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Is this something you’ve ever thought about? When we take a bath, how much time do we spend ignoring our body parts? Backs are one of the most important parts of our bodies, according to most of us. Reaching our backs fully can be a challenge for some people. It is understandable since most people are focused on the front of their bodies. Be careful when you shower to avoid washing your back. What should you do if it’s not accessible? Our return means some scrubbers have been brought back with us. A scrubber is composed of two main components. This is the handle. Towards the end of the spongy brush is a spongy brush to do the washing. Our list of the top back scrubbers on the market will include some of the best products.

Here are the best back scrubber available on the market.

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Best Back Scrubber Reviews In 2023

1. Metene Shower Brush with Soft and Stiff Bristles

Metene Shower Brush with Soft and Stiff Bristles, for Exfoliating Skin and A Soft Scrub, Double-sided Brush Head for Wet or Dry Brushing, Especially Long Wooden Handle Cleans the Body Easily. The bath brush’s long handle for the shower can clean pores and exfoliate, remove dirt and dead skin in pores, and excess oil and residue to make skin healthier.

Reduce Cellulite

A body brush can massage the skin, soften the stearic fat deposits under the skin, help reduce the appearance of fat mass, and make the skin softer and smoother.

Promoting Circulation

Long-term use of a dry shower brush can stimulate the body’s lymphatic system, promote blood circulation, and help the body detoxify.

2. MainBasics Dual-Sided Long Handle Bath Shower Brush Back Scrubber Body Exfoliator

Exfoliate skin to excellence with your dry skin brush and cleanse yourself with the soft brush side. It helps your lotions deliver much-needed nutrients by bringing down that barrier into your dermis. Skin becomes more supple, soft, and smooth with every swipe. Replace your body brush every 6-12 months, depending on how often you exfoliate. Say “hello” to glowing skin with your dual-sided shower brush by MainBasics; add 1 to your cart today.

Reversible Shower Brush Features

A double-sided shower brush offers gentle cleansing for your skin and exfoliation around the tub or other hard-to-reach places! This long-handled, reversible shower brush features soft nylon bristles and stiff natural bristles on the other. It’s perfect for use wet or dry to gently cleanse, exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from your feet, back, shoulders and more.

Anti-slip Brush To Scrub

This dual-sided back scrubber is the ideal anti-slip brush to scrub away dead skin cells, calluses, and dirt in hard-to-reach places while easing you into the shower or bath. The scrubby side is used for general exfoliation with its regular side to massage your back and neck. Hang after use to remove water from the handle and let dry before storage.

3. Surlees 2.0 Plus – Back Scrubber for Shower for Men, Women Elderly

The bath brush’s long handle for the shower can remove dirt and dead skin, excess oil and residue from the pores for healthier skin, especially in areas where your hands cannot be lifted. The body brush can massage the skin, soften the stearic fat deposits under the skin, help reduce the appearance of fat mass, and make the skin softer and smoother. Long-term use of a dry shower brush can stimulate the body’s lymphatic system, promote blood circulation, and help detoxify the body.

Back Acne

Sometimes, large cysts may develop on the back. These cysts may rupture or heal without rupture. Skin with acne can be very frail, with a burning or painful sensation.

Dull Skin

Your body’s skin cells are not all alive. Some dead cells will stay on the skin’s surface like tiny rotting corpses.


The cellulite is commonly seen on the thighs and buttocks. Deposits of fatty tissue cause it to be pushed through the connective tissue underneath the skin’s surface.

4. Shower Body Brush with Bristles and Loofah

Break through the traditional view of showering, and get a big surprise! A breakthrough innovation in shower scrubbers, the body brush and loofah are all in one. Besides the soft loofah, the body brush provides a massaging effect, giving your skin a sensation of gentle cleansing. It also helps to remove dead skin cells, creating the smooth,diamond-like appearance of skin.

Remove Dead Skin And Toxins

Body brushing is the new cleansing sensation! This body brush is specially designed for wet or dry brushing. It helps to stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin and toxins to improve skin quality. Remove hard lumps and build-up around joints that cause inflammation and pain. This tool relieves stress and builds self-esteem for men and women by helping you get in touch with your body’s responses.

Body Brush Comes With Bristles And Loofah

A shower body brush is a must-have tool for any shower, giving you that wonderfully invigorating clean. Unlike other brushes, This Shower Body Brush Comes with Bristles and Loofah to Help You Gently clean and Freshens Your Skin While in the Shower. The Long Handled Design Allows Conveniently Easy Access to Soap Up Hard to Reach Areas Such as the Back and Feet. It’s a Great Tool for Your Daily Life.

5. Metene Bamboo Body Brush with Stiff and Soft Natural Bristles

Shower Body Exfoliating Brush, Bath Back Cleaning Scrubber with Upgrade Long Bamboo Handle Dry or Wet Skin Exfoliator Brush with Soft and Stiff Bristles Back Washer for Men Women. Do you want a long-handled washing brush for your convenience? Do you want a multi-purpose brush that completely removes dirt and dead skin and can also be used as a body massager to relax yourself? Maintenance of the brush: Rinse it with clean water after use, then hang it to dry in a dry and ventilated place.

