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For many people, listening to the Bible is a way they can learn more about it and get closer to God. For some, this may be their only option for reading Scripture because of vision loss or dyslexia. Others might want the convenience of being able to listen while driving around town or doing housework. This post will explore three free audio bibles you can download from your mobile device with one tap.

Here are the best audio bible available on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Audio Bible

Best Audio Bible Reviews In 2023

1. Wonder Bible KJV- The Talking Audio Bible Player

Wonder Bible Talking Bible is the incredible NEW Bible that speaks! Compact, lightweight, easy to carry, and contains the entire Old and New Testaments of the Bible in Audio format. Now you can hear the spoken Word of God anytime and anywhere! The player takes several hours to recharge fully. We recommend charging the Wonder Bible Audio Player before using it for the first time.

Innovative Talking Bible

The all-new Wonder Bible Audio Player is the best, most innovative talking Bible. Featuring a high-quality recording of many of your favorite Bible stories, this compact portable player lets you listen to the words of Scripture whenever you want—while riding in the car, working out at the gym, or going for a walk in the park.

Talking Audio Bible Player

Turn up the volume and learn more about God’s wisdom as it is written in His Word with the Wonderful Wonder Bible King James Version Talking Audio Bible Player. Simply hold down the power button to hear this powerful and popular version of God’s Word read aloud. You can also listen to a wide range of prayers, songs, and music tracks for deep reflection on Scripture.

2. Wonder Bible NIV- The Talking Audio Bible Player

Listen to any Bible passage wherever and whenever you want! Wonder Bible NIV- The Talking Audio Bible Player is more than just a compact device that offers a wide range of features and sounds to give you an entirely different listening experience.

Voice-operated Religious Device

The Talking Audio Bible is the world’s first voice-operated religious device. To find any passage of the Bible, just press a button on the side of the unit and listen while it speaks the verse you are looking for.

Old And New Testaments

The NIV Audio Bible has been translated from the most accurate and reliable texts and recorded by professional actors. The complete Old and New Testaments are included in this one-of-a-kind audio player. The content is distributed between the two sides of this audio device; pop it into your pocket to listen as you go about your day.

3. The Bible Experience: The Complete Bible

This is not your grandmother’s recorded Scripture. The Bible Experience breathes new life into the pages of the bestselling book of all time, enthralling the listener with its energy, wit, adventure, romance, and power. The New Testament captured the Audiobook of the Year honor in 2007; now, with the entire Bible available, the complete work has set the standard for excellence maintained across 85 hours. Of the more than 400 cast members, picking out favorites is harder than a rich man going through the eye of a needle, but there are some standouts.

Pearl Of Wisdom

Robert Guillaume plays Noah with a pearl of wisdom that warrants God’s mercy. Faith Evans, MC Lyte, and others make the music and lyricism of Psalms come to new life. Cuba Gooding Jr. reminds us why he won an Oscar with his portrayals of the recalcitrant Jonah in the Old Testament and the ultimate traitor Judas in the New Testament. The Song of Solomon soars as Denzel and Pauletta Washington bring the ancient love poetry into the here and now.

This is not Charlton Heston declaiming page after page of a dusty tome. The Bible Experience pulls you in and makes you part of what is arguably the greatest story ever told.

4. Daily Meditation 1 KJV Non Dramatized Audio Bible Player

Daily Meditation Audio Bible Player empowers Christians to live a blessed Psalm 1 Lifestyle. Its advanced numerical indexing system, built-in speaker and earphone, and rechargeable battery will enable you to listen to God’s words, keeping your mind focused on God’s promises and wisdom. Its specially designed one-year bible plan will guide you to read, listen, pray and meditate on the bible in a year, which will transform your life.

Focus On God’s

This audio bible player is ideal for Anyone who wants to make good use of your time to focus on God’s words all day long when you commute, cook, exercise, and do housework. Anyone who finds it inconvenient to carry a large case of KJV bible on CD around. Anyone who wants to stay away from distractions and smart device temptations needs quality time to focus on God’s words. Anyone who struggles with KJV audio bible mp3 download and set up KJV audio bible mp3 file properties correctly to load into an mp3 player.

Difficult To Read

Anyone who likes the King James Version of the bible but finds it difficult to read. Old parents. Ideal mother’s day, father’s day, birthday, and holiday gift. Note: We have both a Dramatized version and a Non-Dramatized version of KJV audio bible players. If you prefer a Dramatized version, please look for it by clicking on our seller name above, “Daily Meditation Audio Bible Player”. We also have available ESV, NKJV, NIV, NLT, NASB, AMP, NRSV, and CEV audio bible players.

