Best Canon Pixma Printer – How to Use

Printers are essential nowadays as it makes a lot of works easier. If you want to increase your work efficiency, you can use various printers. It takes care of many jobs that help various people in various situations. Starting from medical school to office, the printer you can see the wide usage of printers. So, the wide applications of work you see require a printer; otherwise, the work efficiency hampers a lot.

Asides from works, you can see printers people use printers for various other jobs as well. You can see that multiple people use printers for vinyl stickers or posters to decorate their rooms. Furthermore, you can see students using printers a lot for homework in schools. Canon is a great brand when it comes to printers. They provide the users with fine quality printers useful for various scenarios. So, today you will see the article about the best canon pixma printer.

Our Favorite Best Canon Pixma Printer

Best Canon Pixma Printer- Buying Guide

1. Canon PIXMA Wireless Printer

Canon pixma is one of the best wireless printers you will find in the stores. The unique connectivity technology ensures that you get a smooth wireless printing session. Just connect with your device and start printing wirelessly today.


Easy connectivity: The robust connectivity of the printers allows the user to print wirelessly without any problems. So, when you connect your printer to a device remotely, you won’t have to worry about any latency issue as the unique technology removes that issue. Hence you can print effortlessly without further problems.

Innovative: When you start using the printer, you will see an option to show your ink levels and save your ink. Furthermore, this printer saves your money and adapts to you with your every print. After using the printer for a long time, our experts saw that the ink usage isn’t very drastic, which is very good for you.

Dedicated application: Make your printing much more straightforward by downloading the app by canon. You can use your smartphone and connect it to your printer much more quickly. So, just by sitting on your sofa, you can print whatever you need to just by swiping. You also get a variety of options with the dedicated application so that you can customize the print to your desire.

Simple interface: The canon pixma wireless printer has an easy user interface. Our experts confirm that it is straightforward to use. People without prior printer experience can also use this printer without trouble. It has remarkable features like air Print, print service, and automatic shutoff. The following features ensure that users can use the printer easily.


  • It is compatible with Alexa
  • Includes a robust connectivity technology
  • It is wireless
  • There is a dedicated app for a much easier printing session
  • Includes simple user interface


  • After using this, our experts claim that it makes some noises during printing.

2. Canon TS3320 Pixma

The Canon TS3320 Pixma is one of the most popular wireless printers on the market. The one-of-a-kind networking technology offers a seamless wireless printing experience. Simply connect your device to the printer and begin printing wirelessly right away. It is an excellent value for your money.


Robust connection: The printers’ strong connection allows the user to print wirelessly without issues. As a result, you won’t have to worry about delays while connecting your printer to a device remotely because the unique technology eliminates it. As a result, you may print without any problems.

Special features: By using the Canon app, you can make printing much more manageable. You can link your smartphone to your printer much more effortlessly with your smartphone. So, while sitting on your sofa, you may swipe to print anything you need. With the specialized program, you also choose options to personalize the print to your liking.

Good interface: The Canon TS3320 Pixma wireless printer includes a user interface that is simple to use. It is straightforward to use, according to our specialists. This printer is also easy to use for people who have never used a printer before. AirPrint, print service, and automatic cutoff are unique features. The following characteristics make it simple for users to use the printer.

Adaptable: When you first turn on the printer, you’ll notice an option to view your ink levels and conserve your ink. In addition, this printer saves you money and adjusts to you with each print. Our experts claim that after using the printer for a while, they noticed that the ink consumption isn’t excessive, which is excellent for you.


  • It fully supports Alexa
  • You can print easily
  • The connectivity is wireless
  • The print quality is amazing
  • The inks are of outstanding quality


  • We used this printer long enough and found that you have to flip the pages to print double-sided manually.

3. Canon Wireless Pixma TR7520 Printer

One of the most popular wireless printers is the Canon Wireless Pixma TR7520 Printer. A flawless wireless printing experience provides the user with a one-of-a-kind networking technology. Connect your device to the printer and start printing wirelessly immediately. It offers excellent value for money.


Variety colored ink: When you use the Canon TR7520, you get around five different ink color options. So, the printer is handy in various types of situations. You can use this printer for different types of work. Hence, this printer is versatile and can adapt to multiple work scenarios. It’s great for documents.

