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A large part of aging is the deterioration of collagen, which causes skin to lose elasticity and to sag. Collagen is a protein found in bones, muscles, skin, and tendons.Its specific purpose is to provide strength and structure to the body – one of the main factors in helping skin retain elasticity. In the last few years, biotin and collagen have both become trendy supplements within the wellness industry. But what exactly are these two super-ingredients? Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a water-soluble vitamin related to the vitamin B family. It helps to convert certain nutrients into energy and plays an important role in the health of your hair, skin, and nails.

Here are the best collagen and biotin supplement on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Collagen And Biotin Supplement

Best Collagen And Biotin Supplement Reviews In 2022

1. Solgar – Biotin 300 mcg, 100 Tablets

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. “Recyclable Amber Glass” – Based on H&H Glass Inc. (Hwa Hsia Glass U.S.A.) Claims Summary 9/14/2020: Solgar Amber Glass Bottles are made from 50% cullet (broken or refuse glass) and can be recycled.

Carbohydrate And Fat Metabolism

Biotin is a water soluble B-Vitamin that is required for protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Biotin also helps support energy metabolism in the body as well as hair and nail health. Hair and skin are negatively affected by biotin deficiency. Biotin promotes the absorption of fatty acids and glucose into cells, contributing to energy production; supports cell growth; helps maintain a normal cholesterol level in the blood.

Helps Support Healthy Skin

These products are great for those who would like to support a healthy skin, nails and hair. Biotin plays an important role in energy metabolism, helps support healthy skin, nails and hair, may help maintain normal hair, skin and nail function. Biotin also promotes healthy heart function.

2. Biotin by Nature’s Bounty, Vitamin Supplement

At Nature’s Bounty, we are committed to your health. For nearly 50 years we have been making trusted products, backed by science, and made with only the purest ingredients…assured. So you can get the most out of life every day. Our dedication to quality, consistency, and scientific research has resulted in vitamins and supplements of unrivaled excellence.

Driving Innovation through Scientific Expertise

Our Scientific Advisory Council is made up of prominent scientists and researchers external to The Nature’s Bounty Co., who play a key role in the Company’s product innovation and scientific advancement. It is comprised of some of the most respected medical and nutrition experts in the field.

Quality You Can Count On

Every Nature’s Bounty product is subjected to numerous quality tests and assays throughout the manufacturing process to verify purity and full potency.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We’re proud that our facilities have been successfully audited by the United States Pharmacopeia and STR (Specialized Technology Resources), a leading independent dietary supplement quality evaluation firm.

3. Garden of Life Raw B Complex – Vitamin Code

Deficiency in one or more vitamins the B-complex group can occur easily, and those who may benefit from Vitamin Code Raw B-Complex include strict vegetarians, vegans and those who are stressed—to name a few. In addition to providing 100% or more of the Daily Value (DV) of all eight essential B vitamins specially formulated with high potencies, Raw B-Complex is Non-GMO Project Verified, NSF Certified Gluten Free, Vegan Certified and Kosher Certified—with no high heat, synthetic binders, fillers, artificial flavors or additives commonly used in tablets.

Work Harmoniously And Perform

The B group of vitamins is an eight-member family of water soluble vitamins which means they are not easily stored in the body and need to be replenished frequently. Their functions are so interrelated that it is suggested they be taken together so they can work harmoniously and perform at their peak levels. Cellular energy production is the most important function of the B complex vitamins and they are known as the catalytic spark plugs of our body. Providing mental and physical energy, supporting healthy blood, a healthy heart, immune system function and a healthy response to stress, the B complex vitamins are essential nutrients for the body. By Garden of Life.

Support Digestion And Nutrient

Garden of Life Raw B Complex is a whole food vitamin B complex formula that covers all the bases for your day-to-day diet, with the added benefit of raw probiotics and enzymes to support digestion and nutrient absorption.

4. Vitafusion Extra Strength Biotin Gummies

Nourish your body with Vitafusion Extra Strength Biotin Gummies. Biotin is a nutrient that helps you transform food into energy, promotes healthy skin and hair, and promotes healthy nails. Simply take two gummies per day to help support beautiful hair and strong nails.

