12 Best Book Scanner: # 1 Choice for Professional

With the discovery of the best scanner for scanning books, dealing with paperwork has become a thing of the past. We no longer want to move around with huge volumes of books or documents as they can be bulky and inconvenient. This is the key reason why scanners are selling now than ever.

The rise in demand for professional book scanners has seen numerous brands popping in to fill the gap, which has complicated the buying process. The various brands can easily confuse you as they all tend to proclaim themselves the best.

To simplify the process and give you peace of mind, we present our highlight of the good scanner to help you know which scanner is best for scanning books.

Our Favorite Book Scanner

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12 Best Book Scanner – Buying Guide

  1. CZUR ET16 Plus Advanced Book & Document Scanner– Best overall Book scanner
  2. iCODIS Document Camera & Overhead Scanner X3– Best overhead scanner
  3. Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600– Best multifunction scanner
  4. Epson Perfection V600 Scanner– Best professional scanner
  5. CZUR ET18 Pro Professional Document Scanner– Best large format book scanner
  6. IRISCan Book 5 Wifi Wand Portable Scanner– Best portable scanner
  7. iOCHOW S5 Document Camera & Book Scanner– Best scanner with HD camera
  8. CZUR Aura-B Book & Document Scanner– Best to scan entire book
  9. BAOSHARE Portable Document Camera & Scanner– Portable document camera
  10. CZUR M3000 PRO Professional Book Scanner– Automatic book scanner
  11. Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus High-Definition USB Document Camera– Best digital book scanner
  12. iOCHOW Portable High Definition Book Document Scanner– Best compact book scanner

1. CZUR ET16 Plus Advanced Book & Document Scanner

For how long have you been looking for the best overhead scanner but to no avail? No matter the duration, here we present with the best overhead scanner your money can buy.

CZUR ET16 Plus scanner has improved the scanning procedures in almost all areas. For example, it comes featuring 2 lamps, one on either side so that the entire working area is fully illuminated for superior-quality scans.

Additionally, it features a black mat meant to reduce or eliminate surface glares, interferences, and/or artifacts in final scans. Therefore, you will not experience any glaring effect that may tamper with the quality of scans, especially when dealing with glossy pages, magazines, laminated documents, or certificates.

Another unique feature that sets the automated scanner aside is its ability to auto-flatter pages before scanning. This technology, coupled with the auto-crop technology, ensures you get nothing else more than what you need.

The scanning speed is fascinating – the scanner only needs 1 to 2 seconds to effectively scan 2 pages thanks to the superior 32-bits MIPS CPU that this device runs on.

Although the CZUR ET16 Plus scanner primarily runs on OCR technology, it has no issues converting documents to editable formats such as PDF, Word, and TIFF, etc. Coupling this with its capacity to understand up to 187 languages means you will never have errors on your final editable scans.

Generally, the aspects that would compel you to buy this scanner include its sleek design, great automated software, speed, power, and affordability, among many others. You should, however, note that all these features attract some high prices, so make sure you can meet the cost.


  • Brand: CZUR
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Resolution: 4608*3456
  • Sheet Size: A3
  • Camera: 16 MP
  • Product Dimensions: ‎14.26 x 13.83 x 5.87 inches


  • Fascinating speed
  • Convert files into editable docs
  • Can recognize up to 187 languages, therefore you can edit scan to remove errors


  • It’s relatively costly
  • Ordering online can result in delays in delivery

2. iCODIS Document Camera & Overhead Scanner X3

Your futile search for the good scanner isn’t over yet if you haven’t experienced the iCODIS Overhead Books/Documents Scanner.

One of the key things that will tell you a scanner is an incomparable option is the many positive reviews from previous users (as can be from amazon.com reviews). If you read these reviews, you will note that most users view it as the best scanning device for flat objects and/documents.

With its fairly decent 8-mp camera, the scanner guarantees highly accurate results and with desired quality. You can use it to scan up to A3 document sizes and rely on its intelligent algorithm to optimize the final scanning results.

If you are a beginner, the scanning device is a heaven-sent gift. This is true since it comes featuring an excellent Optical Character Recognition Software (OCR), which can recognize many languages to simplify your work.