Hassle-free print: You can make printing considerably easier by utilizing the Canon app. You can easily connect your smartphone to your printer with your smartphone. So, you can print everything you need while sitting on your couch. Using the specialist application, you may also choose from various settings to customize the print to your desire.

Compact: The intelligent design in this printer allows you to carry and place it in even in the tightest corner. Whether your home or office, it can fit anywhere smoothly without even showing signs of issues. So, the bright, compact design of the TR7520 is perfect for you. Our experts checked and can confirm that it is effortless to carry.

LCD: Pixma TR7520 carries an excellent touchscreen display. As a result, it becomes very user-friendly as you can use the touchscreen to customize your print. Furthermore, the LCD takes some unique features that you can use by swiping it. There is also an automatic power off and on, which is very useful for you as our experts tested it.


  • Includes touchscreen display
  • The printing process is hassle-free
  • You get the same sound quality result with every print
  • Contains five different ink color
  • The design is compact


  • We used it can confirm it is very reliable, but sometimes there is an error in the document feeder.

4. Canon Pixma Professional PRO-200 Printer

The Canon Pixma Professional PRO-200 Printer is one of the most popular wireless printers on the market. A faultless wireless printing experience offers a one-of-a-kind networking technology to the consumer. Connect your device to the printer and immediately begin printing wirelessly. It’s an excellent choice for you if you desire a professional printer.


Color variety: With the Canon PRO-200, you get a total of eight distinct ink color selections. As a result, the printer comes in handy in various scenarios. You may use the printer for a variety of tasks. As a result, this printer is exceptionally adaptable to diverse work settings. It’s ideal for storing documents.

Screen touch: The touchscreen display of the Pixma PRO-200 is rather significant. As a result, it becomes incredibly user-friendly because you can adjust your print using the touchscreen. Furthermore, the LCD has several unique functions that you may access simply by swiping it. There is also a mechanical power off and, on the feature, which our experts found quite handy.

Wireless: By using the wireless option, you can make printing a lot easier. Your smartphone can effortlessly connect to your printer using Bluetooth. As a result, you can print whatever you need from the comfort of your couch. You may also use the specialized program to personalize the print to your liking by selecting from several settings.

Unique design: This printer’s clever design allows it to be carried and placed in even the tightest of spaces. It can fit in any room, whether it’s your house or your business, without causing any problems. As a result, the PRO-200’s clever compact design is ideal for you. Our specialists double-checked and confirmed that it is also straightforward to transport.


  • The print quality is outstanding
  • The compact design allows for easy fittings
  • It has wireless connectivity
  • The LCD is a touchscreen
  • Includes eight color option


  • We had trouble setting up the printer when using the software.

5. Canon TS3520 Compact Printer

If you have a short space, then the canon ts3520 printer is the appropriate option for you. Its unique compact design allows you to keep it in tight spaces quickly. So, your problem with short distances isn’t an issue if you get this printer. Furthermore, the printer is relatively easy to set up, so you won’t face any problems setting it up when you buy it.


Ergonomic: The ingenious design of this printer allows it to be moved and positioned in even the smallest of locations. It will fit into any area, whether your home or your place of business, without causing any issues. Therefore, you’ll appreciate the TS3520’s ingenious compact design. Our experts double-checked and confirmed that transporting it is likewise quite simple.

Digital display: The Pixma TS3520 has an excellent touchscreen display. As a result, you can alter your print using the touchscreen, making it highly user-friendly. Furthermore, by swiping the LCD, you may access various unique capabilities. Our experts found the automatic power off and on option is very useful for the users.

Latest technology: You may make printing a lot easier by choosing Wi-Fi. Bluetooth allows your smartphone to connect to your printer quickly. Consequently, you may print everything you require from the convenience of your own home. You may also utilize the specialist application to customize the print to your preferences by choosing various options.

Hybrid ink: The ink you get in this canon printer is outstanding. Due to its hybrid design, every print result is perfect. So, your documents are always in a neat shape when you print them. Furthermore, the photo quality of the print is quite vibrant. Hence, this cartridge does a great job of making a good print result.


  • The connectivity has a wireless option as well
  • The display is LCD
  • It is very easy to setup
  • The prints results are always good
  • Includes a hybrid ink system


  • We noticed that refilling the ink gets costly.

