Best Calligraphy & Dip Pens Ink – Buying Guide

best calligraphy ink

Your ink choice can make or break your ebb and your graphics details best calligraphy ink. When doing DIY projects, you’d wish to land an ink that dilutes well to form a smooth, velvet solution. The best ink for dip pens should also scan effortlessly to create excellent graphics that do not shed off quickly.

When working on projects that demand water coloring, choosing easily-mixable ink with your ingredients can save you both effort and materials. Thick ink is a bit paint-like and results in smudge-free images and texts that are waterproof. Below, we’ve rounded up five premium inks for dip pens available in the market.

Our Favorite Calligraphy & Dip Pens Ink

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Her’s the list of 6 Best Calligraphy Ink For Dip Pens- Buying Guide

1. ESSSHOP Glass Dipped Pens Ink Set

ESSSHOP Ink Set is the best dip pen ink for any calligraphy enthusiast! These beautifully crafted glass pens are perfect for anyone just starting out, with a spiral design that makes them easy to hold and control. The hand-made construction ensures quality and durability, while the threaded design increases ink absorption for extended writing time. With seven different colors to choose from, you can test out all sorts of inks and styles – perfect for everything from invitations to practice sketches!

The glass pens and ink comes with calligraphy pen sets that will continue to flow until it runs out. You also get black ink that is very opaque and won’t smudge on your hands when you’re writing! I love how these pens feel so smooth against the paper, almost like silk. So if you want an elegant way to keep up with your journaling or sketches, this pen set might be just what you need!

Key Features:

  • RAINBOW GLASS DIP PEN– Who doesn’t love a good rainbow? These pens let you write in all the colors of the rainbow, and they look amazing too! The sleek glass design is perfect for impressing your friends and showing off your writing skills.
  • Smooth Grip– They have a unique grip, which make them easy to hold during long writing sessions. The ballpoint tip is strong enough for bold lines but smooth enough for sketching and calligraphy work.
  • Ink Bottles- 12 bottles of vibrant ink, each containing a hint of luxurious gold powder, provide you with all the tools you need to write love letters that will sweep your beloved off their feet. The vivid colors are water and fade resistant, ensuring your declarations of love last forever.
  • Nibs– The black glass artist’s pen has a sleek spiral design and comes with a stainless steel nib and copper-alloy grip. It makes writing or drawing a true pleasure – perfect for jazzing up any project!

2. AXEARTE Glass Dip Pen Set

The AXEARTE is a set consisting of 18- pieces of the best calligraphy ink that come ready for use.  You will find 14 bottles of different best ink for dip pens in the package to start you from beginner to amateur, 2 glass pens, and 2 Crystal pens. With this combination, you can design or weave any graphic like a pro without needing anything on top. The glass pen is built of sturdy borosilicate glass, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

The colors are vibrant enough for more detailed images and texts. Depending on your design’s mode and style, they give a perfect opportunity to add some shimmering looks to your graphic. The inks are also water-washable, allowing you to rub any grime and mistaken dots. They are also mixable, allowing you to form a concoction when intending to create multiple-colored calligraphies. The ink enables you to write up to 40-50 words per dip, making them perfect when looking to save time while at the same time achieving quality results.

Key Features:

  • It comes with 14 different color inks: The glass dip pen set comes with 14 different ink bottle colors. Plus, it has 2 crystal glass dip pens for writing, drawing, and calligraphy. Furthermore, both pens come in different sizes and styles, making your drawings incredible.
  • Easy to use and quick color switch: You can write 40-50 words at a time. Also, you can rinse clean with water and dry with a paper towel in 10 seconds. It takes a maximum of 10seconds to switch between colors without refilling ink frequently.
  • The inks are shimmering and vibrant: More amazingly, the inks contain gold powder in them, which shimmers when they are exposed to the paper. You will also be amazed how this glass dips pen hold inks and flows well on the paper.
  • Additional accessories: the ink set is ideal for both beginners and experienced calligraphers. The set includes 14 different ink bottles, 2 glass pens, a pen holder, and a cleaning cup.


