What’s the Best Cardstock for Cricut In 2023

Finding a cardstock may be super easy for anyone doing crafting. However, finding the best cardstock for Cricut is a really nut job. Because not every cardstock works with a Cricut machine. 

As much as it helps in creating colorful projects efficiently, it gives everyone a hard time choosing one. 

Every cardstock is differently created. Before buying cardstock, you must consider the features like texture, color, core, smoothness, fiber quality, weight to choose the right one for your Cricut machine and purpose. 

I recommend Astrobrights Colored Cardstock as the best cardstock paper for Cricut with all the features. You are also going to know why this cardstock is at the top of the list; besides this, you are being informed of some more cardstock for Cricut and many things to learn about your Cricut machine.

Our Favorite Best Cardstock for Cricut

Comparison Table

Product NameSheet SizeNumber of ColorsTotal Weight
Astrobrights Colored Cardstock‎8.5” x 11”250.82 pounds
NEENAH Creative Cardstock‎8.5” x 11”181.69 pounds
BigOtters Glitter Cardstock‎8.5” x 11”100.68 pounds
Colorbok Cardstock Paper12*12 inches40.65 pounds
Printwork Cardstock8.5*11 inches41.1 pounds
Recollection Cardstock Paper8.5*11 inches254.45 pounds
Glitter Cardstock8.27*11.69 inches201.54 pounds

Top 7 Best Cardstock for Cricut to Buy

1. Astrobrights Colored Cardstock

Astrobrights Colored Cardstock is the best cardstock for Cricut your next crafting project. With 25 different colors to choose from, you can find the perfect shade for your needs. The cardstock is also great for saving money on ink.

A smooth paper finish makes it ideal for crafting in the Cricut machine.  Moreover, a brightness ratio of 30 lumens ensures that your crafting looks outstanding. No matter how complex your next project is, Astrobrights Colored Cardstock is sure to be the perfect fit. 


Bright color

There are 25 colors in total. The colors are so bright and vibrant that it makes every project look beautiful. You can use any color for any project, and it will turn out great because of the high quality. 

Fully Dried

The papers are fully dried so that you can start using them right away. They don’t curl, and they don’t require any extra steps to make them usable. You can start crafting with them the second you get them in the mail.

Smooth Surface

The surface is smooth, so that all your projects will look great. There is no need to worry about wrinkles or lines. The papers will lay flat and look great every time.


  • 25 different colors
  • Best for crafting with Cricut
  • Super Bright color with a ratio of 30 lumen
  • Cuts like butter for awesome finishing


  • Packaging should be improved.

2. NEENAH Cardstock Kit

Looking for the perfect cardstock to craft with? Look no further than NEENAH Cardstock. This kit comes with 18 different colors of cardstock, all of which are polished and ready cut with a Cricut machine. And with an embossed texture and smooth paper finish, NEENAH Cardstock is the perfect choice for any crafting project. Super bright colors will make your work super attractive and eye-catching.



The paper is made of SFI certified wood fibers. These fibers have been managed from North America. You can use these papers for formal tasks, like flyers, assignment covers, projects, signs. You can even use normal ink on it, and that won’t get smudged.

Embossed texture

The NEENAH Cardstock gives a feel of professionalism. The embossed texture is great to make your work look super cool.

Smooth paper finish

With the right printer and settings, you can get beautiful looking cards, projects, and papers with this cardstock. It has a smooth paper finish that will make sure your work looks amazing.

Super bright colors

The NEENAH Cardstock comes with super bright colors that will make your work look like a masterpiece. You can use these papers for all sorts of different projects.

Lignin and acid free

The NEENAH Cardstock is lignin-free, meaning that it won’t cause any damage to your important documents.  It is also acid-free, meaning that it will not yellow or discolor over time.


  • Best for crafting, presentation, and school projects.
  • Comes in 18 different colors.
  • Polished and ready cut with a cricut machine.
  • Embossed texture.
  • Super bright colors.


  • Some colors are outdated

3. BigOtters Glitter Cardstock

Bigotters cardstock provides you with a really nice glittery paper. You can easily use this paper for making fancy cards for father’s day, Valentine’s Day, or birthday cards.

Its nice texture and material make it suitable for your Cricut machine. The sturdiness of the paper is really high. You will love it and may say it is the perfect thick cardstock for Cricut.


High-quality Material 

Bigotters offers you a really highly qualified paper of 250 gms featuring a nice glitter and multicolor combination. It gives a vibe of sandpaper, and most importantly, the glitter hardly peels off. You will just love this cardstock for your Cricut machine.

A nice Package

This cardstock paper serves you with a nice package. Each package includes 10 different colors of sheets and sparkle paper of 2 packs. You will get everything for decoration in one package.


The paper is perfectly A4. The thickness and weight are well adjustable to the Cricut machine. You can use it for multiple tasks, like decoration, crafting, making cards, projects, etc. The size is super versatile to use for anything. It is being called an absolute DIY paper.