6. Canon MG3620 Pixma Printer

The Canon MG3620 printer is an excellent choice if you have limited space. Because of its distinctive tiny form, you may simply store it in confined locations. So, if you acquire this printer, you won’t have to worry about running out of space. Furthermore, the printer is simple to set up, so you won’t have any problems doing so when you acquire it.


Saves space: This printer’s clever design allows you to move and position it in even the tiniest of spaces. It will not cause any problems in any area, whether your house or your place of business. As a result, the MG3620’s clever compact form will appeal to you. Our specialists double-checked and confirmed that moving it is very straightforward.

Bluetooth: By selecting the Wi-Fi option, you can make printing a lot easier. Your smartphone can effortlessly connect to your printer using Bluetooth. As a result, you’ll print whatever you need from the comfort of your own home. You may also use the professional program to personalize the print by selecting several choices.

Both-sided print: Save your time from manually flipping the page every time you print both sides. We can assure you that you can easily publish both sides as the canon printer have an inbuilt mechanic that allows you to do that. Not only it saves your time, but it also increases your work speed. 

Variety options: The Canon MG3620 Pixma printer has a straightforward user interface. According to our experts, it is relatively simple to use. This printer is effortless to operate, even for those who have never used one before. Air Print, a print service, and an automatic cutoff are just a few of the standout features. The following features make using the printer straightforward for users.


  • The design allows you to save space in your workplace
  • Includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connect option
  • It has a double-sided print option
  • There are a variety of print options
  • You get powerful print results


  • We found an issue regarding the Bluetooth. In rare cases, it has trouble connecting.

7. Canon TS6420 Wireless Printer

The Canon TS6420 Wireless Printer is a fantastic alternative if you have a limited quantity of space. Because of its unique small size, you can easily store it in tight spaces. As a result, you won’t have to worry about running out of room if you buy this printer. In addition, the printer is straightforward to set up, so you won’t have any issues doing so after you have it.


Dedicated software: Using Canon software, you can make printing considerably simpler. You can much more simply link your smartphone to your printer with it. So, you can print everything you need just by swiping while sitting on your couch. With the specialized program, you’ll also have a range of choices for customizing the print to your liking.

Multiple connectivity: You may make printing a lot easier by picking the Wi-Fi option. Bluetooth allows your smartphone to connect to your printer quickly. Therefore, you’ll be able to print everything you want from the convenience of your house. You may also customize the print using professional software by choosing various options.

OLED screen: The screen display of the Canon TS6420 is excellent. As a result, you can utilize the OLED to change your print, making it highly user-friendly. You may also access various unique functions simply by swiping the OLED screen. The mechanical power off and on the feature, according to our experts, is quite handy for consumers.

Duplex: Save time by not physically turning the page each time you print both sides. We can guarantee that printing both sides is simple since the Canon printer has an inherent mechanism. It not only saves you time, but it also speeds up your job.


  • The printing process is straightforward
  • It has an OLED screen
  • You have multiple options to connect as it is wireless
  • There is a duplex printing option
  • The print time is fast


  • We saw that the printer does not come with an extra cable.

Buying Guide for Best Canon Pixma Printer

best canon pixma printer

Before buying anything, you should think about and double-check a few things. Before purchasing, you must confirm that the best canon pixma printer matches the standards. When you go to the store, you will notice a variety of printers.


The more efficient your printer is, the faster it prints. So, before you buy a printer for your home or office, verify how much the printer can print in a minute. Also, see what sort of print it can do in that one minute.


The printing output must be of acceptable quality. You should look at how fine the text quality is, especially if you’re buying a printer for work or household. Another important consideration is how nice the graphic quality seems.

Offices frequently employ posters and charts that depict a variety of schedules or lists. Your printer must be capable of producing colorful images to accomplish this; otherwise, the printer will be worthless.


Make sure the printer you choose will fit in your office or accomplish the goal you have in mind. There are a variety of printer sizes available in varying sizes. As a result, you should select a suitable printer size based on the size of your workspace; otherwise, you may have problems if the size is too large or too tiny.

Additionally, some printers are transportable. If you’re a regular printer user, mobile printers are a terrific option because you can easily carry them in your backpack and print everything you need.


