Choose The Best Cd Slot Phone Mount-A Complete Guide

Many car phone holders are available on the market, which makes picking the right one challenging. To assist you with your final decision, we researched and compiled all the information on the best car phone mounts and holders.  Everyone can use these accessories.

You can’t go wrong with a good cell phone holder, whether you are an Uber or Lyft driver or someone who can’t stop talking on the phone when you drive. By doing the research for you, we saved you a lot of time. Many phone mounts were reviewed and we chose the best ones. Here are some of the questions that you may have and what to look for in a good mount.

You will find all the information you need in this article about phone holders.

Editor’s Pick-Cd Slot Phone Mount

Best Cd Slot Phone Mount Reviews In 2023

1. Sturdy CD Slot Phone Mount with One Hand Operation Design

This CD Slot Mount is convenient and practical, it uses a screw-locked base design, much more securer than the air vent mount, and suction cup dashboard windshield mount. With 3 sides grip: collapsible bottom and two adjustable arms with a silicon pad, it holds the cell phone tightly.

Collapsible Charging Hole Base

Allows charging while protecting your phone from falling off even on bumpy road.

Hold the Charging Cable

Easy to find your charging cable at any time, charge your phone quickly, and hold your phone steadily, just enjoy hands-free navigation and begin your trip.

Full Rotation for Angles of View

Full 360-degree rotatable for your perfect viewing angle, clearing up the car’s windshield, and it won’t block your view of the road.

2. Magnetic Car Phone Mount, APPS2Car Solid CD Slot Cell Phone Holder 

If you love listening to music or audiobooks on the road and hate fumbling with your phone, this is the solution for you. The phone holder for the car is designed to fit securely into almost any vehicle’s built-in cd player. And it won’t block your view of the road, clear up the windshield.

Effective Solution

The APPS2Car CD Slot Cell Phone Holder is a simple and effective solution for mounting a phone in your car. With 6 strong magnets, the cd slot mount is able to attach your phone to your cd player securely and keep it there, even on bumpy roads. It’s easy to install, and once installed you can remove it just as easily.

Easy And Convenient Way

This magnetic car phone mount is an easy and convenient way to keep your phone attached to the dashboard or windshield so you can use your GPS, see text messages, or talk on the phone safely. Stick it on your dashboard or windshield for easy access to everyday apps, like mapping services and weather forecasts.

3. iOttie Easy One Touch 5 CD Slot Universal Car Mount Phone Holder

The iOttie Easy One Touch 5 CD Slot Universal Car Mount Phone Holder makes mounting your device in your car safe and effortless. Press the locking side arms with a quick one-handed motion, and place your phone against the trigger button. The mount’s arms will close automatically, holding your device securely while you drive. Mount or remove your phone in seconds with the patented Easy One Touch Mechanism.

Mount Foot

The NEW Easy One Touch 5 design with a larger button and universal cradle fit smartphones 7” to as large as an iPhone 8 Plus. With 5-point contact, the telescopic arm adds 2 inches of reach, making it easier to use your device while driving. A stronger, more reliable suction cup provides a safe and secure fit on your vehicle’s dashboard or windshield.

iOttie Easy One Touch

Put your phone to good use while in the car with the iOttie Easy One Touch 5 CD Slot Universal Car Mount. You can easily and securely adjust the bottom foot by squeezing the spring button, allowing for the precise fitment of the device. It is designed with a one-touch lock & release button that makes it easy to attach and remove your smartphone. The secure design allows even swiveling motion and adjusts at any angle imaginable.

4. iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount Holder

Get the most out of your mobile device with this magnetic CD slot car mount holder. The iTap 2 has a safe and secure design to avoid any damage to your phone or car. Use it for GPS and hands-free calling or use the charging cable mount to keep your device fully charged whenever using Bluetooth or other apps.