Sustainably Farmed Ingredients

Vitafusion Extra Strength Biotin Gummies with Chromium, Glucose Control Formula, are delicious and easy to take, which makes taking your daily vitamins a treat. Each biotin supplement offers the highest quality, certified vegan, non-GMO and sustainably farmed ingredients that come in a convenient gummy form so you can enjoy them anytime you want. Vitafusion uses these powerful ingredients to help support healthy glucose metabolism and help maintain a healthy weight. Vitafusion Extra Strength Biotin Gummies with Chromium are formulated for all ages, including babies, kids and adults.

Metabolize Fats And Carbs

Biotin gummies are tasty and chewy, making them easy to eat. They are a great way to supplement your body with pure Biotin. This vitamin is used by the body to help metabolize fats and carbs, convert protein into energy, maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. Children love them too!

5. Klaire Labs Biotin 5000mcg – High Potency Biotin Supplement 

Biotin is an essential B vitamin involved in the metabolism of glucose. Biotin-dependent enzymes are involved in skin and hair nutrition. With 5,000 mcg of biotin supplied in small, easy-to-swallow capsules, Klaire Labs Biotin is the ideal way to supplement your diet if you need more biotin.

Biotin Dietary Supplement

Biotin 5000mcg 100% Pure Vegetarian Biotin Supplement, Vegan Friendly, 500% potency. Extremely high-potency biotin dietary supplement with no fillers and 99.9% purity. Free of milk, gluten, yeast, casein, and soy ingredients. FDA certified. Does not contain any artificial colors or preservatives.

Requiring Aggressive Supplementation

A high concentration of biotin is provided for situations requiring aggressive supplementation. Biotin-dependent enzymes are involved in fatty acid synthesis, nervous system function, and skin and hair nutrition. Biotin supports carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism. While biotin deficiency is rare under normal circumstances, biotin supplementation may help support healthy hair, skin, and nails in those who are biotin deficient.* Provided as small, easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules.

6. Olly Ultra Hair Vitamins 30 Softgels

Olly ultra hair softgels: this powerful blend works its magic with unique ingredients that support stronger, fuller-looking locks from within. It can even help protect hair pigment and boost healthy growth the goods inside: biotin is an essential nutrient to support healthy hair plus keratin which works from within to help nourish your hair.

Support Growth And Resilience

Silicon is important in the formation of collagen and keratin to support growth and resilience how to take: take 1 softgel with water daily. Swallow whole, do not chew. Comes with 3 capsules per bottle for a 3 day supply ultra softgels: our premium softgel blends are naturally colored, easy to swallow and have a hint of strawberry scent with zero sugar. This hair supplement also comes in a convenient compact package mix and match: delightful olly products can be taken together or mix and match as you please.

Colour And Boost Healthy Growth

Get fuller-looking locks with these powerful hair vitamins! This unique blend helps support stronger, fuller-looking hair from the inside out. It can even help protect colour and boost healthy growth. The Biotin works as an essential nutrient to support healthy hair plus Keratin which works from within to nourish your hair. Silicon is also important in the formation of collagen and keratin to support growth.

7. Biotin Capsules with Collagen and Keratin – 25000MCG Per Serving

Our premium Biotin Capsules are a 100% natural multivitamin complex specially designed to help prevent hair loss, strengthen nails and improve skin elasticity. Every capsule includes our complement of essential vitamins (Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, B1, B2 and B6) and minerals including Magnesium and Calcium, which are essential nutrients for healthy hair growth. Our formula also contains a powerful blend of collagen, keratin, marine collagen proteins and other beneficial nutrients from a proprietary aqua prodigiosa complex.

Some Of The Ingredients

Biotin with Keratin and Collagen capsules are just some of the ingredients that can help you look your very best. Each capsule contains 25,000mcg of Biotin in a formula that also includes keratin and collagen to improve overall health by enhancing the tissues with vital building blocks.

Number Of Enzymes Involved

Wellmatics Biotin capsules contain 25000mcg per serving, a high dose of this water-soluble B-Vitamin that helps your body convert food into cellular energy. Vitamin B7 also supports a number of enzymes involved in the metabolism of carbs, fats and protein. In addition to all that, Wellmatics Biotin capsules promote healthy immune system function.

