Best Bedside Water Bottle

Bedside water bottles are designed to keep you hydrated, not just while you sleep but also when you wake up and during the day between meals. From keeping track of your drinking habits to filtering water, and to being portable and convenient, there are many qualities a good bedside bottle should possess. Here is the list of the 8 best water bottles on the market that can stand the test of time.

Our Favourite Best Bedside Water Bottle

Top 8 Best Bedside Water Bottle Reviews- 2022

1. HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Looking for the best water bottle? Whether you’re looking for a 40oz bottle or a stainless steel water bottle with a straw or a 24oz or 32oz, this Hydro Cell stainless steel vacuum insulated travel bottle will keep your drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Use it as a gym water bottle, a tea infuser, or to carry pretty much anything from cotton candy to pancake syrup! Includes removable silicone straw, flip lid and screw on cap. Tritan plastic is crystal clear and nearly unbreakable.

Why Choose it?

water bottle half gallon with straw kids motivational 64 oz insulated hot cold time marker yeti

Performance: This stainless steel reusable water bottle is perfect for the gym, home, school, office, and Bedside! Designed to keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 8 hours so it will exceed any expectations you may have. The double walled vacuum sealed technology that was used in designing this product is what really sets it apart from all other brands. 

Design: The secret is in the double-wall, vacuum insulation. This technology allows your Hydro Flask to maintain the internal temperature of whatever you put inside it. The insulation also keeps outside air from affecting the temperature, so your bottle will never “sweat” or get hot to the touch. Stainless steel is naturally BPA-free, so no matter how many times you refill your flask each day, you can rest assured that your drink will always be safe and clean.

Style: The Hydro Cell Stainless Steel Water Bottle comes standard with an attached stainless-steel screw cap which creates an air tight vacuum seal and is great for travel and outdoor adventures. The Hydro Cell also comes with a bonus Sport Cap w/ Straw, this lid is not 100% airtight due to the moving parts and is great for athletics and urban specific activity.

2. Cactaki 32 oz Water Bottle with Time Marker

The Cactaki 32 oz water bottle with time marker was designed to help you remember how much water you drink throughout your day. This water bottle has a super eye catching design and would be a great gift for anyone that doesn’t like to stay hydrated because it will serve as a reminder. Not only is this product an eye catcher but it is also functional. You get to color in your water bottle with the included markers, which makes it fun and interesting to keep track of the amount of water you drink throughout the day.

Why Choose it?

Innovative: Many people go through the day feeling tired, sluggish, and unable to focus. Often the culprit is mild dehydration! Drinking the precise amount of water your body needs every day can help you feel energized, active, and focused. Now, thanks to an innovative timer marker right on Cactaki 32 oz water bottle, you can drink as much water as your body requires every day, and keep track of when to drink again!

BPA Free: These stainless steel water bottles are made of leak proof Tritan co-polyester plastic which is 100% BPA and toxin free. This ensures no harmful chemicals, plastic taste, or odd odors are introduced into your drinking water. The stainless steel construction makes it durable and long lasting. The wide mouth makes it easy to clean and add ice cubes. This bottle also has a flip up spout with removable straw for easy drinking. 

Practical & Effective Design: The spill-proof water bottle comes with a one-click push button to open it quickly and easily. Eastman TritanTM copolyester is used, and the bottle comes in a variety of bright colors. This plastic water bottle is also BPA free & Eco-Friendly. Features a strap for outdoor travel and is top rack dishwasher safe. Perfect for hiking, camping, cycling and any other outdoor activities you can think of!

3. Brita Plastic Water Filter Bottle

This BPA-free Brita water bottle makes drinking water on-the-go simple and convenient. It holds up to 36 ounces, so you can fill it up and take it wherever you go. The cap has an easy open button for quick access, and the built-in carrying loop makes it easy to carry or attach. It fits into most car cup holders, and the built-in straw makes drinking as convenient as possible which means you can drink more of the health benefits of good, clean water throughout every day.

Why Choose it?

Design: It holds 36 ounces of water and is designed with a Brita filter that is integrated into the straw. It is the largest Brita bottle that we have ever made; it makes water taste great. It’s great for quenching your thirst on the go. The filter reduces the chlorine taste and odor found in tap water. The easy-sip spout and one-handed push button lid make it perfect for use at home, the office, at a sporting event or on a trip abroad.

Save Money: The Brita 20 oz Sports Water Bottle filters as you drink, reducing chlorine (taste and odor) found in tap water. The BPA-free bottle is top rack dishwasher safe, has a built-in carrying loop and is designed for effortless one-handed drinking. One water filter can replace up to 300 standard 16.9 ounce water bottles. Stay hydrated, save money and reduce plastic waste with Brita.