Furthermore, it offers other handy features such as “automatic image correction” for detecting the substrate’s right orientation and works to fill the damaged and ripped docs.

Before you go for this book scanner kit, be warned that it does not have the “auto-flattening functionality.” Consequently, the curvature at the middle of the scanned book page shows up on the final output.


  • Brand: ICODIS
  • Resolution: 240
  • Sheet Size: A3
  • Camera: 8 MP
  • Product Dimensions: ‎9.4 x 3.1 x 13.8 inches


  • High accurate results
  • Reasonable pricing
  • A multipurpose view


  • Not compatible with Macs
  • It lacks auto-flattening functionality

3. Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Overhead Book and Document Scanner

Our review for the best book scanner begins with the top-class Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 overhead document scanner.

It has completely redefined the working of world-class book scanners as it comes featuring everything from advanced red illumination to superior quality CCD optics typically.

Being a powerful scanning device, the system will help you manage huge volumes of delicate documents within no time. It’s best suited for scanning materials such as journals, newspapers, magazines, and books, among many others.

With it, you will enjoy countless benefits. For example, you will appreciate that it produces crisp accuracy in colors and texts, meaning the final scans are always vivid.

In addition, you will appreciate that Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 overhead book scanner comes easy to operate – place your document or book on its working area/pad and then hit the scan button. Your scanner will get into work immediately to produce the desired scans within a matter of seconds.

Compared to some other scanning devices of its class, Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 carries the day effortlessly. This holds especially if you consider the convenience it offers when using – your biggest task is to turn the pages, and its “automated-page-turning detector” ensures the scanning process continues.

Something else that wows many Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 is its inbuilt flattening software that automatically corrects the document/book curves and gets rid of scanned fingertips.

Moreover, the device’s ability to scan multiple files simultaneously is also another advantage you will appreciate. It means you will save much time with it since you don’t have to scan a single page at a time –feed all the pages but make sure you stick to overturn them amid the scanning process.


  • Brand: Fujitsu
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Resolution: 1200
  • Wattage: 20 watts
  • Sheet Size: 1 x 1, 17 x 11.8
  • Product Dimensions: 8.27 x 6.14 x 15.08 inches


  • Lightweight
  • Allow multiple scanning simultaneously
  • Auto page detection technology makes your scanning task easy


  • Some people think it is not a good option for scanning old pictures
  • Sometimes you might have to do a lot of manual work

4. Epson Perfection V600 Scanner

Being an upgrade of the Epson Perfection V500, the scanner is built with a modern design that lenders it a great choice for your stylish office or even home.

Other than its design, the book page scanner is excellent in performance and comes effortlessly to use. The scanner prints typically everything you feed in the scanning area. It’ starts by automatically detecting the sort of film you insert on the working area and then get into work.

According to most users, the Epson Perfection V500 scanner is an ideal option for starters looking to manage slides and/or film negatives with a high-end photo scanner that’s readily affordable. Although the scanner may not be the best substitute for high-end scanners, its higher resolution (6400×9600 dpi) coupled with several other handy features guarantees you a superior quality scan.

Similar to most other scanning devices you’ve probably worked with, this one from Epson uses LED lamps to illuminate the substrate for easier and quicker scanning. The lamps are great as they don’t need any warm-up to begin working.

You will accept the most with this scanner from Epson is that it employ a digital ice technology that makes it possible to recover your old-damaged pictures. The technology works by performing infrared range analysis, and there it will only detect mechanical deficiencies. The info delivered is used by the computer to retouch the images where they get damaged.

You should, however, note that the scanner can be a bit slow – just like most flatbed scanners are.


  • Brand: Epson
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Resolution: 9600
  • Wattage: 16.5 watts
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 4.6 inches


  • Easy to install
  • Straightforward to use – nothing comes to complicate plus it features a user guide manual
  • Elegant design plus excellent performance


  • The scanner’s software doesn’t allow one to calibrate or profile it as you’d wish. Consequently, you might need some Photoshop operations
  • It can be slow like most other flatbed scanners in the market

5. CZUR ET18 Pro Professional Document Scanner

You will encounter a wide range of scanning devices in the market; however, not many will meet the CZUR ET18 Pro Book Scanner standards. For one, the device is built with convenience and efficiency to suit all your scanning needs the best.

