Best Calligraphy Markers – Buying Guide

If you want to do calligraphy, you need the best calligraphy markers to make it easier to get into the hobby. But, as a beginner, it is advisable not to invest in the most expensive ones. To begin with, it is worth it, the most affordable ones to help you feel for them.

In the market today, there are many calligraphy markers brands. However, not all of them are perfect. Therefore, knowing what to look for during your search is a wise thing. Doing this will help you find professional calligraphy pens that can write ideally sold at an affordable rate.

This article will help you learn what to consider when shopping for suitable calligraphy markers. You will know the outstanding features you should keep an eye on as you shop, together with the right qualities that make them great. Moreover, you will get several recommendations and buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Our Favorite Best Calligraphy Markers

Best Calligraphy Markers Comparison Table

Caliart 34 Dual Brush Pen Art MarkersWater Resistant: Yes
Number of Pieces: 34
Point Type: Fine
Dyvicl Metallic Brush Marker PensWater Resistant: Yes
Number of Pieces: 15
Point Type: Fine
Coloring Markers Pen, Dual Brush Tip MarkerNumber of Pieces: 34
Point Type: Fine
Color: 34 Dual Brush Pens
Speed Elegant Writer Calligraphy 4 Marker SetPoint Type: Chisel
Number of Pieces: 4
Color: 4 Marker Set, Black, Assorted Sizes
Arteza Real Brush Pens, 48 ColorsPoint Type: Brush-Tip
Color: Set of 48 Colors
Number of Pieces: 48
MUJINHUA Hand Lettering Pens Calligraphy Brush Pens Art MarkersPoint Type: Micro
Ink Color: Black
Unit Count: 1 Count
Zig Memory System Calligraphy MarkersWater Resistant: Yes
Color: Assorted
Number of Pieces: 48

Top 7 Best Calligraphy Markers- Buying Guide

1. Caliart 34 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

If you want a collection of markers that are kid-friendly and can be used for coloring, blending, and writing, Caliart 34 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers is the best for you. A set comes with 34 assorted colors to give you an excellent range of shades and hues to select from. They are the best for to-do lists and color-coordinated scheduling.

The brush pens of this best calligraphy markers are dual-ended, with one tip being a brush pen while the other is a fine-point felt-tip pen. This means you can switch to fine, coloring, and detailed note-taking. Also, these markers have kid-friendly, odorless, non-toxic, and water-based ink that you can wash off easily.


100% Safe- These markers contain harmless, odorless, water-based ink that can be washed off easily. This makes them kid-friendly.

Multi-Purpose- You can use these markers for coloring books, sketching, crafting, doodling, brush lettering, card making, and scrapbooking, among others.

Dual-Tips-Comes with a dual-tip design allows you to switch between laying down thick, thin or varied lines on one stroke to create crisp detail.


  • Color-coded and numbered pens for easy recording
  • easy-to-blend colors
  • Dual-ended
  • Non-toxic and odorless ink


  • Some pens have colors that don’t match the exact hue on the pen cap

2. Dyvicl Metallic Brush Marker Pens

Dyvicl Metallic Brush Art Marker Pens are the best calligraphy pens you need to consider if you love colors with a metallic finish. This set comes in 15 metallic colors. They are perfectly designed to look vibrant on black backgrounds. Therefore, you can use them on black canvas, other dark surfaces, as well as on light surfaces.


Vibrant Metallic Colors– A package consisting of 15 pieces of premium metallic paint pens for woods, rocks, glass, plastic, ceramic, and so on. You can use them for decorating and opaque writing on colored and dark surfaces.

Versatile Broad Tip Point– Features a broad tip for drawing, writing, and coloring on a big area. You can complete your artwork very fast as it is easy to control.

Fade-Resistant- These markers deliver fast-drying pure metallic marks resistant to water and fading.

Intelligent Metallic Sheen- Makes your artwork shine, especially on dark surfaces.


  • Best for kids
  • Has dual-sided tips
  • Easily erasable
  • Dries


  • Takes time to get the ink going

3. Coloring Markers Pen, Dual Brush Tip Marker

These markers feature a non-washable formula that provides durable color in a modern and rich palette with 34 unique colors involved. With these markers, you have a guarantee of discovering the soothing nature of coloring by bringing out the beauty in finely detailed line art with boldly colored and double-tipped pens. Besides being the best gift for kids, you can also gift them to dads, moms, and grandparents as adult coloring has become fun and a way of passing the time.


