Best Blue Mascara-Top Brands on the Market

It’s the comeback you didn’t know you’d been waiting for. Before you start wondering what blue mascara even is, let me explain: blue mascara is simply mascara in color other than black. The decade we associate with this eye makeup trend is the 1990s, although it was first brought to market in 1971. It came and went but never really left our hearts, did it? Today, I will show you that it should never have forgotten us. You’ll find out where to get some lovely blue mascara of your own and whether it goes with silver/green/blue eyes or if you can wear it to an interview.

Here are the best blue mascara.

Editor’s Pick-Blue Mascara

Best Blue Mascara Reviews In 2023

1. Maybelline New York Snapscara Washable Mascara

Meet a new generation of mascara! Snapscara is our 1st pigmented wax-free mascara that features a zero-hassle, no clump formula that glides on smooth for clean volume and defined lashes all-day. This voluminous mascara is made without pigment-dulling waxes and the effect is super-saturated lashes with pure color intensity. Easily remove this game-changing mascara with a cotton pad and warm water – it’s never tough to take off. You will never need to rub or experience those dreaded raccoon eyes. This colored mascara is ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contact lens wearers.

Easy Application

Glides on for clean volume and defined lashes in one easy swipe.

Easy Application Easy Removal

This game-changing mascara cleans off in a snap. No Rubbing. No Scrubbing. No raccoon Eyes!

2. COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Mascara

Let your lashes steal the show with Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara. This volumizing mascara glides on smooth to give you bold, thick lashes that stand out. It’s quick and easy to apply—just one coat is all it takes for longer, defined lashes. This formula keeps lashes soft with no flaking or smudging, so your gorgeous eyes stay at the center of attention. Pro-Tip: Apply Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara Primer beforehand for an extra boost of volume.

Defined Lashes With This Volumizing Mascara

Start showing off! Begin by flaunting these full, defined lashes with this volumizing mascara: Create show-stopping volume with just one coat. The formula glides on smoothly so you can complete your look fast.

Bold Lashes That Look

Do you know what takes 5 seconds to do but could change your life forever? One coat. One simple swipe of mascara and BOOM! You have crazy, bold lashes that look like you took 10 minutes curling your eyelashes. It’s so easy — which is why it’s such a GAME CHANGER for your face.

3. DNM 6 Color Colored Colorful Waterproof Mascara for Eyelashes Set

6 colors colored mascara give you shining big eyes, creating colorful, vibrant and charming looks. Multicolor waterproof mascara, easy to use.A high-quality makeup brush can reach every angle of your eyelash to create a more glamorous eyelash look. Great for daily use, clubbing or party.

People To Death On Halloween

If there was only one thing I could tell you about this mascara, it’s that it won’t give you spider legs. Because one pair of those is all you need, you can scare people to death on Halloween. The other thing is that it’s darn good. Me and my weasel face have a love/hate relationship with mascaras, but this one was as close to perfection as I’ve been able to find.

Skin With A Fresh Fragrance

A perfectly designed mascara that makes you look charming and eye-catching. With 6 colors for options, you can create many different looks. It is gentle on the skin with a fresh fragrance. Lightweight formula, easy to be applied on hassle-free make-up steps. Its curling brush lengthens, and curls lashes for a mysterious & sexy look here and there apply the mascara for a longer-lasting volume, no clumping effect. Sometimes, using an eyelash curler to curl your lashes before applying mascara can help improve your eyelash curling effect.

4. Blue Mascara Waterproof Natural Hypoallergenic 

It’s no secret that we love mascaras at Blue Mascara – Natural Cosmetics. That’s because I’ve always considered a mascara tube the ultimate beauty accessory. It’s used daily, is an extension of your eye, and lifts you when you feel low. It’s pretty amazing what a swipe of mascara can do for your whole look, how it can transform you from simple to spectacular and from unkempt to elegant.

Leave Us Pulling Out Hair

Natural mascaras have been popular for years, but not all are created equal – and you know what I’m talking about. It’s those flaky and clumpy mascaras that leave us pulling out hair! Those mascaras also tend to run and smudge as the day wears on. It’s no wonder many women find it incredibly difficult to wear natural makeup—and stay away from it altogether. But this mascara is different! Blue Mascara is the solution you’ve been looking for — no matter how long you’ve wanted to try a safe and natural formula.

