Top 10 Best Bedside Lamp With USB Port

Lights are an important part of any organization, and make sure you keep your workstation, gaming desk, or bedside table well-lit. This means getting a good lamp. Many USB lamps on the market have these features that allow you to charge peripheral accessories and devices while providing light. When it comes to desk lamps with USB ports, there are a lot of options — but overall, we feel that the TaoTronics (opens in a new tab) is the best one out there.

Check out this below for the best one for yourself.

Editor’s Pick-Bedside Lamp With USB

Best Bedside Lamp With USB In 2023

1. Bedside Lamp with USB Port

A touch dimmer switch controls the brightness of the LED light and can be used as a multi-functional table lamp. It is made from high-quality aluminum, which is durable and lightweight. The small size makes it easy to carry or hang on the wall for home decoration. It has a flexible neck that bends at the full circle, allowing you to adjust the direction of light according to your preferences.

Nice And Comforting Feeling

This small lamp provides you with a nice and comforting feeling when spending time with your family. The linen fabric shade softens the light that helps you to protect your eyes even more.

Customizable Reading Experience

This dimmable bedside table lamp offers 3 level brightness options for a customizable reading experience, with a wide base that makes it perfect for almost any surface. Simply tap on anywhere of the metal base to adjust the lighting to meet your different needs. Nightlight, nursing with adjustable light. Study or work with proper high comfortable brightness.

A Convenient Charging Location

This touch control desk lamp provides a convenient charging location for your mobile devices. The built-in USB ports (5V/2.1A) can charge your mobile phones, kindles, headsets, diffuser, speakers, or other electronics no matter whether the lamp is on or off.

2. USB Bedside Table Lamp, Golspark Minimalist Nightstand Lamp with Charging Ports

The USB Bedside Table Lamp is a modern lamp with a minimalistic design, providing you with ample light while charging your electronics at the same time. It features two 5V/2A USB ports and one 3-prong outlet on the base of the lamp, allowing you to charge your phone, tablet, Kindle, and other electronic devices at the same time.

Essential Nightlight In Your Bedroom

The USB Bedside Table Lamp is a simple lamp with a pull chain switch that turns on and off the warm white light. Allows you to control the brightness of the light, which can be used as an essential nightlight in your bedroom. Made of stainless steel, it fits in well and looks great in any location.

Features A Beige Fabric Shade

USB Bedside Table Lamp is a perfect home decor lamp that features a beige fabric shade that creates a comfortable and relaxing feeling for your home and protects your eyes. It has E26 warm white LED bulb, saves up to 80% energy compared to traditional bulbs, and allows you to change the lighting effect with your own light bulbs.

Golspark Minimalist Nightstand Lamp

This USB Bedside Table Lamp, Golspark Minimalist Nightstand Lamp with Charging Ports is a modern classic due to its simple but elegant style. It’s an excellent piece of minimalist décor that has a functional task too. The USB port lets you charge your phone or tablet while the lamp illuminates in the darkness, making this lamp perfect for any use: bedside table lamp, office table lamp, or living room side table lamp.

3. Fully Dimmable Table Lamp for Bedroom Living Room Dual USB Port

This table lamp for the bedroom and living room is a minimalist design, dual USB ports make it convenient to charge your phone or tablet. The rotary dimmer knob gives you the power to adjust the brightness of the light, from 0% to 100% brightness smoothly change. It also provides a warm white light that is perfect for reading and writing.

Equipped With 2 Usb Ports

This table lamp is a good phone charging station organizer. Equipped with 2 USB ports and 2 power outlets, it offers more charging options and even powers other devices at the same time. It can be a perfect bedside lamp or living room lighting source in your house or bedroom.

Incandescent Bulb

This fully dimmable table lamp features an E26 Edison bulb, which gives out a warm light similar to incandescent bulbs. The brightness of the lamp is equivalent to that of a 60W incandescent bulb. For added convenience, it comes with two USB ports so you can enjoy charging your phone while reading or working at night.

Lamp Deliver Comfortable Lights

This lamp shade helps to minimize glare and eye strain, letting the lamp deliver comfortable lights for your needing. You can also adjust the brightness by pressing the touch button on the base of the lamp. They can be used as bedside lamps in the bedroom or family room or study table lamps in the home office.