CZUR ET18 Pro has been widely embraced by various business owners as it let them work on a wide range of materials. Unlike other sorts of scanners in the market that are only suited for specific format materials – this one scans from A4 format materials through A3 to smaller sizes.

If you are looking to scan exam papers, catalogs, magazines, large books, or blueprints, etc., CZUR ET18 Pro Book Scanner will get the job done within no time.

It comes featuring various handy features meant to boost its performance. For instance, it features durable Free Software that comprehends up to 187 + languages. When scanning files, the software will automatically detect the errors and help make editing where applicable.

Additionally, it features two superior-quality supplementary lights that make your scanning tasks a breeze. The lights help when dealing with materials that are not easy to scan under normal lights, e.g., glossy papers.

Aside from the above benefits, some red flags to note when buying this best handheld book scanner. For instance, some people have complained the scanner does not run if you have installed an antivirus on your PC. According to them, you have to disable the antivirus and then carry on with your scanning needs.

Others have criticized it that it does not work if you are not logged to your PC as an administrator. So if you are working in an organization where only the IT personnel or managers know the password, you will have hard times


  • Brand: CZUR
  • Resolution: 4896*3672
  • Sheet Size: A3, A4
  • Camera: 18 MP
  • Product Dimensions: ‎14.26 x 13.81 x 5.87 inches


  • Scans a wide range of material format
  • Enable editing or renaming of the files
  • Compact design


  • No free delivery
  • May not scan when PC is locked with a password

6. IRISCan Book 5 Wifi Wand Portable Scanner

Supposing you desperately need a good book scanner kit with plenty of handy features, then IRIS USA, Inc. Book Scanner could be all you need. Most people praise it as it has incomparable speed and therefore does not waste too much of your time.

On top of that, the scanner will never disappoint you as it will readily scan whatever material you wish – talk of magazines, books, or other scannable documents. The inclusion of OCR, curve distortion, and auto image improvement guarantees the quality of final scans.

Going by the information offered by the manufacturer on the product description, you will have peace of mind when using IRIS USA, Inc. Book Scanner. They claim it saves all scanned work automatically on the included micros card.

Another impressive feature is that the scanner can convert any paper, PDFs, documents, or image files into editable office docs, Excel, word, pages, outlook, numbers, and many others. It also allows you to convert old pictures into digital files – place them in the scanning area, and the scanner will work the magic.

Finally, you will like it that you can easily transfer files from the scanner into your PC for archiving or organizing. This is readily achievable but with the help of a USB cable and SD Card, both of which come included.

On the downside, some people have complained that this may not be the best comic book scanner. They observed that scanning flat pages could be an issue due to the scanner’s configuration. The configuration doesn’t allow the device to capture the entire page of a magazine or book, and this causes some issues.


  • Brand: IRIS USA, Inc.
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Resolution: 1200
  • Sheet Size: Letter, A4
  • Wattage: 2 watts
  • Item Dimensions: 10.19 x 1.49 x 0.87 inches


  • You can rename, edit and save the files
  • It can convert any sort of paper document
  • Cost-effective


  • The configuration can interfere with the scanning process
  • It can distort the scans

7. iOCHOW S5 Document Camera & Book Scanner

According to various experts, a good book scanner should offer convenience and avoid damaging documents. If you also believe in these sentiments, you have no better option to choose than the iOCHOW S5 Book Scanner. With it, you can work on any book, journal, or other scannable paper.

Unlike some of its competitors, the iOCHOW S5 scanner is designed with a superior page flattening algorithm and finger removal functionality to form scans easily while getting rid of fingerprints.

In addition, the scanner features 22 megapixels which makes it possible to support the excellent definition and timeless demonstration. It can capture and display texts and images up to A4 and A3 sizes. All these operations can be accomplished even in a dark environment thanks to the included 4 LED lamps.

Still, on the same device, you will appreciate its ability to offer multiple solutions. For instance, it can serve as a video recorder and real-time projector to suit various occasions such as making e-book or music scores, teaching, meetings, etc.

