Best Bottle Warmers In The Market 2022

No soothing material reassures a baby better than a warm bottle. Finding the perfect temperature isn’t always easy, though. Microwaves can cause uneven heating, and boiling water can leave it quite hard to guess. An electric baby bottle warmer might seem like a luxury, but it is necessary for a lot of parents since they spend a lot of time preparing bottles. With this guide, we’ve selected the best baby bottle warmers, which will not only help prevent scalding your child or offer too-cold milk but also help you save lots of precious time.

Top Picks: 5 Best Bottle Warmers

Top 5 Best Bottle Warmers Wirecutter Reviews- 2021

1. Philips Avent, Baby Bottle Warmer

The Philips Avent Fast bottle warmer will make feeding time more comfortable for your baby. Once turned on, the warmer will gently heat your baby’s bottles and food for up to 3 minutes. Its compact design makes it easy to store on a countertop or bedside table. 

This warmer works well with Avent bottles, toddler cups, and food jars. It produces a constant, safe internal temperature, which is excellent for your babe. It easily plugs in and goes immediately into use. 

Features Fast and Easy to Operate

The warmer works by plugging into the wall outlet and flipping the on/off switch. A neon light will tell you it is plugged in and running. 

The Instruction Guide

A heat-up time guide is included with the device, making it easy to calculate the correct temperature. Adding the water and turning the dial is how it is operated. A light blinks when the contents are adequately heated. 

The Bottle Warmer Warms Quickly and Evenly

By continuously moving the water and milk as they heat, hot spots are prevented. 


  • The warmer gently heats bottles and food within a short time
  • It’s compact size makes it easy to store
  • It heats bottle and food safely
  • Fast and easy to operate


  • Warming times are pretty long.

2. Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

This Philips AVENT Fast Baby Bottle Warmer will make your baby’s mealtime more comfortable. It safely heats a 5 oz. bottle in as little as 3 minutes. The milk is continuously circulating, so it will not cause hot spots like a microwave would.

The Philips AVENT Fast Baby Bottle Warmer can warm milk and defrost frozen breast milk and baby food. It is compatible with most brands of bottles, including Philips AVENT. 

Its temperature sensors automatically adjust the heating pattern for varying milk volumes and beginning temperatures, so the warmer always reaches the appropriate temperature without pushing a button. 

Features Short Warming Time

The device warms 5 ounces of milk within 3 minutes; the amount of time this process takes depends on the amount and temperature of milk having been added. 

Gentle and Even Heating

This warmer heats milk evenly, so no hot spots are formed. 

Progress Light

Lights on the new model indicate progress and when milk is ready. 

Automatic shutoff functionality

Once it has heated milk for up to an hour, the warmer shuts off automatically. 


  • Warms milk very fast (within 3 minutes)
  • Great to use at night
  • Comes with a guide on how to use it
  • It has a progress light that shows when milk is ready


  • Difficult to use with one hand while in the dark

3. The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

Using this bottle warmer can make feeding a snap, whether it’s at home or daycare. You can heat breast milk, milk formula, and baby food in only minutes, which is an easier and safer alternative to microwaving.

The warmer’s compact size makes it easy to keep it in nurseries or on nightstands for quick access during nighttime feedings. 

Features Sleek profile

Its tiny size makes it ideal for use in nurseries or on nightstands so that you can make use of it for nighttime breastfeeding. 

Simple Prep

Fill in the desired amount of water into the vial and store it in a warmer – no need to measure at midnight! 


The device is very versatile and can quickly heat breast milk, formula, and some baby food jars. 


  • Warms the milk fast
  • Easy to use
  • It is cost-effective


  • No beep from the device when it finishes the warming cycle

4. Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

With the Deluxe Baby warmer, you can rapidly prepare your baby’s milk. This unit heats several bottles at once without refilling the water. It has an easy-to-use LCD control panel with a one-button start function.

It features an audio and visual alert system that lets you know when the heating process is complete. Additionally, the device powers off on its own after eight minutes, allowing you to set a custom heating time. 

Features Automatic Memory Features

To ensure safety and convenience, this bottle warmer automatically turns off after eight minutes and features a memory to repeat preferred heating times. 

Adjustable Baby Bottle Basket

With an adjustable basket to fit all bottle sizes, Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer is ideal for warming baby bottles and food jars. 