  • The ink forms permanent marks that are machine-washable.
  • Easy to mix and use
  • You can easily switch from one ink color to another
  • Perfect gift for creative artist and designers


  • Details on how to use come in Chinese

3. Speedball Art Products Acryllic Set Calligraphy Ink

Acrylic paints have the edge over most types of inks for their long-lasting results. They also produce quality pigment with excellent viscosity and lightfast application. Speedball Arts Product is not any different, as it consists of 10-color pigmented best calligraphy ink that prides thousands of positive feedback. The inks are inter-mixable, allowing for designing prints with different colors, formats, and designs. What’s more, these inks are waterproof, acid-proof, and archival.

Each ink in this set is 0.41 oz to last you multiple drawings. Apart from the super black, white, blue, other inks come with intermediate colors such as scarlet red, emerald green, blunt amber, gold, teal green. They allow you to mix and come with other superfine pigments, making it easy to lock your creativity. The set also includes a plastic palette with a diameter of 8″ for ease-of-use. You’ll also find a brush rest for storing your accessories and a pen. With all these, you can draw, stamp, scrapbook, or design calligraphy of your choice.

Key Features:

  • The set comes with 10 unique ink colors: The Speedball ink is great for beginners who want to practice with 10 colors. These vivid inks are ideal for drawing, calligraphy, stamping, scrapbooking, and writing.
  • The Speedball set consists of an 8-inch diameter palette that features pen and brush holders and 10 wells.  The inks come in super black, silver, Indigo blue, burnt, emerald, deep purple, scarlet red, white, and green.
  • High-quality ink: The inks are waterproof, making the surfaces crisp and durable. With this ink, you can inter-mix for your practice. Also acid-free and lightfast hence can be used on any surface. However, these inks are not suitable for fountain pens.


  • The inks produce rich, vivid graphics.
  • Using the ink brush, you can interchange or mix any color of your choice.
  • The seal does not accumulate mess when tightening.
  • Perfect for oblique nib


  • Not ideal for fountain pens

4. ZZKOKO Calligraphy ink

Take your drawing, scrapbooking, and calligraphy to the next level using the ZZKOKO Calligraphy Pen Ink. This ink is entirely non-carbonated, making it your best go-to when hunting for ink with good fluidity and high permeability. Since it doesn’t clog, this ink stands out as a versatile variant compatible with dip pens and fountain pens. The set consists of 10 different shades, which are entirely formulated with animal by-products and dispersing agents.  Their chemical composition makes them ideal when looking for a non-toxic formula that also dissolves in dyes.  Plus, they flow very well to provide brilliant and vibrant colors that are lightfast.

Whether you are looking to create soft or warm colors, the ink will help you with all these as they pack value in different shade assortments. The 10 colors include black, blue, green, purple, red, pink, brown, turquoise, and orange. Each shade is packed in a glamorous 15 ml glass bottle that is enough to take you through multiple uses.

Key Features:

  • 10 colors ink: the inks are safe and non-toxic hence optimal flow to give color brilliance which will not fade or damage after some time.  The set includes 10 bottles of various colors, including purple, pink, black, turquoise, blue, orange, brown, Bordeaux, green, and red.
  • Non-carbon ink: The good news is that these inks don’t cause clogging because they have high ink permeability and good fluidity. It is ideal for drawing, scrapbooking, fountain pen, dip pen, journal, and sketching.
  • Great gift: The 10 colors of inks make colorful creations placed on the desk at the office or home.  It makes great gifts for birthdays, graduation, and other occasions.


  • The inks form lightfast results.
  • The inks are inter-mixable
  • Perfect for use in the home and office decoration
  • Inks ideal for both fountain and dip pens


  • The ink is highly viscous hence not perfect for starters.

5. UBEART Glass Dip Pen Ink set

UBEART is a dip pen ink set consisting of 24 different colors of best calligraphy ink that are intermixable. All these colors are vibrant for various surfaces to form durable designs that are smudge-free and waterproof. In case you are looking to create beautiful DIY projects, these water-washable colors come with a slightly thicker viscosity that pays much attention to detail. You don’t need any cleaning solution to wipe off any mistakes you draw since they are easy to clean off before they dry.