4. Bedside Lamp with USB Port

This lamp features a convenient touch-sensitive sensor, so you can adjust the light setting by simply tapping on the silver metal base. It has 3 different brightness levels and is perfect for reading, nursing/feeding, or even as an accent light for ambiance. Its small and portable design makes it easy to move from room to room and take with you on the go.

Located On The Side Of The Lamp

This bedside lamp has a built-in USB port for charging your phone and other devices. The table lamp features a USB type C (5V/2.1A) and AC outlet (120V). The USB port is located on the side of the lamp, making it easy to plug in your phone while you read. Also, when it’s not being used to charge your devices, it provides plenty of lighting for reading on your bedside table or nightstand.

Warm And Pleasant Glow

An ideal side table lamp that offers you a warm and pleasant glow, helping to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. This bedside lamp is well made and sleek in design. Its linen fabric lampshade gives off a warm, pleasant glow providing you with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Bulb Stops Working

No need to worry about finding the right bulb for your bedside lamp. This USB lamp comes with a Q50 2700K LED bulb, stabled warm white light to protect your eyes. Even if the bulb stops working, you can simply drop one from our website without having to hassle yourself by finding new ones.

5. Set of 2 Industrial Table Lamps with 2 USB Port

A perfect gift choice for all ages, the Set of 2 Industrial Table Lamps with 2 USB ports has bright light with a dimmer function. Simply rotate the switch to choose 0-100% different brightness according to your needs, use the brightest for reading, and working and the lowest for nursery, meditation, and movie nights. Easy to use for all, even for kids and elders.

Quickly Charge Two Electronic Devices

Built in 2 high-quality USB charging ports inside our industrial table lamp, you can easily and quickly charge two electronic devices simultaneously, such as mobile phones, iPad, kindles, and so on. The table lamp is convenient for you to use at home in your bedroom, study room, or kitchen. It is especially suitable for those who need to charge their phone at night when they fall asleep.

Easily And Quickly Charge

We add 2 high-quality built-in USB charging ports(5V/2.1A) inside our bedside lamp, so you can easily and quickly charge two electronic devices simultaneously, such as mobile phones, iPad, kindles, headsets, diffusers, speakers, or other electronics no matter the lamp is on or off. It is super easy to use — just plug in the USB cable and away you go! The USB-powered port will not drain your device’s battery if left plugged in overnight.

6. Bedside Lamp Touch Control Table Lamp

The touch control table lamp is a unique and stylish lamp ideal for any bedroom. It has been engineered to be soft, elegant, and functional. With this table lamp, you don’t have to search for the switch in the dark. Just pat or touch it, or reach out with eyes closed and feel it come on. It’s simple and easy! The base of our touch control table lamp is made of high-quality ABS plastic, meanwhile, the supporting pole is made of aluminum alloy which makes it more durable than other lamps on market.

The lamp Is Designed To Illuminate

The Bedside Lamp Touch Control Table Lamp is designed to illuminate, charge and save your space. The USB ports allow you to charge your phone, laptops, and other electronics without requiring a separate charging station.

Small Desk Lamp Is Topped

This magical touch dimmable table lamp is made for bedside use, living room, study room, kids’ room, and more. It’s small in size which is really perfect to decorate anywhere in your house. The small desk lamp is topped with a 5.7-inch-diameter linen lampshade, and has a metal base with wooden finishing, adding texture to your spaces.

Touch Control Table Lamp

Bring a touch of class and a dash of modernity to your home or office with our delightful Bedside Touch Control Table Lamp. Crafted from metal and wood, this striking desk lamp is as beautiful as it is functional. The perfect addition to any room, our touch dimmable table lamp has a linen lampshade that’s topped off with an elegant effect, bringing the perfect balance of warmth to the space around it.

7. USB Table Lamp Bedside Lamp with Dual USB Charging Ports

A unique design of the tree branch base and linen fabric lampshade creates a subtle sense of harmony and presents a retro and elegant appearance. This lamp is suitable for any decoration scheme, such as urban, modern, casual, retro, or traditional. It can add a high-end feel and elegant touch to any room within your house, which enhances the taste of the space.