Craft paper

As it is mentioned, the paper is of A4 Size, including the features of the DIY paper. You can do amazing crafts using this. The paper features nice and polished sparkles on one side and white slip paper on the other side.


  • Suitable to use
  • A perfect craft paper
  • Cost-effective
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Nice finishing


  • Some colors of paper are a little bit shabby.

4. Colorbok Cardstock Paper

If you are new in the field of crafting, then you can easily choose Color Cardstock paper to start as a Cricut creator. It is a cheap cardstock for Cricut.

Surprisingly, the paper is really bright and charming to make your creation eye-catching and beautiful. The core and finishing of the paper are just amazing. It is well flexible for your crafting.


Color Collection

This cardstock paper offers 5 different colors, and each color is nice and bright. You will get 30 sheets of 5 different colors in one packet. All are the primary colors.

Durable Cardstock

It is a high-quality paper to make cards. You can fluently use this for making baby cards. The paper is very durable to handle. You will just love to have it. It is one of the best cardstock for Cricut, you must say.

Nice Texture

The paper is absolutely matt to apply spray colors on it. The texture is nice and thick. You can produce thick and durable craftwork using this paper that can hold up your image to do crafting in the future.

Suitable for Watercolor

The paper is heavy to carry the watercolors. Most of the time, you may be worried about applying watercolor. But you can easily apply watercolor on this paper, and it prevents leakage. You don’t need to worry about it. It is a thick cardstock for Cricut to suit watercolors.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Suitable for making envelope
  • Perfect weight or printing
  • Outstanding colors
  • Perfect core and finishing


  • Less suitable for pastel colors.

5. Printwork Cardstock

Printwork cardstock is a nice cardstock for formal tasks as you are looking for. This paper gives you immensely great service to attain the tasks like flyers, report covers, project works. It is a nice and heavy cardstock for Cricut indeed.

You also have the option of choosing different shades for your cover. You will be amazed to know that the paper is acid-free and absolutely skin-friendly.


Skin Friendly

This cardstock is absolutely skin-friendly. Sometimes the prints or the colors get mingled into hands while working and cause rashes or allergies. In this case, the color or prints of this paper is completely skin-friendly; you won’t face any skin problems.

4 varieties of Colors

The cardstock offers you 4 varieties of colors, 3 of them are primary, and one is intermediate, such as: red, blue, yellow, and green. You can make colorful and soothing covers for your flies.

Huge Package

The whole package features a huge quantity of papers. Each packet contains 50 sheets of 4 different colors. You can easily plan up what you want to do with these papers.


The paper is made of SFI certified wood fibers. These fibers have been managed from North America. You can use these papers for formal tasks, like flyers, assignment covers, projects, signs. You can even use normal ink on it, and that won’t get smudged. 


  • Versatile paper for crafting, presentation, and projects.
  • High-quality products
  • The prints are so authentic and clear
  • 3-dimensional crafting paper
  • Fit with every kind of cutting machine.


  • A little bit heavy
  • The colors are a little bit dark

6. Recollection Cardstock Paper

Are you looking for a perfect cardstock paper for your Cricut project maker? Then Recollection Cardstock paper is the right choice for you.

You will have 25 amazing color shades of it, which is totally unexpected. Besides the Cricut project maker, it is versatile enough to work on inkjet printers. This is one of the best cardstock for Cricut.


Perfect Project Paper

The paper is thicker than a normal paper. It is not textured; it is smooth. The perfect size and weight of 65 lbs make the paper best for making school or college projects.

Different Colors

This cardstock paper offers 25 different colors. Can you imagine it is 25?! You can create many crafts like flowers, leaves, butterflies, stars, etc. to decorate your projects.

Core and edge

The paper does not contain any white core; both sides are colored with a perfect edge. The core is really solid. You can use this for layers and photo cards. This feature will really mesmerize you.

Eco Friendly

This is genuinely an eco-friendly paper. It is acid-free and extra chemical-free. It won’t harm your skin, and it does not contain any kind of strange odor.


  • Not too much thin or thick
  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect for Cricut project maker
  • Nice cutting feature
  • Suitable for making cards


  • Sturdiness is questionable for using watercolors

7. Glitter Cardstock

Glitter cardstock is an amazing product for making cards. If you are looking for any suitable paper for making cards, this Glitter cardstock is the best for making cards.

You will get 20 glittery colors to decorate your card and extra glitter powder to shimmer on your cards or crafts. It is the nicest cardstock for Cricut. 


Color variation

The paper offers you 20 various colors to choose a variety of options for your task; the variation includes green, grass green, moss green, sky blue, royal blue, old, silver, pink, blush, purple, red, wine red, rose red, etc., 

High-quality Glitter powder

The glitter powder is of high quality; it sticks so tightly on the paper, even if on your hands or clothes. It never falls off the paper.

Standard size and GSM

The paper is of A4 standard size and features the Gsm of 265. Solidly compatible paper is for folding, punching, and cutting to create nice designs.

Perfect Cutting and white core

The paper is flexible to be set on any cutting machine or punching. Every time it ensures perfect cutting. It features one-sided white paper and another side with a colorful texture. Undoubtedly this is one of the best cardstock for Cricut.