To ensure you get what you pay for, the printer is fitted with practical software based on the most recent technologies. Consequently, it will perform auto-correction and fill up broken edges of the documents under scanning, allow intelligent continuous shoots, merge documents, etc.

Finally, it’s fairly praised and not overrated like most other scanning devices tend to be. The only thing you should perhaps not do when purchasing is that you will bear the delivery costs if you order on the web.


  • Brand: IOCHOW
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Resolution: 3200
  • Sheet Size: A3, A4
  • Camera: 22 MP
  • Item Dimensions: 17.52 x 5.67 x 4.53 inches


  • Excellent design and easy to use
  • A multipurpose scanner
  • Excellent performance


  • You bear the delivery costs
  • It may not be cost-effective for every aspiring buyer

8. CZUR Aura-B Book & Document Scanner

CZUR has been offering smart hardware solutions since 2013. Over the years, they’ve observed and learned what scanning needs face most people, and in an attempt to offer a long-lasting solution, they came up with CZUR Aura-B Scanner.

Their automated book scanners scan objects, books, magazines, journals, etc., at a commercial speed (one page per second) through AI technologies. It comes featuring a ‘patented curve flattening’ technology and has various purposes besides scanning your documents. For example, you can use it in your home or office as a table lamp whenever deems fit.

The packaging featuring a foot pedal, user manual, finger cots, CD, USB cable, charger, blackwork mat, and other paperwork. Once you set everything in the correct position as outlined in the user manual, your scanner will take less than 2 seconds to capture a page of up to A3 size.

Something else that will truly impress you in case you for this scanner is the CZUR App. The app simplifies everything – with it installed, you will never require things such as connecting the device to Wi-Fi when sharing files. Also, you will never need to use Bluetooth connections.

Finally, the device supports both windows and mac and comes with a warranty duration of up to 12 months. For you to benefit from this warranty, it is a requirement that you abide by their terms and conditions.


  • Brand: CZUR
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Resolution: 4320*3240
  • Sheet Size: A3
  • LED Lights: 32
  • Item Dimensions: 7.08 x 5.11 x 17.44 inches


  • Comes with CZUR smart App installed to enhance the usability
  • Support both Windows and Mac
  • Commercial scanning speed


  • According to some users, it can be slow when flattening and straightening book pages
  • Also, it can take up to ten seconds to capture the images and this can slow down your operations.

9. BAOSHARE Portable Document Camera & Scanner

Almost all the other scanners we’ve listed here can pose a problem when using (particularly to newbies), but this isn’t the case when it comes to the BAOSHARE scanner book. The above scanner has been designed with the user’s experience in mind, and consequently, it suits everyone’s needs.

The manufacturer understands not everyone is okay when dealing with technical installations, and that’s why they’ve simplified this version. As expressed by many users, you can fix the device correctly without the need for any user manual – all the peripheral devices are labeled so you will know what to connect where.

If you also appreciate the idea of being flexible with your devices, this one will marvel at you. Other than being stylish, it’s lightweight and hence highly portable.

The only thing you should be aware of when purchasing your BAOSHARE Book Scanner is that it’s only compatible with windows. If you have mac devices, then you might need a different device.


  • Brand: BAOSHARE
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Camera: 13 MP
  • Resolution: 4160*3120
  • LED fill lights: 16
  • Item Dimensions: 3.14 x 4.25 x 12 inches


  • Uses the most recent technology
  • Lightweight – hence highly portable
  • It’s simple to install and use


  • Not compatible with mac – only windows
  • It lacks book curvature flattering functionalities

10. CZUR M3000 PRO Professional Book Scanner

The best automatic book scanner should harbor sufficient highly innovative technologies. This implies it should have huge document scanning capacity and impressive scanning speeds.

Assuming you are looking for such a scanning device, CZUR M3000 PRO Book Scanner is worth your investment. To begin with, the device is creatively built with clean edges to inhibit reflective lighting while managing scanning tasks.

In addition, the manufacturer of this scanning device proves to be aware that scanning some materials such as glossy papers can be nagging and hectic. Consequently, they have incorporated double supplementary lightings/lamps on either side to offer enough lights on the entire scanning area.