A Portable Table Lamp

Experience more convenience! A portable table lamp with built-in fast charging ports and a multi-functional bulb that’s a perfect bedside companion. It charges your smartphones, Airpods, kindle readers, and more without having to worry about the location of charging ports.

Dual USB Charging Ports

The traditional USB table lamp bedside lamp with dual USB charging ports is made of linen fabrics lampshade (Which should be assembled manually). It is stunning and durable. And it is available to soften the light radiation and distribute the light evenly, which makes your bedroom a soft tone and prevents eye fatigue.

Practical European Design

The lamp head is made of aluminum, which makes it appear delicate and classical. With two built-in ports for charging your phone, you can charge your device conveniently without having to reach out for a power socket. The USB Table Lamp Bedside Lamp with Dual USB Charging Ports is easy to use – just plug it into any AC outlet, then connect via USB to your device and let the dimmable LED light glow softly. With the minimalist but practical European design, the traditional USB bedside lamp explain the elegance in a low-key way and shows the best charm in simplicity.

8. 2-Pack Touch Control Bedside Lamp

Dimmable 3-way touch control bedside lamp, turn your lights on or off with a simple tap. This lamp is suitable for both home lighting and decoration due to its slim and modern design.

Multiple Plug Spaces

The lamp offers a convenient solution for charging up to 3 devices at the same time and eliminating the need for multiple plug spaces. The touch control technology allows you to dim and adjust the brightness of the light without having to fumble with buttons or switches, giving you complete control over your lighting.

LEDs Bulbs Equipped For Free

Small desk lamps are table lamps, which are suitable for people who have a desk in their bedroom, study room, or computer room. It can be placed on a desk with a clamp or setting on the edge of the table. This bedside lamp is made of plastic and iron, with a touch control switch that makes it easy to use. It has two 6W, 2700K, and 800 lm energy-saving LEDs bulbs equipped for free. The 6W LED bulb we offered is equal to 60W incandescent bulbs, saving at least 90% on energy bills for your family. Besides, it has no flicker and dazzle.

Headboard Lamp Perfect

The unique and elegant design makes the headboard lamp perfect for your bedroom. The headboard accent lamp is made with a metal base, which is coated with a matte black finish. It is rust-proof and will distribute a charming metal texture, making your home space full of a chic and elegant aesthetic.

9. Bedside Lamp with USB Port, Touch Lamps for Bedrooms Living Room

A bedside lamp with a USB port, the Loshuer touch lamp is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. This easy-to-use lamp has 4 USB charging ports that let you charge other phones or tablets while it works as a night light. The Touch Lamps come in three colors green, blue, and red.

Featuring Three Modes Of Lighting

The Bedside Lamp with USB Port is the perfect accent light for your bedroom, living room, and more. Featuring three modes of lighting, you can easily adjust your ambiance with a touch of a button or dimmer switch. The white magic offers 4 brightness levels – Bright, Natural, Warm, and Dim.

Lamp Allows You To Enjoy

The touch lamp allows you to enjoy your bedside lamp with the convenience of control without even having to get out of bed. Simply tap the control panel tap and pick your favorite color tint. With over 256 color combinations, this lamp allows you to wake up in a good mood by picking your favorite shade.

10. Touch Control Bedside Lamp with 2 USB Ports

This touch control bedside lamp is the perfect accent light for children’s bedrooms, college dorm rooms, and more. With bright white light and 7 different lighting modes, this lamp is easy to use, simple to set up, and great in all sizes of rooms. The lamp is small in size and will fit in most table lamps, with a height of 11 inches tall and a 3-inch base diameter, it won’t take up too much space.

Top-quality Materials

This Touch Control Bedside Lamp with 2 USB Ports is of solid construction and perfect for anyone who loves to have their bedside lamp in an on-off switch. The lamp has a simple, modern design that accompanies any bedroom or living room. It’s 15” x 5.5” in size, making it ideal for children’s or adult bedroom lamps. It’s constructed from top-quality materials, including a solid metal base and flower fabric lampshade for premium durability and long lasting use.