Wet and Dry Brush

One brush is used for multiple purposes. There are different bristles on both sides. You can use soft or hard bristles according to your habits. You can also use dry or wet brushes according to your needs.

Stiff Natural Bristles

Hard bristles can better exfoliate the skin. You can use it as a shower brush, combined with shower gel to better clean the skin. At the same time, hard bristles are also a good choice as a dry brush. The dry brush function can better massage the skin and increase blood circulation.

Soft Gentle Bristles

Soft, gentle bristles are more soft and comfortable, and people with sensitive and delicate skin can also use them. With the bath liquid, the soft bristles will give you a softer and more comfortable bathing experience.

6. KIPRITII Ergonomically Back Scrubber for Shower 

KIPRITII Ergonomically Back Scrubber for Shower is the best product to clean the back. It features a longer length of 17 inches, and arc conforms to ergonomic mechanics, is more effortless to use, and makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach back skin or leg for everyone. It is also a good helper for those with difficulty lifting their shoulders. The arc-shaped handle provides a more comfortable grip than a vertical shower brush.

Natural Lotus Wood

Natural lotus wood & waterproof coating makes the KIPRITII shower scrub washer not easy to crack. Super durable!!!

Fiber Cotton Rope

Fiber cotton rope is used to hang the bath scrubber on the wall.

7. FREEDOM GOODS Back Scrubber for Shower

The freedom goods Back Scrubber for Shower is the perfect back brush for women and men. Use the dry brushing body brush to exfoliate dry skin and to support lymphatic drainage. Then, turn it over, and use the soft bristles as your back brush’s long handle for showering. Simply hang your back scrubber for the shower up to dry.

Stimulating And Cleansing Massage

It’s time to escape your daily shower and back brush routine! The Freedom Goods body brush long handle for a shower is perfect for bath & body brushes. The natural bristles will give you results you can see by using the exfoliating body brush for only 5 minutes per day. Add your favourite essential oil to your body exfoliator brush for a stimulating and cleansing massage. Let your dry brushing body brush unlock the numerous benefits of daily body brush for dry brushing natural boar bristle use.

Easy To Install

This shower brush for wet body scrubbing is a great thing to have in the bathroom. It’s easy to install and clean. The long-handled back scrubs with a non-slip silicone handle make these the best back scrubs.

8. Back Scrubber Anti Slip Long Handle for Shower

Designed for both dry and wet body brushing, this long handle bath scrub brush uses natural stiff bristles on one side and nylon fibres on the other side to help not only clean skin and pore effectively but also stimulate lymphatic flow whilst detoxifying and exfoliating the skin, making it perfect for removing dead skin cells and reviving tired, dull skin. An easy-to-grip handle allows you to vigorously exfoliate the whole body, whilst the stiff bristles are ideal for those trying dry body brushing for the first time, and the soft bristles are great for more sensitive skin types. All the bristles are made without chemicals, not harmful to skin contact.

Anti-slip Particle Design

The combination of smooth surfaces, water and soap in the bathroom increases the risk of falling off when a shower brush is used. The No.1 rule in the bathroom is being safe. The anti-slip particle coating made of soft material is patched up on the grip end of the shower scrubber. Therefore, the anti-slip grip covers the whole contact area between your hand and the brush handle. Enjoy!

Lightweight and Mold Resistant Material

There are complaints of wooden brushes: ease to mould, somewhat heavy and unstable waterproof ability. Therefore we choose polypropylene as the material for the back scrubber. Owing to the properties of polypropylene, including low density, toughness and good resistance to mould and fatigue, the shower brush is skin-friendly and hard to go mouldy; it also appears more compact, sturdy and lightweight.

Soft Nylon Bristles

Use the soft bristles to gently clean and soften the sensitive skin type. It is very suitable for the skin on the neck and makes it smoother and healthier.

9. Prozklves Back Scrubber for Shower

Add some fun to your daily shower with this Prozklves back scrubber for shower with a long handle. It is effortless for you to reach any parts of your body, including your back and neck area. The long handle bath brush for the shower can clean pores and exfoliate, remove dirt from deep inside the pores, excess oil and residue to make skin healthier while softening dead skin cells that sit on top of your skin.

Why need Prozklves loofah back scrubber?

Loofah shower brush can deep clean and remove dead skin, improving circulation and health. Acne caused by dead skin and avoiding clogged pores, The long handle with humanized arc design fits the curve of the human body very well, effortless reach any parts of your whole body, Effectively cleans the back and whole body.

Humanized Design & Durable

Long handle Exfoliating Luffa Body brush for Shower is long enough, Fine nylon mesh, More prone to foam, meets people’s different needs, the thickened plastic long handle of the luffa bath brush will not split or crack with prolonged use, give you a comfortable shower experience, Perfect gift for your families, friends, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother.

