Best Car Squeegee -A Complete Guide

If you want to keep your windows, windshields, and mirrors clean and spot-free, we have created a list of the best car squeegee to help you out. Dust accumulates quickly over window glasses, making them look dirty and leaving scratches on the glass. Car squeegee lets you clean the glass easily to remove all the dirt and grime. Use the squeegee with a standard cleaning solution to clean spots and water stains for a streak-free finish. A good squeegee would help you get crystal clear glasses that look shiny and new. So, go through the list of different car squeegee to choose one that suits your requirements.

Top Picks:

Top 7 Best Car Squeegee Reviews

1. ITTAHO Multi-Use Window Squeegee

ITTAHO Multi-Use Squeegee Sponge is an innovative window squeegee that eliminates the need for both paper towels and a squeegee. This squeegee sponge combo includes two parts that fit together to form one versatile tool. The soft rubber strip attaches to a side bar at the top of the squeegee, while the sponge part sits on top of your window. While cleaning, you can easily remove the sponge and replace it with another one when needed.

Product Features:

  • ​The Stainless steel extension pole can be unlimited lengthened for high window
  • Both sides of sponge squeegee can be used
  • Soft material,Will not damage your car ,mirror and door surface
  • The sponge squeegee are removable and convenient for storage . Used with clean water, white vinegar, soapy water,window cleaning soap,window cleaner or other detergents for large area cleaning, the sponge squeegee can substantially save your precious time and energy.


Both sides of sponge squeegee can be used,brush the glass dirt while wiping water stains.Squeege head is replaceable. Squeegee refills is available in ITTAHO store.


Thickened stainless steel pole, can be unlimitedly lengthened. stainless steel pole more durable.


Soft rubber cleaning,soft material,Will not damage your car,mirror,glass and door surface.


Durable threaded connection are removable and convenient for storage.

2. MULING Window Squeegee

The MULING Window Squeegee is the essential tool for your bug-removing needs. It attaches to your car with suction cups, allowing you to gently remove insects from your windshield or side windows. This squeegee has a non-slip handle and wide soft rubber blade so it’ll clean smoothly and efficiently. It also comes with a Nylon netted bug sponge that doubles as an immovable bug catcher – thanks for removing bugs before they can take over your home!


Select high-quality rubber, moderate softness,but more durable than other general rubber blades. With precise edge scraper, it is tightly adsorbed on the flat surface so that any residues and water stains on the smooth surface can be wiped off quickly and effectively!


The Heavy Duty Scrubber is great for cleaning windows, shower doors, car windshield, tile,fogged mirrors, glasses,and patios. It can effectively remove water stains, dust particles, small adhesions and other dirt.


Used with clean water, white vinegar, soapy water,window cleaning soap,window cleaner or other detergents for cleaning, the sponge squeegee can save your precious time and energy.

Corrosion resistance and High strength

The handle is made of high-strength plastic, which is corrosion resistant and not easy to break.

3. NETANY 10-Inch Matte Black Squeegee

The squeegee is made of premium 18/8 stainless steel which is very sturdy and durable as an often-used home essential for daily cleaning. The special rounded edge is designed for gentle use, and the comfortable handle makes it easy to push steadily when cleaning off water marks on windows, mirrors, shower doors, car windshields and other smooth surfaces.


Have you tired of the streaks and noise of cleaning? Now, you found the way! Use the right squeegee from Netany to enjoy easy and quiet cleaning for totally streak-free and squeak-free designed and made. We suggest snake-like motions for maximum streak-free cleaning can really help to eliminate water spots and keep your glass sparkling.


Don’t know where to put it when you’re done with it? Don’t worry about this! The hooks included in the package can help you with this annoyance. Follow the instructions to install the hook where you want, it becomes very easy to store after each use.

4. desired tools Squeegee for Car Windshield

This windshield squeegee is simple to use and helps remove water from all types of surfaces, including shower doors. Its wide, non-slip base prevents slipping and allows you to clean easily without having to bend over or stretch. This squeegee for window cleaning is light, easy to use and provides a convenient and quick cleaning solution. The rubber blade is flexible and durable, while the handle features a soft grip that ensures comfortable use throughout your home cleaning project.

Multi-Purpose Application

Great for cleaning windows, shower doors, car windshields, marble top, glasses, countertops and patios. It can effectively remove water stains and doesn’t leave any mark on the surface.

Extra Blades With Six Lives

Each blade can be flipped horizontally and therefore last twice as long. With the extra 2 replacement blades you get a product life span equal to 6 regular squeegees. Once you’ve used up all blades you may opt to purchase new replacement blades instead of a whole new squeegee.

Soft Foam Handle

The added non-slip foam handle adds comfort and greatly facilitates your cleaning.

5. EHDIS 6″ Block Car Squeegee

EHDIS 6″ Block Car Squeegee combines the features of a squeegee and hard card, allowing you to remove excess water and dirt from smaller car parts. This high-quality, durable squeegee works quickly and efficiently to get the job done, leaving your vehicle looking its best.


Use the plastic squeegees for many DIY projects, such as: car vinyl wrapping, matte / gloss car wraps, wallpaper pasting, film installation, window tinting,decals and so much more. when your side mirror getting frost or dew, this little squeegee fits in your car door storage pocket and works perfect for getting rid of the ice or dew on your mirror so you can see and drive safetly.


Installation is easy! No more air bubbles or imperfections when applying film on cars or car windows.