Features: The Brita Sport Water Bottle is an easy way to stay hydrated at home or on the go. The product filters as you drink, reducing chlorine taste and odor often found in tap water. This BPA-free bottle has a built-in carrying loop and an easy open lid that allows for quick hydration. It’s car cup holder friendly, and features an easy-to-use filter indicator that lets you know when it’s time to replace the filter. The filter should be replaced every 40 gallons or approximately every two months for best results. The product is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Reduces Chlorine: The Brita 20-oz Sports water bottle is made for on-the-go hydration. The durable, BPA-free plastic water bottle comes with a built-in carrying loop and a 1-click leak-proof lid. The filter inside the Brita Sport reduces chlorine (taste and odor) and more with every sip. You’ll enjoy great tasting tap water anywhere with Brita quality.

4. Nalgene Tritan Narrow Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle

Keep your beverages right by your side with the Nalgene Tritan Narrow Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle. Whether you’re hiking, biking or on a stroll through town, this lightweight and convenient water bottle will keep you hydrated wherever life takes you. Designed with containers that are completely leakproof and made of virtually indestructible BPA-free Tritan, this narrow mouth bottle is easy to clean and dishwasher safe on the top rack. The durable squeeze-style handle makes for easy carrying, while its wide opening makes it simple to fill. All materials are free of BPA, BPS and phthalates too—for peace of mind each time you reach for your drink!

Why Choose it?

wide mouth, 16oz, bpa free, bps free, tritan, phthalate free, nalgene, water bottle, bottle,
impact resistant, easy to clean, leak proof, made in the USA, bpa free, bps free, hiking, travel,

Narrow Mouth: The Narrow Mouth is best for drinking and keeping your water cool. The slightly smaller opening of the Narrow Mouth less water can rush out, making it easier to chug mindlessly. The smaller opening makes it a little easier to drink, and the cap’s loop holds onto carabiners better than the Wide Mouth’s cap. Its small opening means you can’t fit ice cubes in, but it also means you can better control your flow while guzzling.

BPA-free: The Nalgene Tritan water bottle is completely leakproof, made of virtually indestructible material that is BPA-free. The bottle easily cleans and can be washed in the dishwasher on the top rack of the dishwasher. The large opening on this wide mouth water bottle fits ice, easy filling and pouring. It is suitable for both warm and cold beverages (-40 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit). The loop-top never gets lost and screws on and off easily. This Nalgene water bottle is made in the USA.

Safe Materials: The nalgene 32oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle is perfect for you to take on your next adventure or use as an everyday water bottle. Made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester, this reusable bottle is completely free of BPS and phthalates. The narrow mouth opening accommodates ice cubes, fits most water purifiers and filters, and makes hand washing a breeze. This bottle is also marked with milliliters and ounces for easy measurement.

5. Veegoal 32 Oz motivational glass water bottles

This 32 Oz motivational glass water bottle is a BPA free and the material is made of borosilicate glass, which makes it much more durable than typical plastic water bottles. The bamboo lid has a built-in silicone ring to help keep your drinks secure inside the bottle and prevent leaks, while the neoprene sleeve keeps your bottle protected during travel, while it’s in your bag or when traveling by bike or car. This motivational glass water bottle is easy to open with a twist and go wide mouth opening making this perfect for using during exercise or sports trips.

Why Choose it?

Use Anywhere: This large capacity water bottle is designed to help you keep track of your daily drinking goals, so you can stay hydrated and healthy – and feel great! The flip-top lid is fast-flowing for quick hydration on the go, and the high-quality materials are crafted for long-lasting durability. You can use this classy water bottle for home, office or gym workouts.

Safe & Top-Quality: For those who care about their health and the environment, glass water bottles are a safe and top-quality option. Water bottles made of glass are free of BPA (bisphenol A), which is a chemical compound that can be found in plastics. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding BPA, which is an endocrine disruptor and negatively affects our bodies because it mimics hormones. In fact, there are many studies that link exposure to BPA with numerous health problems.

To ensure durability and to withstand cold or hot drinks, all of the glass water bottles are made of BPA-free Eco-friendly borosilicate glass. The best part is that they’re clear, so you can see how much water you consume throughout the day!

Leakproof & Convenient Design: We know how important it is for you to stay hydrated, that’s why we designed this glass water bottle is the perfect size so you can drink more water every day. The glass water bottle is easy to carry and easy to use because of its leakproof & tight seal design. It also fits most car cup holders and bike cages. It also has a neoprene cover which protects the glass bottle from small bumps & scratches and also provides an extra layer of insulation for your beverages.