It Warms Breastmilk or Formula

This device makes it easy to warm several breast milk bottles or formula before refilling water is necessary. Audio and visual alerts tell you when the warming cycle is complete. 


  • Easy to use and operate
  • Quickly warms baby bottle and food jars
  • Safe and convenient


  • This is only a narrow bottle warmer designed for Dr. Brown’s bottles.

5. BabyX Fast Bottle Warmer

This BabyX Bottle Warmer is a great way to take your parenting skills and baby care to the next level. It warms and sterilizes breast milk and baby food, and you can also safely place teething items in it without worrying about any harmful bacteria.

This warmer is accompanied by an LED light indicating when the process of warm milk or food is complete. BabyX will warm milk and food properly, evenly, and effectively to ensure that all essential nutrients are not lost. 

Features It Warms Baby Milk

The devices warm up your breast milk quickly, efficiently, and safely. Breast milk will be ready for consumption in minutes, whether day or night while retaining all the essential nutrients. 

Sterilization Process

An intense and prolonged heating process will decontaminate and clean your toys, ensuring your baby is only chewing on germ-free, healthy toys. The heating process should take several minutes and get rid of dangerous infectious germs. 

Led Indicator

During the heating process, the LED light will turn on and illuminate. It will then turn off after the process is completed. If the water temperature drops inside the chamber, the LED light will turn on again to continue the heating process. 


  • Can sterilize pacifiers or other small teething toys
  • It properly warms all your baby’s food
  • Warms food very fast


  • It is pricey

Buying Guide: Considerations When Buying a Bottle Warmer

Bottle Warmer

Here are the considerations when buying a bottle warmer. 


Cost is also a key factor. For the price, you may prefer to heat bottles in another way simply. Another option is to buy a second-hand warmer if you’re uncertain about how much you’ll use it. 

Frequency of Use

If your child still breastfeeds or prefers cold bottles, then skip the bottle warmer. Also, if you are using formula or just don’t pump breast milk at all, then don’t invest in a bottle warmer. 

Electric Vs. Manual

Warmers usually plug into your kitchen counter and have either steam or hot water source to heat. They are perfect if you do most of your feeding by yourself. A non-electric warmer relies on battery power to keep milk warm on the go.

Some are insulated, some use batteries, and some plug into the car’s 12V DC connector. Think about when and where you’ll need to use your milk warmer when shopping. 

Bottle Size

If you plan to use bottles with larger nipples or for use with other containers, make sure you check the dimensions of the bottle warmer before purchasing. Some warmers have a narrower circumference, while others have a wider circumference. 

Steam vs. Hot Water

The steam method is faster, but it can scorch you or your baby if you are not careful. Water baths are typically more evenly heated, but they take longer. 


Some warmers contain steam trapped in a chamber that covers the bottle and heats it from all sides, while others use heated water from a thermos, either electrically heated or poured directly from a container. 


Some warmers keep the bottle warm while they’re in “standby” mode. If you have frozen food or milk, choose a warmer with a defrost setting. 


If your baby is starving and crying, you need warmers with fast heating capabilities. We recommend standby settings and fast heating warmers.

FAQs On Bottle Warmer

1. Which is the best Bottle Warmer?

The Best bottle warmer is the First Years Quick serve bottle warmer. It’s the perfect selection for new parents, daycares, and more. With this heater, you can heat breast milk, formula, and baby food jars in just minutes. 

2. Do bottle warmers kill nutrients in breastmilk? 

When breastmilk is overheated in the bottle warmer, nutrients in the breast milk can be killed. 

3. Can you use any Bottle in a Bottle warmer? 

It will depend on the type of warmer. For instance, the Beaba BabyMilk Ultra-Fast Bottle Warmer is a wide neck warmer that will fit all bottles. 

4. Can you leave a bottle warmer all night? 

Do not warm up the bottles and leave them outside for too long before feeding your baby, as this could put your baby’s health at risk. 

5. Are bottle warmers worth it? 

Bottle warmers are worth it. A bottle warmer provides you with the heat in a bottle. It is perfect for warming up formulas and defrosting breast milk or baby foods.


Since many bottle warmers are on the market, it can be challenging to identify the best one. However, there is no need to worry.

If you decide to buy a bottle warmer, you should consider factors such as price, speed, size, mode of operation, and settings.

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