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Once you’ve decorated your home and accepted visitors, the one thing you realize is that you have a lot of important touch points with your guests. One of those things your guests see immediately is your bathtub or toilet. If it’s not clean, they may have different perceptions about you. Quietly judging you to be of lesser class and character. If a bathtub and toilet are the first things your guests see when they enter your home then that’s a professional way to show them how you care for yourself.

While the example above shows an emphasis on professionalism, the result is that people will form their own personal connection with those furnishings. Homeowners want to know what they should do to clean their tub so they go to Google and type in “best bathtub cleaner” or something similar. The infographic below contains some ideas on what kind of bathtub material (shower or per shower) and how you should clean them.

Best Bathtub Cleaner Reviews

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Bathroom, Shower, and Shoe Cleaner with Febreze Lavender Scent, Cleaning Pads with Durafoam

Unit Count10 Count
Specific Uses For ProductSink, Tile, Shower, Bathtub, Grout
BrandMr. Clean
Item FormSpray

Mr. Clean MAGIC Eraser bath Scrubber cleaning pads with Febreze Lavender scent erases 3x more Soap scum. The build-up of tough soap scum on your sink, shower, and tub can quickly transform your bathroom from shiny and clean to dingy and grimy. The cleaning Scrubber is more durable than Mr. Clean MAGIC Eraser original allowing you to tackle your tough bathroom messes easily. Vs. The leading all-purpose Spray Cleaner.

2. kHelfer Electric Spin Scrubber KH8W

Handle MaterialPlastic

kHelfer is an innovative company focusing on the field of household cleaning.

Our goal is to help you improve the way you clean and care for your home. Enhance your life with technology so that every customer can enjoy a healthy and smart lifestyle.

Welcome to join kHelfer family and embrace more possibilities.

Reach for hybrid scrubbers

With a maximum working time of 90 mins, the battery life for the kHelfer allows users to clean multiple rooms on a single charge. It comes with four brush heads: a round brush, and extra-wide flat brush, a small flat brush, and a pointed corner brush. All the brushes have long bristles that resist shedding and won’t scratch surfaces.

IPX7/IPX4 Water-proof

Easy to clean, IPX7/IPX4 Water-proof material make sure you can use our electric cleaning brush with water or detergent. The upgraded silicone ring improves the waterproof performance. (NOTE: Please do not immerse throw the entire brush head into the water.)

Convenient Extention Handle

Its 22-inch extendable handle means the scrubber can be shortened for cleaning sinks and counters or elongated for washing floors and tubs without kneeling or bending over.

High quality & Great gift

With high-quality electric cleaning brushes and stylish packaging, this makes a great gift for family and friends, freeing them from tedious housework.

3. StarDrops – The Pink Stuff – Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner

Unit Count25.4 Fl Oz
Specific Uses For ProductSink, Toilet, Shower, Bathtub
Item Volume750 Milliliters
Item FormFoam

The Pink Stuff Paste

The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste is perfect for cleaning dirt, grime and stains on saucepans, cooker tops, sinks, uPVC, barbecues, ceramic tiles, glass, showers, garden furniture, paintwork, boats, brass and rust… the list is endless.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

The Pink Stuff Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a versatile multi-purpose spray cleaner for hard surfaces.

This spray is tough on stains removing grease and grime with ease.

Every surface cleaned with our Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaner is left shiny and clean.

Bathroom Foam Spray

The Pink Stuff Bathroom Foam Cleaner will Make your bathroom sparkle. Once sprayed this great bathroom cleaner clings to surfaces to penetrate and remove dirt, grease, soap, and grime.

In addition to its cleaning properties, it removes and prevents limescale, leaving shiny, clean results.

Cream Cleaner

The Pink Stuff Miracle Cream cleaner is a mild abrasive cream cleaner for hard surfaces.

This versatile liquid cream cleaner is made from natural particles to provide consistent cleaning power. It cuts through grease and tough stains with minimum effort.

Bathroom Surfaces

The Pink Stuff can clean up even the worst bathroom stains. You can use it anywhere to clean your shower, bathtub, toilet, and sinks. Removes limescale and soap scum. Safe to use on all tile, ceramic, glass, and wood surfaces.

Floors and Walls

The Pink Stuff can restore your floors to their original shine! Great on tile, laminate, and concrete floors. Use it on the skirting boards as well! The Pink Stuff also removes handprints and other stains from your walls.

