Best Chlorella Reviews And Buying Guide

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Chlorella is a type of single-cell green algae that has been eaten by humans for thousands of years. It is found naturally in fresh water and specifically in shallow swampy areas such as those in the southwest region of the United States. As algae grow it absorbs heavy metals, chemists, and other toxins from the environment. This is why chlorella is becoming increasingly popular in the west as a detoxifier. But there are many types of chlorella on the market; all claiming to be the best chlorella on the market – so which one should you choose?

Best Chlorella Reviews

1. Premium Chlorella Supplement by Fresh Healthcare

Premium Chlorella Supplement by Fresh Healthcare, 1200mg Pure Vegan Powder Capsules, 180 Chlorophyll and CFG Pills, Natural Detox Superfood, Naturally Contains B Vitamins and Minerals
  • Our guarantee: Our goal is to bring you a healthy immune system, radiant skin, and boost digestive function - naturally. We stand by our Organic and Pure Chlorella because our supplement works. Our potent 3 month supply of this nutrient-dense, green superfood, as well as, the broken-cell wall in Chlorella allowing for max absorption in the body. If our Chlorella wasn’t the most effective supplement you have ever taken, we will give you your money back within 120 days.*
  • Powerhouse chlorella: This incredible superfood is one of nature’s most powerful blends containing a variety of vitamins and minerals, all packed into one capsule! Our specially formulated supplement contains 1200mg of Premium Chlorella Powder - Yes, that's right! In just one serving, you nourish your body with Chlorella Pyrenoidosa and absorb the essential nutrients with the broken cell wall, so your body can easily clear waste to experience the benefits of Chlorophyll in Chlorella.*
  • More than supplements: At Fresh Healthcare we also donate at least 5% of profits to charity to help support Medical Relief International to fund poverty relief, medical aid, and sustainability projects to some of the world's poorest areas. When you choose Fresh Healthcare, you don't just benefit your own health but you also help make the world a better place!
  • We take purity seriously: Fresh Healthcare's Premium Chlorella was professionally formulated and tested in the USA to bring you the purest form of Natural Chlorella as a whole. Our supplement is Non Gmo and is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans containing zero animal products. Improve energy, digestion, and skin health when you choose to rejuvenate your body today, so you can take on tomorrow.*
  • The benefits go far beyond: Chlorella is one of the most nutrient-dense, superfoods on Earth packing a powerful punch with phytonutrients to support healthy digestive, skin, eye, immune and brain health! Chlorella provides a natural detox that helps improve circulation and a healthy metabolism. Boost your Glutathione levels and enjoy an increase in energy, vitality, and more radiant-looking skin by eliminating harmful free-radicals.*
Special IngredientsChlorella
Dosage FormCapsule
Recommended Uses For ProductNatural Detox
Diet TypeVegan

Chlorella, similar to Spirulina, is one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on earth! It is a single-celled, freshwater blue-green alga which contains the highest amount of chlorophyll of any known plant. Combined with regular exercise and high-quality foods it can help you reach your potential on Your Health Journey.

Fresh Healthcare focuses on bringing you the finest natural supplements and superfoods from around the world to supercharge your health and wellness. Our complete supplement range is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Our supplements are manufactured with the finest quality and are produced in carefully selected facilities in the USA.

Chlorella contains an almost complete range of vitamins and minerals, iron calcium, 60% Vegetable Protein and contains 10 times more Vitamin A than beef liver per gram making it great for supporting eye, skin, and bone health.

At Fresh Healthcare, we believe in giving back and donate at least 5% of our profits to our Charity of Choice, Medical Relief International, to help provide essential healthcare and medicine to some of the world’s most underserved people. When you buy from Fresh Healthcare you’re not only benefiting your health but you’re also helping make the world a better place!

Nature’s Superfood

Chlorella Pyrennoidosa has been shown to contain a high concentration of vitamins, amino acids, and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) to help support your overall health.

Healthy Lifestyle

Chlorella compliments a healthy lifestyle with its great nutritional profile. Chlorella helps support healthy muscles, skin, immune health and healthy blood, sugar and cholesterol levels

We Care About YOU!

Our Chlorella Capsules only contain Pure Chlorella Powder. Our bottle contains 180 Vegan Capsules gives you a FULL 3 MONTH SUPPLY providing great Quality and Affordability!