Another important consideration is the printer’s output type. Printers do a wide range of jobs. Color, monochrome, and more options are available. Depending on the sort of print you want, select a suitable printer. If you only require monochrome, purchase a monochrome printer; otherwise, obtain color output printers with brilliant print quality. 

How to Use Canon Pixma Printer?

Using a canon pixma printer is very easy. If you are still having trouble using it, just follow the steps below. After following it correctly, you can use your canon pixma smoothly without further issues.

Wireless Connection


Firstly, ensure that your access points work correctly. It means that the hub or router provides a proper internet connection.  Remember that you need to keep your device ready to connect wirelessly.


Check if your printer is turned on or not; if not, turn it on. After that, press and hold the button with the Wi-Fi sign until the alarm flashes once.


Check that the lamp next to the button blinks blue. Go to the access point and check the available networks if it does that. The public networks connect it to your devices such as a computer or smartphone.


If you did all the steps correctly, the blue flashing would stop. If it contains, it means you are wirelessly connected to your device. Start your printing by using the appropriate paper.

Standard Connection


Firstly, if your printer does not come with a disc, download the software from the Canon website.


Click on the start setup button when the screen appears.


Wait for a few minutes as the software will check if there is any latest driver update available or not and will download them accordingly.


Select the region you live in and accept the terms and agreements when it pops up.


Click next and select the LAN connection highlighted into wireless. After that, tick the option when it says connection through the router.


Turn on your printer, and the software will search and check for printers in the proximity. After that, you will see an option that will tell you to select your printer.

How to Reset Canon Pixma Printer?

Sometimes you may want to reset your printer when it malfunctions, or you just want to enjoy it in the default setting. Don’t worry if you face issues; just check the steps below. If you follow the procedures correctly, you can reset your canon printer easily. You should know that there are a few ways to reset it.

Power Resetting


Turn off your pixma printer first. From the primary power source, ensure that you remove the cable. Simply make sure that your printer is disconnected completely.


Now connect your plug back into the printer and connect the ethernet properly. 


Now check and see your printer. If it usually works, you are successful in resetting.

Ink Resetting


Firstly, remove the cartridge in your canon printer. After that, insert it into the channel of the resetting mechanism of the ink.


Ensure that the chip on the cartridge is working well and in firm contact on the resitter with the plate.


Hold the cartridge firmly for a few minutes until the LED light starts flashing. Keep holding the cartridge properly until the flicker becomes static.


Remove the cartridge again and repeat the same process again and again if any of your cartridges requires a reset.


Finally, your cartridge into your canon pixma, and you’re resetting the ink is successful.

Hard Reset


At first, click the stop function until an alarm starts ringing in your printer. After that, release the initiate button but only after your alarm rings a minimum of nineteen times.


You will see that your printer is restored to its factory settings once again like new. You must manually uninstall the printer’s dedicated drivers from your computer and reinstall them to the latest ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Canon Pixma Wireless Printer Good?

Yes, the canon pixma wireless printer is perfect. The latest wireless connectivity allows you to print without any issues seamlessly. So, if you are wondering if the printer is good or not, yes, the canon wireless printer is excellent.

Which is the Best Canon Printer for Home Use?

Home printers usually are inkjets as inkjets are smaller and less expensive. Furthermore, they deliver good print results. So, the Canon TS3520 is the best canon printer for home use.

Are Canon Printers Reliable?

When it comes to reliability, canon printer tops in that. So, yes, canon printers are very reliable. You can use them for a long time without worrying about any issues. So, when you buy canon printers, you can rest easy knowing that it is reliable.

How Much Does a Canon Pixma Printer Cost?

As you know, the canon pixma printer all carries a special price. Depending on the extra features and service, the price fluctuates or increases. So, usually, a canon pixma printer costs around one hundred dollars.

Are All Canon Printers Inkjet?

The most used canon products are inkjet as they are the perfect option in your house and office. They have a smaller size and a lower price, but not all the canon printers are inkjet. In the article, though, all of them are inkjet.


Now that you have come to an end, above you can see the best canon pixma printer available in the market. If you plan to buy any canon printer, check any printers we analyzed for you. They are excellent quality printers that will help you out during your printing sessions.

Check the buying guides properly and the connectivity steps if you have trouble. Rest assured, as canon pixma printers are reliable. So, you won’t have to worry about any type of breakdown. Just use it properly and increase the work efficiency at your office or take care of your school projects.

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