Due to its superior technology, CZUR M3000 PRO Book Scanner can eliminate scanning fingers that accidentally appear in the final scans. This is possible thanks to its automatic smart cropping software that removes fingers from your final files.

Besides, the device employs programmed image enhancement, OCR, and curve distortion to give exceptional results.

Something else that you can’t simply overlook when debating about the scanner is its scanning speed. With it, you can effortlessly and accurately scan two pages within less than 1 to 2 seconds. This is possible as it employs an auto-scan technology that only requires the user to flips the pages on the scanning area, and everything else runs automatically.

Finally, the scanner comes with a user satisfaction guarantee of up to two years. However, some people have faulted the warranty as it’s hard to claim.


  • Brand: CZUR
  • Resolution: 300
  • Sheet Size: A3
  • Scanner Type: Document


  • Two warranty duration
  • High-quality results –all  thanks to auto flatten scans
  • Easy to operate


  • Claiming the warranty can be mind-nagging
  • It may not be affordable to all

11. Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus High-Definition USB Document Camera

With an 8.0 megapixel, auto-focusing camera, the Ipevo Ziggi-HD is a good digital book scanner to manage up to 3264*2448 resolution scans and is fully compatible with Macs and Windows. Furthermore, it can effectively capture approximately an area of “13.46” x 10.04” and “342 x 255mm.” This makes it an ideal option for scanning a wide range of documents and books.

In contrast to most other flatbed scanning devices available in the market, the  Ipevo Ziggi-HD scanner goes an extra mile to offer a special feature of live video capturing, although at 30fps only, and full HD resolutions. The live video streaming can extend further up to 2364×2248 resolutions, but this would then see the frame rate decreasing from 30fps to 15fps (don’t stress over if you are recording an action movie)

The ability to capture both detailed documents and live video streaming capability makes this scanner a superior option for traditional and web-based educational institutions. Also, it’s a handy tool for freelance tutors and online instructors.  To serve such purposes the best, it would be great to plug the scanner into your LCD projector – doing so will increase the range of use even further.

If you are a student, you will enjoy using the digital book scanner the most, but why? Well, it will let you enjoy reading your books/documents in your comfort zone while it captures any page your turn.

Finally, the product comes with a 12-month user satisfaction guarantee that will only be claimed if you observe their terms and conditions.


  • Brand: IPEVO
  • Video Capture Resolution: 2448p
  • Image Capture Speed: 30 fps
  • Wattage: 16.5 watts
  • Optical Zoom: 12 x
  • Camera: 8MP
  • Product Dimensions: ‎4.9 x 10.6 x 3.2 inches


  • Multifunctional
  • Come with a 12-month user satisfaction guarantee
  • It can be plugged into your LCD projector to enhance its functionality


  • It can be hard to claim refunds and/or replacements
  • Not any aspiring user can readily raise its cost

12. iOCHOW Portable High Definition Book Document Scanner

iOCHOW Book scanner is meant for people and businesses looking to work with the next generation book scanner. It features superior multifunctional software that guarantees superior scanning services for educational, office, bank, or training documents.

It’s highly portable, and its camera can capture and display vivid objects such as ID cards, passports, books, and magazines of various sizes and shapes.

There are very many things that you will appreciate with the scanner, some of which could be missing on other similar devices. For instance, the device boasts of its flattening app technology that simplifies the process of scanning everything typically – it will readily detect the page curvature and flatten the curve (if any) automatically.  In addition, it will split your image into 2 different images where the need arises.

To make the user experience a bit better, the manufacturer has incorporated powerful software with a wide range of functions. It works to facilitate automatic corrections, automatic filling of edges, background purification, multi-file scanning, synthesis of the scanned files, etc.

Above all, the scanning device from iOCHOW also comes with a compact design, and hence it’s readily portable. The good thing is that it can readily fit in your suit bag or briefcase so that you can carry it wherever your scanning needs lie.

If you aren’t sure whether you need this device or not, consider the fact that it can work in any environment – that’s whether you wish to scan in dark or brightly lit rooms. This is made possible by its powerful lamps and superior images processing and recognition properties.