2. MICROINGREDIENTS Organic Chlorella Spirulina Tablets

Organic Chlorella Spirulina Tablets, 3000mg Per Serving, 720 Counts, 4 Months Supply, 50/50 Blend Superfood, No Filler, No Additives, Cracked Cell Wall, Rich in Vegan Protein & Chlorophyll
  • Premium Chlorella Spirulina Organic Supplement, Loaded with Vegan Protein, Chlorophyll, Fiber, Amino Acids (Omega 3 6 9, GLA, Arginine), Fatty Acids, Immune Vitamins (Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Biotin), Minerals, and Easy to Swallow.
  • Raw Organic Spirulina Chlorella Tablets (Broken Cell Wall), Made from Organic Chlorella Spirulina Powder, 3000mg Per Serving, 720 Tablets (4 Months Supply), 2 in 1 Formula, Filler & Irradiation Free, Green Algae Super Food and Vegan Friendly
  • No GMOs, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colors, No Flavors, No Soy, No Fillers and No Gluten.
  • Lab Tested for Purity and Safety.
  • Supports Energy, Colon Health, Digestive Function and Immune System.
Special IngredientsRaw Spirulina Chlorella Tablet Organic (Filler Free)
Dosage FormRaw Spirulina Chlorella Tablet Organic
Recommended Uses For ProductDigestive Health
Diet TypeVegetarian

hlorella is a fresh water, single-celled algae that grows in fresh water. Chlorella emerged over 2 billion years ago, and was the first form of a plant with a well-defined nucleus. Because Chlorella is a microscopic organism, it was not discovered until the late 19th century, deriving its name from the Greek, “chloros” meaning green and “ella” meaning small. In fact, that chlorella contains the highest amount of chlorophyll of any known plant.

This blue-green algae is a freshwater plant that is now one of the most researched, and alongside its cousin Chlorella, most talked about Superfoods today. Spirulina is renowned for its intense flavor and even more powerful nutrition profile! While you may have only seen it as an ingredient in your green Superfood beverages, energy bars and natural supplements, Spirulina benefits are so amazing that when taken daily, they could restore and revitalize your health! To date, there are nearly 1,200 peer-reviewed scientific articles evaluating its health benefits.



How to Use

As a dietary supplement, take 6 tablets daily. For the best results, please consult your physician.

3. Earth Circle Organics, premium Chlorella tablets

Earth Circle Organics, premium Chlorella tablets, USDA Organic, Kosher, highest potency, pure Chlorella raw superfood, cracked cell wall, high in protein, no additives or fillers - 400 Tablets
  • ✅ 100% PURE & ORGANIC: Absolute cleanest chlorella and contains the highest content of chlorophyll on earth. Third-party laboratory-tested. No detectable impurities or bacteria. Truly 100% RAW, organic chlorophyll pills. USDA Organic, Certified Kosher, Soy-Free, Non-GMO, Non-Irradiated, Vegan with no capsules, NO fillers, NO binders, NO coatings, NO additives, NO preservatives, NO artificial flavors, and NO artificial colors.
  • ✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, Buy with confidence. If, for whatever reason, you're not 100% satisfied with your organic chlorella purchase (which is highly unlikely), we will gladly refund you the purchase price. No questions asked! That's our guarantee to you.
  • ✅ SUPERFOOD SUPPLEMENT: Every Organic Chlorella Pack comes in 400 tablets. Each tablet is 250mg. This nutrient-dense superfood is packed with 60% protein, amino acids, plus various vitamins, fiber, enzymes, CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor), and minerals. In these high-quality organic chlorella tablets, the cell wall has been broken down naturally and to aid digestibility. Strongly Supports Colon Health, Digestive Function and Overall Well Being.
  • ✅ THE BEST OF THE BEST: We support organic and sustainable farming. Superior quality 100% Cracked Cell Wall sun-grown micro-algae health food chlorophyll tablets are sourced from Taiwan's Premier Micro-algae Manufacturer known worldwide for quality products and produced in a GMP and HACCP food safety certified environment using ISO 22000:2005 quality management system.
  • ✅ EASY TO SWALLOW: Our tablets are solid green with zero impurities. Each cracked cell wall chlorella tablet is cold-pressed to ensure maximum potency. Easy to swallow or chew. Also, will crush easily in blenders; incorporate it in your next power-smoothie! Begin by taking 3 – 4 tablets 3 times per day. Swallow with water, blend into smoothies or eat out of the bag! Tablets can be eaten with food or on an empty stomach.
Dosage FormTablet
BrandEarth Circle Organics
Age Range (Description)Adult
Unit Count400 Count
Item Weight3.5 Ounces

Earth Circle Organics premium Chlorella tablets are raw, organic, and made from 100% uncracked-cell wall sun-grown micro-algae that are grown outdoors in fresh water ponds. The cell wall is what helps give plants their structure and durability. Cracking the cell wall of plants allows for easier digestion of nutrients and opens ports for cellular regeneration. Our Chlorella tablets are third party laboratory tested for purity, safety, quality and potency. This process includes examing every lot number, verifying the absence of harmful levels of chemicals and heavy metals as well as verifying superfood and herb contamination levels below 1 part per million.

