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There are many brands of baking powder available, but not all are created equal. Double-acting baking powders are the best type to use in baking recipes.

This type of baking powder releases carbon dioxide gas when it comes into contact with both an acid and a base. This double action provides a more consistent rising action in baked goods.

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Top 10 Best Baking Powder Reviews

1. Bob’s Red Mill Pure Baking Soda

Improve the quality of your baked goods with Bob’s Red Mill Pure Baking Soda. This sodium bicarbonate is food grade and free of preservatives, making it perfect for use in cookies, cakes, brownies and all your other favorite baked treats. It is also kosher, gluten free and easy to store in an airtight container.

2. Clabber Girl Baking Powder

Since 1850, our baking ingredients, including America’s #1 brand of baking powder, Clabber Girl, have been beloved by bakers of all ages.

Today, we continue to manufacture in Terre Haute, Indiana, our home since the company’s inception. In addition to our popular baking powder, we have a full line of baking ingredients and dessert mixes that include baking soda and cornstarch.

Kosher Certified

It’s just not possible for clabber to be bad. It’s good for your body, your mind and for the environment. As designated Kosher we guarantee no pork in this powder.

3. 365 by Whole Foods Market Baking Powder

Bring the dance – down the aisles, around the store and into your kitchen with our 365 by Whole Foods Market products.

Our huge range of choices with premium ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping a lot more than tossing the basics in your cart.

4. Rumford Baking Powder

Add a dash of Rumford baking powder to your favorite foods for the best biscuits, pancakes and muffins ever.

Featuring a double-acting formula, Rumford delivers consistent results by releasing gas in the middle and end stages of cooking, creating perfect baked goods every time.

This non-GMO product is both gluten free and Kosher certified, making it an ideal choice for any diet. Each can contains 8.1 oz/240 grams of baking powder that you can use to create dozens of delicious foods!


A gluten-free baking powder that lets you create your favorite foods with the ingredients you love. More than just a gluten-free product, it delivers on taste and texture, creating everything from chocolate chip cookies to bagels with an authentic flavor.

Country Of Origin

Our award-winning baking powder is a premium product from the USA. Chill-proof, non-clumping and gluten free, this powder has all of the benefits of traditional baking powder, with none of the downsides.

5. Roots Circle Baking Soda

Experience the best-tasting homemade baked goods! Our pure sodium bicarbonate adds a light, neutral flavor to cakes, cookies and muffins with outstanding natural rise.

It works through a natural alkaline reaction creating thousands of micro bubbles in the batter to expand, making them incredibly light, fluffy and moist.

Pure Baking Soda

Get the good stuff! Our premium baking soda is made from pure sodium bicarbonate for a smooth texture and neutral taste, so you can enjoy the best-tasting baked goods. Use it for all of your favorite homemade recipes like cakes, cookies, muffins and more.

All-Natural Deodorizer & Cleaning Agent

Are you ready to use one of the most versatile and eco-friendly cleaning products on the planet? This air-tight bag of baking soda is great for freshening up your home, deodorizing stinky rugs, and keeping food fresh.

Just sprinkle some on carpet baking soda or throw in the freezer to keep your fridge smelling clean, or try it as a pet odor eliminator.

6. Cerez Pazari Baking Powder

Cerez Pazari Baking Powder is a balanced, double-acting baking powder that has been the first choice of bakers for many years.

This user-friendly resealable bag makes it easy to store and measure the right amount of your favorite powder without getting messy. Use it for delicate cakes, biscuits and quick breads.

Double Acting Baking Powder

Get the most out of your baking with Cerez Pazari Baking Powder, a double acting powder that can be used for both leavening (rising) and browning. The aluminum free powder comes in a variety of flavors, from classic to vegan and gluten free!

7. Prescribed For Life Sodium Bicarbonate Powder

Prescribed for Life Sodium Bicarbonate Powder is USP Grade, aluminum free and gluten free. Use this USP grade baking soda for cooking and baking, mouthwash, natural deodorant and more!