Comfortable And Natural Light

This small touch control desk lamp comes with A19 LED Bulb, 800 lumens, and 2700k. It will save up to 90% energy and provides natural light with long service life. The flower fabric lampshade softens the light and provides comfortable and natural light, with no flicker, no dazzle, having an effect on preserving eyesight.

How To Choose A Bedside Lamp With USB For Your Nightstand

Bedroom Lamps With Usb Ports

A bedside lamp’s color and design may be the first thing that comes into mind, but other aspects like the size, shape, and bulb type as well as whether it is within your price range should be taken into account before color and style.

We’ve talked to experts in the field and pooled our purchasing knowledge to help you find the perfect bedside lamp for your home.


Savvy consumers are always looking for ways to save money while shopping. They do, however, understand that a lower price does not necessarily mean a worse quality product.

So, perform some pricing comparisons before you buy anything. In certain cases, you may have to pay a little extra money to get what you believe to be a high-quality product. To ensure you don’t miss out on any great deals, keep an eye on the discounts and follow your favorite websites.


Consider whether or not you really need this item. Is it something you’ll use on a regular basis? A little shopping for the sole purpose of amusement or alleviating tension is perfectly acceptable. If you don’t need the thing, try to figure out how much it’s actually worth to you. Be a smart shopper and you’ll save money in the long run.


The best way to find a great product is to read reviews. Reviews, of course, are only valuable if they can be trusted. To learn more about a company’s customer service, you can read verified reviews. It is possible to save a great deal of time and money by reading reputable product evaluations. In other words, evaluations provide you with an accurate image of firms and products before you invest your money.


When it comes to making purchasing decisions, brands are critical. We can save time, stand out from the crowd, and feel secure when we use a brand to make a purchase.

There were also high-quality products from hanging, EVER, ZEEFO, and ZITRADES, as well as cozoo, SHINE HAI, Bosceos, and others, that we researched, compared, and chose from a variety of significant companies. It is possible to use our suggested list to assist in making an informed choice.

Style and Shape 

If you have a traditional or contemporary home, you’ll likely choose a bedside lamp that matches that design. Table lamps with circular bases and delicate shades are best suited to traditional bedrooms with soft furnishings and pastel or neutral color tones. Colored glass with curvy edges and geometric shapes is more appropriate for a contemporary look than more ornate designs with angular shapes. Despite this, the design is suitable. Think about the things you like, the colors that go well with the room, and the kind of light that you’ll most like to have right next to your bed.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Do Lamps Have USB Ports?

With a built-in USB port on the back, you can keep your gadgets plugged in as you watch your favorite show. Light from a medium base bulb up to 100W can be dispersed by the empire shade on both lights (not included).

How Do I Choose A Bedside Reading Lamp?

If your nightstand and mattress are within a few inches of one other, choose a lamp that is at least 2 or 3 inches taller than your nightstand. In other words, if your nightstand is 24 inches in height, you’ll need a lamp that is around 27 inches high.

What Is The Difference Between A Table Lamp And A Bedside Lamp?

The table lamp should be tall enough so that the bottom of the lampshade is at eye level for the individual seated next to the fixture. The light will be brightest without the bulb generating glare in this configuration. The distance between the top of the lamp and the top of the mattress should be between 19 and 21 inches, depending on the size of the lamp.

What Is A USB Powered Lamp?

When plugged into a USB hub, a USB LED light is a small LED lamp that may be used with any host USB device that is able to accept client peripheral USB devices.

How Do I Add A USB Port To A Lamp?

Use a Dremel or another cutting tool to make a hole in the lamp base. It’s time to plug in the USB charger to the lamp. Tuck the charger body into the felt bottom. Connect the circuits to the lamp.


The TaoTronics Aluminum USB Desk Lamp is the best bedside lamp with a USB port for most people, and we stand by that sentiment. It offers great build quality and functionality for its price, provides plenty of lighting, and can charge almost any device via a built-in USB port. There’s a reason this lamp has been so popular over the years, and it’s that it effectively combines value, functionality, and ease of use into one attractive package.

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