Weight Management

Chlorella helps to regulate hormones, helping with metabolism which aids with weight management, body fat and helps to remove toxins.

Immune System

Chlorella has been found to enhance the immune response and helps produce more antibodies.

Healthy hair and Skin

Chlorella is loaded with B vitamins, magnesium and zinc, which help calm skin inflammation and promote healthy hair growth.


The antioxidants in chlorella have anti-inflammatory effects, which can improve asthma and other respiratory conditions.

4. Biogenesis Chlorella Powder

BioGenesis Australia Chlorella Powder, 7.05 oz, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Organically Grown, Cracked Cell Wall, Vegan (Natural, 200 Gram)
  • Helps aid the growth and repair of muscle tissue with vegan plant based protein.
  • Reduces unnecessary cravings for food with high nutrient content. Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Increases energy without having to add any caffeine or sugar, and NO energy crash!
  • Promotes skin health particularly if you experience eczema, through Omega 3.

The Biogenesis Chlorella Powder is a vegan plant based protein powder rich in chlorophyll that reduces body fat and balances cholesterol levels. Made from organic ingredients, the Chlorella powder has a high nutrient content and is completely free from gluten and lactose making it suitable for vegans. Biogenesis also boast that their product contains Omega 3 which is an essential fatty acid that plays an important role in skin health particularly if you experience eczema.

The Power Of Chlorella

There is no longer a need for excessive amounts of caffeine or pre-workouts that leave you with headaches or energy crashes. Chlorella is a natural pre workout, with branch chain amino acids (BCAAS) to give you the boost of energy you need to have a successful work-out! It is a vegan pre-workout without any additives or sugars.

Chlorella is highly digestible as it is low in carbohydrates, fats and sugars, and free from soy and gluten. With a high nutrient content to combat cravings our Chlorella Powder can also be a great vegan protein powder for weight loss. Chlorella is the highest source of natural Chlorophyll on the planet.

All In One Health Supplement

Biogenesis Natural Chlorella Powder is the all in one health supplement you have been waiting for! Say goodbye to having to take what feels like hundreds of different tablets, powders and drinks filled with unnecessary ingredients each day.

Biogenesis Natural Chlorella Powder is simply that. Natural and 100% Australian grown and harvested Chlorella. This Chlorella Powder is absolutely PACKED with benefits that come from essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants through 100% natural rich Chlorophyll.

Improve Your Performance

Not only will Chlorella improve your aerobic performance and endurance, it can also be the best vegan protein powder, as each serving contains 3.1g of protein. This protein helps aid the growth and repair of muscle tissue after exercise or damage. What is so great about this protein is it is 100% natural, plant based and dairy free, so you will not be feeling bloated or sluggish after consuming it.

5. BetterBody Foods Foods Organic Greens Blend

BetterBody Foods Foods Organic Greens Blend, 8 Ounces
  • SUPERFOOD POWDER: Packed with superfoods, vitamins, and beneficial ingredients, this greens powder features moringa, spinach, chlorella, spirulina, and a fruit and vegetable blend.
  • FRUIT & VEGETABLE BLEND: In addition to the superfood greens, it features an organic fruit and vegetable blend: carrot, beet, spinach, tomato, orange, apple, cherry, cranberry, blueberry, and more.
  • SUPERFOOD SHAKE: Add 1 scoop of this green drink vegetable powder to 8 oz. or more of water, juice, a shake, or a smoothie for a healthy on-the-go green detox juice.
  • Country: United States
  • USDA ORGANIC: This organic greens powder is certified USDA organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, soy-free, and lactose-free so nearly everyone can enjoy it.

BetterBody Foods (BBF) Organic Greens Blend is a superfood powder that delivers all-natural ingredients in a convenient powder for on-the-go shakes, smoothies, and juices. With superfoods like moringa, spinach, chlorella, and spirulina, this green blend provides vitamin D, calcium, iron, potassium, and other beneficial components.

Developed to be friendly for nearly all diets, our super greens powder is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, lactose-free, soy-free, and certified USDA organic. Free of artificial ingredients, sweeteners, and carrageenan, this green powder is an all-natural solution for on-the-go professionals, athletes, and health-conscious people. In addition to the superfood components in this powder, it also contains an organic fruit and vegetable blend: carrot, beet, spinach, tomato, broccoli, orange, apple, cherry, cranberry, blueberry, and strawberry.

It can be hard to get all of the fruits, vegetables, and plant-based components in your diet during a busy day. The Organic Greens Blend makes it easy to get a good dose of organic, all-natural greens—just mix 1 scoop of the powder with 8 oz. or more of water, juice, a smoothie, or your breakfast shake! Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a professional athlete, or a business owner, this plant-based nutritional shake can make healthy living a more achievable goal.

