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A candy dispenser as the name suggests is a device which dispenses candy. The dispenser can be manually or electronically operated. Some of the most popular candies that are used in a dispenser include chocolate coins, gummy bears, jelly beans, and licorice strings.

Here are the best candy dispenser.

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Best Candy Dispenser Reviews In 2023

1. Glass Cookie Jar and Candy Dispenser

Built with sturdy, high-quality glass and a stainless steel screw-top, this clear glass candy jar is a great addition to any kitchen, living room, or storefront! Designed with a magnetic top to keep freshness for as long as possible. Use it for any foods or items like candy, pickles, condiments, and even as a swear jar. Each candy containers with lids feature a classic retro design with a minimal look that is great anywhere, anytime. Each large candy jar measures approximately 6.75 x 7 x 4.75 and holds approximately 58 ounces.

Cookies And Other Sweet

The Glass Cookie Jar and Candy Dispenser is a fun way to serve up slices of cookies and other sweet treats at parties or special gatherings. This glass jar can also be used for candy or treats, dog treats, rice and pasta, nuts, or even hand tools. When not filling your glass container with cookies, use this clear candy jar with a scoop to store household items: like paperclips, coins, and trinkets.

Small Spoon Secure

This stylish glass candy jar is perfect for serving nuts, candy, and more. The magnetic top keeps the small spoon secure when not in use, helping to keep your contents fresh for as long as possible.

2. Kicko Twirling Gumball Machines

This gumball machine is a classic and dainty addition to any home or business. Sold in a printed cardboard box, this gumball machine can be filled with approximately 48 round candies at a time. The solid figure and wide base ensure that the machine stands strong, while the three large swirl-style tanks stand at 9.75 inches tall. It comes in a beautiful Fuschia, teal, and lavender finish.

Small Knick-knacks

The Twirling Gumball Machine will bring a smile to your children’s faces! Load with small knick-knacks, but note that the gumballs here are not included! Push it down from the top and watch the toothsome goodie roll along the colorful spiral. This will ignite your children’s imagination like they are in a candy world.

Event Tables As A Centerpiece

Kick Twirling Gumball Machines are ideal food accents to put on event tables as a centerpiece or attraction to kids. These machines come in various styles and themes, including animals and cars that kids love. Fill the container with inch size jelly beans, peanuts, gumdrops, gummies, nougats, and other sweetmeats. The machine adds excitement because a sucker treat drops randomly when pulling the lever.

3. M&M Candy Dispenser Pull Lever and Dispense

Sight and sound machines fill your store with excitement. Children will love to watch the gumballs swirl around the metal ball cage, mixing colors and creating a fun atmosphere. This item works well as a prize machine or advertising display.

Unique Design Allows

Kick Twirling Gumball Machines are a great way to add a fun touch to your home or office. Just insert coins and watch these gumball machines go crazy! Each machine has a weight that holds down the coin hopper, so you never have to worry about it opening up during operation. The unique design allows this machine to dispense gumballs in one direction. If a gumball is jammed, turn it over, and any used gumballs will fall into the catch tray—no need to take the entire door off!

4. Conworld Cereal Dispenser Countertop

This Conworld Cereal Dispenser Countertop is the convenient, space-saving solution to store cereal and other dry food in your home or office. The large capacity dispenser has two compartments that separate different kinds of dry food and includes a removable scoop for your convenience.

Conworld Cereal Dispenser

Are you looking for a cute and easy-to-handle cereal dispenser? The Conworld Cereal Dispenser Countertop is the one you need. This is a large cereal dispenser with two sides of the switch with the bottom trapdoor design, which makes it easy to use.

Useful Kitchen Gadget

Conworld Cereal Dispenser Countertop is a useful kitchen gadget that can be used in any kitchen. It has a unique design that can release the cereal by pressing two bars with one hand, making it very easy for kids and elderly people to use.

5. PEZ Disney Princess

Disney Princesses PEZ is a great gift for the collector of Disney memorabilia. There are 12 different Disney Princess movie characters to choose from, each of which comes individually wrapped with two PEZ candy refills. Candy is made in the USA.

Great Mix Of Disney Characters

The greatest princesses in Disney history bring you everything you love about Disney. See the fun of the princess and her friends with a great mix of Disney characters! Each pack may include all or some of these characters: Moana, Belle, Rapunzel, Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Ariel.

Random Mix Of Disney Princess

The Disney Princesses PEZ 12 pack features a random mix of Disney Princess PEZ Dispensers. Each pack may include all or some of these characters: Moana, Belle, Rapunzel, Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Ariel. Each individually wrapped dispenser includes two PEZ candy refills. Please note that there is no guarantee that every character will be included in each box.

6. Peaceful Classics Wooden Candy Dispenser

The Peaceful Classics Candy Dispenser is a unique, whimsical accent for home or office. This undeniably cool container adds instant fun to any room and keeps snacks neat. More than just a way to keep your favorite treats organized, this candy dispenser also creates an impressive gift! The dispenser features a decorative handle on top and a realistic lid push-to-open mechanism that makes it easy to adjust your level of content whenever you want it.

Gumball Machine

Add some fun to your kitchen with our wooden candy jar dispenser. This Amish-made piece turns any cupboard into a royal-looking cookie canister. Use it as a gumball machine, candy dispenser, or cereal container for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas so everyone can enjoy a festive treat.

Retro-style Decorative Candy

The Peaceful Classics Wooden Candy Dispenser is a fun, retro-style decorative candy dispenser that you can use to store your favorite treats or give as gifts during the holidays. The classic design makes it a great addition to any kitchen or home office.

Best Candy Dispenser Buying Guide


Ensure that your candy dispenser is small enough to fit anywhere. A tabletop design is desirable if possible because it takes up less room. A candy dispenser is constantly needed, and different consumers always have varying preferences for size.


A moderate-sized dispenser is typically appropriate for usage at home. If you’re planning to use it for special occasions like birthday parties or other festivities, you should choose one with a sizable capacity. Consider its performance as well as its flexibility to be used from any location.


It should be resilient enough to survive the effects of time. You must determine whether the lid is practical and shields the container from damage if you want to guarantee long-term freshness. Since BPA-free plastic is lightweight, using it will be a wise decision.


The candy dispenser you choose should be simple to use. To experience better convenience, use a portion dispenser that provides precise servings. Make sure it accepts all types of coins because some can be paid for using coins.


As long as it has a pleasing design, you can use it anyplace. It’s acceptable to use it as a toy as well. Some of them even have lighting and music, but they are more pricey.


How do candy dispensers work?

A spring-driven shelf with candy on it rests inside the container. In the container, the candy is maintained intact. As the candy is taken out, the spring extends, elevating the subsequent sweet to the top.

How much candy does a candy machine hold?

A single gumball machine can hold about 375 gumballs. Each of them may hold up to five pounds of candy or gumballs. It has a candy or gumball bottle inside that can carry two pounds of sweets or gumballs.

Do vending machines make good money?

Vending machines can bring in cash. Vending machine operators that stock their machines well and put them in busy areas can make, on average, well over $400 per month.


Hopefully, we’ve presented a comprehensive review of the best candy dispensers on the market today. If you’re looking to purchase a new machine, hopefully we’ve helped you narrow your choices down and find something that fits your needs. At the end of the day though, don’t just take our word for it; read some reviews, check prices and make your own decision. Happy shopping!

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