Powerful Magnetic

The Tap Magnetic 2 CD slot mount is a compact and powerful magnetic mounting solution that holds smartphones in any vehicle. Designed for safety and convenience, the iTap 2 features two rare-earth magnets that provide a stronghold for all smartphones and case combinations.

Small And Large Metal Plates

The mounting system includes a Metal Plate Kit with small and large metal plates and a Protective Film that attaches directly to the back of the smartphone or case and does not interfere with wireless charging when positioned accordingly. The iTap Magnetic 2 safely installs directly into the vehicle’s CD slot with a soft rubberized CD slot connector and a locking lever that secures the mount in place. The iTap Magnetic 2 CD slot mount from iOttie is compact and powerful to safely enhance the driving experience on the road.

5. CD Phone Mount for Car Ultra Sturdy 

The CD Mount is a premium car phone holder mount. Unlike most silicone inserts, the CD Mount is made with high-quality, imported silicone resulting in a 4X thicker and stronger anti-slip structure. The silicone also comes in a variety of colors and smooth material finishes, so that your favorite phone can be held securely where you want it mounted.

Unique Precise Gear

CD Slot Phone Mount for Car Ultra Sturdy The unique precise gear and springs also strengthen the anti-slip effect. ALWAYS GRIP PHONE STURDY even in bumps, sharp turns, and sudden braking. AINOPE CD Slot Phone Mount has the strongest clamping force up to 48 LB and the thickest Silicone Clamp Arm on the market.

High-quality Product

AINOPE Car Phone Mount Ultra Sturdy is a high-quality product. It can protect your car’s CD slot, while also protecting the phone itself. In order to strengthen the protection of the cell phone and car, increase the friction. AINOPE adds a whole piece of non-slip and soft silicone on the car CD cell phone holder specifically. And the cd clip and clamp arm also have the SOFTER & THICKER silicone, which is high-quality and environmentally friendly silicone. Avoid the common problem of damaging a phone or cd slot.

6. Magnetic CD Phone Car Mount for Car CD Player

The Magnetic CD Phone Car Mount for Car CD Player is designed to attach to the CD player in your car. This mount uses 6 large and powerful N45 neodymium magnets, which is strong enough to hold smartphones securely. It does a pretty good job of keeping phones in place while driving on the highway and bumpy roads. The magnet is also large and powerful enough that it could hold a mini tablet if you really wanted to navigate with a larger screen.

Ball Joint And A Cd Slot

Fully adjustable by way of a 360-degree ball joint and a CD slot car mount that can pinch the widths up to 3.5″, allowing for a full 360-degree rotation so you can position your smartphone any way you like. It’s made from super strong neodymium magnets, making it capable of holding your phone with perfect grip and hold the angle.

Designed To Fit The Standard Cd Slot

This CD Phone Car Mount is specially designed to fit the standard CD slot in most vehicles. It includes a ball and socket joint that gives it such a high level of adjustability and can be tightened for a snug fit into the CD slot, but can also be loosened for easy removal for cleaning. The magnetic part connects to the CD slot blade via a ball and socket joint that gives it such a high level of adjustability, but it can also be tightened to maintain a fixed position.

7. Enomol Wireless Car Charger CD Slot Phone Mount

Enomol Wireless Car Charger CD Slot Phone Mount provides an easy and efficient way to mount your smartphone or tablet with no wires. This wireless car charger is compatible with any mobile device that can fit into a CD slot. The arms clamp opens automatically when your mobile phone is close to the charger, then it clamps onto the phone and holds it securely in place. You can easily move it from one car to another.

Intelligently Recognizes Wireless

Enomol Wireless Car Charger Mount Compatible with iPhone X 8 8Plus Samsung Galaxy S10 S10+ S9 S9 plus, compatible with Qi standard devices such as iPhone XS,iPhone XS Max,iPhone XR, and more. The 3rd generation reinforced copper coils is core for fast charging 40% faster than standard wireless car charger mount. Built-in smart chip, Intelligently recognizes wireless fast charging devices, adjusts power between 7.5W,10W, and 15W, can prevent overheating, over-voltage,over-current, short circuit, and ensure the safety of the phone.