Long And Luscious Lashe

When it comes to mascara, there’s nothing more desirable than long and luscious lashes. But it can be hard to find a mascara that combines volume and length. That’s where Blue Mascara Waterproof Natural Hypoallergenic Mascara differentiates itself. Designed with 100% natural ingredients, this formula enhances the length of each lash with a brush that thoroughly coats them. The result is a sexy lash that helps you express your personality.

5. 3 Pack 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara Purple

Everybody wants lovely and long eyelashes. Sadly, not every woman’s born with naturally-long eyelashes (even if you have a high volume of hair on your head). If you’re unlucky to have lashes much shorter than your peers, the most likely thing to do is get some mascara. And the problem with most Mascaras is that they come in black only. For example, coming in different colors like purple or blue will make your eyes more attractive and unusual.

No Flaking, No Smudging&No Clumping

Thickens each lash evenly and smoothly, leaving lashes soft with virtually no flakes, no smudges, and no clumps

Natural eye makeup

4D Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara comes with double ends folding eyelash comb brush to make the most out of your stunning makeup

Waterproof & long-lasting

This Mascara formula ensures that your eyelashes stay long, thick, and voluminous all day through rain, tears, and sweat.

How To Choose The Best Blue Mascara Before Buying


You should think about waterproof mascara because you never know when you might be surprised by a sad dog video or a fit of crying laughter. Waterproof mascaras are more resistant to the environment and general wear and tear. If you unintentionally rub it, you won’t need to be concerned about waterproof mascara spreading all over your face.

One thing to keep in mind is that waterproof mascara takes some good, natural oils out of your lashes to keep everything dry and adhere to the lashes.


You might want to get a blue mascara noted for lasting if you know you won’t be able to touch up your makeup during the day. This is typically checked off with waterproof mascara; however, non-waterproof alternatives are available.

Nothing Clumps

Your mascara may be outdated or have an uneven formula if it is clumpy. Find a formula that is both smooth and not overly watery. The finest brands to choose are those that are more well-known and reputable because their formulae have been thoroughly examined, and you are more likely to find product reviews for them.


Many different blue shade options are available when seeking the best blue mascara. Every hue of lipstick has a function and benefits. The majority of brands just specify the color blue, although occasionally, you’ll see versions in electric blue, midnight blue, or aquamarine.

Your eyes will appear much larger thanks to the electric blue mascara, which draws attention to their size. It creates the appearance that your lashes are longer and thicker at the same time. The best way to achieve an ombre appearance with royal blue mascara, on the other hand, is to layer it over black mascara.

The white areas of your eyes, or scleras, appear brighter while wearing navy mascara. The most understated option for individuals who don’t want to make a big decision is this mascara color because it may be the closest to black mascara you can get.


Many wand designs are available for mascara, each of which has a specific function and produces a particular aesthetic result. Here are some of the most popular wand designs available right now.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the point of blue mascara?

Blue mascara will not only draw attention to your eyes but also brighten the whites of your eyes to make you look more awake and alert. If you’re still wary of color, why not try coating your lower lashes with Lash Alert Mascara in blue?

Is blue mascara attractive?

Blue mascara is flattering for pretty much any eye color when used with the right products (we’ll get into that below), but is especially gorgeous on brown eyes, blue eyes, and black eyes.

Does anyone make blue mascara?

Great Lash Royal Blue is available again as of May (but only sold at Walmart until 2018). America’s No. 1 selling mascara, L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara, also unveiled a new blue formula back in March.

How do you get blue mascara to show?

Another way to show off your lashes is by using a complimentary colored background. So for blue mascara, try an orange-toned shadow; for green mascara, try a pink or red-toned shadow; and for purple mascara, try a yellow-toned shadow.

What does blue mascara do for green eyes?

If you have green eyes, blue mascara adds a vivid shock of color, enhancing your natural brightness. Add a dusting of pale peach eyeshadow across your lid before applying the mascara to make your lashes pop even more.


Finding the right blue mascara can be a difficult task, but the color-loving people of Instagram have set out in search of the most mind-blowing hue they could find. You may want to search on some of these showstopping lashes before you head out to purchase your own.

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