Each squeegee is compact and lightweight, making it easy to use and store in smaller spaces.


Durable and flexible to contour curved surfaces,effectively Professional Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit for car film, solar window tint, paint protection films installation, decals, wrap film and car vinyl wrapping.

6. Honla 2 Pack Small Squeegees

The Honla 2 Pack Small Squeegees is the perfect combination of robustness and precision. The car window squeegee is designed to reach every random edge and corner, giving a quality performance as it promises. It has a pliable body that bends to fit the contours of your windows, but rigid enough to maintain its shape throughout so you can reach each far corner.

No mildew

These shower squeegees are made of hard silicone,once shaping,not like other compact shower squeegee for shower doors which held in place with glue,water can seep in making mildew easily;

No scratch

No sharp edges, No metal that could scratch surfaces,best rubber squeegee for drying kitchen counters after cleaning, perfect size bathroom squeegee for shower glass doors/mirrors.


Pliable enough to reach every random edge and corner,angled edges allow for wiping the side view mirrors and the inside of the windshield for those extra foggy days.

Strong blade

The “end lip” is made of thick silicone,not thin materials,it does not bend too easily with pressure to ensure all the water is cleared off in one swipe with a light touch,left no residue;

Easy to store

Slotted hanging hole for convenient storage and take up very little room.

7. EHDIS Car Small Squeegee

EHDIS mini squeegee can be used as a cleaning tool for automobile windows, windshields, mirrors, glass doors and shower doors. It removes over 95% of standing water in one stroke. This squeegee features a comfortable handle grip and is made from silicone that won’t scratch or leave any residue behind.

Use as a indoor shower squeegee

This shower squeegee is not only suitable for shower walls,shower door and shower cubicles, but also for mirrors, tables and windows in the bathroom, office, restaurant, hotel and household.

Use as a car window squeegee or vinyl squeegee

This window squeegee can use as a car window car cleaning tool for windshield cleaner,water and Ice can be easily removed with this plastic scraper . Also can use as a vinyl wrap squeegee for smooth large area window film.

Use as a snow shovel tool

This squeegee can use as a ice scraper or snow scraper in winter,Ice can be easily removed with this ice scraper (no more scratching around).

What to Consider When Buying the Best Car Squeegee


A squeegee’s ergonomic handle is what makes it simple to operate. It is suggested that you choose a tool with an ABS or aluminum handle that can withstand tough circumstances as you will be using it outside. A non-slip feature is highly appreciated because it helps prevent unintentional falls.


When it comes to efficacy, the blade is undoubtedly the most crucial element. Consider purchasing a silicone or rubber blade with little friction if you wear glasses, as they might be a little sensitive. These two materials are also quite effective at capturing liquid traces.


When it comes to a lengthy task, a lightweight instrument can come in handy. From this perspective, plastic is preferable to stainless steel because it is a lighter material. By keeping you from becoming exhausted, it will make your work easier. You require a small squeegee in this situation.


You should aim for a blade that is sufficiently wide to speed up your task. With just one stroke, a wide blade can thoroughly clean a larger area.


The head of your squeegee should be flexible enough to fit any surface because many surfaces in your automobile can be slightly curved. You may also clean confined spaces with it. A head that can be bent can apply a lot of pressure to the surface for improved cleanliness.

How to Clean Windows with a Car Squeegee?


  • Wet the area of glass that needs to be cleaned with the window cleaning solution using a squeegee glove. When the glass is wet, scrape off any debris and cleanse the stained areas thoroughly. Clean up the frame and ledges.
  • Before using the squeegee, make sure all dirt has been cleaned from the glass. Squeegee before any dry areas start to form. Use a moist towel to clean the squeegee’s blade. Tilt the blade so the top 2 inches touch the glass as you start at the top of the window. Make a two-inch dry strip by pulling the squeegee across the top of the glass at a little slant.
  • Repeatedly use a cloth to clean the blade. Pull the squeegee down to two to three inches from the bottom of the glass, starting on the newly produced dry strip. As you go, overlap the strokes. Between each stroke and at the end, wipe the squeegee.
  • To get rid of the extra water, use a towel to wipe around the bottom of the glass. For the bottom of the glass, repeat the first step’s instructions using the squeegee.


Which is better silicone or rubber squeegee?

Rubber is extremely rigid but also quite resilient, making rubber blades your ideal option for floors and other smooth, flat surfaces. Since silicone blades are softer and more flexible, they may move more easily across tiled and uneven surfaces. On glass, tile, mirrors, and other surfaces, silicone blades are also secure and efficient.

Do squeegees scratch glass?

The unfortunate effect of contact between the steel and glass surfaces is scratches. Even with the use of a lot of water, such a procedure will not produce a surface that is free of scratches.

How do I choose a window squeegee?

A rubber handle is most likely to be found on a decent squeegee. Rubber handles are typically thought to be the best since they allow you to hold the squeegee more securely and reduce the risk of it slipping out of your hand while you operate.

How long do window squeegees last?

Before storing, clean and dry the squeegee. Replacement blades that are sharp or new will reduce window streaking. A general guideline is to replace it after 15 hours of use (or sooner if needed). A few extras should always be on hand.

Final Words

The best product is one that does what it promises while giving you something extra. It’s a fact that when you are buying the best car squeegee, you should thoroughly check every single detail to avoid being disappointed with it later. A good way to do that is to read the reviews. Although, you should take them with a grain of salt since some people complain about everything. The point is to get a clear idea of how the product can benefit you.

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