Men, women, and teens will enjoy the taste, convenience, and benefits that this greens blend brings! Add it to your kitchen, pantry, office, or gym supplies today, and you’ll have a quick breakfast or snack option that’s natural, organic, healthy, and delicious.

Green Avocado Spinach Smoothie

Don’t turn your nose up at healthy green smoothies if the color doesn’t appeal. Many green smoothies are sweet, yummy, and ultra-satisfying, even if their color gives away that they’re ultra-healthy, too.

Superfood Green Smoothie

Want to try green smoothies but don’t know where to start? This simple greens blend takes you from zero to deliciously green in minutes!

Green Smoothie Bowl

Organic Greens Blend is intended to be used in smoothies — or mixed in smoothie bowls, added to chia pudding, and mixed into plain water. Adding superfood powders to smoothies can be a good way to up that nutrient intake!

How We Decided on the Top Chlorella Supplements

We looked into over 50 different chlorella tablets, capsules, powders, and extracts before compiling our list of the finest chlorella supplements. We used a lot of elements to determine which supplements are the finest when producing our list of the greatest supplements. These were the most important factors in our decision.

Ingredients of Good Quality

The quality of the ingredients will determine whether or not a supplement is successful. When it came to chlorella, we sought for items that were predominantly sourced from the United States or Japan. The best chlorella with the greatest nutrients is grown in these two nations.

We also looked for supplements that included chlorella with damaged cell walls. The human body cannot digest chlorella because of its stiff cell wall. As a result, you must break the cell wall in order to absorb all of the nutrients.

Production Location

We wanted things that were not just sourced in the United States, but also manufactured in the country. For supplement production, the United States has the strongest quality control rules. Because chlorella can be contaminated with heavy metals, it’s critical to use a product made in the United States, as this will necessitate heavy metal testing.

Obtaining Organic Certification

Synthetic chemicals are frequently used to boost the growth of algae, hence organic chlorella is essential. These compounds can stay in the alga and penetrate the human body, causing tissue damage and suffering. To boost algal development, organic chlorella does not require the use of synthetic chemicals. It is for this reason that organic certification is so crucial.

Guarantee & Pricing

Chlorella is one of the more affordable natural supplements because it is easy to grow and make. A one-month supply of a high-quality chlorella supplement should cost between $15 and $25. Prices outside of this range could indicate that you’re being duped by a price-gouging company or one that uses substandard chlorella.

Similarly, every item on our list featured a straightforward, easy-to-understand return policy. We sought for items that offered at least a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the product without risking your money.

Customer Feedback

At the end of the day, getting a sense of what genuine customers were feeling while using chlorella products was critical. We sought for products with generally positive ratings, but not ones that appeared to be fabricated or manufactured. We also examined specific benefits claimed by clients to obtain a sense of how well they were benefiting from chlorella’s many advantages.

Dosage suggestions

Currently, there is no suggested dosage for chlorella. Because there isn’t enough research to determine what dosage is required for therapeutic results, this is the case. As a result, we must examine the doses employed in clinical trials.

The majority of clinical research have employed a daily dose of 2-3 grams, which has showed promise in improving your health in a variety of ways. As a result, a supplement with this dosage appears to be perfect. Finding a higher-quality supplement, on the other hand, is more crucial because a higher-quality supplement with a lower dose is still more likely to help you than a low-quality one with a greater dose.

This is why looking for a product that has been 3rd party tested, is sourced and manufactured in the United States, and has a vibrant, dark green hue is critical.

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Chlorella Supplement?

Because chlorella offers so many health benefits, it can be utilized by almost anyone who wants to enhance their health. There are numerous benefits to including chlorella in your daily routine if you are a healthy adult over the age of 18.

If you are under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing, or on prescription blood thinners, you should generally avoid chlorella because it may create unintended consequences.

In general, chlorella may be beneficial if:

  • You wish to get rid of heavy metals from your system.
  • Immune support is required.
  • You have a problem with your blood pressure or cholesterol.
  • You wish to boost your athletic abilities.

Chlorella can be beneficial even if you don’t fit into any of these categories. It has a long list of health advantages and has been shown to help with overall health and fitness.

Final Verdict

Chlorella is a nutrient-dense plant supplement that is commonly accessible at health food stores and online. It’s high in vitamins, minerals, protein, and antioxidants, all of which contribute to your general health.

You can benefit from taking a chlorella supplement for blood sugar control, blood pressure support, heavy metal detox, immune support, or just to boost your general wellness.

If you’re looking for a chlorella supplement, you’ve come to the right place. Simple Life Nutrition Organic Chlorella Capsules are the best organic chlorella supplement on the market.

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