Our organic baking soda is non-GMO, vegan and safe to use in the home. This is a great household pantry staple for natural cleaning around the home.

100% Organic & All Natural

The magic ingredient in our favorite pick-me-up drink, this pure baking soda is extracted by a simple water process using no chemicals. It has absolutely no fillers, binders, additives or preservatives. Gluten free & non-GMO.

Holistic Health & Household Staple

Sodium bicarbonate has hundreds of household and household uses! Use baking soda for cooking and baking, in a mouthwash, for teeth whitening or natural deodorant and relief for itchy skin.

It’s also great for soothing sunburns, relieving indigestion, as beauty treatments and as an odor remover in your fridge!

8. Argo Baking Powder

Argo Baking Powder is a new and improved product that provides many great new features. The new, environmentally friendly resealable plastic container is 100% recyclable, unlike the old metal tin which is not recyclable, and aluminum free; the gluten free, double acting and kosher formula provides better baking performance than ever before.

9. Hain Pure Foods Featherweight Baking Powder

Gain the benefits of baking powder without the added hassle! This ultra-fine, gluten-free baking powder from Hain Pure Foods helps give your baked goods a lighter, fluffier texture.

It’s made with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and is certified kosher. Now you can whip up your favorite quick breads and cakes without worrying about whether or not they’ll rise correctly.

10. Davis Baking Powder

Over 100 years ago, we started making our Baking Powder in small batches and selling it to local grocers.

The yellow and red label has stayed unchanged for over a century—and over the years the product quality has only gotten better.

This is Davis Baking Powder. It continues to be a pantry staple for generations of bakers and can be found in backyards across America.

Easy To Use

Our Classic Baking Powder is great for all your baking needs. The pop top can has a leveling edge so you can be sure that each level of the box is equal in height.

Plant Based

Our baking powder is vegan, multi-purpose and doubles as a great smelling body wash!

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Baking Powder

1. Find out the ingredients

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing baking powder is to find out its ingredients.

Check to see if it contains sodium bicarbonate, cream of tartar, or any other ingredients. Most baking powders contain these two ingredients.

However, some baking powders also contain starches or other fillers. Look for baking powders that are labeled “double-acting” or “triple-acting.” These are the best types of baking powders.

2. Check the expiration date

The second thing you need to consider when buying baking powder is its expiration date.

Make sure that the baking powder you are buying is not past its expiration date. Baking powder that is past its expiration date will not work as well.

3. Find out the price

The third thing you need to consider when purchasing baking powder is its price. Baking powder is not an expensive product. However, there are some brands that are more expensive than others.

4. Compare different brands

The fourth thing you need to consider when buying baking powder is to compare different brands.

There are many brands of baking powder available. Compare the ingredients, price, and expiration date of each brand.

5. Buy from a trusted store

The fifth thing you need to consider when purchasing baking powder is to buy from a trusted store. There are many stores that sell baking powder. Make sure that you buy from a store that you trust.

6. Follow the directions

The last thing you need to consider when buying baking powder is to follow the directions. Most baking powders come with directions on how to use them. Make sure that you follow the directions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baking Powder

1. What is baking powder?

Baking powder is a leavening agent used in baking. It is a combination of an acid and a base that reacts with each other to produce carbon dioxide gas. This gas causes the batter or dough to rise, making it light and airy.

2. How does baking powder work?

When baking powder is added to a batter or dough, the acid and base in the baking powder react with each other to produce carbon dioxide gas. This gas causes the batter or dough to rise, making it light and airy.

3. What are the ingredients in baking powder?

Baking powder is a combination of an acid and a base. The most common acids used in baking powder are cream of tartar and sodium aluminum sulfate. The most common base used in baking powder is sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda.

4. How do I substitute baking powder for yeast?

Baking powder can be used as a substitute for yeast in some recipes. When substituting baking powder for yeast, use one teaspoon of baking powder for every one tablespoon of yeast called for in the recipe.


There are many brands of baking powder available, but the best one to use is the one that suits your needs the most. Be sure to check the labels carefully and choose the right one for your recipe.

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