  • Thick and colorful feature
  • Suitable for every kind of art project
  • Dark and shimmering powder
  • Great card paper
  • Strongly attached glitter


  • Sometimes it molds too much.

Buying Guides for Best Cardstock for Cricut

cardstock paper use for crafting

Cardstock is really an amazing thing to work with, but there are some necessary things to be considered before buying this. Let me share these important factors to look at.


It is an important thing to be considered. There are different cardstocks of different weight ranges. Based on the weight, you can use it on printers. Normally the weight range of cardstock is between 60Ibs to 110 lbs, and if you purchase 80ibs weight cardstock, then that would be perfect for Cricut makers. So you must check the weight of the cardstock before buying.


The finishing means the type of your cardstock. Some cardstocks have textured finishing, and some have smooth finishing. Which type of finishing you actually want depends upon your purpose.

If you want to write something on paper, then you need a smooth finishing paper, and if you want a paper for a layer, then you need a textured paper.


There are two types of core for cardstock, one is white core, and another one is solid core. The white core means the paper is colored on one side and white on the other side. Solid core means colored on both sides. If you purchased solid cored paper, then you can create a matt reflection of your crafting. On the other hand, if you don’t need to create any matte reflection, you can go with white cored paper. Basically, we prefer white cored paper most of the time for covers.

Fiber Quality

If the fiber quality is poor, you cannot cut the paper properly with cutting machines, but if the fiber quality is good, you can easily cut it with machines. So the finishing touch depends on the fiber quality of the papers.


If you want to make cards, then you may look for multiple color shades. Some papers offer 4 to 10 color shades, some offer 20 to 25 color shades, and you have to choose the category depending on your project and purpose.

How to Use Cardstock on Cricut?

This article basically focuses on the best cardstock for Cricut. But besides this, you need to know how to use cardstock on Cricut. It is really easy to do so. 

  • First of all, you have to collect some things such as a cutting mat, cardstock of your choice, scraper, marker, and pen.
  • Now you have to create your design. You either choose a simple design or a gorgeous design; it depends on your purpose. If you need to make any cover for a project or any card for an official announcement, then the design must be simple. If you make any card for occasions like birthdays or weddings, then you may choose a gorgeous design. You can choose any design from the internet or make up your mind. You can also use Photoshop or any kind of software to create a sample of your design,
  • After creating your design, you have to put the things in front of you and start your work. You first mark your design on the paper with a pen and maker, then you will take your Cricut machine to cut the cardstock according to your design. You must put all the things on the mat to fix things properly.  If you put your Cricut over a mat, then the cutting will become perfect. Just input your paper into the machine and hold them smoothly. It is as simple as watching cake baking tutorials.

How to Put Vinyl on Cardstock?  

Putting vinyl on cardstock is not that difficult to do. You just need to be a little bit tricky.

  • To put vinyl, you must avoid textured and rough paper. The smooth paper is perfect for applying vinyl.
  • You need transparent tape to see the design you want to make on your paper.
  • Then you take your paper and create your design on it.
  • Now take some vinyl and set them on to the design. For example, if your design is a triangle, set the vinyl with a triangular shape.
  • You have to take your tape and cut it according to the shape of your design. You don’t need to use the whole tape paper for a tiny thing. Mark your design, set vinyl on it, and finally set the transparent tap on it.
  • Now it is time to stick the vinyl on the paper. You need heat from 140 degrees c to 280 degrees c for 30 seconds. You can use iron or a Cricut easy heater. But be careful when you stick the vinyl on the paper.


What Is the Thickest Cardstock for Cricut?

If you ask for the thickest cardstock for Cricut, then the cardstock of 110Ib is the thickest cardstock ever to be used for a Cricut maker. It is not only the thickest but also the most durable paper.

Can You Use 12×12 Cardstock in a Cricut?

Yes, absolutely, you can fluently use 12*12 cardstock paper in a Cricut. It is a perfect cardstock paper to be used in circuits.

How Thick of Cardstock Can a Cricut Cut?

As it is mentioned before, a cardstock of 110bs is the thickest paper ever for a Cricut cut. On the basis of this measurement, Cricut can cut 110bs thick paper, but it can cut even thicker paper fluently.

Is Cardstock the Same as a Card?

The card and cardstock both prefer almost the same level of thickness and weight. You can even use cardstock to make a card. So you can say cardstock is almost the same as card.

What Blade Do You Need to Cut Cardstock on Cricut?

You need a deep point blade to cut any kind of cardstock on Cricut. You can even cut magnet, board, fabric materials using such a deep point blade.

What GSM Is Cardstock?

From 169 GSM up to 216 GSM is the most GSM level for cardstock. The full meaning of GSM means Grams per Square Meter.


After reading this guide, you should now know how to choose the best cardstock for Cricut. To recap, 110lb cardstock is the thickest and most durable option, and it can be cut with a deep point blade. Additionally, 12×12 cardstock can be used in a Cricut without any problems. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start crafting! 

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