8. Collagen Gummies with Extra Strength Biotin for Hair

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body. It plays a critical role in hair, skin, and nails, and naturally supports our joints and muscles. Though the body produces collagen naturally, it gradually decreases as we age, which can lead to weaker tissues over time. Our chewable orange flavored collagen gummies are a delicious way to add this powerful protein to your daily health and wellness routine. Every serving is packed with 99 milligrams of Type 1 Collagen for complete hair, skin, and nail support.

Collagen Peptides: Graceful Aging – As a compound with antioxidant properties.

Undergo Rigorous Examinations

We work diligently with independent third-party labs to have our products undergo rigorous examinations. You can trust our vitamins and minerals are certified for quality and purity by an independent 3rd party lab. Each ingredient has been reviewed to ensure your body receives the best supplements to support your health and overall wellness.

Premium-grade Supplements

All our products have been manufactured following strict cGMP guidelines. Each ingredient has been expertly formulated by a team of dedicated experts in science and nutrition. We are committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients available. Our premium-grade supplements have been skillfully designed for your health.

Premium Quality & Affordable

Your health is the most important. Good Health is your right, not a luxury. We believe everyone should have access to the highest quality herbal products. Premium Quality & Affordable. We source the most premium ingredients and sell directly to customers to keep our prices low while maintaining premium quality. We love our customers.

9. Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Liquid Drops

Set up for healthier and stronger hair, skin, and nails with Pure Research Biotin. These easy-to-take liquid drops feature a smooth and great-tasting berry flavor that you will surely enjoy. It’s also expertly formulated for daily use, giving you the support you need to look and stay healthy.

Radiant Skin

Get effortlessly glowing skin with the rich biotin and collagen formula by Pure Research. This supplement works deeply to make your skin more elastic and retain moisture better. This product immediately radiates out, giving your skin a smoother, more radiant, and nourished appearance.

Stronger Nails

You may lack the essential vitamins if your nails are susceptible to brittleness or breakage. Pure Research makes it easy for you to supply your nails with B vitamins to give you tougher and healthier nails. These supplements come in liquid form, making them more accessible for the body to process.

Healthy Hair

It takes as much care outside as it does inside to achieve bouncy and lustrous hair. Let Pure Research’s biotin deliver the care from within with our liquid B-complex and collagen drops. This easy-to-take liquid has what it takes to give your hair the TLC it needs.

10. Biotin, Keratin & Collagen Capsules – Made in USA

Take 2 capsules of our Beauty Booster with Biotin, Collagen and Keratin every day to get glowing skin, strong nails and silky hair. 100% free of chemicals, additives and harmful toxins that damage your health, our Beauty Booster is made in the USA by our expert team of scientists and nutritionists who have been developing quality supplements for more than 15 years.

Contain Hydrolyzed Collagen

Our hair vitamins are made in the USA and contain Hydrolyzed Collagen, Biotin, and Keratin. The main formula consists of high purity biotin, glutamic acid-free keratin and completely hydrolyzed collagen peptides. This is one of the best hair growth supplements that can help you achieve a vibrant and healthy beautiful look. Our powerful beauty blend helps to restore younger-looking appearance, eliminating wrinkles & fine lines. It also helps to maintain bone, joint, teeth, and nail health.

Produce Our Supplements

To ensure the highest quality products, we use only fresh and pure ingredients that are free from hormones, GMOs, gluten, wheat, soy, and artificial additives. We produce our supplements in the USA under strict manufacturing control to ensure that our customers get the highest quality possible. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our biotin capsules or other keratin or collagen supplements, or if you have any questions regarding these or other supplements that we produce, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you!

How To Choose The Best Collagen And Biotin Supplement Before Buying

To select the best biotin supplement for you, thoroughly weigh all of your alternatives because the formulations and contents vary.

Health Practitioner

The best way to begin any supplement is to speak with a health expert. Talk about your medical background and what to look for in a supplement. You can find out exactly what you need and which supplement would work best for you by having an open discussion.

Reliable Businesses

Look for businesses who do third-party testing or adhere to cGMPs as you compare the possibilities in your price range. Businesses that are dedicated to high level processes may typically be trusted. Additionally, you may feel more secure choosing well-known companies with a track record of performance.