5. New King James Version Audio Bible

Eric Martin narrates a word-for-word transcription of the well-known New King James Version New Testament Audio Bible. The Holy Bible New Testament is available on 14 High-Quality Digital CDs with crystal clear sound and quick access, all of which are housed in a stylish case with a zipped cover for security and convenience. The NKJV Audio Bible is simple to understand.

Background Noises

God’s Word is powerfully communicated through Eric Martin’s deep voice. The Voice Only Audio Bible in the New King James Version reads God’s written Word without other background noises. Eric Martin, a brilliant storyteller, reads this NKJV Audio Bible. You hear only the Word of God from Matthew to Revelation, beginning to finish. Jesus cited Luke 4:4 when he remarked, “Man shall not live by food alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. No matter where you are—in the vehicle, in the gym, around the house, or simply unwinding—you will benefit from hearing God’s Word.

Skillfully Read Word

When you read the New King James Version of the Bible, let its inspiring words renew your spirit and give you strength for daily living. The entire NKJV is included in this CD, skillfully read word-for-word by expert narrator Eric Martin. – Enjoy hearing the Bible, whether at home, on the go, doing your own devotions, or in a group Bible study. The New King James Version is an entirely new translation that faithfully preserves the truth and beauty of the KJV in clear, modern language. Digital mastering has been applied to this edition to improve listening quality. Each disc comes with a lifetime warranty.

6. Holy Bible: New American Standard Version, Audio Bible

The famous New American Standard Complete Bible is now available on 60 digitally recorded audio discs in an updated edition. Narrated by Steven B. Stevens, a respected and inspirational Biblical narrator. Many people refer to Steven as the “Voice of God.” Every word in this Audio Bible is spoken verbatim. The NASB is digitally recorded using the most recent technologies without additional sound effects or music.

Peace Of Mind

Over seventy hours of life-altering listening pleasure, Steven B. Stevens presents the entire text of the Bible. The 66 books of the Old and New Testaments are presented in their entirety in the NASB Version. Listening to God’s word lets you find comfort, peace of mind, inspiration, guidance, encouragement, and other necessities for your everyday life. Only God knows what you need. This is the deluxe edition, which is boxed and comes with a storage bag with a zipper. This version has been a favorite among past and present generations and will continue to inspire future generations. The discs are all covered by a lifetime warranty.

Understanding Of The Message

The New American Standard Bible is updated to reflect the best of modern biblical scholarship. This fully revised version offers more accurate translations, a better understanding of the message, and a presentation that is as clear and readable as it is authoritative. The New American Standard Bible (NASB) has won popularity by being one of the most literal translations available today. A good choice for covenants or contracts.

7. Audio Bible – Audio Bible KJV

The world’s most well-known King James Version audio Bible is reproduced word for word in this KJV audio Bible by renowned Christian narrator Eric Martin. One of the best KJV Audio Bibles ever made is this one. It comes wrapped in a stylish zipped black canvas bag. All CDs come with a limited lifetime warranty. In this stirring, word-for-word narration, renowned dramatist Eric Martin brings to life the King James Version, one of the most well-known Bible translations in the world.

Books Of The Kjv Bible

No background noise or music detracts from the impact of God’s Holy Word. Eric Martin is always aware of the appropriate emotional scales to use to make God’s Holy Word powerfully alive in your heart. The Very Best Bible Narration by Eric Martin, a narration of the books of the KJV Bible, is delivered without annoying music or sound effects. Digital mastering has been applied to this edition to improve listening quality.

Classic Biblical Text

Audio Bible – Audio Bible KJV is a classic Biblical text, re-recorded for today’s listeners. This Audio Bible features the same King James Version as the original. With narration by distinguished actor Ian Johnston, this assortment of recordings from Genesis to Revelation offers a complete audio experience for everyone.

8. Leayjeen Travel Carry Case Compatible with Wonder Bible NIV

Great accessory to keep your Wonder Bible NIV safe while you travel. The case is designed specifically to fit the Wonder Bible, so you can use this case to protect your bible when you are on the go. This item is sold as a case only – it does not include the Wonder Bible or any other product.

Store Your Accessories

Leayjeen Travel Zip Bag is ideal for storing your Wonder NIV Bible, keeping it safe and secure. The multiple pockets allow you to store your accessories, including earphones, adapters, cables, etc. The smooth zipper pulls won’t get stuck and makes it easy to open quickly.