High Performance- These markers are odorless, non-toxic, water-based ink covering your art projects to crafts.

34 Bold Colors- You will get 34 vibrant, highly-pigmented colors from these markers.

Flexible Dual Tips- Use 1-2mm brush tip for shading, coloring, and blending. For smaller details, it has a 0.4mm fine tip.

Multi-Purpose- In addition to drawing, you can use the marker for lettering, card marking, calligraphy, and coloring books.


  • Affordable
  • It can be used to gift elderly people
  • Multi-purpose
  • Maintain sharpness


  • Dry fast

4. Speed Elegant Writer Calligraphy 4 Marker Set

This marker set is an ideal gift for an inspiring crafter or artist. It is an excellent introduction to calligraphy. Luckily, it is affordable. These markers have been there for the past five years, and they continue to be a fantastic product to date.


Create Attractive Lettering Projects: These markers create beautiful invitations, gift tags, holiday cards, and many more.

Excellent for Beginners- A beginner finds it easy to form calligraphic letters with these markers.

Acid-Free Ink- These markers feature an AP seal non-toxic, free-flowing, and acid-free ink.

4 Marker Set- All the black markers set include one 2.5 mm marker, two 2.0 mm markers, and one 3.0 mm marker.


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • Create beautiful script
  • Lightweight


  • Ink runs out fast

5. Arteza Real Brush Pens, 48 Colors

As the name suggests, it is a set of 48 vibrant colors based on water-ink with flexible brush tips. It is a perfect product for artists because it offers a balanced weight for every pen. When it comes to their colors, they have unique options because you can use them with water to create soothing watercolor effects.


Flexible Brush Tip- The tips of these pens are real brushes. This helps to offer the same effect as traditional paintbrushes. You can quickly crank the art pieces’ details with supple and fine tips. In these brush strokes, ink flows smoothly with no inconsistencies or disruptions.

Non-Toxic Ink– Besides being easy to use, these markers are mess-free. Therefore, individuals of all ages can use them safely.

Self-Cleaning and Moistening- You do not have to clean or moisten the bristles after blending your marker brush with other colors.

Water-Based Ink- This ink helps you add brilliant and popping colors to your artwork. When used in the right way, they are easy to use. Also, the pens are comfortable to hold.


  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for children
  • Water-based ink for watercolor effects


  • Not sold individually

6. MUJINHUA Hand Lettering Pens Calligraphy Brush Pens Art Markers

These are another calligraphy markers for beginners. You can use it in sketching, illustration, caricature, carton, bullet journaling, scrapbooking.


Multi-Purpose- This significant marker helps you draw lines and details, calligraphy practice, hand lettering, diary, writing, planner, calendar, notebook, and many more. In addition, they can be used by artists, craft enthusiasts, students, hand letterers, technical drawers, and calligraphy writers.

Set of 8 Size– Inside the package, you will find 8 markers. They include 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, small, medium, large, extra-small, and a soft brush.

Quality Ink- The ink produced by these markers is non-toxic, waterproof, non-bleeding, and fade-proof. This means they are user-friendly to people of all ages.


  • Ink writes smoothly
  • Nib is flexible
  • Vibrant colors
  • Color can be blended


  • Nibs can be dry

7. Zig Memory System Calligraphy Markers

If you want the best markers for calligraphy, this is another one you can consider having as a beginner. Thankfully, you can use them for many purposes. In addition, they blend more than 2 colors that you can use for drawing and for drawing decorations. Getting them for your needs guarantees durability colors because the manufacturers have paid much attention to their qualities.


Easy to Use Pen- These calligraphy marker pens are black water-based inks and flexible brush nib. The pair involves one hard tip and a soft tip to provide greater range when creating extra fine to medium strokes.

8-Different Colors- This set comes with 8 different colors to select from. You can mix the colors to create color gradients to add dimension to your script.

Usability- These markers can be used in card making, hand lettering, journaling, greeting cards, addressing envelopes, and title designs for scrapbooking.

Water-Proof Ink– Such ink will not smudge, bleed and fade in sunlight. Additionally, it is free from acid.