Kitchen Surfaces

You can use The Pink Stuff to clean just about everything in your kitchen. Removes dirt and grime from sinks, stove tops, refrigerators, ovens, counters, cabinets, kitchen tables, etc. Removes tough food stains from your pots, pans, dishes, and kitchenware.

Outdoor Surfaces

The Pink Stuff is great for outside your home as well! Cleans garage floors and walls, concrete surfaces, outdoor furniture, windows, window sills, plastics, garden tools, barbeque grills, and metal wheel rims – The Pink Stuff can clean just about anything you get dirty.

4. Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner Weekly Application Requires No Scrubbing

Unit Count64.0 Ounce
Specific Uses For ProductTile, Shower, Glass, Bathtub
BrandWet & Forget
Item Volume2 Liters
Item FormSpray

Say goodbye to scrubbing your shower and hello to easy cleaning! Simply spray Wet & Forget Shower today, and rinse your shower and tub tomorrow. Wet and Forget Shower eliminates tough soap scum build up and shower grime. Use Wet and Forget Shower weekly. The bleach-free formula makes it safe for use on all your bathroom surfaces except natural marble. Great for showers, tubs, glass shower doors, shower basins, tile, chrome, fiberglass, granite, porcelain, stone, vinyl, and even fabric shower curtains!

One weekly spray will clean and prevent the build-up of soap scum, and everyday shower grime and keeps your shower sparkling clean with no scrubbing. It also cleans stubborn surface stains but not those permanently sealed in silicon or grout. Heavy calcium deposits may require pre-cleaning, then use Wet & Forget Shower weekly to keep calcium deposits at bay. Forget about harsh fumes, Wet and Forget Shower has a light vanilla scent. Stop scrubbing and clean easily with a Wet and Forget Shower.

5. Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner

Unit Count64.0 Fl Oz
Specific Uses For ProductToilet,Sinks,Tile,Doors,Shower,Grout
BrandBetter Life
Item Volume64 Fluid Ounces
Item FormLiquid

With every spray, pour, and pump, BETTER LIFE products prove that a powerful cleaner can be safe around kids and pets.* Our Naturally Bathroom-Brightening Tub & Tile Cleaner dissolves soap scum, rust, and hard water stains without fumes or funny fragrances.

Celebrate your sparkling bathroom and shower by splashing, shampooing, and singing freely. *When used as directed.  Please note: one sprayer is included with two packs. Please keep your sprayer and reuse it for the second bottle (simply remove the sprayer from the first bottle and apply it to the second)

Brighten Your Bathroom

Wipe away soap scum, rust, and hard water stains without fumes or funny fragrances. Then, splash, shampoo, and sing freely in your sparkling bathroom.

Slay Stains & Smudges

Powerful, plant-based cleaning ingredients get the grime out of your grout and blast stains down the shower drain, leaving behind nothing but a minty fresh scent.

Clean with the Good Stuff

No harsh chemicals, no worries! BETTER LIFE products are made with plant-based cleaning ingredients to deliver a powerful clean, naturally!

Clean Without Worry

Our Tub & Tile Cleaner is tough on soap scum, but safe around kids and pets when used as directed.

Plant-Powered Ingredients

Contains our favorite natural cleaners: Corn and Coconut

Naturally Clean Scents

No harsh scents here! Our Tub & Tile Cleaner is naturally scented with tea tree and eucalyptus oils.

Always Cruelty Free

At BETTER LIFE we love our furry companions! We are a Leaping Bunny certified company that never tests on animals.

6. Soft Scrub Multi-Purpose Kitchen and Bathroom Cleanser with Oxi

Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser is infused with millions of Oxi scrubbers that activate while you clean. With instant cleaning action, Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser gives you a deep clean by penetrating the stain, resulting in a shiny clean surface. Formulated for use on surfaces throughout the kitchen and bathroom, Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser removes wine, coffee, juice, and tea stains as well as many other stains.

Use Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser to clean bathtubs, countertops, showers, sinks, stovetops, tiles, and toilets. This product is Orthodox Union certified Kosher. This package includes one 36 ounce bottle of Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser. Directions: Shake well before use. Squeeze directly onto surfaces or onto a damp cloth. Rub gently. Rinse or wipe clean.

