click here to find out more).

Selecting an upright freezing unit with glass doors, a commercial display freezer, or a stainless steel door freezer may make sense, depending on your requirements.

Door-in-door Refrigerators

A cool room is also known as a chill room. Large amounts of food can be stored in these models. A little extra space can be useful.

Unlike stand-up commercial freezers, these models do not have restricted refrigeration space. The heavy-duty nature of these products will require professional installation.

Installation of them in a facility or kitchen can be more challenging and time-consuming than their stand-alone cousins.

Chest Freezer

The most common form of commercial display freezer used for storing ice cream and other frozen foods is the “bend and reach” freezer. Whenever a lid is lifted, it is significantly more difficult to escape cold air due to its lower height.

Consider purchasing a brand of commercial chest freezer if you want to store items longer. Choosing a model with removable baskets will allow your chefs to access items easily.

Fridge on a Counter-top

The small countertop freezer that goes by the name of this product is designed for mounting on a countertop. I find it very useful when I am preparing food in the kitchen.

Dessert chefs can access ingredients in the countertop freezer if you transfer them there before serving. As a result, their backs and legs are not constantly bending or moving.


There Are Refrigerators With Freezers Under The Counter In Communal Areas

A small freezer underneath the chefs’ workstations would be a good idea when there is no room above the counter.

Select an under-counter model with one or two doors depending on your kitchen size.

Undercounter freezers are sometimes equipped with workbench units.

Fridge with Drawers

Despite their disadvantages, these drawers are becoming more popular due to their practicality and the fact that they cannot be opened for cleaning. You don’t have to bend over to reach the drawer freezer. We have shallow drawers, which makes accessing them easy. Unlike floor-standing commercial freezers with glass doors, these drawers cannot be opened for cleaning. Another disadvantage is that you cannot see what’s inside, as with drawers like this.

Consider installing a drawer freezer with an adjacent countertop as a convenient feature for your kitchen.

Drawer freezers can even be programmed to maintain the right temperature for the food they store.


By comparison, it would take a regular upright freezer four hours to freeze food in a flash freezer in 90 minutes. When there is only an hour to spare, this will help you, but it can also help reduce moisture loss when freezing and prevent bacteria from forming on food while cooling.

With a blast chiller, you can ensure high-quality, high-volume ingredients such as sauces, soups, and gravies over busy periods, then store them securely without compromising taste or integrity. It is also possible to par-cook foods and then freeze them carefully before blast chilling them. When necessary, you can thaw and cook it.

Fridge for Batching

A batch freezer will be necessary if you plan to make numerous frozen desserts.

A churning freezer is used to freeze foods such as ice cream, gelato, and sorbet. As the ingredients are produced, ice crystals are prevented from forming and freezing solid.

A batch freezer can be found in a variety of sizes to meet a variety of requirements.

Roll-in trays/racks

When you need to prepare food quickly with several trays (as with frozen desserts, pastries, and meat patties), a roll-in/rack freezer is the best solution.

Rolling in the goods is more practical and efficient than installing shelves. To avoid lifting the racks, you should be able to reach them directly from the ground or through a ramp.


Being in business doesn’t require knowing everything about your machinery, but knowing what goes on under the hood shouldn’t be bad. In operating a freezer or buying one, you may run into the following terms:


A condenser coil can be found at your freezer’s bottom or at the back. Cools and condenses the refrigerant. The coils wear out over time due to dust and dirt accumulating, preventing heat from being released as intended.

You should keep an eye out for dirty condenser coils so they can function properly.


Over time, ice can accumulate in some models of freezers. Warm air is trapped inside the door; after you open it, it cools and freezes. Ice on the inside of the machine causes the system to work harder to cool the contents.

Defrosting is automatic in newer models, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. Whenever there is more than one centimeter of ice, defrosting is recommended.

Defrosting your freezer may also lead to your food no longer being properly frozen.


The coils and compressor of a commercial freezer are cooled with fans. Your freezer and refrigerator prevent icing, which can lead to food spoilage. The quality of food (and even safety) will be reduced when a commercial freezer without a fan is used.

Frozen Foods

Those who have stored their foods for a long time may suffer from freezer burn. Food can also become freezer burnt if it is frozen.

When moisture from the surface of food evaporates, freezer burn occurs. In the food tissue, there are ‘dry’ pockets.

As you remove your food from the freezer, you may notice the color of the food is brownish-white, or you may notice some white patches or the texture may feel crunchy. It hasn’t gone bad, but it won’t be so pleasant to consume since much moisture has been lost.

Avoid leaving frozen food in the freezer for extended periods. Food should be well wrapped and sealed before freezing to avoid freezer burn.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Freezers

Where Are My Frozen Foods When I Use My Commercial Freezer?

A machine that is not maintaining a temperature as it should usually is the cause of food that isn’t quite frozen.

A change in temperature in your freezer could be caused by a broken seal, poor ventilation, an increase in outside temperature, or a dirty condenser coil. You should inspect these areas before contacting your technician.

How Much Does A Freezer Cost?

How much you will pay for a commercial freezer will depend on the model and brand you choose. In general, under-counter freezers cost several hundred dollars.

It may cost over $25,000 to install a large walk-in freezer, depending on its size. Consideration should be given both to the purchase and operation costs. Ensure that you take into account the average operating cost of the vendor. There are likely instances where products with lower running costs offset a higher purchase price.

Commercial Freezers Last For How Long?

Most good commercial freezers last between ten and fifteen years. In a busy kitchen or store, the seals on this equipment will wear out over time because they are continuously used.

What Is The Best Commercial Freezer Brand In Australia?

A restaurant’s or venue’s freezer fridge brand will depend on its size, what it is used for, and how much it sells or serves. You might pick a brand based on its size and features (such as remote control or lock) that are important to you.


Best commercial freezer. We provide a wide range of products and services designed to meet your business’s needs, from ice machines to condenser units. No matter what you need help with, we’ve got your back! At Ice-O-Matic, our goal is simple – to be an indispensable partner in helping businesses become more profitable through better efficiency and performance.

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