The set also includes two pens made with a borosilicate body to fit and grip the hands. In regard, you can create designs without worrying about the pen slipping off your palm. Most importantly, the two pens have an appealing exterior that is the product of advanced craftsmanship to give your creativity an edge. The pen’s tip is made in spirals and can write between 50-60 words for a single dip, making it ideal for daily drawing and bulk work.

Key Features:

It comes in 24 color inks: The UBEART glass dip pen ink set includes 24 non-toxic and non-carbon inks making it ideal for various surfaces. The different colors help you to draw great shapes. Moreover, it is easy to clean the ink from the hands.

The set is constructed with a unique design: The dip pens are made of borosilicate material, making them elegant and beautiful.  Interestingly, the set can be perfect for letter writing, calligraphy creations, drawing, sketching, and ideal for loved ones, family, and friends.

Easy to Use: The pen’s tip is designed with spirals to enhance the ink absorption and make the ink hold and flow well hence smooth writing. It can write 50-60 words per dip. You can use it for daily painting and writing.


  • Different colors that are intermixable
  • The two pens are artistically appealing to notch up your creativity.
  • It comes with calligraphy creation ideas for different designs.
  • The pen allows ink to flow through a groove for detailed creation.


  • Make sure to shake the inkwell, or it will result in a mess.

6. Peacock Pen & Ink Set Glass Dip Pen Set

Shop with confidence for the Peacock Pen Ink Set anytime you want an ink that will stand up for promising results. This set comes complete, ready for use, with twelve different hues of inks for any creation. The inks are also inter-mixable, so you are free to derive other intermediate colors depending on your design outline. However, what makes these inks unique is their shimmering gold results that are waterproof and smudge-free. They shine against the sunlight with sheer beauty and perfection. The kit comes with an ink blotter and refills for refilling the pen for ease of use, minimizing spills’ risks.

You’ll like the fine-tipped pen since it comes with a groove that channels ink to the tip for near-perfect detailing. It makes slight coloring surfaces a breeze. If your project demands lots of water-coloring, the fine pen tip will allow you to navigate through every detail like a pro. The manufacturer advises that the ink be used by any person or designer aged eight years and above.

Key Features:

  • The kit is equipped with 12 colors: The kit contains 12 colors of ink with gold powder which shimmer when exposed on the paper. It also has 2 glass pens, an ink bottle, refill paper, a cleaning cup, and a pen holder. The accessories come in a beautiful box.
  • Excellent gifts: Since the ink flows well, you will enjoy drawing and writing to-do lists to calligraphy. This makes it an excellent gift for artists and kids who are experienced in calligraphy. It is recommended for kids 8 years and above.
  • Suitable for small surfaces: the Peacock Pens are ideal for coloring small surfaces. You will get small details with great points. Moreover, it is nice for fine details in watercolors.


  • Ideal when looking for a mess-free pen and ink set
  • The pen and ink are easy to use
  • It comes with artistic pens with spiral tips for creativity.
  • The inks come with a metallic cap for perfect storage.


  • The tip of the pen is too pointy and can easily tear into the paper.

Buying guide to Select the Best Calligraphy Ink

best calligraphy ink

Choosing the dip pen ink should not be any daunting if you’ll follow the pointers below:


Water-colored inks are perfect for advanced users. With these inks, you can practically come up with any color of your choice by blending any combination to create an ombre effect. Since they are available in various designs, you’ll always land custom-tailored ink under this category that meets your design needs.


Some inks are bleed-resistant, while some are not. It is best to test your ink beforehand to ensure that whatever graphic you’ve designed is not bleeding. Also, bleed-resistant inks dry well and are waterproof for long-lasting results.

Your level of proficiency

How skilled you are in your art primarily affects your choice of ink. Some links only work best for amateurs, while some work best for newbies.  When starting, go for a smooth ink that dilutes fast. A velvety ink is an added advantage as it will help you navigate your details faster.

However, if you are a pro-designer, you can work with anything available, as long as it doesn’t damage your outline. You can encourage your ink to smudge—something that a newbie cannot do—making it easy to use inks that hardly smudge. You can also do advanced work such as water coloring maps with water-colored inks.

Your pen design

The design of your pen is also a significant pointer to the best calligraphy ink to go for. If you have a pen with a thinner tip, choose an ink that flows easily. A thicker liquid can quickly clog a small pen tip, leading to damages to your outline. Alternatively, you can select a water-mixable ink so that you can break the viscosity whenever the ink feels heavier.