  • Ink runs smoothly
  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy to blend colors
  • High-quality
  • Easy to use


  • Nibs can be dry sometimes

Best Calligraphy Markers Buying Guide

written birthday greetings

As a beginner, the chances of experiencing a lot of trouble when shopping for calligraphy markers are very high. This is because there are many types and brands to select from. Below is an outline of the possible and perfect factors you need to consider to make your buying task easy.

The Size and Shape of Tips

The calligraphy style you wish to do determines the pen tips you need to buy. For example, you need to get brush-tipped markers if you do brush-style calligraphy. Otherwise, you need chisel-point nibs if you are interested in gothic-style calligraphy.

Ink Colors

The best calligraphy felt tip pens with black inks if you are doing calligraphy alone. But, note that black inks are not the same. There are those with deeper blacks and do not fade faster. A set of colored markers is the best you should get for your calligraphy project if you want it to have more whimsy and pizazz. Colored markers are the best as you can use them in other projects.

Quality of the Ink

If you want calligraphy markers with colored inks, take time to check if the colors are true to what is indicated to the pen body. In addition to that, the colors should not change value when dried. If you want markers with black inks, ensure they are deep black. It is advisable to get ones that use archival inks if possible. You are sure that they will not fade over time. This is a good factor you need to consider also when looking for permanent calligraphy markers.


As a beginner, it is wise not to invest in professional-grade markers. Find high-quality ones that are sold at a rate you can afford. Also, check the calligraphy markers set when looking for the best price to consider. Doing this helps you to practice your hobby as many times as possible.

How to Write Calligraphy with a Marker?

When calligraphy is mentioned, what comes to the mind of people is elaborate writing. Another thing they think about is a special pen or writing tool. To some degree, this is right. However, calligraphy is more than that. Luckily, with proper techniques, you can use any writing tool for calligraphy. Following are tips on how to write calligraphy using a marker.

Get a Suitable Marker

Checking at the shape of the tip of the marker is the key to finding a suitable one. This means the material and the color of the tip do not matter a lot. Possible marker tips include conical, non-rounded, and chiseled-shape tips. Consider choosing one that suits your needs.

Experimenting with Angles

The angle you hold the writing pen is important. Keep in mind that some markers even need you to have them in a specific angle to write. Maintaining a specific angle when using a marker can help you create harmony, rhythms, integrity, and ancestry. Also, experimenting with a unique angle of holding the marker adds creative fire showing your individuality.

Taking Measurement

Taking measurements and marking your paper is good if you do not have a good sense of space. You can do this using a ruler and a light pencil. Even though measuring your writing area does not seem artistic, it helps build your skills.


Doing calligraphy with any tool is an art form. Like other arts, it takes a lot of practice to help you obtain perfection. Some of the areas you should practice involve the following.

  • Basic calligraphy drills
  • Downward strokes
  • Different strokes while maintaining your preferred angle
  • Practice your symbols.
  • Forming words

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Brush Markers Good for Calligraphy?

A: Brush pens are an excellent way to master the pen pressure exertion art. They are not a prerequisite for learning dip pen calligraphy, but they can be helpful.

Q: Are Tombow Markers Good for Calligraphy?

A: The most popular brush pens for calligraphy are Tombow. This is because they can create varying designs using the same pens. After all, the brush nib allows for bold strokes by adjusting the pressure on the tip, while the fine tip is used for writing fine details.

Q: Which Brush Pens Are Best for Calligraphy?

A: One of the best-favored brush pens you can get out there is the Tombow Fudenosuke. It is ideal for starters because of its small size.

Q: What Are the Best Pens for Modern Calligraphy?

A: The Tombow Fudenosukes are the best pens for modern calligraphy because they have hard tips that make them less flexible. The less flexible and smaller they are, the easier they are.

Q: Is Brush Lettering the Same as Calligraphy?

A: Brush lettering is a writing style similar to calligraphy. It is mainly referred to as modern calligraphy because of the use of pressure and the appearance of the letters.


The best calligraphy markers will elevate your art to the next level. Whether you are a newbie or an expert calligrapher, choosing the one you can use comfortably is in line with your art is advisable. Our buying guide offers seven calligraphy markers that come with a wide array of features and color options that offer you more control over what you do. Thus, you can boost your work using any markers from the options provided in this buying guide. 

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