Think About The Amount Of Biotin

If biotin pills also contain other active components, the level of the vitamin may be exceedingly concentrated or very low. The best outcomes from biotin tablets are likely to occur quickly, but they can also result in breakouts and excessive hair growth. You might wish to try a lesser dose if you encounter these negative effects. If you frequently require blood tests, you can also think about taking a lesser dose because too much biotin can skew the findings.

Dietary Restrictions

Make sure you select a supplement that meets your needs if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies. Numerous biotin supplements make it obvious if they are acceptable for vegetarians, vegans, and allergy sufferers. You can also examine the ingredient list. For instance, if you don’t eat animal products, ensure sure the supplement you purchase is prepared without gelatin. Consider more than just the ingredient list if you have food allergies or intolerances. It is advised to stay away from dietary supplements produced in establishments that handle products containing your allergies.

Vitamins Are Required

It’s common to see biotin packaged with other vitamins and minerals. As a result, although some individuals benefit from a basic biotin vitamin, others are better served by a combination supplement. People who consume a lot of processed foods, for instance, may benefit from taking a pantothenic acid and biotin supplement because this vitamin is damaged during freezing and canning.

Think About Your Preferred Format

There are several different forms of biotin supplements, including tablets, capsules, gummies, powders, and liquids. Consider your chosen method of supplementation before selecting a product. This can make it easier for you to maintain your supplement regimen, which will increase its effectiveness.

Study Client Testimonials

Reviews from regular consumers are posted by many internet retailers. You can determine whether certain supplements are likely to be effective for you by reading about their experiences taking them. It can be useful to pay attention to the themes, whether favorable or negative, in reviews because everyone processes supplements differently.

Benefits of Biotin

The majority of people obtain the necessary daily amount from diet alone because it is commonly found in food. Thin hair, brittle nails, and a red, scaly rash on the face are common symptoms of a biotin deficiency, or when someone doesn’t have enough biotin.

If a person is pregnant, nursing, has a drinking problem, smokes frequently, has renal dialysis, or has a biotinidase deficiency, they are more likely to have a biotin shortage (a genetic disorder in which the body cannot use the biotin from foods).

According to Ryan Andrews, a registered dietitian for Precision Nutrition in Toronto, Canada, biotin supplementation may also be used for prolonged IV feedings, infants receiving formula without biotin, and people who regularly consume raw egg whites that contain avidin, a substance that prevents biotin absorption.

Biotin has been advertised as a treatment for people with hair loss or comparable hair, skin, or nail issues since biotin supplementation for a deficiency is linked to thinning hair or a rash. However, supplementing with biotin in people who do not have a deficit is not backed by solid scientific research.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it OK to take biotin and collagen together?

Yes, it is ok to take biotin and collagen together. Collagen supplements and biotin supplements are both safe supplements and in some cases may actually complement each other with their benefits involving your hair and nails. Biotin is typically taken as a pill, whereas collagen comes in many forms.

Do I need both biotin and collagen?

Both Biotin and Collagen support healthy skin, hair, and strong nails. Taking both together means you can reap the benefits as they naturally work together to deliver a powerful combination of vitamins and proteins to combat hair loss and maintain supple skin along with other health benefits.

Which is more effective biotin or collagen?

Collagen appears to be a bit more impactful for hair growth than biotin. “Biotin helps provide the key energy needed to power hair production. It is only a part of supporting hair growth,” says Dr. Anzelone.

What are the negative effects of taking collagen?

Collagen supplements may lead to mild side effects such as bloating, heartburn, and feelings of fullness. If you have food allergies, make sure to purchase supplements that don’t contain your allergens.

Can you gain weight from taking collagen?

No, collagen does not cause you to gain weight. Collagen won’t cause you to explode with such massive increases of muscle in the gym that you’ll put on twenty pounds of muscle, and aside from helping you build muscle, there’s nothing in a collagen supplement that would cause you to gain weight.


There are two things we need to address before we wrap up: price and dosage. First, biotin is an inexpensive supplement that costs just a few cents a day. On the other hand, if you’ve been seeing your doctor for biotin deficiency for several years, it’s probably time to find a new doc. Second, many experts believe that biotin deficiency symptoms require approximately 20-30 mg of the B7 vitamin daily. As you can see from the list above, most supplements are quite low in dosage, especially when compared to prescription biotin products like Neutabolin and Natrol Biotin .

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