10. Dual-Sided Long Handle Shower Brush with Soft and Stiff Bristles

The sturdy bristles and gentle rubber massage nodes work together, help remove cutin, block pores, dirt and dead skin, promote blood circulation, and promote smooth and glowing skin. The gentle bristles are more soft and comfortable, and people with sensitive and delicate skin can also use them. With the bath liquid, the soft bristles will give you a softer and more comfortable bathing experience. The sturdy bristles and gentle rubber massage nodes work together, giving you the optimal pressure for cleaning and comfort.

4.5inch VS 2.4inch

With a specially designed round shape, our back scrubber with a diameter of 4.5inch can caress your skin with more comfort than narrow 2.4inch

Natural Bamboo Material

Be proud of using natural Bamboo of high quality, and protect your sensitive skin with more intimate care

Wet Or Dry Cleaning

Skin-friendly Natural soft and hard bristles allow dry-wet Dual Purpose to tighten the skin or clean the body.

Best Back Scrubber: Buying Guide

Using a back scrubber, you can use your body wash or bathing soap to thoroughly clean your back when it’s time for bathing. Scrubbers for the back come in various designs, including brushes made of boar’s bristles with long handles and towels that wrap around the body. Our buyer’s guide below gives you insight into some of the best back scrubbers and shows you how to choose one effectively.


It is not always affordable to buy back bath brushes. The price might be prohibitive in some cases. Consequently, to avoid this, you should always consider shopping for a brush that will remain effective for a long time. Brushes should adapt quickly to the conditions they will be used to avoid wearing out quickly. Even though one cannot determine the durability of a product before testing it, it might be possible to estimate it. You will have to do a lot of research if this is your first time in the industry. If you are interested in getting opinions from users, you can ask them. Furthermore, if you plan to buy the product online, you should look for information there. Ensure you buy the right product after gathering as much information as possible.

Ease of Use

If you are unsure what to do with a product or do not intend to learn how to use it, do not purchase it. You may end up wasting your money. It is always best to choose something you can easily use. You should choose a brush that is easy to clean. Keeping your brush clean will help it perform at its best.

Multipurpose Use

Brushes come in wide varieties on the market. Occasionally a brush may have a single side and bristles on each side, while other brushes have double sides. You can choose two different types of brushes when it comes to showering. Buying the double-sided brush might not be the right choice for everyone, but it should be a reasonable selection nonetheless.

 A hard bristle and soft wash are available when you own one. In particular, this is a great idea for those with unstable skin.

Skin Type

Skin types vary with the season, from oily to sensitive to dry. The product can create sensitivities for those with particularly sensitive skin. See if the product is suitable for their skin by reading the buying guides.

 There is a wide range of skin sensitivity and specific needs among people. There are also different types of blush. If you have sensitive skin, you must clean it with a soft brush. It is especially harmful to sensitive skin after cleaning with a hard bristle brush. Before buying a product, find out how your skin reacts. The cotton head brush can be cleaned without problem if you have sensitive skin.


It should be possible to reasonably price the product. In terms of value, the product should be competitively priced. Cleaners aren’t expensive. Before purchasing this product, you should be aware of its price. The quality and reliability issues should always come first, even considering the cost. High costs may not indicate high-quality products. You want to consider the materials used in the product and how they perform before looking at costs alone. Generally speaking, the more expensive the product, the worse it is, and vice versa.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Best Way To Exfoliate Your Back?

When you are ready to shower, brush your back with a natural bristle body brush. Exfoliating your back with the brush will remove dead skin. Apply gentle circular motions with a brush to the back of your hand. Use a body scrub in the shower to exfoliate your back.

Is A Back Scrubber Good?

With the best back scrubber, you can exfoliate your skin, massage your back, and wash your back with your favourite soap. The result will be a reduction of itchiness, as well as a reduction of acne.

Can You Please Tell Me What Kind Of Scrub I Should Use For My Back?

Body scrubs can help exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. Sugar and salt are the exfoliating ingredients in body scrubs. Exfoliating your back will prevent your pores from becoming clogged as frequently. Massage your back with the loofah while you are in the shower.

How Do I Deep Clean My Back?

Use a loofah to scrub your back after applying body wash or soap. To remove dead cells and accumulated dirt, start from the top and work your way down. After washing it and letting it dry, repeat.

Do Silicone Body Scrubbers Melt When Boiled?

Silicone does not grow bacteria and can be cleaned very easily when it gets dirty. It is highly hygienic since it can be cleaned with boiling water thanks to silicone’s strong composition.


This product has diverse features that make it stand out from the crowd. Remember that while it may meet your needs, it will not last forever. This model has been around for quite some time. Rather than being a nice add-on to any bathroom, showers have become a necessity. Since bathrooms are meant to be kept clean, we must keep our backs clean.

In addition to the numerous advantages we’ve already discussed, scrubbers also offer many advantages. At the core of our review process is an objective view of reality. A customer could benefit from the product when taken into account the market. The business world is fiercely competitive today. Because of this, we should only offer products of the highest quality. If you’re looking for a product with more features at a higher price, this one is still recommended.

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