You should, however, be keen when purchasing the digital book scanner as it can encounter trouble trying to scan glossy paper – its inbuilt light might not be sufficient to scan everything. Under such situations, you will have to provide additional lighting.


  • Brand: IOCHOW
  • Scanner Type: Photo, Document
  • Sheet Size: A3
  • LED Lights: 9
  • Camera: 17 MP
  • Item Dimensions: 17.63 x 5.63 x 4.45 inches


  • Highly portable
  • Can work even in dim-lit environments
  • It’s multifunctional


  • Might not scan well in darkness and you could be compelled to offer extra lightings
  • The customer care desk may not be easy to contact ( according to some users)

Best Good Book Scanner Buying Guide

Buying Guide of Best Book Scanner

With so many varieties of book scanners available in the market, there’s no doubting that finding the best for your needs can be a nightmare. It’s a process involving a lot of research and comparisons, and you might not want to coup up with these, particularly if you work on a tight schedule.

Luckily, you can break the process down and make it a breeze. Let’s show you here below.

1. Consider What You Need: Flatbed or Overhead Scanner

When you go to the marketplace, you will encounter the above two broad categories of scanners. Although both of them are meant to suit scanning purposes, the quality of their scans varies completely.

Whereas flatbed scanners will typically scan anything you place on their plates, the overhead scanner may not be ideal for scanning certain materials, e.g., books.

Make sure you know what you intend to use the scanner for, as this is what will give you a clue of what to pick between a flatbed or overhead scanner.

2. Consider the Scanner Speed

It goes without saying – the faster the scanner can get the work done, the better it is and the more convenience it offers.

A good scanner speed can be defined as the total number of pages it can work on within the shortest time possible.

If you are buying a scanner for your office or other commercial purposes, make sure you go for a high-speed scanner. These can handle a significant workload and reduce congestion in your office.

3. Quality & Image Resolution

You want your work to be magnificent. Therefore, you should consider buying a comic book scanner that can manage to produce clear pictures of book/document pages. Such a scanner features superior OCR technology and boasts a high-resolution camera.

For white docs, the best resolution should be approximately 300dpi and 600-1200 dpi for colored/glossy docs.

4. Software Compatibility

When you scan docs, they have to be transferred to your desired storage area. You may want to move them to your computer, smartphone or send them to an email address as an attachment. Consequently, you have to make sure your scanning device is compatible with software for easier transferring of files. If this isn’t the case, you will have a hard time trying to share files.

5. Type of Documents

You should also think about the sort of documents you will be dealing with. If you are not dealing with specific sorts, go for multipurpose scanners that can work on a wide range of materials with varying shapes, thicknesses, and sizes.

6. How About The Cost

You will find many types of scanners in the market; however, no two of them will cost equal amounts. For this reason, you have to compare the prices and match them to scanner qualities.

Be warned that expensive is not necessarily!

7. Your Available Space

When you go out to the market to shop for your best scanner for scanning books, you will realize that there are various sizes available – some come compact while others can be significantly large. Therefore, start by considering the amount of space you have.

Ask yourself whether the best portable book scanner in question will fit in your space, or you will need to add more room.

According to various solution experts, the best scanner is the one that perfectly fits in your space without manipulations.

8. Know What You Need

Knowing what you need will make the process of purchasing the best overhead book scanner a bit friendly. As you are likely to note, there are two common types of scanners: the flatbed scanner and the sheetfed scanner.

The former allows room for flexibility and produces high-quality scans but comes a bit costly. The latter also offers quality scans, but all its roles can be accomplished using the flatbed scanner.

To choose between them, you have to understand your goals. What are you buying the printer for? The answer will lead you to the right decision.

9. Ask Your Close Friends and Relatives

Do you have friends who use the book page scanner for their homes or offices? If yes, why don’t you contact them and get to know a few things? For example, where they bought the printers, how much they paid, how happy they are and whether they can advise you to go for the same.

Supposing you can do that, the process won’t be as hard as you may have been made to think!

The Bottom Line

With the help of our guide, we strongly believe you can now shop for the best book scanner without too many challenges.

If you still find the process to be a daunting one, consider picking any of the scanners we reviewed here. They have been creatively selected based on their performance, cost, and convenience, so be certain amid the purchase process.

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