Best Canned Clams

Finding the best canned clams used to take a lot of time. I would find myself plugged into a research website, reading about different types of clams. This kind we liked in terms of taste, that kind we liked in terms of price, and so on and so forth. But I found there was an easier way to find the best canned clams in the market: a foodie focused site known as Food Network.

Best Canned Clams Reviews

1. Cento Clam Baby Whole, 10 Ounce

Weight10 Ounces
Package Weight4.44 Kilograms
Seafood Production MethodWild Caught


Cento is recognized as a leading premium quality brand and is preferred by the finest chefs across America. With our eight proprietary brands and more than 1,000 specialty products, Cento has something to suit all of your culinary needs while providing the best consumer value. Our extensive QA specifications ensure that each item is produced to our proprietary standards to yield a consistent, premium quality product. A family owned and operated company spanning three generations, you can “Trust Your Family with Our Family”.


Each Cento item is produced to our proprietary specifications and made with the freshest premium ingredients available. Every item goes through our rigorous maintenance of desired quality process, tested by both our Executive Chef in our test kitchen and the team in our QA Lab. From our renowned Certified San Marzano Tomatoes to our roasted peppers, vinegar, and extra virgin olive oils, Cento offers premium products to suit all culinary needs. Taste the difference quality makes and see why you can “Trust Your Family With Our Family”.

2. Crown Prince Natural Boiled Baby Clams in Water

Delicate in flavor and firm in texture, Crown Prince Natural Boiled Baby Clams provide a good source of protein and an excellent source of iron without a lot of fat, sodium, or cholesterol. Try our Boiled Baby Clams in chowders, casseroles, appetizers, and pasta sauces.

Whole Baby Clams

Our fresh and tender Whole Baby Clams are wild caught from managed clam beds in coastal waters. They are cooked and ready for use in your favorite dip, sauce, or chowder. The juice can be strained for a ready made shellfish stock.

Non-GMO Project Verified Products

We only offer the best canned seafood that the oceans can provide. Our fish are wild caught and packed in simple sauces with simple seasonings, none of which contain GMOs.

Our Seafood is Sustainably Sourced

We are proud of our commitment to seek and source third party certified sustainably harvested seafood from suppliers who follow socially and environmentally responsible practices.

3. PoomPuy, Spicy fried clams

Weight40 Grams
Package Weight0.28 Kilograms

Full of benefits High iron – an important component of hemoglobin in red blood cells High calcium – an important component of bones and teeth Contributes to the formation of strong bones and teeth. Full smile Select – Good quality raw materials – Clean every production process – Standard packaging Full of confidence Not used – No food flavorings – No preservatives – No color * Should eat a variety of foods in 5 groups in a reasonable proportion on a regular basis.

4. Sea Best All Natural Hard Shell Clams

BrandSea Best
Package Weight10 Pounds

Sea Best Hard Shell Clams have a mild, palate-friendly flavor and a medium, tender texture. These clams are fully cooked and ready to be used in a variety of recipes. Steam with wine or water and serve with dipping sauces for an excellent appetizer or main dish.

5. Snow’s Italian Style White Clam Sauce

Snow’s authentic Italian Style White Clam Sauce is perfect with bucatini, pici, fettuccine or whatever you have in the pantry. At Snow’s, we’re passionate about all things clams. Snow’s clams are convenient and delicious—perfect for soups, sauces, pasta, or any seafood recipe. From canned clams to bottled clam juice, we offer a variety of clam products to suit your needs.

Type Of Canned Clams

Environment-Related Issues

Clams are a great option for seafood that is kind to the ocean because they can be grown without contaminating or harming the environment, whether they are farmed or wild caught. Furthermore, because they feed on filters, clams can raise the standard of the water where they are raised without lowering their own standards.

Since clams are common in coastal regions like Spain, Canada, and the eastern coast of the United States, many manufacturers offer clams from both domestic and foreign sources.

Bar Harbor Clams in a Can

Bar Harbor Canned Clams are produced in Maine without the use of MSG or preservatives. Premium clams, water, and salt make up the minimal ingredient list. The Bar Harbor company manually checks each fish package for fragments and shells.

Whole Cento Baby Clams with Shells

The products of Cento, a market leader in high-quality canned food, are easily accessible in nearby supermarkets. All-natural Cento whole baby clams have a low sodium content of 75 milligrams per 1/4 cup. The clams don’t have any added fat or preservatives and are cooked in their own juices for a fresh flavor.

Whole Baby Clams from the Sea with Chicken

The majority of consumers trust Chicken of the Sea because they have over 90 years of experience in the shelf-stable seafood industry. Due to supermarket sales, their whole baby clams are available in clam juice cans, making this brand an affordable option for most families.

The king smoked some baby clams.

These baby clams from the wild are preserved in oil, giving them a richer flavor than clams that are canned in juice. They are kosher-certified and naturally wood-smoked for flavor rather than steaming.


Do canned clams need to be cooked?

First, the canning process cooks the clams, so they need no additional cooking once you crack open a can. Canned clams are shelf-stable, which means they’re at the ready when you are. Plus, there’s little food waste (versus fresh clams, where a least a few duds tend to show up in every batch).

Where do Cento clams come from?

Cento was founded in Philadelphia in 1963, as a distributor of ethnic Italian food specialties servicing the surrounding tri-state area.

What kind of clams are in canned clams?

There are a few different varieties of tinned clams available. When you buy chopped clams, these are generally Atlantic surf clams. They are sweet in flavor and have a firm texture. You can buy chopped clams in almost any grocery store.


Canned clams are my favorite product. I think about them constantly, and I can’t get enough of them! Maybe it’s just me. Maybe you won’t be impressed. But whatever the case, if you’ve got a hankering for some canned clams, these top recommendations should certainly be enough to satisfy your cravings (gotta love those seafood puns).

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