Suitable For Most Cars

CD slot mount is lightweight and suitable for most cars, with silicone pads on the feet, side clips, and front panel ensuring the stability of the mount. Wireless charging will not be affected when you use non-magnetic mobile phone cases less than 8mm.

8. Cell Phone Holder for Car, CD Slot Car Phone Mount

CD Slot Phone Holder is a portable car phone holder, suitable for most mobile phones. You can adjust the angle of the CD slot car phone holder, through the rotatable ball head 360 degrees to adjust the angle. It will never block the sight of driving and navigation, and it is convenient to use your mobile phone to navigate.

Functional Mobile Phone Holder

The CD slot phone holder is a stylish and sturdy car phone mount with a polished surface that will not only make your car look sleek but also serve you as a reliable and functional mobile phone holder. It is made of heat-resistant PC and ABS materials to make it sturdier than other pure ABS mounts. The foldable holding feet allow hassle-free charging on the go. Moreover, the sponge-padded surface and grips of the cradle prevent slipping and scratching on your expensive phone.

One-touch Mechanism Eliminates

This CD player phone mount fits into any CD slot, and the one-touch mechanism eliminates the need for any tools. After installation, the phone is immediately ready for use – no more hassle with tangled cables or missing pieces. The foldable extra-wide supports never block the charging port, headphone input, and mic.

What To Consider The Best Cd Slot Phone Mount Before Purchasing


Having your phone facing in your direction will allow you to punch in controls when your car has completely stopped. The rotating ball head of a phone holder will come in handy in this situation. The phone can be rotated by 360 degrees so you will always have the best view.  You can also find phone mounts with flexible arms that can be twisted to direct the phone to the passenger’s side or to face your direction. 

Mount Purpose

Is the mount intended for a specific purpose? You should prefer one that can record both in portrait and landscape orientation if you want it to record. In general, however, any mount will suffice if all you need is one to accept or decline calls with.


The mount you choose must be easily installed, removed, and used. Therefore, every mount type has its positive and negative attributes. The adhesive dashboard mount is not the best option if you are returning a rented vehicle in pristine condition.

Stand Quality

Your top priority should be this. To keep your phone safe in its place, you need a phone holder. It is possible for your device to be damaged by a weak stand. Thus, choose a company with a solid base. When you hit a pothole or a speed bump, your phone mount shouldn’t fly off.

Charge Feature

The ability to re-charge your phone on your way to or from work or home comes in handy if you run out of battery during the day. If you want to use the charging port on your phone, pick a model that doesn’t obstruct it.

Frequently Asked Question: Best Cd Slot Phone Mount

Will Cd Slot Phone Mounts Damage The Cd Slot?

You can mount CD slot mounts in your car’s center console because they attach directly to the center console. Keeping your phone close is a great way to stay informed as you drive without using your hands. No CD slot damage here.

Are Cd Mounts Safe?

CD slots and car consoles are too different for this to be permanent damage. There may be slight deformation of the fabric dust protectors, which is not a major problem.

Are Magnetic Mounts Bad For Your Phone?

Sensors can be influenced by magnetic fields in identifying where the north really is, depending on their location and movement. Thus, any magnetic field that is in close proximity to the electronic compass will affect it, but the magnetic phone mount will not interfere.

Is It Legal To Mount The Phone On The Dashboard?

A driver can no longer block his or her own view of the windshield under this law. As a result, your phone cannot be mounted in the middle of your windshield a commonplace practice. The law specifies exactly where the phone can be placed: on a dashboard.


The CD slot phone mount is a new and innovative way to hold your device while driving. It’s been around for a while, but it has only recently become popular as people are looking for ways to be more hands-free when they drive. 

This kind of holder can fit any car with an unused CD player in the dashboard without taking up much space at all.

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