7. ECOS® Bathroom/Shower Cleaner with Tea Tree Oil

Unit Count44.0 Fl Oz
Specific Uses For ProductBathroom/Shower
Item Volume22 Fluid Ounces
Item FormWipe

Keep your full bathroom and shower as clean as it keeps you, without resorting to harmful toxins. Our plant-powered bathroom cleaner uses mineral-based water softeners to remove smudges, soap scum, and stains from all surfaces, and the tea tree oil leaves a bright, refreshing aroma behind to delight the senses.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bathtub Cleaner

Browsing the cleaning product aisle at the grocery store can quickly become an overwhelming experience: After only a few minutes, all the options begin to look alike. The following list is the result of research into the various kinds of cleaners to help consumers find the best bathtub cleaner for their bathroom. Consider these factors before buying a cleaner.

Bathtub Type

Bathtubs are manufactured from various products, including porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, cast iron, and stone resin. Each of these surfaces is susceptible to scratches, so take that into consideration when choosing a bathtub cleaner. Most bathtub cleaners include the product’s tub type compatibility on the label. Also consider the various accessories, like bathroom caddies, in the tub area and the type of cleaning product recommended for them as well. Choosing the right cleaning tools not only helps with efficiency but also can minimize damage to the tub’s surface.


When choosing the best bathtub cleaner, also consider the type of cleaning project. Looking for a daily spray to keep the already-clean bathtub fresh and mildew-free? Or is the tub a little older and needs some extra TLC after a season of neglect? While multipurpose cleaners may tackle most needs, cleaners are formulated specifically to address the more intensive issues, such as hard water stains, black mold, and clogged drains.


Bathtub cleaners come in a variety of forms:

  • Liquid cleaners are, as the name suggests, suspended in a liquid. Less abrasive than powder cleaners, some liquid cleaners come in concentrated forms and require mixing with water before use.
  • Powder cleaners, which contain particles with abrasive properties to aid in scrubbing, can dissolve various oils, films, and stains.
  • Gel cleaners offer a splash-free alternative to liquid cleaners, so the cleaner lands exactly where it’s needed. Moreover, gel cleaners cling to the surface for longer penetration.
  • Foam cleaners, which generally come in the form of a spray, either aerosol or a pump, can cover a large surface area.
  • Scouring pads, which are often made from steel wool, sometimes contain a cleaning agent that aids in scrubbing and polishing.

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

The levels of calcium and magnesium in water determine its hardness. When these minerals are high, the water is considered hard. Signs of hard water include low water pressure, mineral stains on surfaces and clothing, and water spots on dishes after they’ve run through the dishwasher. Signs of soft (natural) water are a strong soap lather and strong water pressure. Hard water can leave stains on bathtubs that are difficult to remove, but products are made specifically to address this type of stain.

Organic vs. Chemical

Commercial cleaning products comprise chemicals that disinfect and deodorize, but many of these products contain harsh chemicals with warning labels to avoid contact with skin and eyes and use in well-ventilated areas. These chemicals often are labeled as combustible and corrosive. When rinsed down the drains into the water supply, they pose a threat to the environment. Organic cleaning products, on the other hand, are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and they often are equally as effective as chemical cleaning agents.


When using cleaning products, more isn’t better. In some cases, high concentrations of cleaning chemicals can cause damage to the surfaces being cleaned and cause respiratory issues. Some cleaning products are available in a concentrate, which means they must be mixed with water.


While many cleaning solutions on the market are multipurpose—suitable for cleaning not only the bathroom but also the kitchen or even the car—some people still prefer a product dedicated to one particular area, such as the bathtub.

Also, consider a product’s abrasive or non-abrasive qualities. Abrasive cleaners help reduce the amount of scrubbing required to clean a surface, but the abrasive particles may damage the surface with scratches and even remove the surface’s coating. Non-abrasive cleaners are good options for large areas that don’t require excessive scrubbings, such as a floor or countertop.


I learned a lot from my research. The first thing is that there are products in a wide range of prices, so I could get one within my budget. Also, I learned about what to look for when buying one of these bathtub cleaners. I’m also glad I read the reviews so that I wouldn’t be stuck with something that costs a ton but doesn’t work well. My research let me know that the OXO Good Grips Bathtub Cleaning Set and the Scotch-Brite B’Clean are really popular and some of the best on the market because they work well and they’re fairly inexpensive. You just have to decide which one will work best for you or your family!

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