Your preferred color

If you prefer vibrant colors, go for inks with light, deep, and rich hues. A golden or shimmering effect is an added advantage, especially when looking to add more vibrancy to your graphic.

However, if you prefer dull colors, go for ink that promises a dull color. You can check the details of your intended graphics in the about ink section when shopping online.

How to fill a dip pen?

best calligraphy ink

When it comes to filling a dip pen, it depends on its make and style. It can be done by use of a cartridge, ink bladder, or pen converter. Here are the steps to follow when filling a dip pen:

Step 1:  Open the pen.

You need to open the pen to get the ink bladder. Remove the cap and turn the barrel counterclockwise to take off the pen’s housing.

Step 2: Filling a pen with converter

If you are using a pen converter, then insert the pen nib in the ink until it is completely covered in the liquid.  Turn the converter to the right to get the air out and turn it back to the right to suck the ink until an ink drop appears. Wipe the ink before you start to write.

Step 3:  A pen with ink cartridge

When filling a pen with an ink cartridge, first find an opening. Remove the converter and separate it correctly from the nib. After filling the cartridge, insert and push it until it is firmly inserted and you hear a click.

Step 4:  A pen with ink bladder

Submerge the bladder nib in the ink. With the help of the metal bar, you can collapse the bladder. Make sure you release the bar slowly to pull the ink into the nib.

Step 5: Replace the barrel.

After filling the dip pen, remember to replace the barrel you removed by twisting it into the nib.

How to use a dip pen with ink?

best calligraphy ink

If you are using a dip pen for the first time, it can be a little frustrating. You need to follow the steps below to create beautiful phrases, letters, and words.

What you will need

  •         Dip pen nibs
  •         Nib/ pen holder
  •         Ink

Step 1: Prepare the dip pen nib.

First, prepare your nibs for writing. If the nib is brand new, then be aware that the nib comes with an oily residue that prevents the ink from adhering properly. Use a paper towel to wipe it off gently. When clean, place the nib into the nib holder.

Step 2: Dip the nib pen.

Next, transfer a small amount of ink from the ink bottle into the smaller and more compact container. It allows you to dip more precisely and reduce the chances of spilling ink.  Insert the pen straight into the ink. Ensure to dip past the reservoir but don’t above the handle or nib holder. Now tap the nib at the ink bottle edge when lifting it to remove the excess ink.

Step 3: Place the pen to start writing

Before placing the pen on paper, ensure to know how to hold the nib pen properly for the ink to flow easily. With this pen, you should write with your finger’s pad and not at the tip of the fingers. Make sure you hold your pen at a 45-degree angle from the paper.

Step 4: Start writing practice strokes.

You need to apply pressure when drawing downstroke when using a nib pen. You need to apply little force for thin lines, while for a thicker line, add more pressure. For a beginner, start withdrawing vertical lines. After some time, start practicing shapes like slanted lines, o’s, or loops. These strokes will become the foundation for creating words and letters.


What ink do you use for dip pens?

Acrylic ink, India Ink, and drawing ink all work well in a dip pen. The inks can be carbon-based or piWith any of these options, you can create drawings, calligraphy, and design images freely, depending on the outline of your creation.

Can fountain pen ink be used for dip pens?

You can surely use fountain ink in a dip pen. Just that, the ink will flow faster, leading to frequent messes. If you are not keen enough, the messes can compromise the details of your creations.

Can you use acrylic ink with dip pens?

Acrylic inks are your perfect option when looking for inks that match any dip pen. They are consistent in technical, dip, quill pen, and work magic when designing absolutely anything.

How do you make dip pen ink?

You can make a dip pen ink by mixing glue, Vinegar, and Large beet with water. You’ll need to extract the beet’s components by grating and straining, then add water, glue, and vinegar. Leave the concoction to rest for a while to come up with a thick mixture.

What is the difference between a fountain pen and a dip pen?

The difference between fountain and dip pens lies in their design. Fountain pens have reservoirs for holding ink, letting it flow down to the tip. Dip pens have no reservoir; you’ll need to dip them frequently in ink and use the ink covering the tip to draw.

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