Easy to Use & Clean: This reusable water bottle doesn’t leach any flavors into the water. You’ll taste purity in every sip. No metallic taste. No chemicals or toxins. Just crystal clear deliciousness! Hand washes gym bottle using our bonus long brush with warm soapy water. Alternatively, you can use a dishwasher on the top rack to clean your glass bottles.

6. VEEGOAL 25oz, 18oz Borosilicate Glass Water Bottles

Set yourself up for success by using this amazing 25oz, 18oz Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid, BPA-Free Non-Slip Silicone Sleeve and Bonus Stainless Steel Leak Proof Lid. This glass water bottle is made of durable borosilicate glass that can hold both hot & cold liquids. It comes with a bamboo lid made from natural bamboo fiber that helps to prevent any excess air flow when you drink from the bottle, thus providing an easy way to maintain your desired temperature. Another great feature is the included silicone sleeve; it’s non-slip so you never have to worry about dropping or spilling this glass water bottle!

Why Choose it?

17oz Glass water bottle, drink water bottle

Safe Materials: Glass water bottles are extremely durable. They are environmentally friendly and don’t leach chemicals into your water. The sleek modern design is made from 100% durable borosilicate glass which is BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead, and Cadmium free. These bottles will not shatter or break when dropped or bumped around. The silicone sleeve protects the bottle from bumps and dings and also keeps it from being too hot to touch. When compared to other types of plastic bottles, they are far more attractive and easier to clean.

Lid Design: Glass water bottles are attractive, but they can be heavy or fragile. To make these bottles more functional, top-quality clear water bottles come with a protective silicone sleeve, bamboo lid and an extra stainless steel lid. These reusable glass bottles are sturdy and safe for hot liquids, so you can use them to store your favorite tea or coffee and enjoy your beverage on the go.

Leakproof and Dishwasher Safe: The glass water bottle is made of natural, sustainable glass and features a protective silicone sleeve to add some grip and keep it from breaking in case of a slip-up. It’s sweatproof, leakproof and dishwasher safe. The bamboo lid is not only good looking but also naturally antimicrobial. It’s also got a convenient carrying loop so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Easy to Use: An easy-to-use glass water bottle is always a good choice for you. These glass water bottles are made from high-quality borosilicate glass, which is stronger and more durable than other types of glass. These cute water bottles are easy to carry and easy to clean, thus making them easy to use. They also have a silicone sleeve that provides extra protection, and a non-slip grip, and comes in different colors. They are very affordable and safe to drink in.

7. Moonovator Copper Water Bottle

Moonovator Ayurvedic Copper Water Bottle has been designed to provide you with immediate health benefits from the moment you start using it. Featuring a large 34 oz. capacity, this water bottle is perfect for staying hydrated throughout your day. Made from natural 100% copper, the Ayurvedic water bottle is BPA-free and will not leach any chemicals into your drinking water. This copper water bottle has been designed with an airtight top that reduces oxidation while increasing the taste of your beverage; a double walled stainless steel design that alleviates condensation build up and keeps drinks cool for longer; and a patented magnetized lid that allows you to easily stick this bottle in your freezer and defrost as needed.

Why Choose it?

Sleek Design
Be the trend
Refresh & Rejoice

More Than Just Water: Hydrating your body is a serious concern. Making tasteless water the most satisfying drink is made quick and easy with this copper bottle.  Drinking water from a copper bottle provides you with the health benefits of copper in a convenient way.

Resist the Sugar Intake: You are about to be introduced to the copper water bottle that resists your sugar intake. Even though this sounds weird, it works wonders. Copper is considered as a natural purifier and hence drinking water for the long term from a copper bottle can help you get rid of many diseases.

Sleek Design and Long Lasting: This product has the best quality in comparison to other products on the market. With its beautiful design, it gives it an embellished look. Why waste time on it when you’ve got this option right here? Rustproof, leakproof, and entirely joint free. Cleaning it with a mild soap solution is relatively simple, so anyone using it on a daily basis can keep it clean and hygienic.

Travel Friendly: You can now keep yourself hydrated by storing water in this bottle and carry it around anywhere you go. Its design makes it convenient to carry around in your bag or even your handbag. With its cute size, you can simply slide it in your bag and be on your way!

8. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

Bring a refreshing drink to work, the gym or the outdoors in our Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Our vacuum insulated stainless steel sports water bottle keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours. The 32oz flask features 3 lids, including a straw lid with a silicone cover which helps prevent spills, an easy open push button sipper lid and a leak proof screw on lid. Just twist off the top and enjoy your beverage! Perfect for all outdoor and indoor activities like camping, hiking and biking.

Why Choose it?

Wide Mouth 2

3 Lids: There are three different types of leak-proof lids included with Iron Flask. You will find a carabiner straw lid with two straws, a flip lid, and a stainless steel lid in your glass! Iron Flask is the best water bottle that you can use in any situation. It is great for you to use at the gym, office, outdoor sports, and adventures, hiking & camping, cycling & biking, or simply carrying around in your everyday routine.

18/8 Premium Stainless Steel: Iron Flask is made of the highest quality 18/8 Stainless Steel. The Iron Flask water bottle is a non-toxic, BPA-free reusable water bottle that will keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours. It is powder coated to ensure a sweat-free bottle. The Iron Flask has three lids: straw lid, flip lid, and a stainless steel lid.

Functional Design: The powder coat exterior finish is a classic. It assures that you stand out with a very durable and elegant bottle. The wide mouth is easy to fill with ice cubes, fits most water filters, and makes hand washing a breeze.

Spout Cover: The leak-proof lid features a spout cover to keep out gross dirt and germs. Simply flip back the spout cover to reveal the straw. The hinge lock prevents the automatic flipping back of the spout cover while drinking. A rubber gasket makes for a no leak seal.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Bedside Water Bottle

Best Bedside Water Bottle


The bottles on this list come in a variety of sizes and hold different quantities of water. Details are given within the description where that is the case. Obviously, you’ll want something bigger if you’re going to carry your water bottle around all day without anywhere to refill it. Even if you plan to use the device for a short period, you could opt for something smaller.

Lid type

If you drink from a reusable water bottle with a lid, it will have a significant impact on how you drink. There are those with larger mouths and those with smaller mouths. There are some lids that detach fully, while other lids twist off but remain attached to the top. They can be opened and locked shut, or you can suction water from the “sport” cap. Choosing a glass depends on your personal preference as well as what you will be doing while drinking (driving, sitting at a desk, exercising, running errands, etc.). Several of these brands sell extra lids to be used in addition to the ones they ship with their bottles. The description has made this clear if that is the case.

Lid materials

The most common material for water bottle lids is plastic, but sometimes you’ll find stainless steel metal lids. Because of this, you should always choose a BPA-free lid for your water bottle.


These stainless steel bottles keep your water cold for a very long time because they are insulated. Several of the people I spoke with like room-temperature water (or don’t mind when it doesn’t stay cold 100% of the time) but some prefer plastic, glass, or uninsulated steel containers.

Flexible handle

The fingers can feel comfortable with flexible handles. The handles are likely to become brittle over time, however. Additionally, you will need to hold the screw-top lid securely in order to open the bottle, which may be tricky if the screw is too tight.


It is evident that plastic is a material that is highly versatile. There are numerous shapes, colors and textures available for plastic water bottles. There are two types of water bottles available to you: rigid plastic bottles with a screw top lid, which do not weigh much, or flexible bottles, which can be used for squirting water into your mouth.


Additionally, plastic bottle designers have developed collapsible bottles which can be conveniently packed into backpacking equipment without adding significantly to their weight.

Construction & Insulation

Water bottles that are made from durable stainless steel, such as insulated models, typically have a substantial weight to them, allowing them to hold both hot and cold drinks without a problem. In general, a budget-priced bottle is made of plastic – which makes them much lighter, and more suitable for runners and cyclists as well.


Is it good to keep water bottle in bedroom?

Having water before sleep can increase the frequency with which you need to go to the bathroom at night. Sleeping six to eight hours uninterrupted is made possible by the decrease in urine output during the night. If you drink a glass or two of water before bed, this cycle can be broken. Lack of sleep can also have negative effects on your heart.

How can I get cold water in my bedroom?

Make a spritz bottle with cold water and spray the mixture around your bedroom before you go to bed. Keep a glass of water next to your bed during the evenings.

Final Words

We hope that our review has brought some clarity to you, and helped you to decide which the best bedside water bottle is for your needs. These bottles are great additions to any nightstand, and will no doubt be used regularly by the whole family. As long as they are cleaned frequently and filled with clean water, they should last you a long time. And if you’re lucky enough to get one of the ones we recommend above, even better!

Hopefully, this guide has given you enough information on the best bedside water bottle choices available. Take a look at all of them, read our detailed reviews, and we think you’ll find an option that you can enjoy using while you stay hydrated!

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