Soft And Comfortable

Leayjeen Travel Case is made from premium PU leather material with a soft and comfortable, durable, and convenient lining. With an inner compartment to store the headphones, cables, or small accessories. This travel case has a certain waterproof function. Provides adequate protection for the audio bible player without affecting speaker functions.

How To Choose The Best Audio Bible Before Purchasing

Bible As A Study Tool

Options abound for recommendations on how to promote Bible study in your church; see our buying guide.

Bibles Marked Up

Our recommendations can assist you in writing with greater ease. Take into account large print Bibles and Bibles with journaling sections. The Bible may also be used as a journal. The Inductive Version of the Journaling New Testament offers more space between lines of text.


The idea of hand-copying Scriptures may appeal to you or someone you love.

Bible Audiobooks

With Dwell for mobile devices, you can easily listen to the Bible on your phone. Dramatized audio Bibles such as NIV Live are excellent.

God’s Word

See this blog post for a quick look at the OIA process. View our free booklet to learn more about the principles. You can go further by reading Peter’s Knowable Word book, which includes examples, exercises, and illustrations.

If you already know the OIA model but want to improve your skills, consider Methodical Bible Study by Robert Traina. This book is largely comprised of short stories. The book goes deeper than any other.


Our blog series and Colin Marshall’s fabulous book Growth Groups will help you grow as a Bible study leader.


The OIA Bible study skills are promoted on our page with suggested commentaries. This page will be updated as we find helpful volumes for every Bible book.


To gain a basic understanding of the Bible’s message and layout, The Beginner’s Guide to the Bible (see Peter’s review) and The Visual Theology Guide to the Bible (see Ryan’s review) are wonderful places to start.


Despite its speed and quality improvement, Logos Bible Software is still recommended by Peter, who still enjoys using it. You can read his reviews of Logos 7 and Logos 8 as well as Logos 9. Ryan has also reviewed the free software E-Sword.

Guide for Children

Teaching your children how to use a Bible is the most valuable thing you and your congregation can do. As a result, we almost always buy ESV Pew Bibles by the case (because they are the cheapest we can find). It doesn’t make sense to spend the big bucks on authentic-porpoise-leather-imported-from-Mars-heirloom-editions since these items will get beat up and need to be replaced frequently.

NIrV may be beneficial for children when they are first learning to read. Having this confidence in reading God’s words in their language allows them to read God’s very own words more easily. Bible stories are good, but God’s undiluted word is more powerful.

FAQ: Best Audio Bible

What Is The Procedure For Listening To The Daily Audio Bible?

Listening can be accomplished in several ways. This app is recommended. There are various ways to download the app (Apple, Google Play, Amazon, etc.). DAB website players allow you to listen directly. It should be easy to find the Daily Audio Bible using podcast software (like iTunes). 

What Is The Best Way For Me To Follow Along With The Bible Reading?

Absolutely. The BIBLE link can be found at the bottom of the DAB app. With DAB Web Player, it works the same way. You can receive the readings via email through our strategic partnership with Bible Gateway. You can access’s newsletters by clicking BIBLE (at the top). 

Which Translation Do You Use Every Week?

Several factors contribute to this. There are many favorites (we have ours too). The Bible is often read in English daily, and we tend to assume it is an English-only text. The truth is, they’re not. While Hebrew and Greek were the original languages, translations from one language to another can be managed in many ways while retaining their meaning.

While some scholars have attempted to translate each word into English, others have attempted to translate the meaning of the original thoughts—especially when a single word has multiple meanings. Both are correct.

What Is The Purpose Of The Background Music And Nature During The Reading?

Chaotic situations can occur in life. We can find restoration if we take a break from our busy lives and allow ourselves to be rejuvenated in a peaceful and stunning location. Our daily audio Bible has been crafted with that goal over the years. Stress breaks can nourish one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Is Online Giving Mandatory?

Your credit card information is never stored on the Daily Audio Bible. The information you input into the application is encrypted and sent to the bank (highly encrypted with around-the-clock monitoring). It is typically an easy way to keep track of your giving and to be able to give regularly. The use of the mail is totally fine for many, however. Postal Address 1996, Spring Hill, TN 37174 is Daily Audio Bible’s mailing address.


This is the best audio Bible I have ever heard! It’s really easy to use. The narrator has a nice voice that feels very God-like, and it also includes an emotional soundtrack in the background that makes you feel like you’re listening to something important.

The app even lets you customize what kind of Bible translation or version you want to hear, which are all at your fingertips when using this app. If there was one thing about this app I could change, it would be how much space each chapter takes up on my phone because they take up way too much storage for me, but other than that, everything else works great.

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